Lashes by Kenli

Hi! My name is Kenli and I am a beginner lash tech in Columbia. Message me if you have any questions!

Lash Artistry By Ashleigh, L.L.C 08/04/2022

Decided to give you guys another way to save some money! I know the month of August can be expensive for everyone because it’s time to go back to school. And everyone could use a relaxing beauty experience with all the stress back to school can bring!

Lash Artistry By Ashleigh, L.L.C


I’m so excited for this new referral program! It goes into effect on Friday, August 5th. If you have any question please feel free to message me 🤍


Snag this appointment before I’m all booked up!


Happy Monday! Here are my openings for this upcoming weekend! If you could like and share to get the word out about my small business I would be so grateful!


“Are those your lashes?”


Client love 🤍🥹 this is why I do what I do! I love making women feel beautiful and more confident in themselves. At the end of the appointment when you look in the mirror and your face changes and you can see the new found confidence and hearing that you love your lashes is priceless. It’s what I look forward to the most!


My clients and I loooove not having to wear mascara. Between inconsistent application, clumps, smudging, it transferring to the under eye and having to rub your eyes to get it off, there’s nothing to miss! Personally, when I have lashed clients that wear mascara every day before they got extensions to when they come in for their first fill, their lashes are so much longer and healthier. I truly believe it’s because you’re not rubbing your eyes every day to get it off! If you’re ready to ditch mascara, book with me!


Still have some openings left!

Available appointments for this weekend! Please message me if you have any questions 🤍


Available appointments for this weekend! Please message me if you have any questions 🤍

Lash Artistry By Ashleigh, L.L.C 06/22/2022

I think it’s safe to say I’ve done my best work in my new studio 🥰

Lash Artistry By Ashleigh, L.L.C


Hi everyone! Yesterday was my first full day in my new studio with clients. I had an absolutely amazing day and I can’t wait to post pictures of the work I did soon. I’m now taking pictures with an actual camera instead of my phone and the detail is amazing 🤩 I also just ordered business cards and aftercare cards and I’m starting to feel much more “established.” I will be posting my policies soon so stay tuned for those. I’m feeling extra grateful lately and just wanted to express and thankful I am for all of you! Thank you all for believing in me and supporting me! I’m so excited you all are following along on this journey 🤍


Tomorrow is my first day in the new studio! I can’t wait to get everything set up and finally have all my stuff in one location rather than traveling. It may not look like much, but trust me it is 😅 I can’t wait for you all to see the cute, aesthetic, relaxing space I’m in! I think all of my clients will love it and have the best experience possible in this space. None of this would be possible without all the support🤍 happy weekend!



Exciting news! I just signed a contract to lash out of a studio in Columbia! My ultimate goal for my business was for it to end up in Columbia. A lash artist and I will share the space. The studio is absolutely perfect and it has the best equipment to make my clients experience the best and most relaxing possible. I will start taking clients on Sunday, June 12th at the new studio!

Since I share the space with another artist, the availability I have for any service is on Saturdays and Sundays only. That being said, my schedule is pretty open so just shoot me a message if you want to book!

I use very high quality products on ALL of my clients because I only want the very best for my clients and business in general. I have increased my prices to reflect the quality of the products I use as well as the best possible experience I can provide. Full sets also come with complimentary lash shampoo and lash cleansing brush.

•Full set of classic lashes $85
•2 week fill $45
•3 week fill $50
•Removal $15
~new pricing will be going into effect June 12th, 2022~
*aftercare is KEY when it comes to the health of your lashes and the longevity of them as well as fills and the price. Above are the main guidelines for a general 2 week and 3 week fill but price is at my discretion. If you are in for a 2 week fill but have lost more lashes than what a 2 week fill would be, pricing may be different. If you ever have any concerns about this, feel free to contact me and we can talk.*

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to message me! As always, thank you all for your amazing support because I wouldn’t be where I am without it! 🤍

Post will be coming soon regarding my policies as well


Happy memorial day to all! Thank you to all the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve this country. We will never be able to show you how truly grateful we are for all of you. I hope everyone has had a great and safe weekend. Stay tuned for some updates about Lashes by Kenli!


~Let’s talk about the differences between the three main lash styles; classic, hybrid, and volume.

•C l a s s i c: classic lashes consist of one lash extension going on one natural lash 1:1. This is the most “natural” style there is and it’s impossible to get very dramatic results with classics.

•H y b r i d: Hybrid lashes consist of a mix of classic lashes and volume lashes. Some of your natural lashes will have just that one classic lash extension and others will have volume fans. Depending on who you ask hybrids start anywhere from 2D-6D. {The number in front of the “D” represents how many lashes are in one fan that would be places on one natural lash.} So you could have anywhere from 2 lash extensions to 6 lash extensions on one natural lash. This style starts to give more fullness to the eyelashes. It is still very possible to keep these natural looking but also experiment with getting more dramatic!

•V o l u m e: Volume lashes consist of only volume fans. You could do a lighter volume or go all the way up to mega volume. Volume can start anywhere from 5D-12D. Anything past 12D fans, you’re getting into Mega volume territory. This is where you get all the fullness and drama you maybe looking for. That being said, there is such a thing as “light volume” where you can keep things pretty natural looking.

*what style you are able to get also depends on your natural lashes. Everyone’s lashes are different and some can handle more than others*

I know this is a lot of info but these are questions I get pretty often! A lot of people are afraid of having “caterpillar” lashes so it’s important to have education on the different styles because with classic and hybrid you can’t achieve that! You would only get to that style of lash with mega volumes. I have had mega volumes and they didn’t look like ”caterpillars” it’s all about what kind of look you’re going for! If any of you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Photos from Lashes by Kenli's post 05/21/2022

This face may look familiar to some of you 🧐 that’s because this is another set on Kennedy! I did a full set on her previously and just did a different one (the one pictured) on her last weekend and I think I like her second full set more! I love lashing Kennedy because she has such healthy long lashes that the possibilities for different looks are endless. Thank you!


This is Miss Corryn’s first full set of lash extensions! Had to fix her up for her graduation 🎓 she didn’t want anything too dramatic because she naturally has lighter lashes. She wanted the effect of mascara without having to wear any and I think it’s safe to say goodbye mascara! 👋

Photos from Lashes by Kenli's post 05/03/2022

Haylee is such an awesome client! She is new to lashes and wanted to keep things natural. She specifically wanted her lashes to be darker, more of a curl, and a little bit more length. I’m so happy I was able to create something she loves!


*disclaimer: this is a lengthy post but it is jam packed with information about my business so I encourage you to read it in it’s entirety (or at least save it for later)*

•full set of classic lashes $50
•fills (every 2-3 weeks) $25-30, price will depend on how much time and materials that are used. The longer you go between fills, the more sparse your lashes will be meaning I will have to use more lashes and other supplies to fill causing me to take more time.
•cream removal $10
***Until further notice, I will only be providing classic lashes. I really want to get classic lashes down because it really builds the fundamentals of proper lashing and lashing techniques. I do plan to gain certifications for hybrid and volume lashes at a later date and I will update this page regularly so watch out for those announcements. I will be making a post explaining the differences between classic, hybrid, and volume so kee an eye out for that. At this stage of my business I am a traveling lash technician but I hope to find a place of my own to run my business out of soon.***

Since I am a beginner, I am charging a lower cost (or discounted price) for full sets and fills because I want to get as much practice as possible. As I gain more experience and improve my lashing techniques, prices will go up but not without notice. That being said only my FIRST 10 CLIENTS WILL RECEIVE the pricing that is above. I only have 4 SPOTS LEFT TO CLAIM THE DISCOUNTED PRICES. After I have done my first 10 clients, prices will increase for everyone. I appreciate all the support from everyone so I will continue to provide some sort of discount for my first 10 clients as long as you keep booking with me. The pricing will still increase but you will get a discount for being some of my first supporters!

Right now I am still working a full time job Monday-Friday 7:30-5:30. My only availability for full sets are on Saturdays and Sundays. Fills, I would be happy to schedule on the weekends as well as Monday-Friday after 5:30pm. My next availability for full sets will be May 14th and 15th. The best way to get in contact with me is sending me a message on Facebook through this page.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! I am happy to answer any questions, address any concerns, or chat about lashes in general. Thank you all so much for all the support! I have been feeling overwhelmed by all the support I have received ever since I started my lashing journey. None of this would be possible without you! 🤍🤍

Photos from Lashes by Kenli's post 04/17/2022

Can you say dream lashes 😍 Tinsley already has amazing natural lashes that are so long and thick but she wanted some more length and fullness. I’m so happy with how these turned out!


Kennedy was my second full set on Sunday. She also has never had extensions before! Her natural lashes are very light colored so we wanted something darker and a little fuller while still maiming more of a natural look. I’m so happy with how they came out, my favorite set I’ve done so far!

Photos from Lashes by Kenli's post 04/11/2022

Got to spend my Sunday morning lashing this beautiful babe! It was her first time getting extensions and she was wanting something fuller and thicker than her natural lashes so I gave her a kitten eye mapping and I’m in love 😍😍 a big thank you to Steph for being so patient and such a fun client!!

Photos from Lashes by Kenli's post 04/03/2022

A big thank you to Kensay for being so patient and such an awesome model. She has a lot of natural lashes that are long and thick so we just added some extensions to add to her natural beauty!


Hi my name is Kenli Garrett and I’m a certified lash technician. Right now I am learning and practicing classic lashes but I plan on adding hybrid and volume lashes in the future. I hope to start taking new clients soon and will post prices and things like that soon. I’m so excited to have you on this journey with me!

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