Carmel Restorative Massage

Carmel Restorative Massage

Welcome to Carmel Restorative Massage, a women focused Massage Studio in Hamilton County. Massage helps our bodies with stress, anxiety, pain, and even chronic issues such as neuropathy, headaches, and arthritis.

Established October 2018 - Owner Jessica Fascilla Funcheon

Operating as usual


We each have strengths. My hope for today is that you see your value and live in confidence and not doubt. I admire so many of you for different reasons.


Hoping your April is amazing! Woke up to snow here in Indiana- No April fools joke😳. Looking forward to sun and spring 🌸🌻🌺


Stepping outside our comfort zone can be so scary, but there’s no growth in the status quo. Challenge… do 1 thing today that is outside your comfort zone. We grow together.. with baby steps.


May your Sunday be wonderful!


Stretching and breathing are two of the best ways to feel less achy and it allows our bodies to rebalance and release anxiety.


BusyNess seems to be a status symbol for so many of us. Hoping your week is going well… deep belly breaths, you Got this!


- hoping that each of you make today a good one. Take a good deep breath and make it a good day! #🇺🇦keepinginprayers


Happy Sunday


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀🍀 Here in IN it’s a beautiful day to celebrate and have a green beer! Feeling grateful for so much, and holding the Ukraine 🇺🇦 in my heart 🙏🏻.


Hoping you all have a great week! A good cup of Coffee always helps the week start with a pep in my step☕️☕️


- Hoping you enjoy today, and get what you need today!


- Oh the things I wish my younger self realized. Awareness… I challenge each of you to become more aware of your self talk and actions … YOU, yes YOU are awesome…. Hoping you go easy on yourself and have a great day!


Foot health…. Something I don’t usually think about, until pain presents and then I realize I need to occasionally get extra movement in my foot. When it hurts, I also use a cool or even frozen water bottle to relieve aches.


So much of our daily life comes down to Habits. I’ve shifted my perspective on habits over the years… I use to feel that habits were too hard to change…. Like anything it’s about consistency and realizing what serves your life best. Please know that like all things, it takes that first step and little baby steps daily. Hoping this post serves to encourage you to listen become more aware of your habits both good and bad. Have a wonderful day!!!


- hoping you all enjoy your weekend and down time.


What is CUPPING? When an injury occurs, muscle fibers tear, deep bruising occurs and swelling floods the area.
Left untreated these issues lead to the formation of muscle knots, limited motion, muscle tightness and pain.
Silicone cups are applied to the skin by squeezing the base or pressing the top and bottom together. Plastic cups are attached to and applied using a pump gun.
A deep yet tolerable suction is created. The suction force removes deep blockages, pulls stagnant toxins to the surface, loosens adhesions, increases good, healthy blood flow necessary for healing, increases tissue flexibility and reduces pain.

If you would like to make cupping part of your session, please request in advance. - Jess


Soon the days will be longer and weather warmer ☀️☺️. I hope this month brings peace and joy and healing for our world 🇺🇦💙


Coffee just fuels me a bit extra on Monday’s…. Enjoy a cup and have a fantastic week💕. Keeping Ukraine 🇺🇦 in our hearts 🙏🏻.


TGIF!! As long as you have carpet or a mat, this is an amazing stretch! One I encourage and love so much. It opens the hips, helps release tension in the back and feels amazing! Happy weekend!


Book soon and anticipate relaxing and restoring in a tranquil environment- how to book? Right from Instagram! I got you- Jess


So many things contribute to our physical and mental health. For me laughter, breathwork, movement and Consistency have helped me gain more balance and growth… I also highly recommend Atomic Habits by James Clear…. It helped me realize that by having a routine, I actually have more freedom in my life instead of less. What helps you stay balanced?


Hoping you all have a great week! Instead of looking at all your hopes and goals for the week and getting overwhelmed (I do this). Take it a step and task at a time, and a good deep breathe helps too😉


Feeling grateful for each of you! Spreading good vibes to others is pretty easy🥰. Hoping each of you have a good day- Jess


Happy Weekending! Hoping you get and take what you need this weekend🏈💙🧘🏻‍♀️


Loving each day with a grateful 💙 changes things. Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day!


Winter is an awesome time to establish a restorative practice. I challenge you to commit to stretching or at least doing a breathwork practice EVERY day.


Daily reminder…. Take one deep breath… in for 4 hold for 5, out for 6…. We have to the ability to reboot our stress with intentional breathing. Honestly, I didn’t believe it until I put it into practice… it has helped me, and I know it will help you too💪🏼👍😮‍💨


Happy Wellness Wednesday! Hoping you’re all having a good week… remember deep breaths and a good stretch can help the day with some balance 😊🧘🏻‍♀️😮‍💨


Coffee helps Monday be motivating…. Love my Java!!!! Where’s your favorite coffee place or brand of beans? I’m always looking for new and different coffee….


Cupping helps aid chronic pain areas such as shoulders, traps and lower back… have you tried it or had any success with this modality? It can be added alongside massage as long as I know ahead of time to prepare👍.

How to Get Sh*t Done When You Don’t Feel Like It 01/20/2022

How to Get Sh*t Done When You Don’t Feel Like It

We all start the new year with hope and goals. I hope 2022 is off to a great start for all of you, but if you’re like me, there have been a few hiccups (sickness), this is a good mid month motivator!

How to Get Sh*t Done When You Don’t Feel Like It If you find yourself in a productivity funk, recenter yourself with these science-backed and holistic tips for getting back in a groove.

Photos from Carmel Restorative Massage's post 01/19/2022

It doesn’t take much time to open our body, mind and spirit up a bit with a good stretch 😊- the following are some of my favorites!


I know for many of us, it’s been a sick and dreary winter … I encourage you once health returns to walk even if the temps are cooler. Post a pic of a winter walk… let’s motivate each other!!


- whew, the weekend is approaching, and hopefully you are feeling good and healthy (it’s been a crazy time with sickness … covid and flu cases high) - hoping this brought a smile 😊to you- Let’s spread some smiles today!


Helping women of Hamilton County balance and relax is a passion of mine. As a mother of 5 grown children, I understand how important self care is. We can’t pour from an empty cup, and filling our emotional and physical reserves with some self care allows us to give our best to others in our life. Here’s to making 2022 healthy and balanced. I got your back- Jess

Carmel Restorative Massage Studio

Welcome to a place where massage therapy is the personalized experience you've been waiting for.

Massage is an important element to helping our body and soul gain balance. My passion and purpose is to help you achieve this. Jessica Fascilla Funcheon

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An hour of self care = Balance


products to follow....stay tuned



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