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#ShopLocal Another shop we want to feature this December: Glow Studio is a local esthetics studio offering various beauty enhancement services. Glow Studio's mission is to customize treatments based on each client's individual and personal needs and is committed to making all clients feel comfortable and welcome.

Snag one of their skincare gift boxes at discounted rates, as well as service packages and freebies with gift card purchases!

Skincare products, silicone keychain bracelets, and homemade soy candles by The Rustic Candle Co. make perfect stocking stuffers too!

So this holiday season, treat yourself or the ones you love, and get your glow on before visiting friends or family, feel like your best self before a holiday party, or unwind after long days of shopping and hosting!

Beauty enhancement and esthetic services located in Colonie, NY. Services currently include facials

Operating as usual

Photos from Glow Studio's post 08/16/2022

Swipe for the before! Post microdermabrasion facial…

Skin tone…evened
Dead skin…exfoliated
White heads…extracted

Message me for more info on what a microdermabrasion facial is! Booking still open at


Why I incorporate LED Therapy into facials…

If you’ve ever gotten a facial with me, you know I always add LED therapy to my facials, unless specifically requested otherwise. Red is my typical go to, but I also frequently use the green and blue settings.

Why? Each color targets a specific skin concern. With more and frequent use of LED therapy, the more results will be visible. Without going into extreme detail…Red is used for anti-aging, blue for acne/bacteria, and green for faster healing (typically used on those with sensitive skin). Other colors can also be incorporated, and multiple colors can be used at once on some machines.

Laying under a bright lamp may seem anything but relaxing, but LED can be very effective in the treatment room. Personal LED machines can also be purchased for at-home use (just make sure you do your research).

If you want to learn more about LED therapy, ask me at your next appointment!


Vitamin C is everywhere…in foods we eat, pills we take, and skincare products we use. Clients frequently ask what Vitamin C actually does, and if they should be incorporating it into their skincare routine or not.

The answer is almost always…YES!

I’ve posted about free radicals before…but free radicals are essentially environmental factors and pollutants that harm the skin (ex. UV rays, pollution, or dirt and debris). Vitamin C fights against free radicals, and helps to “block” these things from harming our skin and causing pre-mature aging.

Incorporating a Vitamin C serum or mask into your routine can continuously fight against these free radicals, and assist with anti-aging. Talk with your dermatologist or esthetician about recommended Vitamin C products!

Glow Studio carries Tuel’s C Power Antioxidant Serum ($67) if you’re looking for a good place to start adding this into your routine!

Photos from Glow Studio's post 07/19/2022

Although I don’t (currently) offer makeup services, I wanted to post a helpful makeup tip that I get frequent questions about.
*And believe me, I understand the confusion!*

Tik tok and YouTube influencers “show” a color correcting step in their makeup routine, but it’s very rarely explained. (Why use the colors you use? Where do certain colors go on the face?)

Well…let me try to explain as simply as possible. Using the color wheel above, you want to find the “color” on your face that you’re trying to better conceal, and color correct with the color opposite on the wheel. Ex. For a RED blemish, you would color correct with GREEN. For BLUE/PURPLE under your eyes, you would color correct with a PEACH shade.
For deep or dark skin tones you want to find a darker shade to blend in more seemlessly. There are plenty of color correcting palettes available at beauty stores, and some specifically created for various skin tones.

For the purpose of trying to keep this as simple as possible, that’s the basics of it!
Color correction, concealer only, or bare faced…stay beautiful! 🤍


If you know anyone who’s gone through this experience, you probably know that when you go into labor is frequently unplanned and very rarely on the baby’s actual due date…

It could be earlier or later than the actual due date so I will do my best to reschedule, close my books, and plan accordingly. If the baby wants to wait, I’ll squeeze in any last minute appointments I can. If the baby comes early, I will do whatever I can to accommodate appointments I may need to reschedule.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. And thank you to my clients who have been loyal from day 1. You keep me motivated and wanting to go to work everyday. 🤍


Want to maximize your at-home skincare potential? Doing some of these easy things can reduce bacteria, simplify your efforts, and allow you to get the most use out of your products!

Photos from Glow Studio's post 07/02/2022

50% of the profits will be split in 1/2 and donated to the Center for Reproductive Rights and the National Network of Abortion Funds.

To Order: Please screenshot the order form above, edit it, and DM me the filled out order forms. Shirts are for pickup at my house in Schenectady or the studio in Colonie. If you need your shirt shipped, extra shipping costs will apply.

I will only be taking orders until midnight on July 5th (so I can get them out quicker). Please spread the word!

DM me with any questions! 🤍

Photos from Glow Studio's post 06/29/2022

Why it’s important to leave extractions to the professionals….

1. Cleanliness & Infection Control: Estheticians and dermatologists use toner, gloves, gauze/cotton and other supplies to protect themselves and your face from spreading bacteria and germs while extracting.

2. Improper Equipment: Extraction tools are easy for anyone to buy, but are ILLEGAL for esthetician to use (due to leaving damage and scars on the skin). Dermatologists are highly trained in use and disinfection of such tools, so leave extraction tools to dermatologists only.

3. Technique: Dermatologists and Estheticians are taught specific extraction techniques. Performing extractions without proper training can result in marks and permanent scarring left on the skin.

I understand is it EXTREMELY tempting to “pop” that whitehead. But pleaseeee wait until your next facial or dermatologist visit to get it taken care of. In the meantime, a less damaging alternative is proper cleansing and exfoliation. You’ll be surprised how often you can “scrub” it away without pressing those dirty fingernails into your forehead or nose.

Photos from Glow Studio's post 06/27/2022

This is why dermaplane facials will always be my favorite…

Swipe to see what was taken off and then the beautiful “after” photo!

Photos from Glow Studio's post 06/26/2022


Summer is officially here! So let’s get started with my biggest summer skincare tips…

1. You can still have that summer glow, without tanning in the sun. Spray tans, tanning drops, mousses, and creams are a safe alternative to harmful UV rays.

2. Your lips, neck and chest is some of the more delicate skin on your body. Don’t forget to apply SPF chapstick to your lips, and apply face SPF to your chest and neck (especially when wearing low cut or open shirts).

3. Try to avoid chemical peel facials in the summer, as downtime is difficult to achieve in the sun. Chemical peel series are better for fall/winter, as the sun is less likely to irritate and burn the skin.

4. Start with a professional brand SPF as a base, but reapply SPF (even over makeup) throughout the day with a facial spray SPF.

5. Post dermaplane, microdermabrasions, Hydrofacials (or any other exfoliating facial) try to avoid direct sun for about 3 days, as to not create more sensitivity or burn the skin.

6. Wearing hats and sunglasses is an easy way to protect your face from the sun, including the delicate eye area.

7. Increasing antioxidants can offer additional protection from free radicals caused by UV rays! Luckily, a lot of summer salads and dishes contain these foods (citrus fruits, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, avocado, and leafy green/yellow vegetables).

8. And finally…book your facial 7-10 days before your vacation! This will provide you with that fresh, glowy look before your trip… But also give you enough time to properly heal from any sensitivities before the sun exposure.

You can still enjoy the summer sun and tropical vacations! But taking a few steps to protect your body can KEEP your skin looking beautiful and feeling healthy on every trip to come!

Photos from Glow Studio's post 06/12/2022

Swipe to see the before!!

Along the side of her face you can see vellus hairs against the black glove! Post dermaplane most of these hairs are removed, as well as having exfoliated skin. The middle photo is all of the dead skin and hair that was removed during the service.

Dermaplane facials are available to book at and you can add dermaplane exfoliation to any custom facial.


New Hours were posted on my story but I wanted to permanently post them for reference! If anyone has any questions about booking or are looking for other appointment time slots, DM me!

Watch this reel by whenyaknowyaglow on Instagram 06/10/2022

Watch this reel by whenyaknowyaglow on Instagram

I posted this reel on my instagram and felt it had really interesting information that I wanted to post to Facebook too! Please check it out for more info on common retailed skincare products and ingredients!

Watch this reel by whenyaknowyaglow on Instagram ourtriathlonjourney • byebyebye


Another day, another Lash Lift & Tint!

A stunning but natural look for the soon-to-bride!

Photos from Glow Studio's post 05/23/2022

Post treatment glow 🙌🏼✨

Spring Refresh Facial: Dermaplane Exfoliation + Custom Hydrojelly Mask + Vitamin C/Oxygen Infusion

Only available until the end of the month!


Bump Skincare Video

Just wanted to post something for any expecting moms looking to keep their skin healthy and *hopefully* get less stretch marks during pregnancy! This can also be useful for teens going through puberty and have frequently growing/changing skin.

Visit for more information and services. Shirt available on my Etsy shop: GlowStudioApparel



Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, expecting moms, those who have lost mothers or a child, pet moms, mothers who foster or adopt, aunts, grandmothers, and all mother figures. You are beyond loved and appreciated!

Book online today for any future Facial or Lash Lift & Tint and get 20% off either/both! Write “Mothers Day Facebook” as the referral to get the discount!

Ends at midnight!

Photos from Glow Studio's post 04/28/2022

Prom Specials now available for the month of May!

See above post for details! If you have any questions or need assistance with booking feel free to reach out!

Watch this reel by whenyaknowyaglow on Instagram 04/28/2022

Watch this reel by whenyaknowyaglow on Instagram

No filter here (as you can probably tell)! I wanted to post some different Spring/Summer eyeshadow trends for anyone feeling adventurous or just looking to switch it up from the traditional blended look!

✨ 1st Look: “Inside Linear”
A bright color bringing the focus to the inner part of your eye with a fun geometric look.

✨ 2nd Look: “Inner Corner Pop”
A bold color highlighting just the inner corner of your eye…a quick and easy look but still fun!

✨ 3rd Look: “Halo”
Dark shading from the inner and outer corners with lighter blending toward the center, bringing focus to the center of the eye!

Check out my Instagram @whenyaknowyaglow and COMMENT your favorite look below!

Watch this reel by whenyaknowyaglow on Instagram Disco Lines • I SHOULD BE OVER ALL THE BUTTERFLIES !!!

Glow Studio updated their address. 03/11/2022

Glow Studio updated their address.

Glow Studio updated their address.


My Pregnancy Acne Struggles

I’m going to add another post on my page with follow up information and products!

This post took me a lot of time (and confidence building) to make. I really want my clients to feel like they are getting useful information/topics on a very relatable level. I never want anyone to feel insecure about their skin, their bodies, or any part of them. Any self improvement should be just that…for YOURSELF. For anyone feeling self-conscious please know that you’re not alone. EVEN ESTHETICIANS GET ACNE! Acne and other skin conditions are very real and can happen to absolutely anyone and everyone.

Be kind to people around you. I wasn’t showing when my pregnancy acne started and a lot of people around me were probably wondering why/how I started breaking out. Just keep in mind that everyone is going through things (physically, mentally and emotionally) And it’s okay to keep your confidence and it’s okay to seek help if that’s what you need. But you are strong, beautiful, deserving person that is just trying to survive real life.

Thank you for watching and listening!

Photos from Glow Studio's post 03/09/2022

Here are some photos of my skin, from 1 month ago. I also included some products I added to my regular skincare routine, why I added them, and some other tips and information.


Mask Up!

Don’t forget to for self care Sunday!

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