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Saturday breakfast! Turkey bacon 2 pts. 2 eggs 0 points 5 waffle fries 2 pts. Tortilla (to dunk in eggs🥳) 2pts. I love seasoning ! These are my most used! Happy weekend! Through the week I usually only have an boiled egg with coffee….but it’s the weekend I got my exercise in and had a few extra points to use! Holla if you wanna join WW if I refer you we get bonus discounts on monthly fee…. 🧡#3179461711
We love color of ALL kinds…. Christmas ready! #3179461711 call is for your best look Ever!
Reach out! We are here! We love you! You matter SO MUCH! We want to support you! 🧡#WorldMentalHealthDay
Super cool idea give it try and let me know if it works for you! Ps if your hair is super fine it probably won’t work/ the dryer had to be extremely hot to make these waves ❣️
5 Star: Lois Wyant "I love my hair cut! Lisa really knows her thing, she is an artist of hair!"
5 Star: Chasity Puyear "Lisa is amazing! Love my haircut and highlights! She is such a pleasure to be around! Would recommend to anyone!"
5 Star: Mary Pat McKee "Wow - best haircut I have ever had! Would recommend Lisa to anyone especially with curly hair."
5 Star: Jenny Ann "I always get precision cuts, customized color, and the best blowouts--true artistry from L'Art Cheveau. Give them a try!"

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We love color! Warm milk chocolate for the win! Call us for you best look now! #3179461711


Speak up! It’s ok! Do it with love and respect!

You can’t stop people from trying, but you can be ready to respond. In an attempt to get their needs met, some people will try to persuade you to change your mind. When you want something different, be assertive about what you want.

The best way to stop someone from guilt-tripping you is to recognize (in the moment) when it is happening and respond to the situation.

Sometimes people will not like it when you’re assertive, and it’s still necessary for you to be assertive.

Be kind and advocate for your needs.


So Hard NOT to gossip! Love theses ideas of not participating! 🙏🏽❤️

Gossip is a common way that people connect in conversation. When you don't want to connect in this way, it's helpful to let people know.

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Who wants a pop of sparkle for Spring? (Summer temps😝) call us for baby-lights a few foils to brighten around your pretty lil face! #3179461711



I bring this up about once a year because it bears repeating: the chase is not only exhausting, it is unfruitful. It is amazing what happens when the right person, the right team, the right community believes in you. You’ll soar.

I’m not asking us to be difficult, skeptical, needy, or divas. Work hard. Be kind. Stay humble. And at the same time: be honest with yourself. When you feel tolerated vs. celebrated, something needs to change.


Happy Mother’s day everyone!


Wishing everyone an AWESOME Derby Saturday! YAAAAY FOR THE SUNSHINE🖐🏼🤚🏾….. who is your pick for the win? 🥳




Here is the time lapse show🎉

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We started here…… fb won’t allow me to add videos with pics so the follow up post is a quick video 😃😝🙋🏻‍♀️ Hot rollers rock…. And these are Portable wohoo!

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Photos from Gemma Correll's post



Checking In:

It's never too early (or too late) to start being the type of person you want to be.

Intention ushers your steps and helps you form decisions that are in line with your values.

Which of these intentions are you adopting?
What intentions are you creating for yourself?

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Inquiring minds want to know…It’s Hair Painting…. Kind of….. 😀Happy Tuesday call us for fab hair! #3179461711😀




Thankful for all our guests!




We wish everyone Happiness and JOY!

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I AM NOT a nutritionist - I am working on a better balance in my life of non-healthy foods and healthy foods. I don’t care for fruit or to many vegetables (unless they are prepared in an unhealthy way😛) or I have to be “in the mood” and that is RARELY or EVER….. If it’s got sugar and is heavily processed I’m all in…. And there in lies my problem. In 6 days I can tell a difference in my body; sugar is an enemy (google it and learn) I have arthritis in MANY places of this temple called my body- the inflammation and aches is crazy bad for me when I’m having lots of sugar, and to many carbs (which turns to sugar look it up). I’m gonna share some food I’ve been trying and it is awesome! Now do I like spinach? Not so much- But I love pineapples (not fresh though only frozen I’m so picky) and caramel. SO all together this was quite tasty and better than a 12 pack of Oreos. It was 5 pts in WW. Put it all in the blender and I had a shake! Was it chocolate vanilla and marshmallow? NO. Yet it was tasty and an healthierish snack! 32oz. Cup staring at my plants listening to Brandon Lake and I was HAPPY! Your mindset is EVERYTHING!


Felt like a good day to revisit this.

A lot of us opt for a closed heart because we don’t want to do the work to set healthy boundaries.

We also have some thoughts about closed hearts/boundaries that aren’t true.

1. A closed heart isn’t the better option. You’re still in pain from your self-protection.
2. It’s not more “Christian” to live with a closed heart than a healthy boundary. Just think about it for a minute.
3. It’s not sustainable for any kind of life to live with a closed heart. You might be alive, but you’re not living.

Happy weekend, friends. Let’s do the work to be well. 🙏🏼

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Sharing a fun look to any hairstyle! The “beach-waver” It was 25 bucks at Marshalls- I thought this won’t even be hot it was so Inexpensive… turns out it is awesome! I used Up to 400 degrees for my hair. (remember higher temp for thicker coarse hair lower temp for bleached and fine hair) I used the Redken thermal spray to protect from heat and help set the hair and the hairspray for texture. I held the iron and counted to 10- I sectioned it off for more even wave….the Chi shine gives hair Immediate sheen! #3179461711😎🤠


Ever since I talked with @alberttate for a forthcoming episode of the @jesusovereverythingpodcast I have been thinking about offense. It’s truly become our full stop - our “it’s over” instead of “now what?”

We can live that way. But it only reveals our own unhealthiness. Setting boundaries is different than living with offense.

Maybe she is a jerk for forgetting your birthday. Or maybe her marriage is privately in trouble and your birthday isn’t at the top of her mind right now.

Maybe you don’t like what he posted on social media. So what?

We are all in pain in some way right now. We all have opinions. We all haven’t behaved the best at some point. It’s arrogant to think it always just someone else and far too easy to make it about just our feelings all the time.

Offense has gotten out of hand. If your friendships are constantly at risk for offense, someone needs to get healed.

Thanks, @quotesbychristie for this one. 💫



Just because someone is relationally unsafe, don’t make a rule for yourself that everyone is unsafe. You can guard your heart without building a castle, going inside and lifting up the draw bridge. The world is bursting at the seems with amazing people who want to enjoy and discover you.
Be wise, be hopeful, be attentive and you won’t be distracted.



You will not like everything you see. And it's okay if you don't.

When you don't like things, especially things that aren't hurting anyone, move on without contributing your two cents.


God BLESS our troops!

Today being National Vietnam Veterans Day... we salute all of those who served including our very own Toy Caldwell, Doug Gray and original road crew members Moon Mullins and Ronnie Ware! Thank you for your service and GOD BLESS!



Happy Thursday! We have Saturday appt. Times that popped up! Call us #3179461711



Pay attention to what's happening in your life when you're experiencing headaches, sleep issues, sweaty palms, stomach issues, or any physical response that can't be medically explained.

Perhaps your body is sending you a signal. Listen to your body.


Walking away isn’t easy. However, change invites us to look at what we need to let go of.

When I realized that I couldn’t truly heal or grow in the same places and relationships that were causing harm, releasing was my only option.

Things began to shift for me when I started looking at the role I was playing in my own suffering and sabotage.

Sometimes the only way we can clearly see our needs and get them met is by taking a step back and walking away.

Changing our behavior and being intentional about where we spend our time and energy is vital for our wellbeing.

To heal is to let go.



Watch this reel by behindthechair_com on Instagram 03/16/2022

Watch this reel by behindthechair_com on Instagram


I am asked frequently how can I grow out my gray…. Can we make it blonde? No, Can we…. No…..This is the easiest and best way! 🥳

Watch this reel by behindthechair_com on Instagram Earl • All That Glitters


I’d even say…most.

Hard things don’t excuse poor behavior - at the same time…we would all do well to remember that what’s on the surface never tells the full story of what’s going on inside.

A whole world is hurting. Let’s walk around with this lens.

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Butterscotch Bob for Barb! We love color! Call us for a fab Spring look! #3179461711


March 4, 1867- May 3, 1953 - Ida Gray Nelson Rollins was the first African-American
woman to become a dentist in the United States. She became the first African
American, regardless of gender, to practice dentistry in Chicago.

In addition to her dentistry, Nelson was involved in several clubs, and her social
activities were widely reported in the Black press. She served as vice president of
the Professional Women's Club of Chicago, vice president of the Eighth Regiment
Ladies' Auxiliary, and was a member of the Phyllis Wheatley Club, a group
organized to maintain the only Black women’s shelter in Chicago.

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Luna Candles for Christmas! #3179461711 Happy Weekend Everyone!
I’m bored waiting on my guest, sooo let me share my decorations with you all! 🤡🧟‍♂️
We had a lil time on our hands, so here is a visit into my studio! Hope everyone has a great weekend! #3179461711 come s...




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