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Lynn's Wig Boutique


Well it has been a long time since I posted anything so let me catch you up to date!
First I had orthoscopic surgery on my knee, then I had all my accounts compromised so I had to be off Facebook for a while. I still am leary but right now it is the only contact I have with you my clients and potential clients. My web page is still not at full running capacity but you can still access it for information about my shop. We are still not up to full capacity for taking long days but let's face it I am not getting any younger and I am trying my best to be there for everyone and it is taking a toll on me. I intend on working as long as I am able because I know there is a need for my services and I want to help all I can. In saying that I am going to make a change in hours and when we are open. Come June I will add Tuesdays to the schedule and be taking a week off each month. I will let you know that week by phone message and on here. Tuesdays I will start later but work later so as to accommodate evening appointments. This will be till Oct. Then there will be no evening appointments till spring. This is the best I can do to help everyone and also to help myself.
I hope e everyone understands.
Stay healthy and hope to see everyone soon.
So sorry everyone! I had been hacked and have been a little nervous about signing on again. Please send a quick hello to let me know that you are receiving my post so I know I can continue. I stayed off for several weeks till things calmed down. Hope everyone is doing well! Again give mea shout out!
Hello Lynn, I see here you sell wigs, do people bring you wigs to style?
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS FEBRUARY ALREADY! Where has the time gone. Some new sales for this month pet Nancy ..everyone's short wig is on sale. Rebecca's another favorite. A couple of new styles Avalon which is selling fast long loose beach wave lace front and part..Very pretty and the shorter version which is a elongated bob/ beachy wave with lace front and part. Some new colors and styles starting to come in so call for a appt or stop in on Friday from 10-4.
See you at the Boutique!
2 weeks and counting..The shop will be closed from Saturday the 2nd of August till the 13th (back on Tuesday ) due to the Musikfest..though I will miss you all that week .I will be on the beach watching for dolphins and enjoying a wonderful (forced) vacation. Still 2 weeks of sales so stop in and see me.
Kathy thank you so much for the way you made my Daughter smile. You are an amazing woman. You took the time and interest and went above and beyond to put back hope in my Daughter's heart and a smile on her face. I am one greatful Mother. Thank you again . Donna

Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Lynn's Wig Boutique is a full-service wig salon specializing in Please call for Saturday or evening appointments. Thank you.


Phone is now working . I am asking that everyone wait till the 23rd of March to leave messages on the answering machine. I know how important it is to everyone to come in and we are taking everyone's needs into consideration. This will be a long road for us and I ask for patience . We will take the necessary clients first and hopefully by the beginning of April we will be back to a semi normal shop again.


Just a heads up! There was an electrical problem at the shop so the phone is not working. I go for surgery this week so please call the shop on the week of the 23rd to set up appointments. We will have the phone working, but I would appreciate if you would call on that week so we can set everyone up when I am back.
Thank you in advance for your patience.


I want to thank everyone for your well wishes. I look forward to coming back on the 23rd. I know it will be a slow going but hoping for a speedy recovery and that I can be back to a full schedule soon.
Again Thank you.


Just a heads up. The shop will be closed March 14th through March 23rd. I will be doing only a few appointments the week of the 23rd due to knee surgery I will be limited to only a few a day for about two months. In the first months I will only be doing hairloss clients where my services are absolutely necessary. In April, I should be able to handle a regular schedule. Please be patient and understand I am trying to work this out for all.


Just a heads up..March 14th I am having knee surgery, something I put off for over a year. The shop will be closed till the 23rd and that week will only be open for limited hours. Due to the nature of my business I want to help those that wigs are a necessity. I was told to limit my hours so that I can heal properly. I don't want to let my clients down and since I have not found anyone to help out in my absence this is therefore the only solution. I am hoping to be able to work more closer to Easter so as not to disappoint anyone looking for a new look for Easter and Mothers day.
So please remember those dates.


Just letting my clients know that my web page is not up to full capacity. I know you use it for reference or hours. Please call the shop at 610-867-0885 for any or all questions .
Thank you for your patience.


Hello everyone, sorry it has been awhile since posting..but honestly it was a slow cold January as usual and with the increase in covid everyone is being cautious as they should be.
Just to remind everyone we are still requiring Masks in our shop due to the fact that most of my clients are compromised. You don't need to wear gloves which is posted on my web site ( unless you choose to)
I am hoping to see you all soon, I understand alot of my clients are worried but hopefully you will see we are here to assure your safety and good health.
Call 610-867-0885
And we will find a appointment that works for you.


1 week till I leave !!!
Just a heads up. Any orders for Christmas should be placed now.
I am not taking orders next week. I will be back on the 18th ( Saturday) for appts. And will open Tuesday for Christmas week to get all of you in for xmas.


Just a quick reminder ..
The shop will be closed
Thanksgiving day
December 10th through the 17th
( reopen the 18th for Saturday appt)
Closed December 25th
January 1st


Wow! November already and over half way through...we have been extremely busy at the shop and if I haven't called back any clients Please call again. We have been swamped with calls and messages and having a hard time keeping up with all of them. Just to is open Tuesday this week and next due to the holiday and being closed on Thurs. For Thanksgiving. I will be closed the 10th till the 17th. For a week's vacation and Birthday celebration but I am taking appointments for the 18th Saturday & Tuesday the 21 st for the holidays.. but back to normal after that. So please call and make your arrangements atleast a week ahead or ask to be put on a cancelation list.
We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope everyone is spending time with love ones that they haven't seen in a long time .
God Bless and Blessings to all!


Hi everyone, just a heads up about closings for the holidays.
Will be closed November 25th and late opening on the 26th for Thanksgiving . Also just a heads up for December. I will be closed for the week December 10th through

the 17th. I will take appointments on the 18th, Saturday when I return and will be open for appointments on Tuesday the 21rst through the 25th and Tuesday the 28th through the 31rst. Then after that will return back to Wed-Saturday as normal. Please get your orders in as soon as possible and remember Nov1 starts the Xmas sale. Also if you have shampoo bottles we can refill them with Henry Margu shampoo at 1.50 less. Shampoo is hard to come by..keep it in mind.
It is a whole new world so let's all try to be patient!


Need a person who can cut and comb wigs .will teach if they only have hair experience. Must have the personality to work with people that have hair loss and be sensitive to there needs.


Need someone part time 2 to 3 days a week. Preferably a retired hairdresser or someone who just wants to work a few days a week. Will need for vacation times or upcoming surgery. Would be extremely helpful if they had knowledge of wigs


So a few new issues have come up. Shampoo for wigs is getting extremely hard to come by. I have gallons from Henry Margu so if you bring your bottle we will fill it for 2 dollars less. So please save your bottles. I do have Jon renau to purchase but most are having issues getting retail size. Also we are still having issues with no shows. Please ,please,please call and cancel or reschedule so we can give others a much needed appointment. I will soon be posting holiday hours so keep watching.
Also I am at the point where I am looking to find some part time help.
2 days a week and every other Saturday. Hoping to find a retired hairdresser with wig experience looking to supplement there retirement. Must have compassion and sensitivity to clients health and hairloss concerns. Please text me at 570-369-2151 leave your name and number and a brief description of your experience.


Hard to believe it is September already.
A few things I want to note. The world is not the same as we once knew it and businesses around the world are being hit severely hard.
We are suffering from lack of goods. Slow delivery times. Companies losing employees and people afraid to come out doors because of the surge in virus cases.
I am asking all my clients who are looking for that special wig or who are reordering a new one for the holidays to do so now. If it is in stock I can hold it with a deposit till December. I can also ship it if you are worried about coming in to pick it up. I have orders that are and have been on back order for months,So I urge you to do this now.
The other thing I need to address is the amount of no shows. We are practically pleading with clients on the phone to CALL if they can't make their scheduled appointment. I don't get upset if you had a change of mind and decided it isn't for you or you chose to go elsewhere..that is fine..I know the nature of my business and sometimes clients feel ill while leaving the house..again I understand, please just let me know because there is always someone willing to take your appointment. Business has been tough for all us small ( and large) businesses and all we ask is a little consideration for what we are doing and that is to try and get back to normal and help those that need our services. I Pray that one day this will past and we can go on as before but in the meantime let's all try and help or small businesses that want to keep our doors open.

Stay Well and hope to see you soon!


Don't forget...the shop will be closed from August 7th till August 18th. So any sizing, repairs ,trims, cleaning and styling need to be done and picked up by the 6th. If you need to order do so now. With a deposit we can hold your item and set up a appointment for the week we return.


I am constantly getting emails and calls from the companies I deal with telling about the situation the delta varient is causing to commerce. This effects everything we use and need...not just my wigs.. but, it is affecting my business a big way. I have no control of when the wigs come in but am constantly trying to place orders for wigs that are Back ordered for not just a week but for a few
months. I ask that we all have patience. These are not normal times. Hopefully when more people become vaccinated this virus can come to a end. I pray that as a small business I can survive this not only for myself but for my clients who desperately need my service. With that being said we will still mandate the mask rule for all clients who are compromised till further notice. Prayers to all. We will get through this.


Just a heads up. The shop will be closed during Musikfest. Closed from Saturday August 7th till August 18th. We will reopen on Wed the 18th. Please schedule your appointment ahead of time if possible or call the shop during shut down and leave your name number and day you are hoping for and a approximate time. I will try to get back to you as soon as I am able.


Hello everyone ! Well it is almost the middle of July! Really!..I am so sorry for not posting regularly but the shop has been exceptionally busy. We are going to hourly appointments next week since the restrictions have loosened up so will be able to squeeze in a extra appointment each day. I must ask that everyone Please call the shop on Wednesday to make a appointment since it gets to confusing trying to schedule through email or text...yes we are that crazy busy! So, happy almost summer, thank you all for hanging in there with me during the rough patch. Love and happy thoughts
to you all!


Just letting everyone know that I'd you receive a email from me saying invoice due DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!
I would never invoice my clients. I was away this weekend and my email was hacked. So please do not open and delete immediately!
Sorry for the inconvenience. People have nothing better to do with there time!


Happy April!
Since the weather has become a little warmer the shop is getting very busy with appointment request. I try to get to all my messages in a expedite fashion but it isn't always easy. I receive numerous emails, text and phone calls and I try my best to address them as quickly as possible. If you haven't heard back to me in a day or two please call the shop to speak to me the number is 610-867-0885, that is the easiest way to reach me. If I don't answer leave your name and number and as soon as I have a break I will call you back. And again Please,please please, call or email me to cancel a appointment, I have so many people who would gladly take your appointment if you can't make it. I want to thank all of you for your kind words and reviews and for helping my shop hang in there during these tough times!
Stay healthy.
Kathryn, owner of Lynn's Wig Boutique


Wow can't believe it is March..time is sure flying in fact ahead this week...don't forget 1 hour ahead tonight! The shop is booming lately with the warmer weather and melted snow. I do want to say something which I posted before.
Due to the virus we have been taking only appointments. Lately we have had a lot of no shows which is distressing to me and also to clients who have been trying to get in. If you change your mind about getting a wig tgT is ok..I get it but it would be nice to know before the appointment. I had 3 know shows in one day. Not only is it a loss to my business which is a struggle for all us small business owners but a loss to the client who desperately needed that appointment. So please if you can't make it or need to change I would and a needed client would appreciate the call.


Well the storm has slowed down business but I will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. Parking in Bethlehem will be the usual nightmare but meters should be open on new street. Please if you need to cancel you appointment... Call ! Because we can only take a few a day due to Covid regulations it is necessary for me to say it is appreciated if we knew in advance you weren't coming, someone is always willing to take your appt. I wish you all good health and stay safe and we hope to see you all soon!


Well we made it through the first big storm of 2021!
Hope everyone is safe and warm.


Happy Holidays everyone! As we step into the year 2021 I want to let you know of the changes starting Jan 5th.
The shop will be open for appointments Wed, Thursday and Friday and Saturday. There will be no Tuesdays till further notice also there will be no evening appointments till spring when it becomes lighter longer.
I want to be here for you all but I am not getting any younger and want to be able to work along as I am able to help all of you.
I look forward to seeing you all in the New year!
Blessings to you all!


Everyone is concerned about my shop closing due to the outbreak in COVID-19. I am and will remain open for my business is essential. You my client are essential. I deal with approximately 90% medical hairloss clients due to cancer, alopecia, surgery or other health related issues. As women our hair is essential to our health and mental well being.
We take the virus seriously and take the precautions necessary to protect you and ourselves and family's. It has not been easy for any of us but we will get through this and I will still be here for you and your needs.. please call to set up your appointment 610-867-0885 or you can message me at 570-369-2151
Thank you


Last month for holiday sale! Call to see if your favorite is on sale and get a additional percentage off. Good on gift certificates too!
Sale ends January 1rst.
Holiday hours
Closed Christmas day and Saturday the 26
Closed New years eve by 3:00 (last appt 1:45 )
Closed New years day and Saturday the 2nd

Since we are closed the 1rst a deposit will hold any wig ordered before the first to receive discount.
Please have a safe and Healthy holiday to you and your families and let's all put 2020 behind us and look forward to change and good fortune for the new year. BLESSINGS TO ALL!


Happy Thanksgiving to all my clients,clients to be, family and friends.
Please stay safe and healthy.


This is the beginning of our Holiday sale!
10 percent off all wigs and regular return clients get an extra 5%
This includes sale wigs or already
Reduced in store sales. Good till January 1st.
Any gift certificate bought will include the percent off till April 1rst.


I am constantly getting calls about incorrect hours on the internet. Sometimes these search engines and a lot of times not. I have tried over the years to correct the misinformation to no avail. It has cost me a lot of money and frustration. Please..before you come to the shop or plan on coming call the shop at 610-867-0885 . If I am not there leave your name and number and I will get back to you . We no longer have hours. We are strictly by appointments. I am sorry about the confusion. There is no easy answer.


Hello October! This the start of our 10% off sale for cancer awareness month which leads into Nov - Jan Holiday savings! I am also having a in store clearance of 25 % off wigs that have been in the shop for over 3 months only. We will be red tagging them so it is a great time to pick up that peice you have been thinking about. We have moved out a few this past week...early birds get the worm! So call and get in before the red tags are gone.


Just some quick updates..I seem to be having a problem connecting my web site with email. Please contact me at 610-867-0885 (shop) or 570-369-2151 you can text me or leave a message at that no. So sorry for anyone that didn't hear from me.


Hi everyone, just to let you know that I am away for the weekend. Anyone trying to contact me through text,email or phone that I am in a no signal area and I will contact you when I am in a service area. Thanks see you all soon!


I want to take a moment and Thank everyone for their support and patience as we all adjust to or new way of doing business. I do miss the clients interaction though. Since alot of my clients are ( sad to say) going through much of the same thing, it was always nice that they could talk and share amongst each other and give each other strength and guidance. One day again maybe.
Just a reminder that the shop will be closed the 23rd through to Sept. 2nd. You can still call the shop or email me and I will get back to you to set up a appointments for September. Please stay well and look forward to seeing you all soon!


This year due to COVID-19 we will not be closing during Musikfest week. I will be closed on Wednesday the 5th during the day and will be available for apps after 2:00 also I will be closed the week of August 23 through to September 2nd. Posting this because in the past we have always closed the week of the festival but since it is virtual this year, we can keep the shop open. You can call for appointments at 610-867-0885


Well we made it through another month. Thank you all for being patient with our new system. We want everyone to be safe and yet be able to continue helping our clients with their needs. Continue to call to make appts. We do fill up pretty fast so again thank you all for understanding the waiting period. Though we do get cancelations and can fit you in or ask to be moved up if that is possible. Stay safe and healthy everyone and remember we require masks to enter the shop.


Well working through the whole reopening and it is going well! Happy to see everyone and thank you for you patience with waiting at the door and also wearing your masks. The time slots seem to be working and allows the time to sanitize after each client. I look forward to getting back to normal as I know each of you are but be aware that there may be another shutdown If the virus peaks so my advise is to get in as soon as possible or call to order your favorite and if you aren't comfortable coming in we can always mail out. Again think you to all who I have seen and I look forward to seeing all of you in the weeks to come.
Stay healthy!


Well it was a very busy reopening and everything went well. I know you will all miss having the walk in day but unfortunately it will be a thing in the past. We will all adjust and it works out easier for myself to spread out the appointments and keep the amount of people in the shop to a minimum. Ty all for wearing masks and for ringing the doorbell and waiting to be let in. We all want to stay healthy and being that I deal with so many clients with compromised immune systems we want everyone to follow the guidelines and stay well. If you called me in the part few months and I did not get back to you please, please,please call to schedule with me..I wrote names down on little pieces of paper and tried to keep them all together but sometimes things get misplaced so again call! We would love to help you too!

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