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Beach photo dump 🏖️

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Imagine spending $149 on a beauty box & getting your entire new nutrient dense lineup that will last you thru the fall!

✅retail value $313
✅30%+ discount on future purchases
✅color extension safe
✅leaping bunny certified & GF
✅completely customizable for YOUR hair/ scalp/styling needs
(comes with opportunity to share & earn up to 45% commissions, bonuses, trips, profit share bonuses, & a motor club program)

❌no monthly purchase required, not a subscription❌
Dm me “BOX” to get started, we will do a little consult & pick out your products first!

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Have you ever seen a kid so calm and relaxed at the dentist?! Mason did such a great job at his first dentist appointment! 🦷🪥


If you could go back in time & join Monat when it started with the opportunity and be a shareholder would you?! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Now you can!!! 🤯

This is an open invitation to those of you who have thought:
“That ship sailed”
“It’s too late”
“There’s no more room for me”

We are 9 years old with a mapped out plan to become a billion dollar brand within the next 5 years. As we grow, those shares will grow 📈
Right now this NEW visionary founders pool is 2M meaning 500K a quarter will be split amongst the founders.

💸For perspective the OG legacy founders who believed and joined monat when it started have received an average of 5-15K a quarter ON TOP of their commissions.

➡️This is truly the next chapter - so many people’s lives are going to change! 🥹🤝✨

Dm me READY to start (or restart) your journey!!!

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☀️Welcome June! ☀️
We’re kicking off an exciting month strong and i want to help BOOM your business… stick with me ⬇️

💫Here’s what’s in store:

💸Double Rank Advancement Bonus: $200 bonus for new MMPs

📱Rank advance to an iPad: Earn a FREE iPad with your bonus when you rank advance to MMB for the first time in June! (iPad: 64 GB, 10th Generation)

💰CONTINUED: $100 coupon for Sponsors and New Market Partners when they enroll with a Product Pack!

🚀 Endless tools & resources! 1:1 mentoring! Coaching calls! and Top Income earners ready to work alongside you!

Don’t sleep on this opportunity, take control of your next chapter and dive in. Comment “BOOM” and let’s fill in the financial blanks for your family together ‼️❤️💥

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How it started vs. how it’s going…

Maybe you’ve seen these pictures a hundred times already, or maybe it’s your first time seeing them, but I’m just gonna keep sharing because I know someone somewhere is struggling with postpartum hair loss like I was, and is feeling desperate like I was. 😭

I feel you girl. I was you.

My self esteem was in the gutter after having my second baby, because my hairline was starting to resemble my husbands (sorry babe 😅)

I had heard about this brand for years, but was so skeptical. I finally decided to just give it a try, and the rest is history! 👏🏼

Whether you’re ready to try it too, or just curious about the products, comment or DM me “HAIR” and I’ll ask you a few questions about your hair. 💜

Your transformation is waiting for you to make your move!✨

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my biggest advice; stay consistent 🤍

instant gratification is what this world is wanting… expecting… more and more of every day but with everything GOOD comes with time 👏🏻

never in my life has my hair felt so thick & looked so full. my blondes are bright and my hair has life ✨

for YEARS, that’s what I spent so much money trying to achieve but I was buying just anything off the dang shelf.

come to find out, the shelf products were not for me and after nine months of using monat, i’ve learned, they aren’t for you either. hair products are not a one size fits all!

if you’re wanting to make a switch, let’s chat 💬 comment below or shoot me a DM.

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Sixteen month difference between these photos. Where has my baby gone? 💙

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Drop your side hustle in the comments! 👇🏼

💕Follow for all things beauty and business


Ten RANDOM things you may not know about me (only the OG’s already know all ten)

1. I’m allergic to shrimp, but not other shellfish. 🦐

2. I love to cook and entertain, I don’t mind hosting every holiday at my house. 🎉

3. I HATE scary movies. If you want to put one on while I’m around - don’t. Suspense, thriller, okay, but horror, no. Just no. 🙅🏼‍♀️

4. I’ve never had a cavity, but I did have a root canal from a soccer injury ⚽️

5. I can swim to save my life, but not for very long, please throw me a raft 😅

6. I miscarried before getting pregnant with my daughter, and it was extremely lonely. Getting pregnant again brought mixed feelings of joy, fear, excitement, guilt, and anxiety.

7. If you see me with an AirPod in, it’s most likely a true crime podcast - no better way to relax than with a good story about murder…

8. I cannot wear nice sunglasses because I will inevitably break them. Catch me in my Target dollar section or 99 cent store sunnies anyday! 😎

9. A glass of milk counts as dessert. Try and fight me.

10. I grew up an only child, but got a sister in the form of a best friend at 10 years old 💕

Do we have anything in common?

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My husband noticed our neighbor had a flat tire, a big piece of metal was sticking out of it. We called her and the boys jumped into action to patch it for her so she could drive it to a tire shop.

I feel so lucky my kids are being raised by such a caring (and handy!) dad. 💕

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➡️SWIPE → to see the most INSANE market partner product pack Monat has ever had!!!

✨$149 customizable product pack to fit your hair needs
💕this can be for anyone wanting to join the business but also current VIPs to upgrade too and in that case, it will be only $129

🤑AND you’ll receive a $150 coupon toward your next purchase

DM me or comment “READY” below to get started


One of my most loved connectors 💖

Are you team silver, gold, or rose gold?

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How was this a year ago? Don’t mind me, just crying over how quickly time passes. 💟

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Mixed metal stacks got me feelin like 😍😍😍

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SO, here’s the scoop on why I partnered with Monat 💜

In July of 2023 I was desperate for a solution for my postpartum hair loss. After A LOT of skepticism, I decided to try Monat. Then when I started seeing truly amazing results, I asked more about the business side of the company.

My friend started sharing more about the systems, resources & tools she was using to help other women win in business. When I tell you we have a plug & play system here, I mean it!!!
It’s blown my mind how amazing it’s been on this team and with this group of leadership.
I went and told my friend I wanted to give this business a shot! 😊
I made my initial investment of $149 back within a few days and since then, every check i’ve made gets put into the bank 💸 the commissions i’ve made superseded my expectations!

From the moment I got my box, my product pack full of products I use on myself to start my business, i’ve been diving into all of our amazing hair & scalp trainings, making reels, showing up on my instagram… things I never expected i’d do!
a few shifts i’ve noticed i’m making:
⚡️showing up daily for myself and others
⚡️bringing in extra income for my family
⚡️building an uplifting community
⚡️feel more purpose for healthy products
⚡️i have mapped out goals that excite me
⚡️i’m earning a trip to tulum and helping whoever locks arms with me to make it there too!

I’m looking for other ambitious, goal oriented women who like to have fun & want to be a part of this next wave of momentum in Monat 🚀
If I can show ya how to sell shampoo on the internet without feeling silly but instead truly grow your mind in business - drop some 🧴🧴🧴 below 👇🏼

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Hi I’m Whitney!👋🏼Your friendly neighborhood hair bestie, permanent jewelry artist, and hype girl. Wife and busy mom of two, you can usually find me baby wearing and putting away wrinkly clothes that have been sitting in the dryer for way too long. 👚🧦

🫶🏼For those who are new here, welcome.

🌸If you’re anything like me, spending time with your family is a top priority. These are the best years of our lives, and we’ll never get this time back. Like ever.

So for me, the last few years have been all about finding the best ways to gain the freedom to be the most present mom I can be. It’s not all about financial freedom, but TIME freedom. ⏰

✅Working on my own schedule
✅Contributing to our household income while still being a big part of my kids’ lives.
✅Creating my own path

🙅🏼‍♀️Never in a MILLION YEARS did I think I’d ever get into the world of network marketing. It just wasn’t for me. Wasn’t the right fit. I didn’t want to be “that girl”. The shampoo girl. …….oh here she comes 😜

And then I tried the products, just as a customer. What could happen? And that’s when my eyes were truly opened. I couldn’t believe it was actually working, actually doing what it said it would do. My hair was softer IMMEDIATELY. Like one wash. Then it was more manageable, shiny, and my scalp was the cleanest I had ever felt. I didn’t even realize how much build up I had from so many years of using products full of silicone. 🤮

It only took me a few weeks to realize I was going to be sharing this stuff with everyone I know. That’s what you do when you find something amazing, right? 📳

So I joined.
I drank the koolaid.

And I was scared. I was scared people would judge me. Hell, I’m still scared people are judging me. But ya know what? Those people don’t pay my bills. And if I’m gonna teach my kids to not care what other people think of them, then I’m going to lead by example. 💪🏼

✨If any of this resonates with you, comment INFO and I’ll DM you. Let’s chat about how you can gain the time freedom I found, just by talking about shampoo. 🧼

I was right about one thing, it wasn’t for me. It’s for THEM 👶🏼👧🏼💕

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Some gorgeous custom designs from the jewelry pop up at Luxe Aesthetics Center the other night! Anything you can design, I can make, or we can work together to create something totally unique and personalized for you. 💕💎

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Give me 90 days of consistency and I’ll give you the hair you never thought you could have! 😍

🛑First, SAVE THIS POST so you can find it later.

👆🏼That was me. Four months after having my second baby, desperate for a solution to my postpartum hair loss.

I was SO skeptical. It took me two years of hearing about this brand before finally deciding to try it. I was desperate, afterall. I just needed a solution.

🌱 Making the switch to non toxic, plant based, cruelty free hair care gave me so much more than just my hair back. It brought back my CONFIDENCE. I finally felt like I had great hair!


🔑If your hair is thinning too, and you NEED a solution, comment QUIZ and I’ll dm you a link to my hair quiz (or check out the link in my bio)!💕

I can help you on your journey to better hair!! 🙌🏼

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As a 33 year old wife and mom of 2, I’ve never felt more confident in my own skin, and I can attribute it to these three things:

🍓Getting outside and moving my body
🍓Running my jewelry business and having “my own thing”
🍓Focusing on my skin and hair, and helping others do the same

✨What’s one thing that makes you feel more confident? Tell me in the comments!

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A few creative ideas for your upcoming permanent jewelry appointment! ⚡️✍🏼💎

Comment or DM “GALLERY” and I’ll send you a link to more of my customers’ designs! 👀🔥🔥

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✋🏼 STOP your scroll! HAPPY NYE 🥂✨ and a huge THANK YOU for all your support this year 🫶🏼

I couldn’t let today go by without sharing this AMAZING deal & start 2024 with a fun new adventure! this deal ends 8:59pm pst — DM me with any questions 🩷

In case you’re thinking it, typical questions I get asked:
-NO autoships
-NO business service fees
-NO monthly purchase requirements
-NO quotas to meet
-NO “hey girl” messages
-FREE website
-NO inventory
-NO pressure
-TONS of support
-YES I have time to mentor you 1:1

How is this different than every other money making opportunity out there? Well… it comes with a discount on amazing products, trip opportunities, universal social media trainings for any other business or profession you’re in, a really fun team, & an award winning CEO & company. The Leadership training & support is unmatched. 🎉

Today is the LAST DAY to get your $149 business in a box and get your $150 coupon to shop with! (Yeah- basically you can start your business for $1 lol) it’s like all the products you’ll need thru spring too 👏🏻👏🏻

Comment “info” if you’d like to chat more & I’ll send ya a DM!

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Merry Christmas Eve. Doing our best to soak up the holiday with our littles while they’re still little. 🩷💙🎄🎅🏼

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The healthiest hair comes from the healthiest scalp, clean products, and a consistent routine. 🌱

You can’t just switch the the right products and expect to have perfect hair. Your hair deserves to be truly cared for! Not sure where to start? I can help, and I want to!! Message me, I’m your healthy hair girl 😘

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Permanent jewelry dump from my last few events 💎💥✍🏼

Helping people design meaningful pieces that they can always carry with them has been such an amazing feeling in 2023!

🥂Here’s to an even better 2024!✌🏼

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It’s all about the PERKS! 🎉

🙃I’ll tell you this much, if there was anything scary about becoming a VIP, I wouldn’t have joined myself.

What I love about our VIP program is the no commitment aspect. Our flexible ordering allows VIP’s to be completely in control of what’s in their order and when they need it. 🙌🏼

Don’t need anything right now? Push your order out. Want something else? Let’s change it up. 💪🏼

Being a VIP with ME means you get personalized recommendations, product knowledge, and all the latest updates about flash sales and deals right at your fingertips! 🔥

➡️Have more questions? DM me to chat. Wondering what products would be best for your hair goals? Take the quiz in my bio, or comment QUIZ for the link!

Hair goals
Healthy hair
Clean beauty
Healthy scalp
Scalp health
Hair oiling
Clean products
Clean ingredients


It’s not EASY, but it’s definitely SIMPLE. You still have to put in the WORK, but it’s not HARD. Anyone CAN do this, but not everyone WILL do this. You get OUT OF this business what you put INTO this business. 💪🏼

So what’s stopping you? 🤨

Sometimes we see women on these paid trips, driving the company car and think, that could never be me. But…why not? 🚙🌴🍹

For others, starting a side hustle could be as simple as a little extra grocery money, getting your nails done, a weekly dinner out to eat, or saving up for Christmas presents. What could a little extra cash mean for your family? 💰

🔥Comment or DM me “HUSTLE” for details on how I got started and how you can too!

Side hustle
Women owned business
Stay at home mom
Work from home
Work from wifi


🦋Butterfly connectors in stock! 14k gold filled and 925 sterling silver available.

Photos from Lee Page Permanent Beauty's post 12/05/2023

Skeptical was my middle name. 🤨

I spent over two years with my doubts about this business and these products, and let me tell you, it was two years I wasted. 🚮

I didn’t think anything from an MLM could be worth it. I decided it was garbage before I even tried the products. I had my mind made up and that was that.

Boy was I wrong. 😑

After having my second baby and going through postpartum hair loss AGAIN, I was desperate for anything that could help grow back my bald spots, and more importantly, give me back my confidence. 💁🏼‍♀️

I decided to give it a chance. My hairdresser swore by it afterall, and I trust her implicitly. Someone who’s been a hairdresser for over 20 years and says this is the best on the market, that’s gotta mean something, right?

So I bit the bullet.
I drank the Koolaid. 🙌🏼

And these were my results after just 90 days. My mind was officially BLOWN!! 🤯 I knew I was going to be telling everyone and their mama about these products. 💥📣

If this is what they could do for me after only 90 days, how could I help other women achieve their dream hair too?

➡️All this to say, I have two goals for the month of December:

1. Help two people start their healthy hair journey with a custom system targeting their specific issues.

2. Help two people kickstart their business and join the community of empowered women who helped me. Because who doesn’t want to help people and make a little extra cash doing it? 💵

💕DM “ME” to get started on your journey too! Today is your Day 1…where will you be on Day 90?🥳

Healthy hair
Hair journey
Healthy scalp
Clean beauty
Clean products
Network marketing


The bond between sisters is unbreakable. Honor that with permanent jewelry! 💕

Permanent jewelry
Forever bracelets
Welded jewelry
Claspless jewelry
Infinity bracelets

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