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Megan Danielle Skincare


This crazy cold weather is a great reminder of how important it is to take care of yourself. We don't go outside without bundling up and taking care to keep ourselves warm, so why would we not take care of our body, mind and spirit. This month's "gifts" are all focused on doing those special things that care for the essence of you!
We're so happy to announce the winners of our Feb. 13th drawing of the $50 Gift Certificate from Ella Bardo Esthetics & Wellness: Betsy Marsh. And the Fire & Ice Facial by Megan Danielle Skincare goes to Jill Zaniker. Congratulations ladies and thank you for being fans of Uplift Intimate Apparel.
Our next drawing is Feb. 20th. One winner will receive a $50 gift certificate from Ella Bardo and another will receive a free hair protein treatment from Pure Concepts Salon. Every purchase this month enters you into our weekly drawings.
Winners are put back into the drawing and will be eligible for all prizes. We’re so glad to “support” you in your efforts for mind, body, and spirit wellness. We’re in this together. You’ve got this!
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We're so happy to announce the winners of our Feb. 6th drawing of the $50 Gift Certificate from Ella Bardo Esthetics & Wellness: Michelle Garcia. And the Special skin care set from Frangipani Body Products goes to Barb Nieman. Congratulations and thank you for being fans of Uplift Intimate Apparel.
Remember, every purchase this month enters you into our weekly drawings. Feb. 13th's prizes include a $50 Gift Certificate from Ella Bardo Esthetics & Wellness and a Fire & Ice Facial from Megan Danielle Skincare.
Each of these gifts are a gesture of love, for yourself or someone special.
Winners are put back into the drawing and will be eligible for all prizes. We’re so glad to “support” you in your efforts for mind, body, and spirit wellness. We’re in this together. You’ve got this!
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Join us in February as we share our love with all of you. For every $50 or more in-stock purchase (of anything), you will be entered in our special February 2021 drawings which include a $50 Gift Certificate each week from Ella Bardo Esthetics & Wellness:

February 6: a special skin care set from Frangipani Body Products.
February 13: a Fire & Ice Facial from Megan Danielle Skincare.
February 20: a Hair Protein Treatment from Pure Concepts Salon.
February 27: a 30-minute personal coaching session with Amy Douglas Health & Wellness Mindset Coach.
Each of these gifts are a gesture of love, for yourself or someone special.
Winners are put back into the drawing and will be eligible for all prizes. We’re so glad to “support” you in your efforts for mind, body, and spirit wellness. We’re in this together. You’ve got this!
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Offering Microblading,Customized Couture Facials, Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, Chemicals Peels, face/body waxing and Brow/Eyelash Tinting with over 13 years experience.

Megan is a licensed esthetician serving clients With over 16 years of experience in the industry. Megan offers a variety of facials, chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, microblading, skin tightening and waxing services that are designed to make you look and feel your best. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and Megan’s mission is to help to you discover your skins full potential. Contact Megan today to book an appointment!

Operating as usual

Photos from Megan Danielle Skincare's post 02/08/2022

It's been a minute since I shared my work. I've been to busy actually working and I'm old school. I don't love social media. There I said it! However, I do LOVE these brows. Can't wait to see them healed and make any tweaks.
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She talking about Fibroblast Skin Tightening....
It can make a Huge impact on the right person.
Ask me if your a good candidate and this could be you!
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There are 3 ways to do this! All you ever have to do is ask. Next time you come in for that facial make sure you #getboosted. I promise there will be no downtime with any of these!
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#microblading #microneedling #fibroblasting


Good Morning! While we are still in the healing phase of a full face fibroblast , but I wanted to share the obvious improvement in the tightening of the skin around the mouth here. We broke this up in 2 phases but in just 4 days between the 2 appts you can see a big improvement. I cant wait to see the complete transformation as she heals and continues to tighten up for the next 12 weeks.
Did I mention results are permanent and we don't ever cut the skin?

#plasmapen #fibroblastskintightening #carmelmoms #Carmelcitycenter #facials #waxing #microblading #microneedling #tightening


Merry Christmas to All of my very kind, sweet and generous clients. Its because of you I am able to do what I love! Thank You from the bottom of my heart.


Came to work pale and I'm leaving with a tan. How serendipitous that @14districts_ is hosting @tansbyashwestfield on the same day i leave for Florida! Now I will look like I belong. #tan #thesafekind #bronzed #supportlocalbusiness


Why are we trusting that any company has our best interest at heart anymore??? From skincare to food,etc...
It's frustrating that you should have to disect every label. I TOTALLY GET IT!!!
However, if you just start with one item or ingredient you can start to slowly make a change for the better. Throwing everything out will only overwhelm you.


I have just a couple opportunities left this week so please don't wait.

**10:30 facial appt just came open for Wednesday. DM or text to reserve the spot.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and happy this Holiday Season. It can very very hectic so please take time for you.

** Also, lots of Vitamin D Supplements and Zinc.

Happy Monday

#selfcareisselflove #takecareofyou


Silly things my husband says....
If your face was a restaurant it would be Flakey Jake's. 😂😂😂
Pardon my baggy eyes. My sleep was less than stellar last night.

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I so appreciate anytime someone requests something different for me to play during their facial. Its a nice change and this playlist was soooo good. Thanks for the referral @rikkitikkitavi0701. She was just the sweetest.
#beatles #facials


I tell people always they need to dry brush. In case your not sure how to do it properly I stumbled upon this easy little article in my experience life magazine this morning. Screen shot and blow It up for easier reading. This time of year our skin gets extra dry and we build up excessive amounts of dead skin cells. If you want your skin to feel comfortable go get yourself one.
#skincare #selfcare


I so love when my clients are happy. It really brings joy to me.
I won't post her name, but I do believe people love them so much bc they are not over the top. They are suddle and lovely and perfect for her face.
#Microblading #microshading #browsthatstay


For those who have expressed interest....
I am Fully vaccinated.

I am Pro Choice and Do Not expect for my customers to be vaccinated. Nor will I ask unless it comes up Naturally and you want to discuss the topic.

IF you have not been in to see me bc you have been worried about my status, I'll just leave this right here.



Octoberfest is Tonight starting at 6! That being said parking at the City Center will Not be available on the plaza. Here's the map!

Photos from Megan Danielle Skincare's post 09/07/2021

Post Microblading Touch Up. It's a 2 part procedure for a reason. I am always very conservative on the first appt. So you don't panic when you have a major change (like a tattoo on your face)

Is she not the Cutest?!?!?

We can always go darker and bigger but there is no going back. Not easily anyway.(Also, I can remove it) I'm looking forward to seeing how they soften into brows she doesn't have to spend any time on.

First pic is right after her touch up

2nd pic is 6 weeks after the initial appt. You can see it softened. Also, where we needed to give a little extra love

3rd pic is a side by side of before and right after the 1st appt.

Got questions???
DM me. Happy to guide and give advice.

#brows #Microblading #carmelcitycenter


So My Sedona Vacation was Amazing!! That being said much like the 🌵 my skin needs some Smoothing or it doesn't feel good. Same for you I assume. Reach out and I promise not to poke, but to welcome you with open arms or like my sweet little 74 year old client today a fist bump!
#supportsmallbusiness #supportingwomen


This is what we call a powder brow or microshading. Its so pretty for the right candidates. Still a healing process like microblading but more of a poder brow look vs individual strokes.


Got some New Goodies to try, some long time favorites and a few items upon request. What you do for your skin everyday makes a difference. If you don't love your products your less likely to use them. Let me help you.
#mustloveskincare #Skincare
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It's one of the many reasons itsmy favorite minimal downtime, max results treatment.
DM or reach out to schedule yours today. Your only one treatment away from a reflection that makes you smile a little Bigger! You should be smiling regardless. 😃
#treatyourself #selfcare

Photos from Megan Danielle Skincare's post 08/03/2021

Another Happy Set of Brows! Not that loving a Client has anything to do with how their service turns out, but I just love this woman! I can't wait to see how these heal.


That post dermaplane glow is real and more than enough for a quick pick me up before the weekend. Call or text to schedule yours.


Tight on time??

It only takes about 20 minutes.

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Photos from Megan Danielle Skincare's post 07/14/2021

Microblading was the best option to achieve the look she wanted. I personally would of brought the brows a smidge closer together, but its her face and that is what she wanted. I think at her touch up she will reconsider. 😊
#microblading #browsthatstay #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #womeninbusiness


FACTS! If your skin looks a hot mess then there is no amount of makeup that will distract from that. I have always had the goal to never rely on foundation; that is in regards to the makeup itself. HOWEVER, A good skincare regimen foundation IS where the skin will thrive. Let me help support yours.
CUSTOM TREATMENT FACIALS are available. All you have to do is sent me a message or call. Im here for you.
#supporttheskinyourin #healthyskin


Summer Specials

Summer Specials Probably by now your starting to notice the Extra clogging that comes along with all the Added Sun Protection. YES?? ME TOO!! SPF is vital to protecting the integrity of the skin, but can also dry out the surface and clog your pores along the way. Here are some Awesome options that don't require any...


Things for thought!
Most of these are within your control.


Who doesn't love that post facial glow?!?! Time for me to get one now.
Happy weekend everybody!
#supportsmallbusiness #supporwomen


Microblading IS a 2 step process.
Its Not for everyone
It Is Semi Permanent
It Not without maintenance
It IS beautiful and worth it for the right person.

IF you think you might be the right person give me a call.
We can schedule a consult




Photos from Megan Danielle Skincare's post 06/07/2021

My job is Fun!
Brow tinting rarely disappoints. #browgoals


When you schedule any Full 60 minute Facial Service you qualify for a FREE Freedom from peach fuzz and dead skin Dermaplane. It removes weeks worth of dead skin and vellum hair growth. It prepares your skin for all your home care and creates a smooth canvas for makeup application. Your skin will thank you for doing this.


#freedomspecial #memorialday #smoothskin #dermaplaning #supporwomen #supportsmallbusiness #carmelcitycenter #browgirl


This transformation is everything!!!!
Tinting the brows and lashes make a huge change on the right people.
#smallbusiness #localsmallbusiness


This is Microblading and Shading. A few prices to get you nice and numb makes the whole procedure wildly more comfortable. Are you even a good candidate??? Send me a picture and I'll tell you what I think.
#microblading #microshading #browgirl #localsmallbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #girlboss


If you might like to follow my husband and I'S kitchen renovation follow my Instagram page and watch for the stories. MEGAN DANIELLE SKINCARE. I personally love all the renovation shows so I thought it might be fun for yall and way less stressful since it's not your house:) Today is a real doozy!

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The least I can do!
Today's spirit Lift Drawing. Pardon my morning attire. I like to draw first thing and start my day off right.
New service Alert!
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