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I'd like to invite you to join our new FB group "Colorado Spirit Worker Support Network". It's a group just for Colorado Spirit Workers to support each other in their spiritual development and business growth. If you join, please feel free to invite other local spirit workers! 🙂
I am compelled today to express my utmost gratitude to Robin Wiggs and Alchemy of Light. Robin hass been my massage therapist for over seven years and my spiritual guide and healer for over two years. I am missing my massages (due to the pandemic) but know they'll be happening again in the not-too-distant future. However, Robin has been presenting on Facebook regular "Spiritual Healing Moments" at no cost. I eagerly await these as they provide the guidance for finding centering, calming, comfort, and joy, and for releasing fear and anxiety during these turbulent times. As a Sacred Guide and Shamanic Healer, Robin also offers healing telephone sessions. I was blessed to take one of these, "Conscious Breath," several weeks ago. That session changed my life. I practice the technique twice daily (like a meditation time) but I also am finding myself "consciously breathing" on a regular basis. As the breath grows and sparkles up through my back and leaves through my head (taking with it fear, confusion, and anxiety), I feel safe and powerful. Thank you Robin. You are truly a savior during these turbulent times!🌈🐬🌟💥
I just finished about 30 minutes of Conscious Breathing. What a tremendous "breath of fresh air!"
Earlier today, I had the most amazing virtual session with my healer, Robin Wiggs..."Conscious Breath." It left me with a great sense of comfort, relaxation, and strength. I now have the most amazing "tool" to use as our lives remain in this most unusual (and, perhaps, unnerving) form of limbo. I am so grateful!💓👌
WITCHY GODDESS RETREAT is now accepting applications. Join us as we honor our Wild Witch & work with the Goddess Persephone. We're bringing TEN high-vibe Witches to Trinidad, Texas on October 11-14, 2019 for a one-of-a-kind women-only Witchy getaway. As the Wheel of the Year turns, Witches all over the world gather in Circle to celebrate the slumber of Mother Nature & to connect with their natural power. THE WITCHY GODDESS RETREAT IS FOR YOU IF... 🌕 You find companionship among strong Witchy wild women who dedicate just as much value and time to their magical routine as you do. 🌕You’re a Solitary Witch & earn for the connection of fellow powerful Witches. 🌕You're ready to collaborate and share a sacred circle with other fabulous witches. 🌕You're ready to honor your Inner Witchy Goddess. This ALL INCLUSIVE 4-day Witchy Immersion retreat includes... 🔮All lodging & meals 🔮Opening & Closing Rituals 🔮Mother/Daughter Wound healing ceremony 🔮Witchy Workshops 🔮Bonfires/Offerings 🔮Cemetary Crossroads ritual 🔮Goddess ritual goodie bag For four-intensive days, we'll be following the immersive path of the Goddess Persephone and honoring her through sacred circle and rituals. I invite you to book your space now. THIS RETREAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Click the link below for more info...
Thanks so much for asking me to share my upcoming workshop, Robin!

Credit cards accepted as well as Pay Pal. Gift Certificates available. I am here on this planet to assist you on your journey. My work here is as a Massage Therapist and Intuitive Healer.

I am trained and proficient in multiple modalities of Massage Therapy and Healing Touch techniques. I am an Intuitive Healer and have been gifted by the Universe with a psychic nature directed towards insight and healing as well as conversations with Spirit for your guidence. I possess a special gift for Distance Healing. Whether you prefer a treatment of massage, healing, or both you will be renewed and in touch with a more present self and a clear direction for your life and present journey.

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Sacred Moments - What is your story?

Weekly checkin

Full Moon in Leo and 2021, the year of Air | Alchemy of Light on Patreon

Here's a little freebie for you on Patreon Official Post from Alchemy of Light

No Sacred Moments episode today

First Quarter | Alchemy of Light on Patreon Official Post from Alchemy of Light

I woke up this morning feeling everything so f**king intensely

Anger and joy
Frustration and trust
Doubt and knowing
Fear and hope

It’s been a lot, and it is a lot and already, or should I say still, we are polarized. We are on opposite sides. We simply flipped the world.

So this morning I did some cleaning because that’s a way for me to move and release energy that is pressurized and building in me. Physically clearing my home and spaces and moving stale energy and creating order.

And now a walk in the sun and the wind which we seem to have an abundance of here deep in this winter in Colorado.

Walking with my buddy, my furry companion, because I know he’s feeling my energy. He’s been walking around all morning with his ears at half mast not sure how to respond and that just hurts my heart for him.

So we’ll just take a walk, letting the sun infuse our skin and the wind blow through our mind and our bodies and our hearts and our Spirit.

Knowing that this too shall pass, these feelings will compost and release themselves in someway.

It’s challenging when you feel things so deeply, often things you don’t understand, often things that aren’t all yours. The trick is to learn what works for you to ease that pressure, To learn how to move that energy that is building up inside.

What works for you? How aware are you of pressure and feelings and energy building up inside of you and what practices do you have to love yourself, to release the pressure on n a loving and gentle way, to hold space for yourself?

[01/18/21]   No live Sacred Moments this morning. Hopefully I can pop in sometime this week with a word.

I asked myself today why do I wear lipstick under my mask.

Because I know its there.

Because it makes me feel good, put together, like I made an effort for myself.

Not that lipstick is the end-all-be-all for feeling good or whole.

But with the events of the last year, the current state of my business and the world, it just makes me feel like I’m showing up in the best way I can right now, for me.


Patreon has been updated with this months New Moon guide.

It’s the very first New Moon of 2021

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Were you able to join this morning and enjoy this guided visualization?

Alchemy of Light

Were you able to join this morning and enjoy this guided visualization?

Guided visualization

Timeline Photos

Don’t lose heart love.

Don’t let the events of the world make you afraid.

Don’t let the events of the world make you hate your neighbor.

Don’t let the events of the world make you discard friends.

Let’s the events of the world urge you to rise up.

Let the events of the world urge you to rise up within.

Let the events of the world urge you to recognize and hold your medicine.

Let the events of the world urge you to know the energy you live in, attract and put out into the world.

Let the events of the world show you where your work is needed.

Let the events of the world sharpen your discernment.

Let the events of the world urge you to study what lives in your heart, mind and body.

Let the events of the world show you just how empowered and divine you really are.

Sacred Moments - calculating your tarot card of the year

[01/04/21]   Join me Monday morning at 10am MST as we calculate our tarot guidance cards for the new year.
I actually found more than one way to do this so let’s explore!

Timeline Photos

About to lay down some cards for 2021 in 2020/COVID style

This is me. I may have finally accepted that I am not one to keep up with a yearly calendar.

That was actually kind of a hard acknowledgement to come to because ......


But guess what......not me

What I did come to is that I either need to become comfortable with random and inconsistent entries in a calendar or make an agreement with myself to simply ‘not invest’ in each awesome, pretty, quirky calendar that comes out each year.

Here it is late December and I’ve resisted (patting myself on the back) although there is a creeping in of the FOMO 🙆‍♀️

In my defense, this particular one here will make an excellent art journal and some of the others will make great smash-books which I just learned fro make (just a different kind of art journal)

Sometimes we just have to let go of what we feel/believe/think we are or are supposed to do and like

Sometimes we just have to admit who we are and how we work and run with it, flying out flag nice and high 🏳️

My name is Robin and I never finish a yearly calendar no matter how interesting/cute/or helpful it is and this year I refuse to add another one to my stack.

This year I am sans calendar/journal (so far)

Sacred Moments - That in-between time

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How about a little gift for yourself? I just added our first journal prompt for December 2020/January 2021 Become a patron of Alchemy of Light today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.

I hope you have enjoyed the plants and trees of the winter Solstice

This information is all compliments of The Old Farmers Almanac





Pine Tree






Winter Solstice






[12/21/20]   I will be on later this morning with today’s Sacred Moments episode.
For now, enjoy your coffee ☕️

The Mighty Oak

#wintersolstice @ Arvada, Colorado

Birch Tree




Plants of the Solstice


Because yes



Your Story

Hello beautiful soul, star traveler, cosmic wanderer. This is really Your story and I am here as a Guide, accompanying you, walking with you, on your journey. As we connect with your Helping Spirits and move towards your higher purpose, your true and authentic self, you will find your are on a path of self-discovery. No, a path of RE-discovery, as you are already all you were ever meant to be, you have just forgotten.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive, Massage Therapist and I am honored to be your Guide, the conduit, the hollow bone to walk with you as you re-member who you are, who you came here to be.

#spiritsupported #cosmicallycharged #lovecreatebe #justbelieve


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Sacred Moments - What is your story?
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Healer, Massage Therapist, Shamanism

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