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Join us in our mission to keep our skin beautiful with cruelty free, vegan and toxic free products.


Pamper her with nourishment and a glow for days…


The days can be chaotic and crazy but you can still look put together and sane with just a slather a day 😜.


Regardless of how much stress 😫 you think you can sweep under the rug, it has its own way of creeping out. can be a daunting result of all the chaos. Don’t let it get the best of you. 🥰
Maintaining healthy habits may be ideal but not always possible.
Here we have two powerful lines of defense 💪when you just can’t life in order.
Our exfoliator provides a gentle but deep cleansing of the pores. While our creamy charcoal mask removes impurities and leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.
Both can be part of your daily skin care routine as they are not harsh.


We were recently featured at KDaily, a lifestyle and beauty/fashion blog. Get to know about us with link in bio.


Wishing everyone a beautiful rest of the year with joyous occasions with the family!
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Did you know turmeric is a natural disinfectant? That’s why we found it so useful to for our hand and foot scrub. These all natural ingredients are perfect for giving that love to your most used body parts! It’s gentle enough for soft moisturised hands as well as getting rid of your rough heels and toes!
Go ahead now, wash them hands and feet now


Who else could really use a massage? 💆 💆‍♂️ 🐶

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“My skin goes haywire starting fall and peaks in winter! This body lotion by La Neur has gone above and beyond keeping my skin oh so smooth and presentable to the world!!”

We are curious to know, what do you do about that winter dry skin?


A one and done formula for anything usually doesn’t exist entirely but our moisturizer comes pretty close.
Here are a few of its highlights:
🥳 Restores balance and moisture
🥳 Antioxidant rich formula tones and improves appearance of dull skin.
🥳 Clarifies acne prone skin.

All this and it’s plant based 🌱 as well as cruelty free 🐰


Throughout the week our skin is beat with one routine after another. This can lead to dull skin in need of a major revival. Our Vitamin C Brightening Serum is perfect for giving your skin that much needed boost.
One of our key ingredients (besides Vitamin C) is organic cranberry extract. 🍊
Not only is it a great antioxidant, it also has an enzyme that helps naturally exfoliate skin cells.
So rest assured when you apply this creamy serum, it works behind the scenes to enhance your skin game!


It may sound crazy that this is still a thing, but skin whitening is not just a popular trend in the Southeast Asian area.
Stop bleaching your face to look like what your not. Keep it 💯 and keep your products natural, safe and without toxins! Your skin will thank you.


Our very first product has been timeless for a reason. What do you get with just a slather each time?

🟣 A beautiful NATURAL highlighter necessary!

🟣 A moisturized, nourishment to your skin. You will definitely feel this.

🟣 Clarifying powers that work throughout its application. Keep acne away!

🟣 An antioxidant that gets rid of free radicals.

🟣 Guilt drew as it is free from artificial dyes, fragrances and is cruelty free 🐶 and vegan!🌿.

🟣 All this and one slather lasts the whole day!


Would you ever rub liquids in your pets’ 🐶 eyes, force feed them substances or slap different creams onto their skin? And all this not even knowing the potential side effects it can have on them? Those animals going through testing may not be pets but they are horrified rats, guinea pigs, rabbits etc who are being abused just so you don’t get a reaction.
You would be surprised at how many brands go through this process before releasing their products.
🟣 Before you pick up your next skin care product at the store, be sure to do some research.
🟣 Also vegan does not always equate to cruelty free. A product can be vegan and still test on animals.
🟣 Spread the word! The more people know about this the more laws can change for the better. The US should be at the forefront at banning animal testing for cosmetics and skin care.
🟣 All our products are cruelty free and vegan as well. Check is out at


The struggle is real.


Happy Saturday! It’s your face here...we have our moments, but here’s a simple hack I can tell you...just keep me clean! Top me off with some hydration and we are good.

What’s so special about micellar water? Spritz on a cotton pad and swipe left, right all over the face! It not only cleanses but it leaves your face moisture locked.

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Why is vegan skin care so important?

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There’s nothing better than healthy and glowing skin! 💖

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Detox, detox and detox!
Imagine a skincare routine that is care-free. You are relaxed and not stressed, knowing that your delicate skin is safe, healthy, glowing and living its highest, most best version! The La Neur Activated Charcoal Mask replenishes skin so you’re refreshed with dewy, more luminous skin.
And no more yanking your skin with unhealthy peel offs, this mask washes off effortlessly!
Order yours today by visiting

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Nowadays, “vegan” is one of the most trending terms. As the name implies, vegan skincare refers to the use of purely plant-based products on your skin. They do not contain any artificial or synthetic additives. Therefore, they are free from chemicals and are all-natural which encourages people to use them. Here are some amazing benefits:
🍃 Suitable For All Skin Types
🍃Good For the Planet and Animals
🍃Better For Health
🍃Sustainably Grown Ingredients

For more, read the full article by visiting

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Stick to your routine for more results! 💖

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More than just an aloe gel! ✨
Perfect for everyone in the family from old to the very delicate young! Apply on irritated skin, scabs or just to moisturize.
Get your kids started on building healthy habits with kid safe formula.
Order yours today by visiting

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There is no doubt that we go through tiring, long days only to come home to desperately needing sleep. Now before reaching over to your side table and grabbing that pack of makeup wipes, I implore you to think twice! Here is what you need to know about them:
🛑 Makeup wipes do not clean! - What they do do is smear dirt all over your face as you wipe. Talk about clogging up your pores!
🛑 They’re soaked in chemicals - In order to keep a long shelf life, these wipes are soaked in all sorts of harsh chemicals. This is also why there is usually a residue that is left behind after you use them.
🛑 Makeup wipes dry out the skin - Because of the harsh chemicals the wipes are soaked in, they can often be drying for skin especially on the face.
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Because skincare is self-care! 💖 And yes, this is so cliched and over played! Self care has become a topic that is now front and center. Why is that? Many of us are realising that the holistic approach is effective as it acknowledges all parts of the body in the process. It is all linked and that is why it is so hard to care about your skin if you hardly care for yourself and vice versa!
Are you finding it hard to keep up with the day to day challenges?
Start by acknowledging your feelings and start off with one thing and keep doing it consistently.
We get it, life is hard, it is full of roadblocks. This is why we make our products easy with just a slather and you're done.

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Create a strong barrier between your environment and your delicate skin. This sweet and creamy lotion absorbs fast into your skin while forming a protective defense! ✨
Order yours today by visiting

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Acne scars are generally very difficult to get rid of. They stay on your skin and make it look dull and unhealthy. However, there are ways to get rid of these scars too. Get rid of acne scars with only your dedication and the right tools!
Here are some tips on how to get rid of acne scars:
✨ Chemical Peels - Chemical peels have become a go-to method for many people when getting rid of acne scars. These peels have the power to eradicate dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This, in turn, gives your skin a fresh and rejuvenated look and makes it appear brighter.
✨ Laser - Laser resurfacing is a great method to get rid of acne scars. It is advised that people with lighter skin tones opt for non-ablative laser resurfacing. This type of procedure helps in the production of collagen. Laser Genesis or any other type of infrared laser procedure is recommended for people with darker skin tones. All this paired with a brightening serum can help in extricating acne scars from your skin completely.
✨ Topical Treatment - Topical treatments are very popular among the masses. Not everyone wants to spend extravagantly on skin treatments. However, topical treatments like retinol are also very helpful in getting rid of acne scars. You can get an affordable brightening serum to assist with this type of treatment too.
For more, read the full article by visiting

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Skincare also starts from within. There can be many factors affecting the look and health of your skin. Diet, environment, and behaviours are all linked to this.

Finding it hard to avoid processed and harmful food? Start small and remove toxic ingredients one by one. The easiest place is to start with your skin care because what goes on you also gets absorbed in you!

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Healthy, clean and glowy skin ✨
The perfect plant-based exfoliator for those looking for brightening and clarifying solutions.
🍃 Special AHAs: Glyocolic Acid, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid.

Order yours today by visiting


Happy Independence Day America! Don’t forget to slather some spf and use our aloe gel to sooth irritated skin!


Just letting you know...the algorithm is creeping up on you 🤓

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We were recently featured at KDaily, a lifestyle and beauty/fashion blog. Get to know about us with link in bio. @laneur...
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“My skin goes haywire starting fall and peaks in winter! This body lotion by La Neur has gone above and beyond keeping m...
Happy Independence Day America! Don’t forget to slather some spf and use our aloe gel to sooth irritated skin! #4thofjul...
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It’s not just about skin care...we are here for you, all of you. ❤️
You wouldn’t believe how versatile micellar water is! Here are 5 ways it can be used! 1. Face toner 🧏‍♀️2. Makeup 💄 remo...
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