Tiffany Doing Hair

Tiffany Doing Hair


I have two rows of bombshell hair extensions in I was wondering how much invisible hand tied would cost?

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Did you guys hear that I got a nespresso? 🤪⁣

Well I did and I can’t stop talking about it because I love it so much. I’ve known what a nespresso is but never really looked into it. It was unfamiliar and expensive so I was very hesitant to even try it. But once I tried it, SOLD! Now I can never go back to regular coffee. ⁣

It actually reminds me of my guests when they get their first set of extensions. We all know what extensions are, but they’re unfamiliar and expensive. It’s scary to pull the plug and actually invest in yourself. But once they do, the first thing they always tell me is that they can never go back to a life without extensions. ⁣

Some tips in feeling confident in your decision to invest in yourself:⁣

+ Research⁣
Research your investment so you will be confident when you make your decision. ⁣
+ Ask for referrals⁣
If you know somebody who has experienced what you are planning to invest in, ask them their experience or for advice. ⁣
+ Just do it⁣
Once you feel pretty confident that this investment is for you, just do it. Don’t put it off waiting for the perfect time. The perfect time is now⁣

Now I’m apart of the Nespresso club and the hair extension club. And I can never go back to a life without them both!⁣

If you are ready to invest in yourself - or if you need more info - click the link in my bio 🤍


I know guys… I can’t stop talking about like to know it.⁣

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but honestly, I was scared. I didn’t want to add any more to my plate. I had no idea how to start and when my brain gets overwhelmed, it ceases to work.⁣

But I did it! With the help of some lovely ladies and . I created my like to know it page so I can share all of my favorite finds. And it’s honestly been an extremely fun new hobby that I really enjoy!⁣

I’m impulsive and crave instant gratification so shopping has always been a vice of mine. I’ve always been a budget shopper. I google coupons before I make any purchases. Since becoming a hairstylist, everything I wear to the salon will most likely end up stained or bleached. Further reiterating why I don’t buy anything too expensive. ⁣

Some things I really love:⁣
+ casual wear - I work 12 hour days, I want to be comfortable⁣
+ cute pants - I’m a sucker. You don’t have to over think your outfit if your pants do all the talking. Bonus points if they feel like pajamas but don’t look like pajamas.⁣
+ athleisure - When I’m not at the salon, you’ll find me in leggings or sweat pants. It is what it is⁣

When I find a new obsession, it becomes all I buy. And this year I’ve been super into crewneck sweatshirts and tennis shoes.⁣

You can shop all my faves on my like to know it page. What’s nice is you don’t have to have an account or download the app if you don’t want! (But if you do and follow me, you can get notified when I post so you don’t miss anything 😉) You can access my page through my website or simply click any of the links I share in my stories. Check out my “outfits” highlight to shop all my previously shared posts. ⁣

I look forward to sharing all my favorite things with you and hope it brings you as much joy as it does me 🤍


Some of my favorite things about hand-tied extensions:⁣

+ it is FLAT. I mean really flat. Especially since learning my newest method. I use a different string when sewing and it has been a big game changer.⁣

+ the custom color. I can custom color all the different wefts that make up your row for a custom and seamless blend. ⁣

+ it’s low maintenance. I know this sounds crazy but it’s true. Move ups are every 6-8 weeks. Pair that with low maintenance color and you can be in and out of the salon in no time. Plus, extensions hold their style so well, it makes getting ready faster and easier. ⁣

Attention to every little detail is so important as an extension specialist. Every color, bead, stitch, it all plays a big role in the over all end result. It’s equal parts creativity and structure and I truly do love it!⁣

To learn more about hand-tied extensions - or - to schedule a consultation, click the link in my bio 🤍


Clip-in extensions. Raise your hand if you’ve been there 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣

I wore clips-ins all through high school, college, and beauty school. I would actually sew my own and everything. But the monotony. Putting them in and taking them out every single day was a literal chore. But I couldn’t go without them because I didn’t feel good about my hair. My natural hair took a beating from all the teasing and styling I had to do on the daily to wear my clip-ins. ⁣

When I decided to go to beauty school, I knew I was going to do extensions. Back then, extensions weren’t taught in school and you couldn’t take extension classes until you had graduated. I did try to sneak in to a few but they caught me everytime! I knew what hair extensions did for me and I was determined to be able to offer that confidence to others.⁣

This beauty is wearing one row of 18inches to replicate the result she got from her clip ins. Except now she can wake up every day and not have to fuss to have good hair. It’s just hers. ⁣

To schedule a consultation or to get more info - click the link in my bio 🤍


Stylists - do you ever feel like your confidence is on a roller coaster?⁣⁣
One week you’re on a high. You nail every color you do. Every extension install is literal perfection. You feel like the best stylist in town and you are just untouchable. ⁣⁣
Then the very next week, everything goes to s**t. Colors don’t turn out how you envisioned. You second guess every extension install. You wonder why you even do hair and want to just work a boring 9-5 with no human interaction?⁣⁣
Maybe it’s the colder weather and depleting amount of sunlight but these last few weeks have not been my favorite. ⁣⁣
When I get in the slumps, I have to remind myself that this is just a season. It helps me to collaborate with like-minded people. Take education for inspiration. I can remain or I can grow from this.⁣⁣
How have you been feeling? What helps you when you’re feeling down?⁣⁣
For pricing + info on hand-tied extensions, or to schedule a consultation, click the link in my bio 🤍⁣⁣


How would it feel to finally have your dream hair?⁣

Better yet, how would it feel to know that your hair is somebody else’s hair goals?⁣

We can turn that possibility into a reality. ⁣

This beauty is wearing 2 rows of 22inch hand-tied extensions. Custom colored for that blonde blonde 🤌🏼⁣

For pricing, info, or to schedule a consultation, click the link in my bio 🤍


what are “hand-tied extensions?”⁣

So you’re researching hair extensions and you’re confused. I get it, it confuses me too sometimes! You hear the term “hand-tied extensions” but also hear about all these different methods. So what are hand-tied extensions?⁣

Hand-tied actually refers to the type of hair that is used. When it comes to sew in extensions, you can use machine tied or hand tied. Machine tied is created using a machine and usually has a thicker weft. Hand tied is literally created by hand tying individual hair strands of hair and usually has a much thinner weft. The machine tied hair has its place, but for me, I use hand tied because it lays flatter, is more comfortable, and allows for more creative freedom when it comes to color placement. ⁣

That being said, hand-tied is not a method. For me, “hand tied extensions” is an umbrella term. I am certified in numerous different methods and don’t want to be confined to just one. Each method differs in their foundation, however, they all use hand-tied hair when sewing to the foundation. ⁣

So when you are researching hair extensions and hair extension specialists, it’s super important that you research the stylists training. Anybody can call them self a hand-tied extension artist without having any training at all. A stylist or specialist who has truly invested their time and money into their training should have some certifications under their belt! ⁣

Hope that clears things up a bit! If not, leave me any questions in the comments. ⁣

To learn more about the hand-tied extensions I offer, or to schedule a consultation, click the link in my bio 🤍 via .app


d e t a i l s⁣

This one is for the stylists. When it comes to learning and installing hair extensions, I think we often focus on the wrong things. Lately I’ve been taking a step back to reevaluate what really matters.⁣

Speed. We’re always told how fast you can do a particular method. I get it, time is money. But I’d rather do it right than do it fast. Speed will come with repetitions. But it’s harder to break a bad habit than it is to learn to do it right the first time. I’ve been slowing down and really focusing on every single bead and stitch.⁣

Coloring. It might be tempting to skip the custom coloring of extensions, but this step is crucial. Very rarely will I be able to purchase hair that is the exact color a client needs. Taking the time to custom color and blend sets great extensions apart from just good extensions. It also promotes color longevity for the extensions.⁣

Sectioning. Being intentional with your sectioning is so important. Making sure it is crisp and clean without any cross hairs will make an install much cleaner and run more smoothly. Being aware of the angle of your sectioning and being sure you aren’t too close to the hair line, no zones, or part line will help to avoid damage and discomfort.⁣

Number of rows. This one is huge. We often think for more coverage, we need more rows, but that’s not always the case. When you’re intentional with your sectioning and your placement, you’ll be able to achieve full coverage without overwhelming the scalp. Every guest is different but just some food for thought. ⁣

I could go on but these are the few things I’ve been really focusing on with my extension installs. I can’t promise perfection because I’m only human. But I can promise to give my best. When you’re an extension stylist, you should always be learning and practicing and perfecting. Your guests deserve it 🤍

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