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My Trend Wellness



Through this weekend (Sunday, May 12th) I will be donating 10% of my sales to the Every Mother Counts organization, whose mission is to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for everyone, everywhere, to celebrate Mother's Day. Beautycounter is also donating $4 for each sale of the below products to the same organization! Talk about a company that is constantly giving back! This is the perfect time to stock up on some favorites or try out some new products and know that YOUR purchase is helping a mother have a safe pregnancy. **Each purchase through my link will also be entered to win my giveaway too! Want the details of the giveaway? Message me!

Cultivating a place for all things Wellness. Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Safer Beauty.


‼️ The Big Cleanup is now 65% off! ‼️

PLUS, we added new items including the Melting Body Balm (vacation in a bottle) and the Eye Revive Cooling Eye Masks (hello, post holidays).

If you love our pressed powders, now is the time to stock up! They will be reformulated and not launching until 2022!

*Through TODAY new clients will receive 20% off on all other products with code CLEANFORALL20

What items do you plan on grabbing?!


TODAY ONLY members receive 2X member credits. Yep, that means you receive 20% back in product credit to be used on your next purchase. I like to call this free money! 🤑
Not a member yet?! Well become one and take advantage of this deal! DM me with questions!


5 days of cleaner deals coming at you starting today! This is exclusively for Band of Beauty members, not a member? No problem! Become one to get in on the deals this week!
Today’s deal is FREE shipping over $50. Need to order a single item? Ship a gift? This would be your way!
For those clients that aren’t members yet, I have a special offer for you to makes things easier! DM me for details!
Stay tuned each day for the daily deal!


Our annual Beautycounter (Clean) Black Friday sale is HERE! Now through November 29th, get 15% off sitewide! This included our limited edition holiday sets. Only a few exclusions - Skincare collections/regimens and Flawless Five which are already discounted bundles.
VOTE with you $$ this season, choose cleaner, safer holiday gifts. Choose cleaner for yourself! Know that you will also being supporting ME and #betterbeauty! Reach out if you need help or product recommendations.


Need help swapping to safer, and taking advantage of our bi annual sale? I got you covered! Leave a comment below! 👇🏻


Dynamic Duo!

Do you know about this combo yet?

It’s our Overnight Resurfacing Peel ( my favorite product ) and its NEW day time companion the All Bright C Serum!

If I had to pick only one product that would make the most difference in your skin, the Peel would be it! But now we have two!

Snag the DUO and while you’re at it check out the rest of the site, which is up to 30% off! Our Friends & Family event only happens a couple times a year!



I have partnered with my friend Erica for a “Clean Home Clean Beauty” event right here on Facebook! We would love for you to join us to learn more about the wonderful world of Norwex and Beautycounter!

AND if you didn’t already know, we are in the midst of our Friends & Family Event. Save 15% to 30% site-wide at Beautycounter!


Beautycounter Memorial Day Promo! ( Can be combined with 20% off for new clients ) who doesn’t love a FREE gift?! Want a suggestions or recommendations? Reach out! If you’ve recently received samples from me NOW would be a good time to invest in your self care!


HOW ARE YOU? It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Crazy times we’re living in.... BUT we still need to wash, cleanse, protect, and moisturize! Why not make it cleaner safer products?
Never tried Beautycounter before? WELL that 20% off is for YOU!! The days are getting warmer and brighter, so now is your opportunity to stock up on safer mineral sunscreen! AND try out our NEW Vitamin C serum too!


Transparency: The Truth About Mica.

MICA, it’s whats added to make products sparkle & shine from paint, cars, electronics and yes, our beauty products. But it’s sourcing is not fancy or shinny at all and it often uses child labor. Can you imagine YOUR child, as young as 3 years old, sitting in a dark dangerous mine all day?

This is the story the beauty industry doesn't want you to know! I invite you to follow Beautycounter’s journey to not only uncover the untold story and ramifications of the current Mica industry but also change it, make it more transparent, begin to eradicate the child labor practices and in general make the world a better place.

This is the story the beauty industry doesn't want you to know. As the leader in clean beauty, it’s not enough for us to only use safer ingredients. We’re co...


I was lucky enough on this trip back East to spend 3 days at Kripalu attending a program for Healthcare professionals on resilience and burnout training in our field. It was wonderful to spend time at my favorite yoga wellness center. I first attended @kripalucenter in 2002 with my mom. Nearly 20 years ago, and have since been over a handful of times. I think this marked trip number 7.
Breathing seems like something so basic, but it is also something we have available to us every day, minute, second of our life.
My biggest take away, and yet seems so simple... was the breath, and utilizing it, focusing on it, slowing it. During times of turmoil whether it’s at work, in a heated conversation, during turbulence on a flight or even just to relax and recharge our batteries. It’s always there and always available.

#justbreathe #kripalu #resilience #yoga #mediation #simplesolutions #alwaysavailable #mindbodybalance #mytrendwellness


If you happened to miss NBC's Today Show this morning, they did a clean beauty segment with Style Editor Bobbie Thomas. Bobbie featured Dew Skin, Tint Skin, Sheer Lipstick and the Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Classic. Check it out! Link in comments. #betterbeauty2020


2020 V I S I O N
That is my word for the year. I had been thinking about it for awhile, and playing up on the ‘2020 vision’ it seemed to fit for me. A funny thing happened on NYE, besides the fact that I really did not do anything ( not my favorite holiday ).
I had applied a charcoal mask ( Beautycounter of course! ) before bed and before midnight. At nearly midnight I washed my face, and as I was washing away ( 2019 ) the song “I can see clearly now” by Johnny Nash popped into my head. It seemed so timely and fitting! WOW! NOT a coincidence at all! After what I deemed 2019 to be - my Lotus year (see last years post), cleaning off all the muck, and dirt and not being able to fully “see” but rising. This all seemed perfect.
2019 was a hard year. I truly felt like I was stuck in the muck and even though it had great moments it was spent with a lot of personal and emotional turmoil as I evaluated life as a now 40 something.

2020 will bring about true VISION for me. Crystal Clear. Of exactly what I want, and don’t want, what fills my cup and no longer serves me. I will continue to rise and bloom like the Lotus flower too!

What is your word or theme for 2020? Share with me!


Did you get everything on your Christmas/Hanukkah wish list?! If the answer is NO then here is your chance to end the decade and start 2020 with CLEANER, SAFER personal care products!! If cost has been a factor, now is the chance to try it out at a major discount! 


What a nice way to start a Monday! A FLASH SALE on select holiday sets! Standard shipping cut off for Christmas is December 16th!

#beautycounter #flashsale


If you think we’re just selling lipstick, you aren’t paying attention!

So, today..... We. Are. Making. History!

The CEO of Beautycounter has been asked to testify in front of congress as an expert witness on today’s hearing on cosmetic reform! She’s been asked because she started an army women and men to educate consumers, corporations, manufacturers and everyone else involved in the personal care industry on what is in their products.

🇪🇺The European Union has banned or restricted over 1400 ingredients in their personal care products
🇨🇦 Canada has banned 600
🇺🇸 and the United States. ….. 30
💰 A 2 billion dollar industry is governed by 1.5 pages of legislation.
😩Companies are not required to disclose the ingredients in their products.
❤️ We deserve better.

Want to see some change and support this important health issue? Text BETTERBEAUTY to 52886.


I’m a small business owner.

Not only do I hustle and advocate for better laws in the personal care industry, but I am a Functional Nutritionist and RN specializing in Digestive Health ( stay tuned for offerings in 2020!! )

Consider supporting those that are advocating for a better world, helping people, and reaching for their dreams this holiday season. We are so grateful when you do! ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Beautycounter 15% off site wide is STILL going strong. Link in comments. Shop through Monday to swap out to safer for less! 💄💋


Clean (Black) Friday starts now!!! Have you been on the fence about trying cleaner safer products? Well! Now is a great time to swap out. We do these sales only a couple times a year!


Are you on my email list? If not, you should be! Drop me an emoji in the comments and I’ll make sure you get all the details on what’s to come!


I have been following Diane Sanfilippo’s work for many years and support all that she does. I have to whole heartily agree with this post. If you are interested in a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle - no problem. Go for it. You can still eat a Whole Foods, nutrient dense diet that includes all the colors and plants that look like this: 🥑🍅🍒🥬🥥🥒🍋🥕 but if your vegetarian products start looking like this: 🥓🌭🍔 it’s no bueno. 🙅🏼‍♀️

NOT AN ENDORSEMENT POST 💥🙅🏼‍♀️ Listen up: if you’re someone who thinks eating more plants is a way you want to go, fine. Eat more plants. BUT. DO. NOT. EAT. THIS. IMPOSTOR. TOXIC. SLUDGE.

I teeter between being totally dismissive of this stuff and thinking, “if people are dumb enough to choose this over meat, they deserve whatever ill health comes their way. Let them have it.”

... TO BEING HIGHLY EMPATHETIC and sad for the state of this world where people are made to be so afraid of natural foods by poor quality, poorly supported media like books by T. Colin Campbell (famously debunked by Denise Minger point-by-point), entertain-u-mentaries on Netflix, and even Oprah falling for the plant-based hype from a frail-looking (yes, how we look matters in many ways- I value robustness and a face that looks to have life in it) proponent whose husband has invested millions into pea protein processing. FOLLOW. THE. MONEY.

LISTEN, if you want to choose to eat more plants, eat them. They should look mostly like this: 🥦🥬🥒🥑🌶🍅🥝🍒🍇🥭🍉🍓🍎🍋🥥🥕.

If your plants look like this, 🍔🌭🍖🍗🥩🥓, please stop and ask yourself what is it made of? Is this real food? Is this aligned with my intent for eating more plants? (Presumably improved health?)

I’m NOT a proponent of plant-based diets. If I’m being honest, I would 100% choose carnivore over vegan if I were given only those options today and I wanted to live a full, healthy, and robust life. BUT this post is not about that debate. I’ll be blogging on this soon.

This post is simply about NOT EATING THIS TOXIC SLUDGE instead of meat. Just don’t do it. Don’t let your friends, family, or anyone you love fall for this. I’m sad and embarrassed that humans are so easily fooled. It hurts my heart. Please don’t be this foolish. PLEASE.

#toxicsludge #beyondmeat #plantbased #plantbasedlies #gamechangers #yes2meat #thisisnotfood


Did you guys know that I spent around 15 years of my life working in this clothing store, for fun? Yup. I sure did! #jcrew ended up being such a blessing in my life in more ways than just a closet full of fancy clothes.
This is me with one of my besties from high school at an event I did in my old store this past summer. Aren’t we cute 😉. It was fun to represent the brand I love @beautycounter in the store of another brand I love @jcrew. Did you also know that when #beautycounter was just getting started JCrew debuted some of their first products in store? Talk about full circle!
If you are looking for some extra $$ this holiday season consider getting involved with the pioneers of the clean beauty movement. AND If you didn’t know we were just awarded the BEST PERFORMING Beauty Company -Small Cap by @wwd. So why not take a leap and jump aboard, I was happy I did 3 years ago!
During this week you can enroll as a consultant for $49 ( or $35 if you are a Band of Beauty member ). I might even have a better offer for you too! So please DM me for more info!
I would love to help you get started with a side hustle that could turn into something even more magical than you thought!!
**see my IG stories for more info!!

#sidehustle #multipleincomestreams #ladyboss #cleanbeauty #workfromhome #sidebiz #beautyentrepreneur #fntp #mountainlife


Beautycounter has been stepping up our sustainability efforts, and in October we piloted a Clean Swap program to help reduce the number of products ending up in landfills. Personal care and beauty packaging materials are notoriously hard to recycle given the small packaging size and use of mixed material.
These products are on there way to HQ for proper disposal ( and yes! It includes ALL brands ). Stay tuned for more information on this and our efforts!



Does swapping out your personal care products for safer ones overwhelm you? Is it frustrating to have to shop and research lots of brands?!?

✨Why not choose 1 ethical and totally innovative company that does all the research and 3rd party testing?!? Great idea right?!?

✨Clean beauty 10% off site wide through midnight TONIGHT

✨10% off code YFT for Beautycounter includes EVERYTHING! My website is in the comments or DM me with questions!

✨Including....already discounted regimens, collections, flawless in 5 makeup, limited edition holiday sets etc.

✨Treat yo’self or those you love, I included some gifting ideas

Thanks for saying yes to clean products! 🙏🏼


Today is the Day! Beautycounter’s 2019 Holiday Collection launch. There are 19 gift sets, 6 new formulas (hello new products!) 21 new shades, and 6 new scents!

Our sets offer a full range of price points, with gifting options to suit your budget! 8 of these sets are


Brand new to Beautycounter? I have a one time 15% off code for your entire order! This is also good for our new Countertime Collection that is already discounted 10%.

Plus, if you're not a Band of Beauty member, you can also get 10% back in product credit, free shipping and a free Purifying Charcoal Mask!



Its true! Overnight Resurfacing Peel, I am so glad you exist! This product has made such a difference in my skin and I can’t recommend it enough!

Use it 2-3 times a week as an overnight treatment and watch your skin change. It does NOT peel your face! This bottle will last you 6+ months!
If you been on the fence about swapping out your products now is a great time. Join as a Band of Beauty member for $29 with your $50+ order and receive this $63 #unicorntearsinabottle for FREE! Plus receive 10% back in product credit for your next purchase, FREE shipping on orders over $100, and other member only benefits.
What are you waiting for? Have you tried this yet?!

#theunicorn #betterbeauty #beautymadebetter #saferskincare #beautycounter #mytrendwellness #healthylifestyle

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Dynamic Duo!
Our 5 piece Countertime Regimen is HERE! The Countertime Regimen includes five products to be used concurrently. The pro...



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