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There are a lot of new faces here so I figured I would reintroduce myself ✨

Hey, I’m Liz! I am so excited to see you here. Welcome to my business page where I turn art and passion into reaching your skincare goals and making your permanent makeup journey a breeze

- I’m 25 and I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan 🏙️
- I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Esthetician License, Microblading + Shading Certification, Lash Line Enhancement/Eyeliner Certification, & Nano Certification 📚
- I have a talent of portraiture and never knew why I didn’t enjoy doing it, until I started doing permanent makeup ✍🏻
- I got married December 16th last year 💍
- I have three older brothers, 2 step-brothers, & 3 step-sisters 🏡
- I first thought I would be a dress designer, then turned my passion into art, which then formed into a desire to be a hairstylist and master balayage artist, which then turned into me wanting to be a business owner, and now esthetician + permanent makeup artist. It’s funny how time can change a person 😁
- I have two fur babies: a mini Aussie and black cat 🐈‍⬛
- I absolutely love educating myself. I truly believe that having a strong foundation of education is what helps me produce the results that I do
- Lastly, my passion didn’t always lie within a certain job title. I have always wanted to make people feel prettier, more confident, and feel loved. Which is a huge part of why my brand name is Beauty Aligned. I wanted to intertwine building your confidence through skin and permanent makeup confidence ❤️

As a business owner, I strive to communicate efficiently and quickly with any questions that you may have. The minute you are my client, you will always be my client and I will always be available to assist you with anything you need. I truly love all of my clients and want the absolute best for them which is why I over communicate about everything I do, put in a lot of work to keep you updated and informed, and ensure that I answer every question that you may have. I want you to feel confident in the care that I provide with the service that you book ❤️

My DM’s are always open, or feel free to text “New Client” to 317-690-5045 to consult ✨

Photos from Beauty Aligned Esthetics's post 12/27/2023

I’m back and while I’ve been gone, I got married 🎉🍾⛪️💍

It truly was the most perfect and amazing day and honeymoon. I can’t even begin to put it into words. I am so excited for this new chapter of life ✨

This next year I’m dedicating my time to making more positive and advanced changes with Beauty Aligned. I already have a few things in the works so be on the lookout. I’m going to be taking a couple of surveys and always welcome feedback. This year my goal is to niche down, expand, build a more structured and strong brand, and offer some more exciting treatment options. I can’t wait to meet all of the new faces that I will be seeing at Beauty Aligned, let alone all of the new beautiful faces that I get to see here in the next few weeks!

Here is to a new chapter and soon-to-be New Year 🍾✨


I got the privilege of touching up another artist’s work. This sweet artist had to make a quick transition to another state and sent her clients my way!

At this client’s touch-up, I consulted with her, remapped her brows, and helped choose a color that that fit best for her. She decided she wanted thicker brows and a darker brow color overall! We were both extremely pleased with the outcome of her brows ❤️✨

Even though I’m no longer accepting new Microblading clients, I am accepting new Nano Clients! Nano is the same process but a different technique that is safer for the skin as it produces better healed results that will last longer. I beyond blessed to have been able to obtain this new skill and I am so excited to provide my clients now with this new technique that is taking over the permanent makeup industry!

Only a few openings left for November & December. Book your Nano appointment now for the beginning of December so that you have healed brows by Christmas and New Years ❤️


Lash Line Enhancement: an investment that will make you feel beautiful and last you years! ✨👀

The service is incredibly simple and is only 45 minutes long. The discomfort is mild and I utilize a secondary numbing agent to ease you through the process. Once you get this done, you’ll never want to go back to never having lash line enhancement. It is by far one of my favorite permanent makeup services that I have personally had done and many others.

Lash Line enhancement heals incredibly quick. The healing process is 10 days long and is super simple with the information and aftercare that I provide you with. Most people heal within 5 days, but it is advised to carry out the aftercare protocol for the full 10 days.

It’s easy to be nervous about a service that is so close to your eyes. I take my time and ease you through that process by walking you through the steps and making sure you are completely comfortable throughout your appointment time.

Message me if you have any questions about getting lash line enhancement done or book through the “Book Now” button in my bio ❤️✨


I’m just 2 months her acne was visibly reduced, less congestion, & a healthier glow!!! All we did was two Diamond Glow Deluxe Facials and simplified her home routine ✨

Did you know that in the U.S. only 15% of all acne victims seek professional assistance?

It’s extremely easy to fall into false advertising, acne kits, and false promises from over-the-counter products. Trust me, I did for the majority of my life. I just figured that if I was washing my face and moisturizing I was cleaning my skin enough to help the problem. Little did I know that changing my skincare routine, doing monthly treatments, and mindfully eating certain foods would almost completely clear my skin.

This could be you, too. You don’t have to struggle on your own! I am here to help and I will give you honest advice on what could be causing the problem and what can help.

Acne is not a race. It took me two years to fully clear my skin and genuinely follow a routine that fit best for me. I spent years doing all of the wrong things until I learned, not only from becoming an esthetician, but from educating myself throughout the journey.

If you feel like you are struggling with your skin or just want overall help with skincare advice, message me! I have limited availability for the holidays, but I want to help you! You don’t have to do it all on your own. Let me give you a holistic way of healing and improving your skin health and confidence ❤️✨


The instant magic of just ONE Peptide Facelift Facial ✨

Reverse signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles with the instantaneous results of this facial protocol. This is also wonderful for an event as the tightening benefit can last up to a week! Consistency is key for long-lasting results from this facial.

This gorgeous client of mine has been coming to me for a while for facials and we upgraded her Hydrojelly facial to the Peptide Facial and she was loving the results so much that we booked the same facial for the next time 👏🏻

This facial includes a Dermaplane coupled with a Peptide Peel, Tightening Protein Mask, and relaxing massage. It is the only facial on my menu that is not custom and is a protocol that I put together because the instant results are that good 👏🏻

Now booking November & December! Limited availability in October ✨


This is the beauty of just ONE Custom Peel out of a package series of 3 peels. I can’t wait to see the results after the other two peels 👏🏻

She’s been dealing with excessive oil, dry skin, texture, acne, and slight inflammation. I picked a more gentle peel as a starting point to achieve results that would help minimize all of the above. When she came back, I noted that her inflammation was still present but minimal, her texture is better, acne is healing, and pores are smaller.

Everything I do is created solely for your specific goals. I always consult with you at the beginning of your service to listen to how you feel about what’s going on with your skin and then I assess based on my expertise to create a treatment plan designated 100% to you.

If you’re struggling to find results with your home based routine, message me or book a consultation! You don’t have to struggle with acne, aging skin, texture, pigmentation, and many more issues on your own! These are real results that can give you realistic expectations ❤️


I got the chance to do my fiancés facial recently and it was long overdue 👏🏻

He has very sensitive, reactive skin which is why you can see the post-facial redness. Post-facial redness is completely normal and will go away within 30 minutes to 1 hour after the facial. I treated him with a gentle, hydrating enzyme, mixed with a deep pore cleansing mask. I then followed up with a hydrating mask to help soothe his skin and prep for him getting used to doing more facials.

When you haven’t seen and esthetician for a while, it is always great to begin with a gentle approach to get your skin used to actives before doing more intense treatments. I always like to calm the skin before I go in with aggressive products. I always achieve better results this way for my clients.

Limited availability for October, now starting to book November and December ✨


This client of mine is dealing with a severely compromised barrier and few other issues that I am unable to diagnose him with. During this facial I worked really hard to calm and rehydrate his skin. In cases like this, you never want to approach it with aggressive products. You ALWAYS calm Inflammation before treating it. We have several facials lined up to help heal his barrier.

Signs of a Compromised Skin Barrier:
- visible signs of inflammation/redness
- dry/flaky skin
- itchiness/irritation
- sensitivity when using skincare products

What could cause a compromised skin barrier:
- skin pH is not balanced
- certain products you’re using
- not staying consistent with a skin care routine recommended by a professional
- DIY skincare
- mixing certain skincare ingredients
- health concerns
- using a multitude of drying products

There is a multitude of reasons as to why you might throw off your skin barrier and that is why it is important to go to a skincare professional. As the cool weather is approaching, it is more likely for your skin to get dry and sensitive. Book an appointment now to keep your skin happy, healthy, and hydrated ✨


Another gorgeous Lash Lift Before & After ✨❤️

Limited availability left for September & October!


Lash Lifts are absolutely gorgeous and low maintenance 🥰

Finally got my first lash lift done.. thank you Liz! You’re the best and I’m sooo happy with my results!😍🫶🏼


I got the pleasure of doing ‘s Lash Lift. Also, checkout how beautiful her Lash Line Enhancement has healed and how complimentary it is to the Lash Lift ✨

To know Macie, is to love her! She is an inspiration and her hard work is truly amazing! I was blessed to have started my pmu journey with her education and assistance.

Lash Lifts are a wonderful, low-maintenance service for the holidays. I utilize a vegan lifting solution that will lift your natural lashes and the results last on average 8 weeks. You can ditch your lash curler and mascara and wake up ready for you day with a Lash Lift 🫶🏻

Photos from Beauty Aligned Esthetics's post 09/05/2023

Immediate Results from a Custom Intermediate Level Peel ✨

I did the Lactic Action Peel from Glymed on this beautiful client of mine and you can see the glow this peel immediately gives post-treatment. Swipe to see her before! She’s been coming to Beauty Aligned for a while now and had a wonderful at-home skincare routine, which explains how gorgeous her skin is even in the before! We are taking proactive measure to keep her looking young and help with some of her pigmentation. We have treated her with regular custom facials and the peptide facelift facial to prep for results like this ✨

The Lactic Action Peel combines the exfoliation and skin brightening power of 30% lactic acid with active tyrosinase inhibitors and skin calming herbal extracts. Provides excellent exfoliating action while moisturizing, healing, and protecting the skin. This compound is not only a superior exfoliant but also one of the best ways to care for hyperpigmentation and is a wonderful peel for skin of color.

This is a zero downtime peel with gentle aftercare.

It’s becoming peel season so let’s take your skincare routine to the next level and produce some fast acting results with these peels. My message are open for consultation ❤️


The Beauty of Touch-ups ✨

My client here actually had beautiful retention from the first session - the lighting just makes it appear a teeny bit lighter. When she came to the touch-up, she told me she loved the dark phase and that she barely flakes or peeled during the healing phase. Two things I absolutely love to hear and are very common with Nano. I always take a gentle approach on the first session to make sure you adjust to your brows well and don’t have the new brow shock factor. As you can see, she had very little natural brow hair to begin with and now she’s got beautiful shaped brows that look natural, will save her time getting ready, last her years, and enhance her beauty! ❤️

Brows are an investment, but are well worth it when you choose the right artist. It’s my priority to listen to needs, shape to your preferences, and take my time to perfect your brows. My goal is you make your brows look so naturally beautiful that you can’t tell that you’ve had them done 😉

Limited Nano availability left in September ✨


Need a say more? Lash lifts are where it’s at 👏🏻

My solution offers a quick lift, dynamic results, and quality ingredients. There is keratin built into the treatment to repair and maintain healthy growth with the lashes, as well as give long lasting results. Lash lifts make you lashes appear longer, thicker, and voluminous. They are a great service for enhancing your eyes, creating a low maintenance look, and it will last you 8+ weeks depending on you lash growth cycle.

Booking dreamy lashes is just one click away. Click the link in my bio and reserve your September appointment today 📲🤍


She looks beautiful before & after. The brows are just complimentary of how gorgeous my client is 🫶🏻

My sole goal with brows are to create undetectably beautiful brows. Brows that you will get compliments on and no one will know it’s permanent makeup! I want you to feel your best, look your best, and save time getting ready in the morning.

Nano brows are now bookable through the link in my bio. Next availability is in September. Book now to secure the current price before it increases in October. I will reach out once your appointment is booked! ❤️


The results from this facial and lash lift in just one session 😮‍💨🔥✨

- Lashes lifted sky high
- Skin is visibly brighter
- Inflammation reduced
- Healthy flushing
- Cleaner Pores
- Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation reduced

All from one session !!! This is why I customize everything that I do, because I can achieve results in less sessions and you don’t have to stress about what facial is right for you.

This beauty has been coming to me for a few months now and we have been working on her acne. This visible difference from when we started to today just makes me so happy 🥲 plus she’s an A++ client and follows all of my recommendations to a T.

I also want to note that I do not retouch my photos ever. This is straight from my camera roll and real results.

Message me if you have any questions regarding my services ❤️


She looks 10 years younger now that she has Nano 🔥🔥🔥

Having brows really can change the shape and look of your face! I make it a priority take my time mapping and shaping your brows so that they match your face shape and still align with your natural brow so that you don’t have extra maintenance. Although brows with never truly be perfect, it is my goal to try to make them that way.

With this client, we lifted her tails slightly and gave her a beautiful arched shape. She has trouble filling in her brows due to her eyesight being far-sided, so we remedied the situation with these gorgeous Nano Brows. ✨

I love that I’m able to give my clients safer results that doesn’t change the integrity of their skin. Everyone is a candidate with Nano!

If you have questions, my inbox is always open. Limited openings in August - Now booking September ❤️

milk chocolate, golden blonde, dark blonde, orange corrector, and tinning solution
comfort candy numbing + candy cleanse

Permanent Makeup
Nano Brows


The beauty of a Lash Lift 🤩

It made her lashes appear longer, stronger and thicker. It’s a simple 45 minute to 1 hour service where you get to relax and get a scalp massage with gorgeous lashes.

Book your next Lash Lift in the link in my bio ❤️


Stunning brows on a stunning client ✨

You could have brows like this that would last you 2-5 years and not wash off in the pool 😎

⏰ 2.5 hours
✨Topical Numbing is applied
📍Carmel, IN
💲450 (For a limited time)
🛍️ Complimentary Aftercare Kit

Book your custom brows now through the link in my bio! Now booking August and September ❤️

Shading is now complimentary for Microblading and Nano Brows ***

16U blade, microblading handle, comfort candy, & candy cleanse
.35 3RS needles, Blonde, Tina’s golden sunrise, and Ash Blonde

Permanent makeup


You could have brows that are LIFECHANGING !! All you have to do is book Nano Brows and I will reach out to you!

Do you have:
- Sparse Brows
- Uneven Brows
- Alopecia
- Trichotillomania

If so, then this service is perfect for you and if not, then that is okay too! It all depends on your goals and whether this service will make you feel better and boost your confidence. Certain health concerns can pose risks or make you not a candidate, so it is always best to ask questions before booking. Everything I do is completely customized to you and achieving the results that you want.

Let’s get you the brows of your dreams! Book Nano Brows now through the link in my bio 📲

* there is zero retouching to this photo. This is straight from the camera roll and was taken on portrait mode!


Wow, how stunning is my client?! No makeup, just a fresh brow lamination ✨

What she booked: Brow Lamination + Tint

Fluffy brows can make all of the difference!

Book now through the link in my bio! Only a few openings left in July 🫶🏻


I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face - Brow Laminations are not just for thicker brows ‼️

In her own words: “I didn’t even know my brows could look like that!”

Thinner brows hold a special place in my heart because I know how significant one brow service can dramatically improve someone’s confidence. As someone with thinner, sparse brows, I know exactly how life changing it can be to make tiny tweaks like this. I tinted my brows and filled them in for the longest time just to feel better about my brows. Then when I found out about Microblading and got it done, my confidence grew so much. I will never go back.

I choose to offer a multitude of brow services so that I can provide the right technique and right results for you. This sweet client of mine has opted out of the permanent makeup route, but loves to have the brow lamination done. Brow Lamination provides enough of a dramatic result to give you fuller brows without having to opt for the permanent makeup route.

All we did was a brow lamination, wax, and tint to give these brows some more volume and definition ❤️


✨Lash Line Enhancement ✨

This is a semi-permanent tattoo in the lash line that will create the illusion of thicker, darker lashes. It’s a quick and simple procedure, that takes 30-45 minutes and will last you 2+ years. There is one touch-up required after the first session and then you will have a lovely addition to making your eyes pop.

It is completely normal to be nervous about this service. Everyone generally is because of how close it is to the line. I take the extra care and precaution with it to ensure that there are no issues.

If you have any questions about this service, feel free to reach out to me ❤️


Brows that won’t budge for years 🔥

Thank you for trusting me with your brows, Courtney ❤️

She booked: Nano Brows

Photos from Beauty Aligned Esthetics's post 06/22/2023

Swipe to see the before ➡️

You don’t have to have aging skin to book the peptide facelift facial !! This sweet client of mine has been coming to me for over a year now and has beautiful skin. Our goal for her skin is to be preventative, slow the aging process, brighten and lighten pigmentation, and an overall smooth her complexion. You can see how her skin brightened up after the facial and there is a healthy flushing to her complexion. Her skin is more hydrated, her fine lines are tighter, her face is more toned, and her skin is so smooth that the camera had a harder time capturing it. The beauty of these results come from a good skincare regimen and consistent facials. I am able to achieve amazing results each time because she is very proactive with taking care of her skin.

I always recommend booking the New Client Facial if you are unsure about what’s right for you. Each treatment I do is fully customizable and I treat you based on how your skin is when you come in for that appointment.

The Peptide Facelift Facial: $150

Available to book online now ❤️

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