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Since 1994, DAVID the Salon has provided the Columbia community with award-winning cuts and coloring services. So give us a call or stop by our salon today.

David the Salon offers the highest quality salon services in the Columbia, MO area. Since 1994, our award winning salon has helped our customer’s look and feel their best. Our stylists are up on all of the latest trends and are ready to provide you with your desired look. We also provide superior beauty treatments that will leaving you feeling refreshed. Besides haircuts, we provide customers with


Some people worry that their hair will lose volume after receiving the Brazilian Blowout treatment. That is not the case. Hair will maintain its natural volume and still have great bend and memory when blow-drying and/or using a curling iron.


A mermaid tail braid gives the appearance of thicker hair. It is done by braiding two individual sections of hair, and tying them together when done with one elastic hair tie. Then, you will attach both braids from the bottom using bobby-pins.


Organic products gently infuse your hair follicles and skin cells with natural minerals, herbal extracts, and oils. Some common organic ingredients include jojoba extract, tea tree oil, bamboo extract, essential lavender oil, pure soy, and wheat extracts.


Ever wonder why kids have their own shampoo? Adult shampoos contain chemicals called anionics that create the rich lather that most people want. These can be very drying though, and children’s hair usually is not as oily as adult’s hair.


One of the benefits of hair gloss treatments is that they are not as harsh or permanent as regular hair color. Unlike the ammonia in hair color (which opens up the cuticle, thus damaging the hair), the gloss is very acidic and closes the hair and the cuticle real tight.


Think about the great time your child and his or her friends will have by holding his or her birthday party at our hair salon. It will be a birthday that your child will remember for the rest of his or her life.


People have conditioned their hair with organic oils — including tea tree oil and jojoba — for centuries. In mid-1800s Britain, Macassar oil, a mixture of coconut oil or palm oil plus ylang-ylang oil, became quite popular among gentlemen. It was so greasy that “antimacassar” cloths were used to protect chairs.


If you know you will need a root touch-up before your wedding day, then experts say that one week before the wedding is the best time to get them done. This will ensure a fresh and even look without them being overstated.


What’s old is new again. In the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn’s stylish short haircut prompted a close-cropped craze. In 2012, when Anne Hathaway wore a pixie cut for a film role, teen fans rediscovered the ease and appeal of short sassy hair.


Do you have a particular concern like dry hair or dandruff that you’d like to address before your wedding? An easy first step is asking a hairdresser. There are shampoos and conditioners that may be useful to deal with these sorts of issues, and a hairdresser will know which ones work best.


The use of ammonia in hair coloring not only strips your hair of its essential proteins and moisture, but ammonia alters the hair’s pH and can lead to damage to your hair. Your organic hair salon does not use products containing ammonia, but instead and uses products that maintain the natural integrity of your hair, leaving your hair much healthier.


For kids’ hair, it’s recommended you use a wide-tooth comb or boar-bristle or paddle brush. For minimum pulling, it’s also best that you brush dry hair versus wet. Avoid vent brushes, as they have tiny teeth that can snag.


Our stylists consult with you before every cut to determine your needs and consider any special circumstances. Once we’ve captured the look you want, we have shampoos, deep conditioning treatments, and more to keep you looking fabulous!


Did you know that the earliest type of chemical hair removal dates back to the ancient Turks, who used a nasty concoction known as “rusma?” It contained a combination of arsenic, quicklime, and rose water.


It’s important to remember that many of the products the typical salon recommends aren’t necessarily good at maintaining healthy hair. If you’re ready to learn more about organic hair care, we’re always here for you.


Lots of fictional characters in children's books are redheads, including Madeline, Anne of Green Gables, the Weasleys from Harry Potter, and Amelia Bedelia, among others.


Permanent hair dyes make use of a process known as oxidation. Here, an oxidizer such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are mixed with the coloring agent for a more permanent application that attains long-lasting color that does minimal damage to the strength elasticity of your hair.


Did you know there are some medications that, when used, can have certain effects on hair color? It’s rare, but it can occur where color doesn’t take to hair. That’s one reason why we consult first before any coloring; you should never experience any side effects.


We can handle all of the most popular looks for young girls, whether that includes adding feathers or a touch of color that will wash out later. Our stylists also are experts at different types of braids.


Did you know that propylene glycol, an ingredient that is often found in non-organic hair products, is actually a type of anti-freeze? Why put this on your own body and into the environment when there are organic alternatives?


If your kids have cowlicks, they’re not alone. According to experts, nearly everyone has at least one or two. The most common locations are at the crown of the head, the nape of the neck or the front of hairline.


We recognize how frustrating it can be to look great when you leave the salon and then have your hair go dull after just a few days or a week. Let’s talk about the hair care products you’ve been using and whether switching to an organic salon product could help.


Does your child have fine, straight hair? We recommend cutting it in more blunt styles. Layering tends to make fine, straight hair look thin and could potentially become frizzy. For little girls, opt for styling hair with clips and barrettes because ponytail holders typically slide right out.


A beautiful hair do is a must for your wedding. That may mean a pretty cut, or it may be an elaborate up do- whatever it is that suits your wedding and your tastes. Having a professional do it is a great way to ensure that you will be proud when you see those wedding photos in years to come.


Did you know that using a flat iron daily can damage your hair severely and result in hair loss and breakage? In fact, it can actually destroy the cells that help your hair grow over time.


Hair style trends come and go but some things don’t change: Kids and teens want to look like their favorite celebrities. In the 1960s, the Beatles’ hairstyles created a mad mania for mop-cuts and were popular with boys and girls of all ages.


Unfortunately, you simply can’t get salon results using grocery store hair products that have harmful chemicals and fillers. If you’re ready to maximize your hair’s potential, we can help you find a better product.


If you have a warm skin tone, try golden highlights. If you have a cool skin tone, try auburn and copper highlights. And, if you have a skin tone that is yellow and pink, then you can highlight your hair in any color and it will work.


A Brazilian Blowout treatment takes about 90 minutes to apply, from start to finish. With proper care, the results can last anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks.

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