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Nuff said 😁

Heading out for a long weekend at Motor City Comic Con with the fam! See you soon πŸ’•

FBA will be unavailable from 5/13 to 5/16 for family vacation. Thanks for understanding πŸ’•
Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Moms out there!
How often have you said "I don't have time" this week? This month? Since the new year?

Do we say this to spare someone's feelings or to make an excuse for ourselves? Maybe both πŸ€”

But why do we say it to ourselves? There is ALWAYS time for YOU. How could you not want time for yourself? Time to decompress. Time to breathe. Time to feel at peace and centered.

It is not selfish to put yourself first.

Use your time wisely and visit Full Body Alchemist for your next massage session πŸ’†πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’†πŸΌβ°

Availability is M, T& Th, F 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., alternate Sat 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Call, text, or book online today!
Only 2 days left to grab your Mother's Day gift certificates!
Mother's Day is just a week away! Make sure she has the absolute best day with a massage at FBA πŸ’•

Gift certificates are still on sale until May 6th!

Things in my massage room that just make sense, Part 4:

(Ok, so maybe not IN my room, but definitely part of it!)

There are signs specifically for FBA hanging in the room window and on the door. This office complex is a little sparse for signage and the main suite door is "7 Notes Natural Health", as we are a shared suite. Having like-minded wellness businesses working in the same space just makes sense!

Everything in a shared space is about communication, so my indicator sign comes in handy when I've got a busy day. (It helps that my colleagues of Suite 120 are awesome people anyway πŸ˜‰)

Oh, and next time you visit, check out what Rob and Hannah are all about! They both offer some fantastic treatments πŸ’•
FBA will be out of town from 4/18 to 4/20. Calls or texts will be returned by 4/21 at the earliest. Thanks!
Things in my massage room that just make sense, Part 3:

A variety of body products!

Every skin has different needs...even skin on the same body! Having options is key to treating each kind of skin properly.

I will reach for Shea butter for calluses or extra dry skin, arnica and CBD for pain relief and muscle relaxation, and my massage gel (Biotine Healthy Benefits Pomegranate & Green tea) for general purpose use.

Please don't hesitate to ask to read the ingredients if you have concerns. I try to stick with products that are allergen free and with natural or no added fragrance.

There's nothing worse than leaving a session and not being able to get rid of a cloying, lingering perfume!
Things in my massage room that just make sense, Part 2:

Mirror at my eye level.

Ok, so this may seem silly, but I've actually gotten compliments.

I'm a whole 5'1" on a good day. I can't begin to tell you how many places I've been and the mirror shows me my forehead.

My male to female client ratio is fairly even, but most of my female clients aren't going to leave the room without a hair-check. Having a mirror right where everyone typically sets their belongings just seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Don't worry, there's a full length one on the cabinet door too 😊
Things in my massage room that just make sense, Part 1:

Itty bitty fridge.

You will always be offered a cold mini bottle of water from my fridge to start you on your post-massage hydration 😁 You don't have to take it of course, but it's here if you need it!

(Moth Gideon is too cute to judge your choices πŸ˜‚ Also, that's my apple and cheese stick, but you're welcome to bring your own!)

Full Body Alchemist is here to serve the massage and bodywork needs of the greater Ann Arbor area. A therapy session like no other!

Full Body Alchemist offers a relaxing and rejuvenating therapeutic massage experience in a quiet, cozy and colorful setting! Each session is catered to a client's needs and concerns that they bring to the table that day. Bri--the owner and operator--integrates her years of hands on experience, in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and complete relaxation techniques into a bodywork treatmen


It's a double-blanket table-warmer-on-high kinda day



May your holiday season be led in love for yourself and one another.

This time of year can be especially difficult for some people. There's not always Joy in everyone's heart, sometimes there's Hurt and Grief. These sometimes come out as Anxiety and Anger.

Be gentle with people even when they push your buttons. And remember to treat yourself the same πŸ₯°

FBA will be available for a few more days throughout December. Get in touch soon!


Only one more Saturday open before the end of the year! Come get some relief from the stress of holiday plans πŸ’†πŸ’†β€β™€οΈπŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ


Have you experienced Cupping Therapy yet? It's for more than just backs and shoulders! I've had clients come to me with carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis symptoms, try cupping, and leave here with tremendous relief!

I even cup my own arms when things start feeling tired or sore! (This was probably the most difficult selfie I've ever taken πŸ˜‚)

If you're prone to repetitive motion (typing, knitting, cutting, fine-motor skill work, ect.), or on your feet all day, I highly recommend giving this therapy a try!

*Note: Marks left behind by cups are NOT bruises and should NEVER be painful to the touch. Please seek a certified therapist to receive Cupping.


Full Body Alchemist is officially 2 years old today!

Thank you to all the clients, colleagues, friends and family who have supported me on this wild adventure. I definitely couldn't have done this alone πŸ₯°

For those of you who are new to my business page, welcome! I'm glad you found FBA, and hope to be of service to your future massage therapy needs!πŸ’†β€β™€οΈπŸ’†πŸ»πŸ’†πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ


Only 2 more Saturdays (12/3 & 12/17) open till the end of the year! Grab your session today!

Christmas Minis 11/29/2022

Christmas Minis

As a small business, I do my best to support other small businesses!

I have worked with Amber several times now and her art is impeccable! She has done my business photography and my daughter's portraits. Highly recommended for your holiday family photos!

Christmas Minis


It's strange to me that we use the term "practicing kindness"... shouldn't it just be something we inherently do for one another?

Kindness doesn't have to be grand gestures!

Hold the door.
Offer a place in line at the grocery store for the person with a handful of items.
Smile when someone smiles at you.
Help pick up something that was dropped.
Compliment someone for no reason other than you can.

You don't know what a person is going through. Your little act of kindness could change their entire day!

And kindness doesn't stop there---Taking care of your health and well-being is the greatest kindness you can do for YOU! Come experience massage therapy at Full Body Alchemist and be kind to yourself this holiday season πŸ’†β€β™€οΈ

Don't forget to share with a loved one with a gift certificate! Black Friday sale continues until Dec 9th.


Full Body Alchemist will be out of the office until 11/28 to enjoy Thanksgiving with family πŸ₯°

In the meantime:

πŸ¦ƒ Take advantage of the Black Friday gift certificate sale! (Info is in the pinned post, check the comments here for a link as well!)

πŸ₯§ Book your Post Food Coma massages! There is still plenty of availability the week of the 28th!

πŸ‚ Rest, relax, and be Thankful for all the many wonderful things in your life!

See you soon!


Check out my list on Amazon 11/20/2022

Check out my list on Amazon

Full Body Alchemist turns 2 in December 😁

Your gift of support is greatly appreciated ❀️

Check out my list on Amazon


FBA Black Friday starts today!

Save on multi-session gift certificates for 60 & 90 minutes~

Sale ends December 9th or while supplies last. This promo is available as an online only purchase. Check the comments for a link to claim your holiday exclusive pricing today!


It's really that simple ❀️


I strive to get my holiday schedule set well in advance for the courtesy of my clients (and let's face it...it's for my sanity too πŸ˜†)

Grab your favorite time slot today! Holiday hours go super quick!

And keep an eye out for my gift certificates...deals are coming soon~


"I meant to come see you sooner!"

I hear this line all the time πŸ˜† Honestly, I find it endearing. That tells me you were at least thinking about taking care of yourself!

It's not too late to make yourself a priority in your own life. Start putting your health and wellness towards the top of your list of Things I Meant To Do!

Call, text, or book online today!


My spooky work season is coming to an end and I'm pretty bummed πŸ˜•

But I've got this fun Sanderson Sisters Tshirt and black kitty earrings to finish out my not-so-uniformy outfits πŸŽƒπŸˆβ€β¬›

Hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween! I'll be taking the day off to spoil the kiddo ☺️


I've had a cup of tea, got my ghostie earrings, got my skelly glow-in-the-dark Mickey shirt, got a ready-to-get-my-massage-on pose...

Today is a good day πŸ˜πŸ’€πŸ¦‡πŸ‚πŸŽƒπŸ‘»


As much as I love cool weather...I didn't mean 38Β° in the morning so soon πŸ˜…

Come see me and get your circulation improved for the chilly months ahead! I've also got a toasty warm table ready to relax those tight muscles and sooth sore joints.

And don't forget: only 2 more weeks to receive 10% off Lavender Lane body products! That includes the CBD cremes and oils.

See you soon πŸ‚

All the cosplayers and comic fans we saw at fall 2022 Motor City Comic Con 10/17/2022

All the cosplayers and comic fans we saw at fall 2022 Motor City Comic Con

In honor of my upcoming business anniversary, here's a little peek into my world:

I'm a pretty big nerd, married to a pretty big nerd, and raising one of the next generation of nerds.

Our vacations aren't big travelling expeditions, but experiences we can share as a family. Nerdy ones, of course 😁 We've been cosplaying since 2018 and are always working on some sort of costume craft project.

We were recently at Motor City Comic Con, where we were interviewed by two TV news stations and got our photo in the Metro Times! It feels really cool to get recognition for something that brings you joy πŸ₯°

All the cosplayers and comic fans we saw at fall 2022 Motor City Comic Con Motor City Comic Con returned to Novi's Suburban Collection Showplace for the fall rendition of the popular comic convention.


FBA will be unavailable 10/14 thru 10/16 for family vacation. All correspondence will be returned on 10/17

Photos from Full Body Alchemist's post 10/11/2022


No no.

No no no.

Three phone calls today. Three voicemails. Finally a text message.

I'm not getting roped into this scam of a service. Glad I did my research months ago!

It's really not hard to book with me directly. My schedule is available for all to see on massagebook, and my phone number is listed on Google!

Edit: I received an email this morning from ClassPass. I NEVER agreed to use this service or authorize the use of my company to be listed with the service. This was done WITHOUT my consent! This is fraudulent. DO NOT USE CLASSPASS OR SPEAK TO ANY REPRESENTATIVE.


Word-of-mouth recommendations are the best form of advertisement in the world of service oriented careers. How often has someone told you something like "oh, go to so-and-so, they'll fix that for you."

But when the word "fix" is associated with instant or fast repairs, it can leave a person with high expectations.

As a massage therapist, it can be incredibly stressful when a client puts all their faith in you and you can't "fix" them in one session. (I wish I could, believe me!)

I think what we're forgetting is that our bodies are not a thing we can "quick fix". It's a work in progress, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! Sure, it's frustrating to be in pain and discomfort, but that's what the services are FBA are designed for: helping your body help itself!

Book a regular massage appointment. Your body will thank you for making it a priority πŸ’†πŸ’†β€β™€οΈπŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ

Photos from Full Body Alchemist's post 10/04/2022

Clean out my stock!

Now through November 1st, all Lavender Lane products are 10% off! (Shipping available when you spend $40 or more. Message me for details!)


FINALLY! After 3 looonngg months Packard is open! Woohoo!


The only thing I've ever wished for the people around me is their happiness 😊

Sometimes making a change in your lifestyle can be just the boost you need. Adding massage therapy to your wellness routine is proven to promote those "feel good" hormones...and when we feel good, we're happier, healthier, and less stressed!

Come visit FBA soon for your daily dose of Happy!

(734) 325-9353


I just couldn't wait any longer! It's not easy keeping the love of spooky season to myself πŸŽƒπŸ•―οΈπŸ‚


I'll be out of the office tomorrow (9/27) to be available to my daughter who has busy school day full of testing.

There's still plenty of openings for Friday! Can't wait to see you then! πŸ’†β€β™€οΈπŸ’†πŸ»πŸ’†πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ


This Saturday appointments are available from 9 to 12. Start your Autumn off right with some YOU time!


Some deep thoughts for your Monday morning πŸ’­

I don't expect anyone who steps into FBA's office to be anywhere near 100% physically, mentally, or emotionally. It takes a lot of strength to pick up your pieces and ask for help putting them back together again. For that, I commend you!

Sometimes those pieces don't fit the same as they once had, and believe me when I say I understand how frustrating that can be. No one truly likes change when we first meet it...but embracing it, adapting, and growing...now THAT is an amazing feat we are all capable of!

Don't believe me? Just watch the trees!

Make massage therapy a part of your health and wellness routine this Autumn, and discover how wonderful it can be to embrace change πŸ‚

(734) 325-9353

Book a massage with Full Body Alchemist LLC | Ann Arbor MI 48108 09/13/2022

Book a massage with Full Body Alchemist LLC | Ann Arbor MI 48108

Summer break is over.

The chaos of the beginning school year is starting to wind down.

Have you forgotten yourself in all that mess?

We're no good to anyone when we're run ragged! Take an hour of your day and come visit Full Body Alchemist to get back on track with your wellness routine.

Full schedule available online here:

Book a massage with Full Body Alchemist LLC | Ann Arbor MI 48108 Full Body Alchemist LLC massage services in Ann Arbor, MI. Massage therapists listen with their hands and their hearts


Good morning! Passing along an update about the Packard and Carpenter closure. I swear if this goes on much longer, I'm going to lose my mind 😣. I know my clients are just as tired of it as I am!

Latest Updates
September 7, 2022 Packard Rd: Curbs Curing!

We are continuing to make progress on the Packard Rd Resurfacing Project in Pittsfield Township. Our contractor is placing the new curbs today, and the concrete now needs some time to cure. You may not see much activity on site for a few days. Up next will be the sidewalk work on the north side of the project.

We are now expecting the road to reopen late-September. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to complete this project.


Tomorrow I will officially be in my late 30s πŸ˜†

Do I have anything figured out? Well sure! I have a fantastic career, a loving family, hobbies that keep me creative and motivated, and a pretty solid sense of self worth.

But do I have everything figured out? Pssh, no! That means I've stopped learning and growing as a person, stopped challenging myself, and stopped questioning things. And sometimes that comes with frustrations too, or setbacks I wasn't prepared for.

It's ok to not have it all figured out... because you're not alone! Life is weird and complicated sometimes, but I guarantee you have a team of loving, supportive people who have no idea what they're doing either πŸ˜‚

Remember to take care of yourself in the not-so-great times of life. And let me be a part of your support team! Massage has benefits for the mind, body and soul! I'll be here when you need me ☺️

(734) 325-9353


Have you made your pre Labor Day appointment yet? Plenty of openings for tomorrow and Thursday!

Photos from Full Body Alchemist's post 08/26/2022

Look at this amazing outcome! Cupping has this really cool way of mapping the areas of congestion in tissues.

As part of his self-care, Rob of 7 Notes Natural Health visits me for regular massage therapy sessions. We finally added cupping (and kicked ourselves for not attempting it sooner!), and made some wonderful progress with his range of motion and pain relief. Together we addressed his upper back and shoulders, and discomfort in his heel.

A big misconception is that these marks are bruises, but that is simply not the case! They may look a little harsh, but they clear up anywhere from 3 to 10 days and have reported to be slightly tender for only a few hours after treatment.

Do you have a chronic, nagging or painful issue? Try cupping therapy as an add-on to any regular session for just $5 more at your next appointment! Call, text or book online today πŸ’†β€β™€οΈ



As the school year comes around again for the kiddo, FBA will be closed 9/2 thru 9/5 and morning of 9/6 to acclimate to a new routine. Thanks for understanding!


FBA will not be accepting appointments made through call services. No exceptions. Ty for understanding.


πŸ€” That's odd... there's big gaps in the schedule for the rest of the week! Come fill it up for me 😁 Friday and Saturday afternoons are wide open!


One thing massage has taught me is to be in the moment. Presence makes a world of difference. When you're 10 steps ahead, are you even really experiencing anything?

I invite you to be present and enjoy your session. When you're at FBA it is YOUR time.

✨Pick your music if you'd like
✨Sharing a story or concern with me stays between us πŸ’ž
✨Being completely silent is great too!
✨Dozing off is perfectly ok! (I'll take the compliment 😁)
✨Asking me questions about your health is great and encouraged. I will offer advice within my scope of practice. I can't diagnose anything, but I may be able to recommend someone who can!

I'm looking forward to helping you achieve stillness in your life! Book your next session today ☺️


Photos from Full Body Alchemist's post 08/08/2022

Exciting afternoon at Suite 120!

This little guy found it's way in. We suspect that with all the maintenance to the property grounds that it was just scared and confused. (The entry ways have been left open for cords and other equipment).

Rest assured we DO NOT have a rodent problem! This was entirely unusual!

(And don't mind our excited discussion about mole diets πŸ˜‚)

It has since been released back outside safely away from the building! Good luck friend!

EDIT: After a bit of research, it turns out this is actually a shrew 😊


It seems client have been enjoying my book selection so much that I needed a restock!

Come check out these super deals next time you're in! Highly recommend "Move More At Your Desk" for all you office employees, and the "15-Minute" books have full color photo guides to help you get the most out of your stretches!


I've been getting some wonderful reviews on massagebook! Your words mean so much to me πŸ€— Thank you!

A therapy session like no other!

Full Body Alchemist offers a unique therapeutic massage experience in a quiet, cozy and colorful setting!

Bri--the owner and operator--integrates her years of hands on experience, in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and complete relaxation techniques into a bodywork treatment just for you!

Videos (show all)

Take a video tour of this awesome space!



3830 Packard Street, Suite #120
Ann Arbor, MI

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 4pm
Tuesday 9am - 4pm
Thursday 9am - 4pm
Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
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