Jetzany V Gasca RN

Jetzany V Gasca RN

Aesthetic RN


✨A beautiful subtle transformation✨

✨Mid face support with hyaluronic acid filler to help address hollowness in and around eyes.
✨Multiple rounds of lip hydration and definition to help her achieve the lips of her dreams!
✨Botox to open up her eyes and relax fine lines at movement
✨Petite peel to brighten up up her skin.

We deserve the transformation that we wish to achieve! Thank you for letting me guide you to your goals!

For consultations email [email protected]


So thankful for each and every person who sat on my treatment chair this year! All the beautiful transformations and all the good energy and laughs shared with my patients and colleagues.

Today is a day of gratitude. I’m so thankful. 🍁✨


A beautiful plump sexy lip just in time for the holidays.

To prepare for the up incoming holiday season keep in mind that after injectables you run the risk of bruising and swelling. What I like to tell my patients is swelling is never even or forgiving.

Swelling is immediate and last for a couple of days. Bruising may or may not happen and can pop up a few days after your injection and sometimes last a week or longer.

*What you can do to prepare is take oral arnica to let’s a few days before your appointment.
Avoid blood thinners like garlic, dark leafy vegetables , ginko, turmeric.

Book your appointment sooner rather than later and give yourself a few weeks before they feel and look normal.

For consultations email 📧 [email protected]


Our mission statement .co is to restore trust in aesthetic medicine through ethical practices and skincare that magnifies confidence.

My goal for you is that you feel confident, safe and secure in your decisions when moving forward with your beauty plan.

Feel confident that you will receive an impactful result all the while maintaining the integrity of who you are.
co for consultations email 📧 [email protected] books open for December and January


A beautiful magical pout. Just in time for the upcoming holidays.

This is your reminder that

💀Halloween is 2 weeks away
🍁Thanksgiving is 6 weeks away
🎅🏿Christmas is 11 weeks away &
✨New Years is 12 weeks away!

Get on my schedule before your celebrations this season! For bookings 📧 email [email protected]

Photos from Jetzany V Gasca RN's post 10/04/2023

Another beautiful before and after from one of our recent full facial balancing trainings. and I had the opportunity to work together alongside the guidance and training of the one and only

A total of 7 syringes was used to bring our patient back to harmony.

We look forwards to our monthly trainings to keep our work consistent and encourage us to continuously evolve!

For consultations with me in Chino Hills or Kelsey in DTLA or Venice please email 📧 [email protected]


One of my favorite questions to ask in your consultation is what your favorite facial feature is.

This question is very important to me and will help me guide you to the impactful and natural outcome you are looking for.

By highlighting your favorite features and paying respect to what makes you uniquely you. This question helps me bring out the best in you by helping me see you through your eyes.

So if you are scheduled for a consultation with me get ready to answer this question! I love to hear everyone’s answers!

My favorite feature of my face is my nose! As a teenager I hated it and couldn’t wait to get it done. Im glad I never did because now I really love the uniqueness of it.

For facial balancing and skincare consultations email 📧 [email protected]


An example of a beautiful lip enhancement without projection.

Can you notice this soft yet impactful transformation? And would you believe that ONE syringe was used for this transformation.

One syringe of kysse was used to give this patient a sexy natural little pout. Like many people this patients number one concern was looking natural.

We often achieve this by supporting the surrounding tissue. In her case it was supporting her oral commissures and chin shadows.

Love me a beautiful lip!!

For lip filler appointments please email [email protected] or call 909-497-7170
DM for questions! I’d love to help guide you.

Photos from Jetzany V Gasca RN's post 09/07/2023

Another refreshing facial balancing with hylauronic acid fillers. Four fillers where used in the cheeks, nlf, chin and chin shadows. As well as a little Botox to open up her eyes.

The outcome you see for this patient is an elongated facial frame, rejuvenated eye, hydrated nasal labial fold and chin support and chin shadow correction that ties everything in.

For consultations book your appointment with me at our Chino Hills location 909-497-7170 or email [email protected]

Photos from Jetzany V Gasca RN's post 08/24/2023

The Things We Do at The Things We Do!!

During one of our trainings with
and I had the opportunity to collaborate and work together on this rejuvenation for this lovely patient. The game plan was to bring her back to symmetry and rejuvenate her lower face. Our goal was to give her a impactful result all the while celebrating and respecting her natural features.

What we did was filler to mid face, chin, chin shadows, pre jowl sulcus, jawline, and Botox to the lower face including jawline, DAO and mentalis.

A total of 5 fillers and 48 units of Botox

Our constant trainings, attention to details gives our patients impactful results all across the board.

For bookings with Kelsey in DTLA and Venice or myself in Chino Hills contact [email protected]

Photos from Jetzany V Gasca RN's post 08/10/2023

Such a honor to work on each of your faces. I know that there’s a endless list of talented providers that you can choose from so when you select me I do my best to educate you, guide you, and give you the best results that you deserve.

This beautiful patient said to me, “You are truly an artist” It’s moments like this where Im humbled and am filled with so much gratitude.

I love my job and I love my patients 🥹

A quick breakdown of this full facial balancing.
Filler was placed in her temples, mid face, chin and chin shadows. As well as Botox to her trio.

For your facial balancing consultation email 📧 [email protected] or call 📱 909-497-7170


One of my favorite things to do is educate my patients before their appointment and establish realistic expectations and outcome. For most of us we want to make sure that we look as natural as possible but with a rejuvenated outcome.

With lip filler you can expect swelling that is immediate and can last for several days and even weeks. One of my favorite things to say is, “swelling is never even and never forgiving”. Meaning ratio can be off. You may feel bumps from the swelling and visible bruising. You can expect one side of the lip to be uneven to the next but in two weeks these imperfections go down and you will be left with a beautiful enhancement that will complement your frame.

What’s left is a naturally enhanced rejuvenated outcome. Trust the process!

For consultations please email 📧 [email protected] or call 📱 909-497-7170


Did you know you can add filler to your hands? As we age we loose volume and elasticity in our hands. This can make the hands look thinner and vascular. HA filler can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore volume to the skin, giving your hands a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

Take a look at this patients untreated versus treated hand. Such a beautiful soft rejuvenation to the hands with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort with results that will last over a year.

For consultations with me 📧 email at [email protected] or call 909-497-7170

Photos from Jetzany V Gasca RN's post 07/28/2023

Facial balancing with filler and lifting threads!

A couple of my colleagues and I had the opportunity to train with Vanessa to touch up on a few techniques regarding threads. We are always so grateful that at TWD, we prioritize patient safety by continuing our education through these trainings.

For this beautiful patient, she felt as if she was starting to look tired and everything was shifting downwards. We curated her beauty plan consisting of temple filler to add volume to give her the lift her tissue was asking for and mid and lower face threads to reposition the volume she already had.

This is four weeks healed and she just looks so refreshed and bright! Placing filler in her temples opened and lifted up her eye frame. By placing mid and lower face threads, it repositioned her tissues to make her look more contoured and lifted.

Thank you to this beautiful patient for being our model and allowing us to share your journey. And thank you to the goat for prioritizing education to continue to provide the best for our patients and our practice.

For you threads and facial balancing consultation with me email 📧 [email protected] or call 📱 909-497-7170


My favorite thing to hear is that you have been getting compliments left and right and no one knows exactly what you did.

A little breakdown of this mini facial balancing before and after.

Botox to trio

Mid face support with 3 syringes voluma

Under hydration with 1 syringe of Volbella

Book your filler appointment with me. For consultations please call 📱 909-497-7170 or email 📧 [email protected]


A fresh set of lips just in time for the summer. Who else is in their hot girl summer era?

Book your lip enhancement with me at 909-497-7170 or email
[email protected]


As we notice changes in our tissue what we start to see is fullness medial and distal. This results in more noticeable jowls and nasolabial folds.

Sometimes filler can help reposition and support the tissue by adding concavity. But other times, like with this patient, rather than volume loss she needed her tissues to be repositioned upwards to alleviate the heaviness she was experiencing.

Her beauty plan consisted of PDO threads to the mid portion of her face.

PDO thread lift can help reposition the tissue resulting in tighter and more lifted appearance. All the while is stimulates collagen which can improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin.

Now her result is a natural softer appearance with noticeable results.

Oh the things we do!

For consultations and bookings please email 📧 [email protected] or call 📱 909-497-7170


A closer look at a beautiful lip enhancement with Juvederm Volbella.

*The first picture is before lip filler.
Here you’ll notice dehydration and what we call m shape to her top lip. My goal for her was to give her a hydrated, plump lip without overbearing her beautiful lip frame.

*Second is immediately after lip filler. In this picture you can see the now plumpness and correction to the m shape. Her lips look healthy and plump and not to overfilled. This is because of the soft filler I chose for her instead of a robust filler. I was also careful of the way I injected and just wanted to enhance her natural shape and give her correction her lip needed.

*Last picture is about 2 months post lip filler. Swelling has gone down. We typically say 10-20% of the fullness goes down once the swelling subsides. What I love is giving correction and making the lips look soft and subtle but with noticeable change.

If you’re thinking of lip filler or have questions feel free to message me. I’d love to answer questions and when you are ready call the office or email to book!

[email protected]


A little refresher with Dysport, under eye filler, cheek filler and lips!

Exactly what this beauty needed to help open and brighten her face.

Dysport was placed to her trio, this helped soften her skin and open up her eyes.

Cheek filler isn’t just to support the cheeks but it indirectly helps the surrounding tissue. Let’s look at the lower face in this picture. The mid face filler helped not only to lift the mid portion of her face but also the lower. You can see the tissue surrounding her nasal labial fold and the corner of the mouth soften.

The cheek filler also helps to support the under eyes by adding structure and support to the ligaments and on top of that was filler to tear trough and lateral portion of the eye to correct slight volume loss. Now her eyes looks oh so refreshed!

The cherry on top is her lips. These lips belong to her! A plump hydrated lip that brought her more to balance and complements her features.

Thank you to this beauty for selecting me as your provider and allowing we to share your beautiful soft transformation.

For facial balancing consultation please call 📱 909-497-7170 or email 📧 [email protected] to book

Photos from Jetzany V Gasca RN's post 06/12/2023

This is why I love facial balancing. Easily ten years lifted off her face using hyaluronic acid fillers and neuromodulator.

A total of 7 syringes used and 62 units of Botox.

The art of facial balancing is no one knowing what you did but everyone noticing how youthful and healthy you look.

Video will be posted to give you a breakdown on how this beautiful transformation was achieved.

For consultations and bookings please email 📧 [email protected] or call 📱 909-497-7170

Thank you to my beautiful patient for selecting me as your provider and allowing me to share your transformation!


Check out my before and after with Upneeq.

I decided to stop using lash extensions and started using a lash serum to thicken and lengthen my real lashes. However, the serum is irritating to my eyes leaving them red throughout the day.

The irritation left my eyes feeling red and small with a few drops of upneeq she’s back! Feeling bright eyed and energized. No more sleepy red eyes.

If you feel like your eyes feel droopy or tired, come by the office and pick up a sample to try them out! 👀

Medical clearance required. For consult email [email protected]


So grateful for each and everyone of you who choose me as your provider.

So proud of this beautiful lip transformation.

For lip transportation or facial balancing inquiries please email 📧 [email protected] or call 📱 909-497-7170


Feliz dia de las Madres. Happy Mexican Mother’s Day. To all the madres lindas.

Blessed to call these young men mine.
Motherhood has been the ultimate and most fulfilling journey. Nineteen year old me had no idea what was I was in for and now 20 years later here we are. Now our relationship is changing. But I’ll always be your momma.

So grateful for this life and so grateful for you two. Los amo

Photos from Jetzany V Gasca RN's post 04/21/2023

Prepping for wedding should start one year to six months before the big day. This beauty began her journey with me a little over a year ago. First focus was of course lips because that’s what draws most of us in. We then developed a beauty plan to prep her for her big day which is coming up soon.

The plan…

Botox to relax fine lines and improve skin texture

Skin care with Ha5 and anfisa to repair skin barrier and support the skins hydration.

Support to the mid and lateral face with hyaluronic acid fillers

Softening to nasal labial fold with hylaronic acid fillers

And a week before her wedding microinfusion for brightening, hydration and collagen induction. For bright glass like skin.

Thank you to this beauty for allowing me to share your beautiful transformation. I adore you!

For consultations please email 📧 [email protected] or call 📱 909-497-7170


Beautiful lip augmentation while helping to bring her a bit closer to symmetry.

Along with that extra plump hydration I wanted to support these gorgeous lips with filler placed to her oral commissars and chin complex.

A few appointments opened up for this Friday. Email 📧 [email protected] to book or dm me if you are a existing patient


Grateful and blessed 🤍


This patient originally came in for tear trough filler. At assessment the tissue under her eyes was thin and lacked the transitional support from eyes to her mid face. So I decided that the best outcome for improvement under her eyes would be mid cheek filler support along with PRFM injected to her tear troughs.

A month later you can see the improvement to her under eyes with the combination of both treatments. The skin appears thicker and is well supported. Her eyes are brighter and she looks refreshed and refined.

She is still looking for additional improvement to her tear trough for additional thickening and collagen production so we will be performing a series of prfm treatments in the next upcoming months.

Thank you again to this beauty for allowing me to share your beauty results.

For consultations and booking please email [email protected] or call 909-497-7170

Photos from Jetzany V Gasca RN's post 01/30/2023

So grateful to be back in Mexico City with this amazing group of women. Everything aligned perfectly. We where surrounded by beautiful light energy that translate into a lifetime of memories. Thank you to this beautiful city that always brings me back to life.

I also want to thank for your generosity and seeing our individual value and need to come together to recharge and get inspired. Pushing us to be better and giving a part of herself to each of us.

Thank you to and for all your hard work. Your patience, organization and most importantly your friendship.

So grateful and can’t wait for this summer and the many exciting things coming our way!


As we are approaching the new year I have been going through a lot of self reflection. Although my year was full of love, health, travel, and abundance. I also faced some very crippling challenging moments. With every challenge comes growth and I’m learning to be grateful for the growth. So in this new year I vow the be more grateful. From the moment I wake up and close my eyes I will be full of gratitude in everything that I do and everyone I come in contact with. Im grateful for this beautiful life and for all of the people and love I’ve been and will continue to be surrounded with.

Sending my love and light to all of you. Thank you for your continued support and friendship.


Sometimes facial balancing doesn’t involve any fillers. Sometimes balance comes with repositioning of the tissue with PDO threads. I gave this beauty the support she needed to reposition and lift her tissue. Now she’s balanced and lifted.

Last day of work for 2022 and ending it with a bang! Can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

January is booking up quick. I’ve added one more Saturday to my schedule to accommodate the busy schedule.

For bookings or consultations please email [email protected] or call 909-497-7170.

See you all in the new year!! Xo Jetzy


Facial balancing is a art of clinical aesthetics. It often requires a combination of treatments like filler, botox and even threads. Each treatment is carefully crafted with a custom beauty plan. That results in a refreshed, symmetrical, lifted and natural result.

Each consultant is unique and catered to each individual patients needs. My goal for each of my patients is to first feel comfortable, confident and informed before deciding on treatment. Then empowered and secure after the plan is completed.

It’s a honor to have you in my chair. Book your consultation and let’s come up with a your custom beauty plan together.

Bookings email 📧 [email protected] or call 📞 909-497-7170


What would one syringe of filler do?

One syringe of product if placed properly can create height, volume, soften deep smile lines and add that touch of sexiness.

I mean come on and who wouldn’t want to add a little bit more sexiness to their life.

For inquiries or consultation please email [email protected] or call 📱 909-497-7170



My beautiful ice cold beauty globes are available online at link in my bio and
use code JETZY15 for 15% off

Benefits of The Aesthetic Globe
*improves circulation
*reduces inflammation
*helps with product absorption
*helps reduce puffiness

*Beauty professionals. The aesthetic Globes are available for wholesale when you purchase five or more. *

Love Your Skin, Globe your skin!

Link in my profile.


Support to they cheeks and interior cheeks can make all the difference when treating the under eyes. This beauty wanted to address hallowing under her eyes and wanted to feel more awake.

Three syringes were placed to her cheeks, interior cheeks and under eyes for a beautiful pop and refreshed looked.

Thank your beauty for trusting me in our journey together.

For consultations and bookings please email [email protected] or call 909-497-7170


The early sign of aging can be often described by patients as looking tired. This is due to a few factors but one is loss of volume in the high portions of the cheeks. A slight shift and loss of adipose tissue causes us to look a little bit more tired then what we feel.

Catching this shift in the early stages of aging and treating it with the appropriate hylauronic acid fillers and neurotoxins can give you that pick me up you need and leaving a natural beautiful result.

Thank you to this natural beauty for trusting me. You are perfection. 🧚🏾‍♂️

For consultations and bookings please call 909-497-7170 or email [email protected]


What one syringe looks like two weeks post lip filler. A balanced, hydrated, fuller lip that not only added a natural enhancement but also added support to the surrounding tissue.

For consultations and bookings please email [email protected] or call 909-497-7170

#aesthetic .co


One of my favorite lips! This is what one syringe of filler can do. Hydration, definition, volume and oh so sexy lips!

For consultations and bookings email [email protected] or call 909-497-7170

Last minute appointments available tomorrow.

Photos from The Things We Do's post 03/10/2021

Happy International Women’s Day! To the women that paved the way. The the women that will follow. To all the women that support and empower each other!

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