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Summer ready blonde. ☀️ Extra fullness and length, achieved by two rows of extensions. We're in our element when our clients are ready for a fresh, bright look.

Ready to receive our signature look from .theburgundy ?
Our DM’s are waiting for you. 💬

We stock an entire wall of high quality hair at The Burgundy. This helps to ensure that your experience is top notch and you leave with exactly what you were hoping for!

Some stylists order hair per appointment which doesn’t provide any latitude during the install. What if you’ve decided on more dimension, or a different length, or another row? We can almost always pivot and provide exactly what you need!

And having options allows us to enjoy the creative process of bringing your new look to life! ✨

Contact us today to set up a consultation!
They’re always free of charge - and no pressure! OR come see us at Carmel Pride this Sunday to chat more!

Iles Formula is a product line we love at The Burgundy!

Their signature line performs on ALL hair types and ages, without ever weighing it down.

‘Formulated with raw, virgin, sustainably sourced ingredients, combined with science at the highest level, to give you the best that nature has to offer while keeping the hair healthy and protected.’

And of course- extension friendly! 💋

Learning about your story is one of the best parts about the job. 🌟 Consider us your safe place to relax and unwind. Or maybe duty calls and you must work through your appointment... no worries! You can plug in and plug along while we work our magic. ✨
Need a silent appointment? We get that too!

No matter the type of appointment space you need, we're here to make it comfortable and easy!
See you soon! 🤍

Four hands are always better than two!

.theburgundy assisted .theburgundy to achieve this beautiful and casual bright blonde look for their guest!

Do you need a color refresh for summer?

Let us know!

Salon details ★ Cozy, inviting, and filled with clients we adore. Hearing your feedback is how we continue to be a safe place for you!

Did you know we're planning a remodel? Adding more amenities to serve you and enhancing the comfort of our space. We can't wait to see it all come together!

📲 Call or text 317-650-9914 to book.

Trust us, the second annual Carmel Pride is an event you need added into your calendars!
Food, art, performances, music and lots of Joy! 💫

Sunday, June 5th 3-9 p.m.
📍Carter Green in Carmel

We’ll be offering a colorful array of festival hair embellishments as well as sparkly face crystals , and 100% of proceeds will go to The Trevor Project. 🤍

The Trevor Project is a su***de prevention and crisis intervention organization for the incredible LGBTQIA youth community which is four times more likely to attempt su***de.
They’re building a more-inclusive safe place and we are ALL in to support such a worthy cause.

This is the perfect opportunity to support our beautiful community and meet some of the Burgundy Wolfpack!🐺

We can’t wait to see you there! 📍

The famous brought to you by .theburgundy, Queen of the Blonde Babes 👑

You can have gorgeous blonde hair by allowing your extensions to do most of the talking.... when we do this, your natural hair needs less processing and becomes healthier over time!

And as always, we keep it bright +blonde but still casual and rooty for the most effortless and believable extension look.

Click the link in our bio to start your healthy hair journey at The Burgundy!

Custom coloring our hand-tied hair is a huge detail that sets us apart from other extension salons.  As a client, your color service will always include coloring your extension hair as well as your natural hair.  That's how we can ensure your extensions are discreet and blended at each appointment!

At a maintenance appointment, we start by assessing your hair and how it's grown out. From there, we remove your rows and label them. Then the color service begins with either your natural hair or extension hair.... or sometimes the coloring is done in tandem with an assistant coloring your extension hair in the back! (such a time saver!)

Then once everything is colored, shampooed and dried, it's all put back in! And you're set for another 6-8 weeks of gorgeous, blendy, natural looking hair!

Can't beat that!

Take a moment to see the good today. ✨

The ultimate girl gang ⚡️ We’re always looking for the next opportunity to teach our local hair creatives. Covering extensions, luxury color, salon culture & much more.

Indy salons, shoot us an email at [email protected] & we’ll be in touch!

PSA - we’ve got everything you need. 🤎 In between appointments can get rough; all of us have been there! The Burgundy hats were created to save your day.

Our hats double as SPF protectors with the sunny days approaching and outdoor events starting back up. ☀️

Remember that sunscreen can turn your extensions a pinky peach color that’s almost impossible to correct!
Sunscreens that we love! 👇🏼
• Bare Republic Mineral
• Sun Bum Mineral

Shop in-store for our sweet hats.
📍14 S Rangeline Road. See you soon!

A boho-luxe salon in downtown Carmel, IN offering high end hair extensions and beautiful color.


Sleigh the holidays for the ones you love with the perfect gift from our retail shelf. 🛍️ Come see us Tuesday-Friday to shop!
📍14 S Rangeline Road


Wolfpack here… 👋 It’s the first day of our 12 days of Christmas giveaways! We wanted to make it a memorable holiday season for you, so in honor of the most magical time of year, we’re kicking things off by gifting one of you a NEW install on us! ✨

Our hair is precisely installed to allow you stress-free styling days.

To enter, simply
✨ follow .burgundy
✨ like this post
✨ save this post
✨ tag a friend in the comments

That’s it! You’ll have the next 48 hours to enter, and we’ll announce the lucky winner in our stories. Stay tuned for your dream hair! 👀


And just like that, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. 🤎
The Wolfpack is popping in to express our gratitude to our clients, our Instagram community, and everyone in between for being part of the pack.

What we do wouldn't be possible without your weekly love and support. Don't forget... our salon will be closed for the holiday weekend and all messages will be responded to once we return!
We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with loved ones!


When you put Adri & Taylor together, this is the kind of hair result you’ll get. 🤌🏼

Working together for an extension appointment is truly magic.... they both work on coloring your hair as well as the extension hair, then precisely install your rows.  Our mission here at The Burgundy is to get and keep your hair healthy while still having the hair of your dreams. ✨

Follow .theburgundy + .theburgundy for hair color inspo!



Effortless dimension ✨

.theburgundy perfected this gorgeous color.
Winter is officially here. The weather may be dreary, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to be too. 😉

Lindsey has just a couple of holiday spots still open. Shoot us a text with a few images of what your hair looks like now! 📲 317-650-9914


Salon Culture is one of the most important elements of where you choose to book your hair appointments! 💫 And something that's always been so important to me and my business. We've seen a lot of change in the past year, and I can say without a doubt that the salon is evolving into the perfect place to spend your valued time.  We have a collaborative and upbeat team that is truly passionate about what they do.... and you can trust that we always have your best interest at heart!

Join us soon, to see what we're all about! Enjoy a beverage, have a belly laugh, and then re-enter your day with a light and airy energy ✨


One of the most common reasons we see new clients is because they've experienced damage due to processing. If this sounds familiar and you find yourself always wearing your hair up, extensions could be the answer! We can fill in those broken areas with a row or two, easy peasy 🙌🏼
You CAN love your hair while recovering from damage or a bad haircut. Let us show you how.
Click the link in our bio to start your hair extension journey with us!


When you come in for your appointment, you'll notice that we have several assistants moving around the salon! They're our go-to girls, our right hand men, the angels who keep our heads on straight throughout the day. 😇
And without their help, it wouldn't be near as fun!
Next time you're in, say hi to .theburgundy, .theburgundy, or .theburgundy! 👋


We've said it before and we'll say it again.... this is the ultimate iron for all your hair needs! You'll never buy a different one - we promise 💫
Our favorite size right now is the 1" long barrel for those gorgeous holiday waves.
Send this post to Santa! (he needs gift ideas! 🎁🎅🏼)


Going to the dark side 🖤

.theburgundy enhanced the hair color of this client to blend right in with the season. A dramatic change like this deserves a side-by-side view. 😉

This lived-in look is a true dream for those wanting to keep a simple color. We're all about a low-maintenance season!


.theburgundy … aka MacAttack. 💥

As an assistant, she’s truly a big help to every stylist and always goes above and beyond. And did you know you can book color services with her on Wednesdays? She would love to make your dimensional color dreams a reality!

Mac is our wild child, always making us laugh and teaching us new popular trends. Please check out her reel skills.🏆🤌🏼

On her off days, she teaches dance or offers wedding makeup services for the Indy brides. Our little hustler! 👊🏻

Next big thing for Mac :: planning her move to Carmel with her gluten-free chef boyfriend, Alex! So be prepared to see her a lot more around town! 😉


Sometimes the perfect color means a few foils and toner. 🤌🏼

.theburgundy kept things minimal for a quick hair pick-me-up. ✨

Are you next? Shoot us a text with a few images of your hair inspo! ——- 317-650-9914


We’re grateful for many things, and a good styling product is one of them. 🤌🏼

Investing in your hair is a daily task. Our retail station makes it easy for you to choose the right products that work with your hair vs. against your hair! 🙌🏼

Not sure what's the best choice for your hair? Our Wolfpack can walk you through what you need and when to use it.
Call it an early Christmas present for yourself! 🎁

Come see us to shop for your new goodies!


Talk about ulta-rich coloring. ✨

.theburgundy was assisted by .theburgundy to craft the perfect formula to cover the grey, while keeping the final product light and bright.

If you’re someone who constantly has a packed-full schedule, this is the perfect option for you! It’s easy to maintain, and lasts longer than you may think.

Get on Lindsey’s holiday books this season! 🗓️


.theburgundy has been part of our Wolfpack for a while now, and it’s time we officially re-introduce her! 👋

She’s incredible with her dimensional color approach, and always prioritizes the integrity of her clients hair. Also - she's our go-to girl for adding in K-tips around the face! Want to know more? DM Adri and she'd love to chat about it! ( hint : it's a great option to fill in uneven or broken hair around the face without wearing a whole row)

Outside of our walls, you can find her wedding planning,  hanging out with her sweet Frenchie, Moose 🐶, or putting out holiday decor way too early!  

Adri is currently accepting new color and k-tip clients. Between fall, winter, spring, and summer hair color trends, she’s up-to-date with it all!

Get ready to leave her chair with the color of your dreams. ✨

Photos from The Burgundy's post 11/01/2022

It’s a new month, and we’re here to make healthy hair habits a priority for you. Start your extension journey before the holidays!


Cannot get enough of the new red pallette from

This long time client is a natural redhead who realized her hair has been getting browner as she's getting older.
We can't have that! Especially with a wedding coming up next year. 💍
.theburgundy worked some magic and brought her hair back to LIFE!
🍁 assisted by .theburgundy


Yes we offer color only!
Are you interested in our Signature Look but aren't wanting to add extensions? We can do that!
If you're a new guest with us, we'll likely ask you for pictures of what you currently have as well as pictures of what your goal hair color is.  This allows us to schedule you accordingly and also gives us a heads up if you're wanting to start a drastic change or maybe just keep it simple.
Pictures can be texted to the salon phone for your stylist to reference. This simple little request truly gives us so much info before you step in for your appointment!

Send this post to a friend that needs a color update!
We'll talk to you soon!


Now is the time to come in for our 14-inch length!
It's the season for coats and scarfs and sweaters.... and with your hair sitting and moving on those fabrics, it's more common to experience tangles or matting if you aren't careful.

Why stress when you can just adjust your length? 😉

If you've been thinking about wanting shorter hair but would enjoy the volume of a row or 2, let's chat!

Our hand-tied extension approach will get you the result you're looking for. ✨

Fresh look by .theburgundy assisted by .theburgundy


🗣 listen up ladies!
Excellent extensions take preparation,  time,  and plenty of resources. It all comes together with a bit of effort from everyone! And we have a specific process for new clients who would like to join us!

Step 1.  Fill out our form
- it can be found on our website, our socials, or shared with you via text! It's 3 pages /super simple/ allows you to attach pics of what you have and what you'd like to achieve / and gives you more info on pricing & maintenance!

Step 2.  Your application is received and a stylist reaches out to you for a phone consultation. Consultations take less than 30 minutes and if we both decide to move forward, a deposit is paid and your installation appointment is scheduled!

Step 3. We prepare on our end, ensure we have the proper hair selections for your install, and look forward to seeing you!

Step 4.  Come in for your appointment and leave with an amazing head of comfortable and seamless extensions!

And that's the new client flow in a nustshell 😃✨

Are you ready to send in your form and chat with us about your hair?
Click the link in our bio!
We can't wait to meet you!


The news is out! has new offerings.

The expanded selection of red extension hair is a total game-changer for us, and we have it in stock!
We can officially achieve that ultra-rich, dimensional red look with more true to tone wefts.... And if you're a color geek like us, then you already know that attaining the right red can be so tricky! Especially when adding in a few wefts for more fullness or length.
Having more color options on our hair wall means that your extensions will stay more true to color and won't fade as quickly. And as they fade, you're less likely to get a surprising tone popping through if the hair was a good match to begin with.
Gone are the days of "making" red wefts! 🙏🏼

To get that true red you've been wanting, give us a call!
It's that time of year! 🍁

✨ Hair by .theburgundy.
Shoot us a text or call to book! ---> 317-650-9914

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14 S Rangeline Road
Carmel, IN

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
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Friday 9am - 5pm

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