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The #1 ACNE SAFE mineral makeup! Visit for all of your mineral cosmetic needs! We are certified by PETA as CRUELTY-FREE. We are 100% gluten-free.

We are an acne-safe mineral cosmetics manufacturer available to both retail & wholesale clients. Our products DO NOT contain bismuth oxychloride, talc, synthetics, corn starch, petroleum by-products, phthalates, FD&C dyes, lakes, carmine or nano particles. We lovingly hand-craft these products with the highest artisan quality. Our cosmetics are 100% acne-safe, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. Ch


Happy April Loves💐 Today we are sharing how to find your perfect color match! We receive a lot of emails inquiring about foundation shade matching. Here we have simplified the process of accessing which color may be right for you. We are happy to help if you need further assistance, but please start here before contacting us for a personal color match. As always, try sample sizes first- especially when testing new colors.
We love you all, & wish you a beautiful month ahead!💕💕
*This information can also be found on our website.*


Loose Mineral Blush in Spiced Plum🩷
This sweet shade is made of plum & brown tones with a hint of pink!


Thank you for featuring us! ♥️
Vacation In a Jar has recently received a price drop, from $30 USD to $28 USD. This change has occurred because some of our raw materials have lowered in price, so we felt it best to pass the savings on to you all. We deeply appreciate all of your love & support. Please enjoy the sun kissed color our beautiful bronzer has to offer!🌞

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We are happy to announce that tomorrow is PRIIA’s 15th Anniversary!🩷 As a thank you to everyone who has loved & supported us through the years we are offering a 20% off SiteWide Sale starting tomorrow, Friday, March 8th- Sunday, March 10th.
The sale begins at 12:01AM EST March 8th and ends at 11:59PM EST March 10th. *Please be aware of timezone.*
Promo Code: SALE20
Further details can be found on the second slide➡️

We hope you all enjoy the celebration! Take advantage as we typically only offer one sale per year. THANK YOU from our hearts. 💓

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Our Contour Creme arrives Friday (3/8/24)!!!🤎

This has been a long awaited release. We are so excited for you all to finally get your hands on these exclusive hand-poured creme contour pots. They are full of natural minerals with the added benefit of skin-nurturing botanicals and extracts to instantly add depth and dimension to the face.

We have two tones available, Cool & Warm!

Cool- (featured in the 2nd slide) best for those with cool/pink undertones in the complexion.

Warm- (featured in the 3rd slide) best for those with warm/golden/peachy undertones in the complexion.

*As with all of our products, we recommend testing sample size before committing to full size*

Application- We recommend applying with our Blurring Concealer Brush or our Small All Over Brush!
You can also apply with clean fingers or use a blender sponge.

Thank you all for your suggestions that led us to create this wonderful product. We appreciate your feedback & support always. Enjoy Loves!!!💕💕


The Important Of Samples- 💖

We offer inexpensive sample sizes of all of our cosmetics. We do this as a convenience for our customers because we do not offer returns, exchanges, or refunds. All sales are considered final.

Samples allow you to test for:
-Color match;
-Any possible ingredient sensitivities.

If there’s anything you don’t like about the samples you purchased, simply don’t purchase full-size products.

We’d love to think that our products are perfect for everyone, but that’s just not realistic! Some will love our products, and others will not. That’s ok! Purchasing samples first at least gives customers the opportunity to decide if they like our products (or not) without being stuck with a drawer full of cosmetics that just don’t work for them as well as not having to deal with the hassles of returns.

If you’re trying a new product of ours please try samples before committing to full size, Thank you for your support and understanding loves!✨


Loose Mineral Powder Foundation VS. Velvet Foundation-
What’s the difference? This is a question we often receive!

🩷Our Loose Mineral Foundation is powder based, with a satin matte finish. It offers a light/medium coverage and is suitable for all skin types. We suggest using our Jumbo Flat Top Foundation brush or Jumbo Powder Buffer for application!

💞Our Velvet Foundation is crème based, with a satin finish. To compare it appears more dewy than our Loose Mineral Foundation. It offers a medium/full coverage and is suitable for all skin types as well. We suggest using our Blurring Foundation brush or a blender sponge!

*For the most optimal application we recommend applying our Foundation Primer before hand!
*For ultimate coverage we recommend applying a layer of our Loose Mineral Foundation atop our Velvet Foundation.
*Our model Claudine (left) is sporting our Loose Mineral Foundation in Walnut, Our model Lauren (middle) is wearing our Velvet Foundation in Golden Beige, Our model Emily (right) has on our Loose Mineral Foundation in Golden Tan💓


We changed up the look of our Velvet Foundation packaging & we are loving it! How are you feeling about Velvet?💕💕💞


Loose Mineral Blush in Hibiscus🌺
A beautiful blend of fuschia & pink with a soft shimmer to it✨


We are loving our new packaging!!!💝


PRIIA offers inexpensive sample sizes of all of our cosmetics. We do this as a convenience for our customers because we DO NOT offer returns, exchanges, or refunds. All sales are considered final.

Samples allow customers to test for:
-Color match;
-Any possible ingredient sensitivities.

If there's anything you don't like about the samples you purchased, simply don't purchase full-size products.

Our policies regarding returns, exchanges, and refunds are clearly stated in multiple places on our website (including during the checkout process), on order confirmation emails, and on order packing slips.

It is the customer's responsibility to review the policies we have made available to them so that they can make an educated and well-informed decision regarding purchasing from PRIIA. If a customer chooses to purchase full-size products before trying samples, then the customer assumes full responsibility for their purchase.

We'd love to think that our products are perfect for everyone, but that's just not realistic! Some will love our products, and others will not. That's ok! Purchasing samples first at least gives customers the opportunity to decide if they like our products (or not) WITHOUT being stuck with a drawer full of cosmetics that just don't work for them as well as not having to deal with the hassles of returns.

As always, thank you for your support and understanding! ❤️


You've ordered your PRIIA foundation samples, and they've arrived. You've torn open your package in an excited frenzy. Now what?...

Time to Stripe Test!!!

You need to take this step seriously in order to discover your best foundation shade match.

Starting with clean skin, apply foundation swatches on the side of your face from the jawline down onto the neck. If you're a person of color, apply your swatches from cheek to jawline.

With clean fingers or small brush like our Chubby Blender Brush or Small All Over Brush, gently blend the swatches into your skin - don't over apply. Then... WAIT. Yes, you need to wait a few minutes to see how the mineral pigments react with your skin's unique chemistry. You might be surprised at the results!

The color that blends in the best and doesn't leave a line of demarcation is your best match.

*Please note that some customers may have to blend 2 colors together in order to get their perfect match.


Did you know that over 119 million packages were stolen in 2023? Did you know that over 6 billion dollars were lost to porch pirates this past holiday season?

Unfortunately, so many of our customer's orders were a part of these sad statistics. In 2023, PRIIA experienced an unprecedented amount of reports of stolen packages. 📦 Not only were customers upset and disappointed, but this caused an immense financial burden on our small business. Tens of thousands of dollars were lost in having to reship orders, and inventory got depleted.

To add insult to injury, disputes/chargebacks were filed against PRIIA even though replacement packages were sent out without question. We can not express how negatively this impacts a small business like ours.

After reviewing this situation, PRIIA's CEO/Founder made the executive decision to require all domestic packages to be shipped with signature confirmation service. A newsletter was sent out a few weeks ago regarding our new shipping policy. If you're not on our VIP newsletter list, you should be. 😉

This decision was NOT made lightly. It was not made to annoy you. It was not made to upset you. It was made to protect you and your purchases. And it was also made to protect our small business. Our goal is to make sure your purchases go from our hands and right into yours. Period.

We will not make exceptions to this policy, so please do not ask our Customer Service team to do so.

If your order is less than $100, signature confirmation service is already included in the cost of your shipping. If your order is $100+, PRIIA pays for your shipping AND signature confirmation service. (standard customers only)

If you will not be home to sign for packages, you can:
- Ship to an address where someone is there to sign for the package. (i.e., workplace)
- Sign the signature release form that your postal carrier leaves for you. They will collect your signature release form and redeliver in the next day or so.
- If you choose the FedEx shipping option, you can sign up for a free FedEx delivery manager account and manage your deliveries online.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support! We ❤️ our customers!

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Our best-selling acne-safe Velvet Foundation in production... going from our hands to yours. 🫶


We're thrilled to announce that our best-selling acne-safe Velvet Foundation is coming back into stock!

Say hello to this beautiful new packaging that has a full 1oz of product compared to the old tube packaging style that could only hold half that amount. Plus, our new jar packaging includes a reusable spatula to effortlessly dispense product.

Our production team is working as quickly as possible to make all colors available for purchase.

Each foundation is lovingly hand-poured by our skilled cosmetic artisans. These are definitely a labor of love to produce!

Colors are being released each day. If your color isn't available yet, PLEASE be patient. It will be in stock as soon as possible.

We are also adding the following colors to the Velvet Foundation range: Honey, Fawn, Cashew, Tawny, Toffee and Mocha.

We hope you'll love this new packaging as much as we do!

Thank you for your patience! ❤️


Dear PRIIA beauties-
Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Our team is beyond grateful for all of you. Thank you so much for your support of our small business.
As most of you know (and for those of you who do not), PRIIA is a woman-owned & operated small business that manufactures acne-safe cosmetics in small batches. Our products are made by hands, not machines. Our production artisans lovingly and skillfully craft and create our in-demand products daily. Over the past year, business has increased exponentially. While that is wonderful news, it has also created ‘growing pains’ for our small business. We manufacture by hand, in small batches. We do not have third party manufacturers (except for our SPF products) or contract fillers. We do everything in-house and we love it this way. All of our cosmetics are freshly made and as such, we have limited inventory and items do sell out quickly.

Due to the high demand we are experiencing we want to avoid our products selling out immediately, which we feel would be unfair to you all-
Here’s what we’re offering…

Make a minimum purchase of $50+ on our site,, on Cyber Monday November 27th, 2023, from 12:01am Eastern Time to 11:59pm Eastern Time and receive an electronic gift certificate to use on our site at your convenience for any of our products! Gift certificates can be used for yourself or can be given to someone else. Gift certificates do not expire and do not have to be used all at once!

Terms & Conditions:
-Retail orders subtotaling $50 to $99.99, will receive a $25 gift certificate!
-Retail orders subtotaling $100+ will receive a $50 gift certificate, one free sample and free US standard shipping (Free shipping offer for domestic orders only. International orders do not qualify for free shipping)!

Gift certificates will be issued starting Wednesday November 29th 2023.
Gift certificates will be sent to the email address provided on the qualified order. (gift certificates are electronic; nothing physical will be mailed) Please be patient while our Customer Service team works to get all gift certificates issued over the course of next week!💝


Got redness? Let's talk about these two acne-safe Conceal and Correct Powders.

💚Both colors are used to conceal and correct redness in the complexion.

💛Banana is used to correct redness for those with neutral or warm undertones. Pistachio is used to correct redness for those with cool and pink undertones.

💚Unlike our other shades of the Conceal and Correct Powder, these two should only be used BEFORE foundation application.

💛Both colors can be used to spot correct or used as an all-over complexion correction.

💚Just like all of the shades of Conceal and Correct Powder, these are very concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

💛For spot application, we recommend our Blurring Concealer Brush or Small All Over Brush. For larger areas, use our Chubby Blender Brush. You can also use a Beauty Blender type sponge.

💚Remember to pat (stipple) on this powder, NOT swipe back and forth.

💛Try a sample size first to see if this product is right for you! Find them at


Beautiful yet natural looking coverage with our best-selling acne-safe Velvet Foundation.

The name says it all...VELVET Foundation because that's exactly how it feels on your skin. A soft, buttery texture that blends out beautifully. It provides a medium to full coverage, but for the ultimate coverage, apply our loose mineral foundation over top.

Our Velvet Foundation contains skin-loving and acne-prone skin beneficial botanicals & extracts such as green tea extract, licorice root extract, belamcanda extract and totarol...just to name a few!

Currently available in 15 of our most popular shades, but more will be added in the near future.

We know you're excited for the Velvet Foundation to undergo its packaging makeover and we are too!

Stay tuned for the official packaging relaunch coming sometime in mid to late December! 😀

What other PRIIA foundation colors would you like to see made available in the Velvet Foundation? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 👇


Did you know that all of PRIIA's cosmetic products (with the exception of our SPF's) are lovingly made by hand with artisan precision?

It's true. We're a small woman-owned business, and we make everything by hand. We put a lot of love and care into everything we do.

Every day, we are producing our acne-safe products in small, carefully crafted batches. We do not stockpile or warehouse our cosmetics.

We have an amazing group of women who love what they do and work so hard to get thousands of products out to our loyal customers every week. It's our passion to offer the best acne-safe cosmetics on the market.

Thank you for supporting small business. Thank you for supporting woman-owned business. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who love and appreciate our products! ❤️

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Our best-selling acne-safe foundation primer will be undergoing a makeover soon!😍

We're saying "c-ya" to the big, cumbersome jar and "hey girl hey!" to an easy to use squeeze tube! 👋 (same 1oz product amount)

Our new squeeze tube is travel-friendly & 100% recyclable and made with 30% PCR. ♻️

Plus, this formula is getting an upgrade to offer enhanced skin smoothing effects! 🤍

We expect to launch by end of December but hopefully sooner! 🙏


Meet the PERFECT brush for blending out our Velvet Foundation...the Blurring Foundation Brush! ❤️

This vegan synthetic brush beautifully blends out our Velvet Foundation. It's uber-soft and hugs every contour of your face to help you achieve the perfect application each time. ✔️

The Blurring Foundation Brush can also be used for applying our Loose Mineral Foundation. 👍

Photos from Priia Cosmetics's post 11/05/2023

Can anyone guess what these products might be??? 🤔 ❔️❔️❔️

Leave us a comment below with your best guess! 👇

Photos from Priia Cosmetics's post 11/04/2023


We've heard your requests...

"PRIIA, please please pleeeease make the Velvet Foundation in a bigger size!!!"

Well, we listened and we're thrilled to announce the Velvet Foundation will soon be packaged in a gorgeous jar with a full 1oz of product! Included with this beautiful jar is a reusable spatula. 🫶

Currently, our Velvet Foundation is packaged in a tube with a wand applicator that A LOT of our customers don't like. You've voiced that you feel like you can't get all of the product out of the tube. Plus, the current packaging can only hold 16.5 grams of product. ☹️

With the new packaging, you're getting a full ounce of product that you'll be able to use up to the itty-bitty last drop! 😀

We expect to launch this new packaging style sometime in December. Plus, we'll be offering additional colors that currently aren't available in our Velvet Foundation. *Please note we have not yet finalized updated pricing for this new size.

Let us know your thoughts about this packaging update in the comments below. 👇

As always, thank you for your support! 🙏 ❤️


👀SNEAK PEEK...Oh my!!! Four new gorgeous acne-safe blush colors will be coming to the PRIIA line up in late December.

💫Cozy Nutmeg: this uber-popular color was retired years ago because one of our main pigment suppliers went out of business. Well, our savvy production team was able to source new suppliers to get the pigments needed to formulate this beautiful color again! Cozy Nutmeg is a combination of pink, bronze, and hints of gold. It's a universal color for ALL skin tones.

💫Hibiscus: a bright and cheerful blend of fuchsia and pinks with the perfect amount of shimmer. Perfect for deeper skin tones!

💫Peach Bellini: swirls of peach and champagne dancing together! Perfect for light and medium skin with neutral to warm undertones!

💫Spiced Plum: semi-matte tones of pink, plum, and brown. Perfect for light and medium skin with neutral to cool undertones!

💯 As with all of our products, these new blush colors are: acne-safe, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, FD&C dye free, no bismuth oxychloride, and no pore cloggers! Also, all of our pigments are certified ethically sourced.

Which color will be your new favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 👇


Conceal & Correct Powders in Peach and Sienna.

🧡These acne-safe mineral powder concealers do an AHHHMAZING job at brightening the under eye area and also concealing dark spots.

🧡Unlike liquid concealers that can smudge, crease and migrate, our Conceal & Correct Powders don't budge and don't crease.

🧡These unique powders can be used dry or wet.

🧡For spot concealing, use our Small All Over Brush. For larger areas, use our Blurring Concealer Brush or Chubby Blender Brush.

🧡These powders are CONCENTRATED, so a little goes a long way! You can always add more if you need to, but you can't take it away if you start with too much.

🧡To apply: stipple/pat the powder onto the skin. Do not swipe back and forth! Be gentle around the eye area.

🧡Conceal & Correct Powders can be used alone or over foundation.

🧡Peach is best for light to medium skin tones. Sienna is best for deep to dark skin tones.

🧡As always, sample sizes are available to try before committing to full-size products. 😉

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One of our best-selling products...our acne-safe Tinted and UN-Tinted SPF40 +Primer.

👍No need for a separate primer.

👍Can be used with or without foundation.

👍Water-resistant up to 80 mins.

👍Contains antioxidants.

👍Provides a beautifully smooth finish and feels uber silky on your skin.

👍Our UN-Tinted version can be mixed with any of our loose mineral foundations to make your own custom color!

Just because the winter months are getting closer and you might be outside less does NOT mean you should stop using SPF! UV exposure happens every day, and sun damage is cumulative.

Protect your skin the acne-safe way!

As always, sample sizes are available. 🤍


10K Giveaway starts NOW!

We are so thrilled and grateful to reach a 10K+ following! 🙌 Thank you!

🍾To celebrate this milestone, we are giving away a $100 gift certificate to TEN lucky winners to shop on us at!

How to enter:
🌟 Follow us & stick around!
🌟 Like and save this post!
🌟 Tag 3 besties who you think would love some acne-safe cosmetics!
🌟 Bonus entry: share this post to your stories and be sure to tag us!

🌟Giveaway closes on 10/25/2023 @ 9pm Eastern Time. Winners will be chosen at random on 10/26/2023 and will be contacted by this account. Winners will have until 10/29/2023 to respond before an alternate winner/winners will be chosen. Giveaway prizes are electronic gift certificates. Nothing physical will be shipped.

🌟Rules & Disclaimers:
No purchase necessary. Open only to US & Canadian residents only. Must be 18+ to enter. No bot accounts & no celebrity tags. One post and story entry per account. Void where prohibited. Giveaway is in no way affiliated or associated with Instagram or Facebook in any way.

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Let’s talk about 🤍
Calm Down serves as a mineral treatment that calms and soothes inflamed pimples.
⚪️This potent blend of minerals & extracts works like magic to reduce redness, soreness and irritation from inflamed pimples.
⚪️Our advanced formula contains Vitamin B 3 (Niacinamide) which is a powerhouse skin care ingredient proven to fade hyperpigmentation.
⚪️This product is typically used as overnight treatment. Though as seen in the 2nd image, it can absolutely be used throughout the day- almost like a pimple patch.
⚪️It can stand alone or be mixed with our Acne Elixir to make a paste and spot treat with!


in Sugared Apricot🍑 A cheery autumn shade, filled with tones of peach and apricot- offset with hints of gold shimmer✨

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