Woodhouse Spa - Carmel

Woodhouse Spa - Carmel


Cryo T-Shock Facials activate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, leaving it firm and taut and creating a healthy glow. It is the most innovative and versatile anti-aging device on the market.

Life is better when you cryo!
As Valentine’s Day approaches, make this year the year of connection. With our mood-enhancing treatments designed to transform and rejuvenate, give the gift of a personalized and meaningful experience to your loved one with a Woodhouse gift card.

Available now at woodhousespas.com

A day to honor, a day to reflect, a day to celebrate.

May all your dreams come true.
There’s no better way to shed the weight of last year and start on a fresh foot than with our signature Holistic Body Detox.

It begins with a full-body, dry brush exfoliation. Next, experience an application of nourishing sea minerals and a rebalancing body mask, rich with trace elements and toning essential oils. A deeply skin-supportive cream, enhanced with a special detoxifying serum, completes the treatment and seals in nutrients.

Experience it by booking at woodhousespas.com

Special Offer for Woodhouse Cryo!

Buy 5 sessions, get ONE free
Buy 10 sessions, get TWO free

Paris Hilton even uses Cryo T-Shock to keep her skin tight and smooth. What are you waiting for?

Did you forget someone on your holiday list? Don’t fret – as there’s still time to get them a Woodhouse gift card.

With customizable treatments set in a tranquil and transformative atmosphere, your loved ones will be thrilled to experience the Woodhouse way in the new year.

Purchase your gift card today at woodhousespas.com

Make sure you take advantage of this special pricing for January! You will not want to miss this fat-freezing, cellulite-busting, skin-renewing masterpiece! 🤩👀
The holidays may be behind us, but you can still carry the joy into the new year with a tranquil and transformative Woodhouse Spa experience. ✨

With appointments and gift cards available at woodhousespas.com, Woodhouse is here to help you start off 2023 by prioritizing mood care, and yourself.

Indiana Academy of Massage is the preferred massage school for Woodhouse Day Spa. Only a few spots left for the February class. Call today or go online to reserve your spot!

Didn’t receive the gift you were hoping for this holiday season? Woodhouse is here with our signature Mood & Body care to help you start the new year right. Grab a gift card and begin 2023 by investing in yourself.

Explore our menu and purchase a gift card at woodhousespas.com

May the new year bring you peace, joy, and happiness.

With the excitement of the new year ahead, we wish you a festive, fun and safe New Years Eve.

Happy New Years to you and your loved ones from Woodhouse Spa. 💫
Looking for a way to de-stress after the busyness of the holidays? Look no further than Woodhouse Spa. Prioritize self-care with our signature Mood Care menu of services featuring body treatments, massages, facials and more – all designed to bring you to a state of relaxation and tranquility.​

​Book now at woodhousespas.com

May today be filled with light, love and joy for you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Woodhouse. ✨
Happy Holidays from the Woodhouse Carmel Concierge team!
There’s still time to find that perfect gift for your loved one. Purchase a gift card online today at woodhousespas.com and let them pick their Mood Care journey with Woodhouse.

We believe your day at the spa should be more than just a great treatment; it should be a great exper

We would like to invite you to experience the Woodhouse difference. A tranquil, transformational environment that's both memorable and healthful. From beginning to end, our dedicated spa team ensures that your visit enhances your well-being. Upon entering, you're treated to a warm smile, a luxurious robe, and reflexology sandals that release the day's stresses. You'll relax in our Quiet Room, wher


Here's to a cozy Sunday filled with Mood Care. ✨

With summer drawing to a close and Labor Day around the corner, prioritize your well-being for the long weekend ahead with a visit to Woodhouse Spa. Book now at woodhousespas.com


There’s still time to release your inner glow this summer with Woodhouse. ✨

Whether you’re craving a relaxing massage, a soothing facial or a revitalizing body treatment, Woodhouse has something to offer that will have you feeling like a
whole new person.

Experience the Woodhouse difference by making an appointment at woodhousespas.com


A trip to Woodhouse is more than just a good massage or facial treatment - it’s an opportunity to quiet the noise, take time to reflect and do something nourishing for yourself.

Everything from our luxurious robes to our Quiet Room made available to you pre and post-service is designed to connect you to your ideal mood, and to help you feel
revitalized when it’s time to head back out into the world.

Book a treatment with us today at woodhousespas.com


Take a look at your late-summer skincare lineup.

Babor’s skincare is more than just products to use for your at-home skincare routine, they provide a facial-like experience with every use. From their concentrated ampoule treatments to their signature HYOL 2-step cleansing system, your skin will look healthy and glowing with the integration of their highly-advanced product line. ✨

Ask about incorporating Babor into your next facial, or shop their line in our Woodhouse retail boutique.


Mood Care is a state of mind, which is why we make it available to bring your Woodhouse experience home with you.

Whether that be through candles, custom essential oil blends or your favorite skincare products, our retail boutiques are the perfect self-care destination to treat yourself to continued relaxation and tranquility.

Book your next Woodhouse journey with us at woodhousespas.com and make sure to see the latest retail items available to you while in-spa.


What is your favorite way to relax?

Whether it’s curling up with a lit candle and a good book or taking a luxurious bubble bath, we want to hear your favorite way to wind down and soak up some self-care in the comments below.

And of course if you need any help relaxing, we’ve got the perfect treatment designed to meet your mood.

Explore our Mood Care menu of services now at woodhousepas.com


For many of us, face masks are the perfect way to indulge a little and enjoy some self-care.

In honor of , we encourage you to take a visit to Woodhouse Spa, where we have a variety of face mask enhancement options available to add to your next facial appointment that treat a variety of skin concerns. Or shop our retail boutique for fantastic face masks to take your spa experience home with you.

Book now at woodhousespas.com


It’s , and we’re here to share the great benefits our CBD enhancements can offer during your next Woodhouse Spa visit.

Select to add CBD as an enhancement to any facial or massage, as it helps to alleviate pain, decrease inflammation, increase relaxation and improve the appearance of your skin.

If you have yet to try a CBD enhancement, book now at woodhousespas.com


Summer is in full swing, and there’s nothing that equips you better to enjoy every second of it than feeling like your very best self.

Now’s the time to amp up your self-esteem so you can truly live these hot summer months to the fullest. Join us to cool off and refresh from the inside-out, and reveal your summer confidence.

Book your Woodhouse journey today at woodhousespas.com

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For those seeking to escape the stress of constant distractions, looks no further.

Sleep doesn't always come easy, but with this unique massage, you'll experience a new level of relaxation to help restore your slumber and provide you peace.

Book now at woodhousespas.com


It's officially , and Woodhouse is here to help you prioritize your wellness.

Discover our holistic Mood & Body Care experience which begins the minute you walk through our doors – and know that when you book a Woodhouse treatment you'll continue to experience its effects long after you leave us.

Book your Wellness Month service today at woodhousespas.com


There's nothing better than sharing memorable experiences with your nearest and dearest friends.

Which is why on this , we invite you and your friends to enjoy some of our signature Mood & Body Care together at Woodhouse. With our signature Quiet Room available for you all to sit back, relax and enjoy each other's company in-between services, it's the perfect place to celebrate and share special moments together.

Book now at woodhousespas.com


Bright things ahead. ✨

Refresh your mind & body with spa treatments to get you feeling your summer best. From facials to massages, body treatments top unique rituals and more – Woodhouse is your summer destination to look and feel your best.

Book your Mood Care journey now at woodhousespas.com

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Create a new canvas for body care.

There's no better time of year to experience a detox that revives your skin from the inside out. You will feel invigorated and ready to take on the season with confidence.

Experience it by booking today at woodhousespas.com


See what our guests are raving about! Book your Hydrafacial today


Looking to give the perfect gift for a summer birthday, bridal shower or engagement?

Get them glowing with a personalized spa experience sure to awaken their summer confidence. ✨ They'll be able to choose from services designed to make them feel balanced, resilient, calm, confident, connected or energized – and they'll walk away feeling their very best inside and out.

Purchase a gift card today at woodhousespas.com

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Relaxation and recovery meet with this guest-favorite enhancement.

Whether you're looking to add CBD to your next facial or massage, it will work to help ease tension and relax any tight muscles so that you can get the most
out of your service.

Enjoy a CBD-enhanced service this summer by booking now at woodhousespas.com

Photos from Woodhouse Spa - Carmel's post 07/08/2023

Uplevel your massage or facial with this must-try enhancement.

Cupping helps to move stagnation in the body and ease muscle tension, allowing you to feel more relaxed and balanced. On top of that, you'll enjoy decreased
puffiness and brightened skin.

Book your service with this add-on enhancement now at woodhousespas.com


Today, we hope your day is filled with barbecues, sunshine and celebration – and may you be surrounded by friends, family and loved ones.

Happy 4th everyone from Woodhouse Spa.


The summer of (self) love is here.

Get your mind & body feeling oh-so confident with a personalized spa experience.
Book now at woodhousespas.com


Our connection-focused mood care transports you with our specially-crafted aromatherapy blend that influences how your body interacts with the world. Breathe in notes of spruce, fir, cedarwood, juniper and amyris to encourage connection of your mind and body.

Book your Connected Mood & Body Care experience at woodhousespas.com now.

Photos from Woodhouse Spa - Carmel's post 06/29/2023

Give your body the nourishment it craves.

Our Nourishing Wrap Body Treatment is the perfect mid-summer treatment to help replenish your skin and give it the hydration it craves. Pair with our Soothe + Hydrate Facial and be ready to feel the ultimate sense of confidence and renewal.

Book today at woodhousespas.com


Our balance-focused mood care transports you with our specially-crafted aromatherapy blend that recenters your body to put you in a place of greater clarity and control.

Breathe in notes of patchouli, lime, bergamot, geranium, neroli and rose to relieve stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Book your Balancing spa treatment today at woodhousespas.com

Photos from Woodhouse Spa - Carmel's post 06/26/2023

A treatment designed to make you feel confident and energized. ✨

Our Black Sand Rejuvenation Body Treatment is one of our most popular and unique services, perfect for combating dry skin as we enter the summer season and bringing out your inner glow.

Book now for summer at woodhousespas.com


Get the best skin of your life. Book a Hydrafacial treatment today!


“The most important thing you’ll ever wear is your attitude.” - Jeff Moore

Moods and mindsets are two peas in a pod. Our Mood Care services are designed to make you mood-aware so you can consciously shift your mindset accordingly. Whether you want to focus on balance, connection, confidence, resilience, energy or cultivating a sense of calm – we have transformative treatments for you.

Discover what Mood & Body Care can do for you today at woodhousespas.com


Our resilience-focused mood care indulges you with a specially-crafted aromatherapy blend that helps you feel rebuilt and ready to take on anything.

Breathe in notes of lavender, hemlock spruce, patchouli, cedarwood, and frankincense to experience healing at a deeper level.

Book your Resilience-boosting Mood & Body Care service today at woodhousespas.com


With summer officially here, Woodhouse Spa is here to transform your mood & body with a personalized spa experience designed to set you up for the season. ☀️

Whether you're seeking a body treatment, facial, massage or ritual to help embrace these longer and lighter days, our services are sure to help make you glow from the inside out.

Book your summer spa service today at woodhousespas.com

Photos from Woodhouse Spa - Carmel's post 06/20/2023

A difference you can see.

Our Age Defying Facial is the ultimate revitalizing service, made to make you feel
youthful and bright. Add a facial cupping enhancement and be ready to look and feel your best from the inside out.

Book your treatment today at woodhousespas.com


Whether you're enjoying a homemade breakfast, a round of golf or some quality time with loved ones, we here at Woodhouse Spa would like to wish all the Dads out there a Happy Father's Day.


There's still time to show some gratitude for Dad.

A gift card for a personalized Mood & Body Care experience, where he can enjoy anything from a Restorative Sleep Massage to a Sports Massage and more, is just the thing to leave him feeling renewed and relaxed.

Purchase your Father's Day gift card today at woodhousespas.com


Hey Dad, this year how about treating yourself to a day of renewal for Father's Day?

At Woodhouse Spa, our services not only help you to relax and feel your best, but our customized Mood & Body Care leaves you ready to take on anything.

Experience the Woodhouse difference and book your Father's Day treatment now at woodhousespas.com


Moods happen. To all of us. And you’ve got a choice:

Will you ride the wave of emotions — or take control of a mood and use it to your advantage. Here’s how to do the latter:

1: Identify your mood
2: Accept what you feel
3: Channel your feelings towards accomplishing your goals.

Woodhouse Mood Care allows you to become aware of your feelings so you can set intentions and put them into practice.

Explore our Mood Care menu of services and book your mood-based treatment today at woodhousespas.com


Dads deserve rest too.

This Father's Day, do something meaningful for Dad like giving the gift of a Mood & Body Care experience at Woodhouse. After all, a personalized, seasonal treatment will make him feel ready to take on anything.

Purchase a Father's Day gift card today at woodhousespas.com

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"A good friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have"

Happy National Best Friend's Day from all of your friends at the Woodhouse Spa.


What's better than a spa day with your best friend?

This – enjoy some quality time with your bestie at Woodhouse Spa. From our transformative treatments to our
luxurious amenities designed to help you connect with one another, it's sure to be a day you both will remember.

Book today at woodhousespas.com


As graduation season winds down, celebrate your grad and make their inner confidence shine with a gift card for a personalized, seasonal spa treatment. ✨

At Woodhouse, our Mood & Body Care is designed to provide an experience that helps you to feel your best inside and out, perfect for new grads getting ready to take their first big step into the real world.

Purchase a gift card today at woodhousespas.com


With Father's Day approaching, show some gratitude for Dad and all he does with a gift card for a personalized spa experience with Woodhouse.

With treatments like our Sports Massage, Black Sand Rejuvenation Body Treatment and more - there's sure to be a service that will help him pause, relax and unwind.

Purchase your Father's Day gift card today at woodhousespas.com

Photos from Woodhouse Spa - Carmel's post 06/02/2023

Where outer beauty meets inner peace.

Our Holistic Minkyti facial is a guest-favorite, as it balances a results-driven skincare treatment with a tranquil and serene spa experience sure to help you relax and unwind.

Book your treatment today at woodhousespas.com

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