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Est. in 2008 Pretty in Ink specializes in cosmetic tattooing, tiny tattoos, & tooth gems. We are also the home of the semi-permanent Swarovski Tooth Gems.

We also offer classic lash extensions, lash lifts & tints, brow tinting, and eyebrow laminating.


A Lil 18k Lux Bling ✨

Photos from This is Pretty in Ink's post 01/13/2024

🙅🏻‍♀️ I don’t use numbing.
Both of these sets of lips are 8 weeks healed before we did a touch up.
I run my machine as slow as it will go usually in the 3-4v range.
I use configurations of needles that would create the least amount of trauma. If I use numbing, it’s very minimal and might just take the edge off but honestly the numbing topical changes the buoyancy of the skin and if you’re using a topical that closes down the blood vessels, such as epinephrine, the tonality of your canvas dramatically shifts.

How could you possibly know if you are accurate with your coverage and your pigment tone?

NOW that all being said, I will do my best to numb clients that want to go to step above this lip blushing example to a more full coverage lipstick because that technique entails a much more focused technique packing in pigment.

I absolutely love the challenge of matching everyone’s natural lip color with the implanted color I’m giving them. I am also loving that I give my clients more of their lip surface back too! 💋

I am going to see both of these clients back when they heal from their touchup so we can check in with them again together. 🤓🤓🤓

Let me know your question or thoughts in the comments.
Would you do this?

Also!! Training weeks for my fundamentals classes are…

The week of:
January 29
February 26
March 11


Kewt Lil tattooed freckle session by Makayla✨ Appointments can range from a few freckles to a bunch of freckles. They lighten up significantly during healing and gradually over time as they age. This is where it gets fun because we can layer new pigment near or beside the previously tattooed pigment and the density and dimension really begin to develop in to looking sun-kissed with out the sun damage ✨ #614

Photos from This is Pretty in Ink's post 09/21/2023

Removal! One session👏🏻
It's been a little while since we’ve posted a removal. We’re still doing them regularly. The only way it works is with consistent monthly appointments. There is no way to know how many sessions you would need because of the mix of variables at play. The type of pigment, the age, and the saturation of your pigment or ink (yes there is a difference)are all factors on how many it could take. If you’re interested in booking removal sessions, you may use the link in our bio to schedule with or myself. It is important for you to email a clear photo of what it is you want to remove for your appointment to be approved. No DMs

Photos from This is Pretty in Ink's post 09/13/2023

Dreamy combo brows by Ashley✨Would they be considered party in the front and business in the back or business in the front and party in the back? Lol. All jokes aside. For anyone that doesn’t know about a combo brow, it’s a beautiful tattooed brow technique where there are hair strokes in the front bulb of the eyebrow and a more cleaned up powered brow style to the rest of the eyebrow. 🤓 See the reasoning for my question? 😆 Let me know below tho, for real.


Fresh nano brow rework by Mandi & lips 2 days into healing by our student Josephine. 🤓 It was her first set ever and they look amazing! 👏🏻🥹


We’re only taking 3 students Oct 18th and 19th. If you’re interested please send me a DM with your email. We are going to show you all of the fundamentals of creating tiny tattoos. This is an in person course and is not meant to take the place of a traditional tattoo apprenticeship, but this will definitely get you started in the direction to creating a very successful career with your consistency. Every day we have clients booking with us for everything on a spectrum from meaningful tattoos because of losing a loved one to something aesthetically pleasing just because. Was this your sign to train with us? ☺️ #614


!!! Healed lil mushies by 👏🏻 Ashley is our newest addition to the lil tattoo team. We’ve been taking it slow and seeing what her existing knowledge was coming from a previous shop and adapting the theories we have at the studio. I think it's working out well! How freaking cute are these lil tattooed mushrooms?! Ugh! 🤌🏻👏🏻 You can dm Ashley directly to share and lil tat ideas you may have to be considered for an appointment. 🤓🩵🤓🩵🤓


Free Eyebrow Model Call! This Thursday & Friday afternoon. July 20th & 21st we are looking for a student eyebrow models at 2pm. This includes your future touch up session with your original artist. *Cannot be pregnant, breastfeeding, and no existing pigment. ☺️ Apply with the link in our bio or DM me 🙂 but I’ll prob still have you fill out the application. 🤓 We keepin’ systems around here.🤌🏻 lol

This is one of my previous students Sid. Ugh. Chef’s kiss to that one. 👏🏻 All 100% her tattooing. I just hovered, coached, and documented. Love that for us.


.by.kay creating beautiful ear tattoos. Online booking open for Fridays, but DM her if you want to request another day. Let us know what you think of these lil diddies in the comments.🤓


We love a classic before and after photo of brows. Don’t we? 😍


Serious question below👇🐞
Look at this lil lady! They say when one lands on you it's good luck. Does this count?


Sup, girl, What's your angel number?
A perfect lil tattoo by .by.kay. #1111


In Progress! First session healed 3 months for lip blush and shape balancing. Her 2nd included session we worked more on the left side to balance out. I can wait to see her healed again. Depending on the lips and retention it's not uncommon to do a third session and it may be necessary.

If you’re like me getting into your 40s, you start to lose a little bit of your lip definition and I can help you get that back! Link in our profile to book.


I’m filling a spot on my arm with a Lil Tattoo by Makayla. Thank you!✨ Book lil tattoos here! Or you can email your design details to [email protected]


✨ Nothing like a good set of brows for the holiday season! ✨!


✨Fairy Dust activated! ✨
Check out what Bree did today. 🤩
How much do you love this ?! 🫠

These dreamy Swarovski Crystals are clear and translucent with hundreds of round and crystallized cuts that catch and retract light beautifully to create shooting splashes of sparkling color. The result is an extraordinary three-dimensional radiant effect on the tooth.

✨$75 for one tooth and can be added to any service. Tooth Gems at Pretty in Ink

Photos from This is Pretty in Ink's post 09/27/2022

Lil ear tats by .by.kay aren’t they so toot! 😍😍 you can book lil tats!



Do I need to put a caption? 🥵


Looking for a student model for tomorrow at 2pm for a lash enhancement. Email [email protected] to snag it!


of what a lightening/removal session looks like.

I’m blown away seeing this lightening/ removal for myself. I have been offering removals for years (even had some done on my brows in 2017) and this is by far the most gentle option I have worked with. For brows that have old/aged, sun damaged pigments & techniques, this is for you!

Results will vary. The effects of the process can be seen in the same day and additionally over the few weeks following the appointment.

➕More info on this process:

•Elimination of all pigment shades (99,9%)

•Little to no scabbing

•Safety and hypoallergenic

•The rehabilitation period takes only one day

•The complete treatment doesn’t take more than 40 minutes

•There are no scaring

•Minimal discomfort

•Does not cause hypo or hyperpigmentation

•Does not affect the skin when sunbathing

•Walking out w/minimal redness. After 10 to 15 minutes, the skin will go back to normal without any marks or red spots.

•24 hours afterwards you will be able to put on makeup, apply lotion, bathe or go to the gym as usual.

•The treatment is performed without anesthetic and does not affect the nerves and it does not bleed. In fact, the product itself reduces any pain sensation.

Click the link in our bio to dive into my books & get on my schedule.
If you would like to train with me with our online option, that link is also in our bio. -FanciMandi ☺️


Remember when we did the 4k Fortay giveaway in Jan for my birthday? *clears throat ☺️ How much do we love this transformation ??

Photos from This is Pretty in Ink's post 05/19/2022

What do you think of the lip frecks? I got to add more freckles to some I did a couple years ago,☺️ Oh and a little color boost for Melanie’s brows too!


Hint of glitter ? 🤩 these lashes ugh so kewt!! Who even knew this could be done with lash extensions?! Would you try these on your next fill?


Dudes need some brow balancing too!
🔗 in our bio to book with Mandi


7 months & still in progress🔍 We have been doing removal since June 2021 and just began her on the brow serum 2 months ago. I am beyond grateful for her trust and these results so far.

Every removal is different because of the variables involved such as the type of application, the kind and age pigments, skin type and regimens etc etc etc.

Show my client some love on this brow journey of hers in the comments! It’s been a very long journey even before she found me 💖


No brow hair? No problem! 🤓 Over 2-3 sessions Mandi can build a brow just for you! 😎 Since FB won’t let me post a video and photo at the same time, I’ll put her before photo in the comments. Let me know your thoughts 🙏🏻

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Pretty in Ink

Cosmetic tattooing services offered in Columbus Ohio, by Mandi. Specializing in machine techniques, such as nano brows, eyeliner, lip color, freckles, beauty marks and microblading applications.

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Remember when we did the 4k Fortay giveaway in Jan for my birthday? *clears throat ☺️ How much do we love this transform...
Ummmm… how cute are these custom corduroy Pretty in Ink aprons!? 🤩🤩 Thank you, Makayla, I am over the moon ecstatic abou...
Who feels this today?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣#614 #740 #440 #216 #773 #312 #872 #878 #304 #606 #502 #615 #812 #nanobrows #eyebrowtatt...



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