Natural skincare brand Puriya came to us with the need to elevate its online brand presence. We proposed enhanced product photography that would showcase both their product and the Puriya lifestyle🌱

By highlighting the product's natural ingredients and the positive effects on your skin and health, we were able to produce striking images that spoke to both the product quality, as well as the company's holistic roots 📸

A giant thanks to our dedicated crew:

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Models: @juliettelouie @jetsangani

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I purchased your Puriya scalp therapy shampoo, and the conditioner this year 2021, and you sent me the conditioner that expired in 2020. I can't reach you by phone. I expect you to rectify this. 505-299-2793
🙄 Anyone else suffer from dry skin?!

🌵 California is a beautiful state, but the weather is pretty arid compared to my home state.

😑 Throw in hormonal changes and you’ve got the recipe for dry, flaky, cracking skin—especially on my legs, feet, and heels.

🤯 I’ve been using Puriyas “Mother of All Creams” after I shower and the results have been surprising! #Ad

🥰 In addition to being non-greasy or sticky, I’ve actually noticed a huge improvement in my heels!

🩴 Given the fact that I LIVE in flip flops, this is a major win for me, plus, cracked heels (like dry skin) age you and I’m not ready to do any more of that just yet! 😉

♥️ You can find Puriya’s “Mother of All Creams” at Walmart and on Amazon and the price point is totally worth it!

👇🏻 Drop any questions or comments below! 😘
Did you know there’s a difference between skincare habits, routines, and rituals?

As a 53-year-old Mom of five and Grandmaster of four, I take pride in taking care of myself.

Not only is it important for me to focus on my health by consuming nutrient rich foods and exercising, but taking care of my skin is just one of the many ways I address my overall health.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ!

It works hard to help regulate your temperature, keep you free of infections, and excretes waste and aids in the absorption of vitamin D.

Your skin also absorbs oily substances, which is why what you put ON your body, is as important as what you put IN your body!


Puriyas Mother of All Creams contains highly concentrated ingredients that ensures not only exceptional value for money, but also great results quickly.

When you use their products the carefully selected ingredients act rapidly to repair damage, and treat the underlying cause of irritation and discomfort.

All their products are backed by a 180 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with their products in any way, they’ll refund you!
I don't typically post reviews, but Wonder Balm is totally the bomb! I know, that was lame, but I have been using Wonder Balm for about a year now...it is the best product I have found for my eczema and dry, cracked feet, heels, and hands. I love that it's a natural prodcut and I love the scent. Thank you for this!
I love your products, but this is the saddest "Black Friday" promotion I have ever seen. Only a couple of hundred customers can get any discount at all??? It would have been much kinder to offer a straight across the board discount of 25-30% to ALL your customers.
I've been suffering from dry itchy skin and its only gotten worse with age. It seems certain products I've used, soaps, shampoos, and even some moisturizers now irritate my skin and trigger a reaction. I've tried several moisturizers but Puriya seems to work the best. It certainly lives up to it being the mother of all creams. Great stuff. 👍
I hope you can have a shop here in UK. All online sellers here are selling Puriya products at double the prices.!!!
I love Puriya Wonder Balm so much that I just updated my review on Amazon. I'll share it here, as well:

• UPDATE #1: I like this product so much, not only did I buy it again, but I also showed it to my OB-Gyn so that she could recommend it to others with a similar problem. The doctor read all the ingredients and (jotting it down for future reference), she said that yes, Puriya Wonder Balm does contain many of the natural ingredients that she would normally recommend to treat this condition, even on delicate skin. Having purchased from Puriya on 3 occasions, I have found them to be an excellent company with top-notch products, and I will gladly do business with them again.

• UPDATE #2: Item arrived very quickly and in good condition. It’s a good product, well-made, high quality, and very effective. Also, the company Purina has been very good to deal with. Very pleased. I have purchased this product several times, and I love it. Although it’s not cheap, it’s worth it, because the concentration of essential oils in the balm is better when compared to other cheaper brands.

• ORIGINAL REVIEW: I'm surprised at how fast this all-natural ointment worked at getting rid of a mild case of bikini line rash. In 2 days, the rash was gone, and without using any harsh chemicals. (It was a fairly mild fungus-type rash, the type I would normally use Clotrimazole or Miconazole on.) I was so impressed that the next time I had a regularly scheduled annual dermatologist check-up, I brought along the "Puriya Wonder Balm" to show the dermatologist. He read the ingredients and commented that yes, the tea tree oil does act as an anti-fungal agent; and the eucalyptus and other natural ingredients do indeed have anti-microbial and antiseptic properties.

Granted, it's a bit pricey, but you only need a tiny bit. My dermatologist explained that some other products may claim to contain Tea Tree Oil, but the effectiveness of the product will of course depend on the concentration level of the tea tree oil. In other words, some other products may have just a tiny smidgen of Tea Tree Oil in an ocean of lotion, whereas this product apparently has a high concentration. So use it sparingly.

A FEW TIPS: I find it helpful and gentle for use on various parts of the body that occasionally can get a bit chafed and irritated after exercise or in hot weather (especially as we age), including:
• The crease under breasts
• Folds of skin that may rub together during exercise
• Bikini line and surrounding upper thigh area
• And I hope this isn't TMI, but here goes: A tiny dab on the exterior of the a**s to help prevent hemorrhoids if that area starts to feel itchy or slightly irritated. Our skin gets thinner and drier as we age, so I find a tiny dab of this helps. (Needless to say, be extra fastidious, wash your hands, and no double-dipping! :) Again, kids, if using any ointment for multiple purposes, you need to be ultra-careful to avoid any cross-contamination, of course. Needless to say. But I needed to say it!

As for the fragrance, I am sensitive to fragrances (which often give me headaches), so normally I purchase only fragrance-free skin-care products. This does have a bit of a eucalyptus/lavender scent, and I was skeptical at first, thinking it might give me a headache or at very least annoy me, but the light scent disappears after awhile. I have been using the product for two years now, and so far it has not bothered me in any way. It's a clean, pleasant, natural fragrance. Highly recommended!
Puriya is an amazing product. I have recommended this product to everyone, even my family Doctor.
Would you consider making the Wonder Balm in a larger container? I need to use it daily during the summer. Thx.🙂.
I wanted to let everyone know that I'm rating your product 5 stars because it works. I have very dry skin on certain spots throughout my body, elbows, face, etc.., it works for me and I'm certain that it will work for you!
"Mother Of All Creams" is an understatement. Give it a try, what do you have to loose! I saw results after a week. 🤯

Natural topicals & supplements to support healthy skin from the inside out, without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Always Plant-powered + Dr formulated.

The name ‘Puriya’ means a melody that’s pleasing to the ear and it’s this concept and principal that forms the philosophy behind our products. We have created a selection of topical products that are pleasing to the body, which is why we have adopted Puriya as our brand name. Nature is the best source of nourishing compounds that can effectively heal and treat problem skin and other health aliment

Operating as usual

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Our new triple-action, plant-powered Antifungal System was created to cleanse skin, treat fungal infections, and balance gut flora to give you glowing, healthy-looking skin that shines from within. Shop today! https://amzn.to/3DjQikm

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Are you curious to learn more about the reasons behind your everyday itch? Watch as Dr.Michelle breaks down the key pillars as to why we itch.

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Our Free To Be Active Body Wash is the perfect addition to your new skin clarifying routine. 1. Start by cleaning with our tea tree body wash to deeply cleanse the whole body, 2. Apply our triple-action antifungal balm to treat the root cause and address the symptoms, 3. Take our gut-balancing skin support supplement to support long-term skin health. Shop our body wash today for $19.99, that’s 20% off! https://amzn.to/3HtRMJb

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We’ve just launched two brand new exciting products, part of our 3 Step Skin Clarifying System. Healthy looking skin is easy when you: 1. Cleanse and hydrate with our extra-strength tea tree body wash, 2. Treat and prevent fungus with our antifungal balm, and 3. Support skin from the inside with our nutrient-packed Skin Support Supplement. Learn more about our new Free To Be Active Body Wash and Free To Be Balanced Supplement in this short video! Watch it now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN7X5aCs0pc


We all know itchy skin can be the absolute worst, especially in the wintertime. Learn how you can combat itchy skin in the winter with Dr. Michelle Burkland today!

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Our new Free to Be Balanced supplement nourishes for long term skin health, providing balanced gut flora, healthy immune system and stress response support, and ultimately encouraging the maintenance of a healthy microbiome. Shop our supplement today for 20% off! https://amzn.to/3HKDR1L


Happy International Day Of Happiness! On this day we like to remember our well being is about more than just great natural products, it’s also about life balance. Learn more about how you can prioritize happiness everyday!

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Our Tea Tree Body Wash is powerfully cleansing, and deeply hydrating. It is ideal for use with our Antifungal Topical and Skin Balancing Supplement, and works to address body & foot odor. Full of plant-powered hydrators to soothe dry, itchy skin in need of extra care. Formulated without parabens or artificial fragrance. Shop today! https://amzn.to/3HtRMJb


Do you currently suffer from itchy skin that burns at the touch? Check out our video to find out why this happens and what you can do to relieve the itchy burning sensation.

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What sets our Free to Be Balanced Supplement apart? We keep it clean! No glucosamine or chondroitin which are from shellfish, animal or synthetics made in a lab, no soy, sugar, GMOs, gluten, or dairy. Shop now! https://amzn.to/3HKDR1L


Not sure how to use our Antifungal System, it’s easy! Step 1, deeply cleanse and hydrate with our Free To Be Active Tea Tree Body Wash. Step 2, treat fungal infections with our Free To Be Antifungal Balm. Step 3, Take our Free To Be Balanced Supplement twice daily for healthy gut flora and skin support. Don’t miss out on the launch of these 2 new products! https://amzn.to/3HtRMJb

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Our Free to Be Active Body Wash is Infused with high-dose tea tree oil. This tea tree soap cleanser is specially formulated for humid environments, active lifestyles, and sweat-prone areas like feet, between toes, groin, and underarms. Shop now! https://amzn.to/3HtRMJb

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Our Free to Be Balanced Supplement is an effective, safe, plant-powered formulation that's loaded with clinically proven ingredients. Shop today! https://amzn.to/3HKDR1L


Have you ever wondered what causes itching all over the body? Dr. Michelle shares different remedies that can help calm itching all over the body without any adverse reactions. Watch now!

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Our Free To Be Active Triple-Action Antifungal System is launching soon and you won’t want to miss it! Our system was formulated with plant-based ingredients that will address the root cause of skin issues, while nourishing the body from the inside out.


Are you curious to learn more about the root cause of your everyday itch? Watch our video to learn more about the exact reason why you may be itching!

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We've got some exciting news! We’re about to launch two new products as part of our ultimate Antifungal System. You’ll soon be able to use them to ​​address the root cause while nourishing the body from the inside out. Launching Soon!

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Puriya Free to Be Active Antifungal Balm is clinically proven effective for treating athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm. It’s formulated without steroids or harmful chemicals, and it provides fast, long-term relief! Try out this balm today! https://amzn.to/3onz0N0
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The Puriya Story

We are sisters, Jill and Yi-Jen. Growing up in Taiwan, it’s not common to visit a doctor for every ailment. Our mother and grandmother had a natural remedy for everything - like, steamed pear for a couch, ginger water for callouses and many more. We grew up learning that our bodies can heal themselves using holistic remedies from nature.

When we moved to the United States, our mother was no longer with us to simmer up potions and pastes - the traditional way. We had to take care of ourselves the "American way". We couldn’t believe how long it took to get in to see the doctor, and when we picked up our prescriptions at the pharmacy, we could barely pronounce, let alone identify, a single ingredient. There weren’t other natural options available to us at the time, so life goes on.

Fast forward a few years. One of us was at a pharmacy picking up a prescription for our eczema and heard the pharmacist loudly explaining the many side effects of a medication to this elderly lady. It was a wake-up call for us. We were thinking, “Why does it have to be this way? What if our love of nature and Mother's remedies from home might help us find the solution to our own skin conditions?"

Despite our busy lives we used every bit of spare time testing and researching natural, plant-based ingredients. By combining our educational backgrounds in science and research with our passion to help others we started to make some progress. We found that most of the hydrating creams and lotions used far too many bad chemicals, and that meant they would never work to help those with sensitive skin like us.

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