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The Princeton Co. store remodel sale is this weekend!!! Fri 3/18-Sun3/20. EVERYTHING MUST GO!
💕Gorgeous 20” Bellami clip in extensions!

Salon: The Princeton Co.

The Shops at Dos Lagos!
Your Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Oasis!"
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The Shops at Dos Lagos!
Your Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Oasis!"

The Princeton Co. officially reopened!
Continue to show your support to local businesses at The Shops at Dos Lagos!

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The next business we're helping is The Princeton Co., in Corono, CA.

Here's our call with the good news.

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The Princeton Co. will open back up again on Monday, August 31st at The Shops at Dos Lagos!
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Head over to their Instagram page for more details!
In need of face masks? Head over to The Princeton Co. page for more details!

The Princeton Co. Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Baskets 🧺

They carry everything from candles, self-care products, purses, accessories, bath products, hair care, cloth face masks and so much more! You can also purchase gift cards to their boutique, the med spa or their salon!

Head over to Princeton Co. Instagram Page for more details!
The Princeton Co. is sewing custom designer masks - check out /!
They are also selling hair products and offering delivery and pickup from a near by location as well as shipping! Head over to their facebook/instagram page for more details!

The Shops at Dos Lagos
Your Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Oasis!"
The Princeton Co. Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Baskets 🧺

They carry everything from candles, self-care products, purses, accessories, bath products, hair care, cloth face masks and so much more! You can also purchase gift cards to their boutique, the med spa or their salon!

Head over to Princeton Co. Instagram Page for more details!

WE ARE NOW OPEN!! COME AND SEE US! The Princeton Co. is an experience and a lifestyle. We support local goods and organic products.

We are first and foremost a member of the community that offers amazing beauty enhancements. We believe in protecting the biggest organ in your body - your skin. We provide services that give you the enhancements that you choose without the harsh elements. We also believe in having a great sense of style and self expression. We have clothing and accessories that are handpicked and approved by a te


CONGRATS to our stylist on her beautiful wedding and marriage. We had so much fun celebrating you TPC style.


Our boutique is back in business and ready to go home with you. Stop in and see the new inventory.


C O M I N G S O O N @ TPC. ⛽️


getting her client senior year ready with the fresh hair!


Now more than ever is the perfect time to show your support of local businesses. We love our community and want to continue to serve our clients for many more years to come. Here are 5 simple ways you can SUPPORT our salon, boutique and med spa right now:

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5. Shop our boutique for the perfect holiday gifts and trendy clothes.

Your continued support means so much to us in a time like this! Thank you!

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 11/02/2020

Let’s end this year with some fresh talent! We have booths and rooms available for rent and we are seeking other beauty professionals to bring their services to our beautiful clientele. Slide in our DMs or shoot us a text or email us :) [email protected] WELCOMING GOOD VIBES ✨

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 05/07/2020

Playing around with some Mother’s Day gift basket options ❤️ We have all of the Mom’s covered whether they are your own mom, your wife, sister, friend, you name it. We did get a basket down to $25 so they are now $25+ up.

Photos from The Shops at Dos Lagos's post 05/07/2020

Photos from The Shops at Dos Lagos's post

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 04/08/2020

SUPER SOFT FACE MASK ALERT: $20 Material: Made of knit rayon and spandex - Protective face mask with elastic earloops to cover the nose and mouth. Reusable as it is made of fabric material which is washable. The inner part comes with a filter hold to put in additional filters such as handkerchief or tissue paper for protection and as well protect the cloth mask from moist so it remains dry all day and serves as the absorbent layer.

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 04/07/2020

In case you have been living under a rock, be advised I am sewing masks! Proceeds are going towards our business that’s in forced lockdown and also towards making masks for medical providers. Link in bio as it’s a bit hard to take orders in an organized fashion via DM. We have authentic, inspired and then of course fun patterns for kids and men etc. basic blacks etc. put notes in the website ❤️❤️😷😷 thanks for the support!

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 04/06/2020

Sorry for the face mask spam but we are making masks and in return helping keep our small business running, protecting the community with the goods and also donating to medical providers. It’s a good cause and great masks. You can order on the website. Link in bio. Tell a friend. We also do children’s. Stay safe and wear any mask even if it’s a bandana as it is mandatory for us now. 😷❤️

Timeline photos 03/31/2020

Covid got you too couch locked to make it to the shower? Don’t worry, we have you covered in our online shop. Free delivery within 5 miles - no contact drop off.

Timeline photos 03/28/2020

We miss you! Thank you for keeping us busy! 🚚 📦 ❤️

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 03/27/2020

Hot off the press with a new drop! CBD shampoo and conditioner. DM if you want to order. ✅

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 03/27/2020

Today I had the pleasure of virtual shopping for a sweetie pie who wanted to spread love to her girlfriends from afar. We shopped together over the phone and picked out the perfect gifts for her friends. Seeing how passionate she was about wanting to create the perfect gift basket for her friends reminded me why we do what we do. Such a beautiful and giving soul and I am so grateful she trusted me to create such special baskets. We added some fun flare with pink masks and gloves with handwritten cards. Delivered straight to their doorsteps with no contact. Gifting is my love language and so glad we could also deliver custom blended bath salts to so many deserving people today on their doorsteps. Social distancing can be fun! Not pictured oranges and lemons from and yummy orchards!

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 03/12/2020

Cheers to three years. Thank you to the sweetest team for making every day and this milestone count. ❤️❤️❤️ @ The Princeton Co.

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 03/12/2020

Cheers to many more. Thank you for my crew of strong women that made today a thoughtful and special day! So grateful for all of you.

Timeline photos 02/21/2020

This was the patients first time with . We treated only one side of her face to see the difference and could not believe the results. You can see the lifting of even her lips, brows, cheeks and so much more! I added the lines so you could truly see the lifting effect. This would be considered a toning facial lift. We will be opening up the schedule for consults and treatment starting this coming Thursday! We will announce when the books are open.

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 02/19/2020

Personal Trainers
Health Coaches

As your clients lead a healthier lifestyle and lose weight we can offer treatments with our cryoskin machine to tighten the loose skin and target fat cells to aid in the process. Often clients wait until the loose skin is too much to be treated vs tightening as they lose which can be irreversible. When combining your techniques and the use of our cryoskin machine, your clients will see double the results vs just dieting or fitness. This leads to better results, an enhanced outcome for everyone’s goals and greater referrals moving forward. Each treatment has a minimum of .5 up to 3 inch of loss and With two treatment options aka the slimming treatment which permanently removes fat cells and the toning which tightens loose skin and promotes collagen, we can target almost all those in need. Treatments are $395 a session and we recommend 5 sessions per area. TAG A TRAINER, HEALTH COACH, GYM, or WELLNESS CENTER!! @ The Princeton Co.

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 12/06/2019

Thank you for your support! each participant will be given a raffle ticket towards winning the chance to pick someone deserving of a day of pampering and gifts. Yes, the winner will give their gift of beauty to someone deserving because it feels so dang good to be selfless! The winner will get a little something for themselves, too ;).


Tomorrow only!


Hello Friends! We are doing discounted treatment tomorrow 9/18 to expand our portfolio. To book you can on our website and the prices are below. If you have any questions you can call or text and 951-444-1362. Tell a friend!! Greenway Med Aesthetics You can see our latest work on our website as well! Hope you can snag a spot! 18+ for treatment - no model experience required - just need to show our skills on any face

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 08/06/2019

Showcasing some of our recent & beautiful work 😍 We should do this more often right?!
Each hair artist is tagged & we will soon be adding each stylist to our IG highlights so you can learn more about them & see their work! ✨ @ The Princeton Co.


Our Kate Spade is 20% off 💁🏼‍♀️. Treat yourself :)

Timeline photos 05/25/2019

The most beautiful hair by

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 05/21/2019

Stop in and smell the flowers. Branding & design done by . I am in love with the feminine touch against the masculine black bricks. She took my vision and made it happen better than I could have hoped for. From the neutral fabrics in the window to add a sense of privacy and mystery to the baby’s breath up the front, it is everything I could have hoped for. Breathing some color into your life. Come get some beauty and snap a selfie! @ The Princeton Co.

Timeline photos 05/03/2019

Jennifer was nominated by myself to get the angel of the month nominations rolling again. I nominated Jennifer because she tragically lost her fiancé. She wrote to me that I gave her hope and I want everyone to know that it’s women like her that give us all hope. Despite the pain and having to rebuild your world you get up every day and refuse to give up. To anyone hurting out there, don’t give up. You got this! Jennifer, we will see you tomorrow and give you some extra love and goodies! - please keep submitting on our website so we can honor these amazing human beings ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Photos from The Princeton Co.'s post 05/02/2019

Who wants a tour?! Your place for all things beauty. Shop for gifts, get multiple service options and most of all shop small. Brick and mortar can stay alive and well with your support ❤️

Timeline photos 03/11/2019

Mamma, we made it. 2 years and growing strong. Today I would like to reflect on why I opened this business. I had just lost my sons and was going to school full time and working full time from home. I missed my tanning studio in Brea and I wanted to get out of the house to save myself from going down a path of darkness with the pain from my sons. One thing led to another and with almost zero expectations we came upon what slowly turned into what we are today. The Princeton Co is not The Princeton Company but The Princeton Conrad for the twins. It was in that abbreviated “Co.” that I got to have the mystery of the journeys and what it means to work hard, be good to others, have meaning in life, not give up and to change lives. The hardest part was wondering what happened if I failed and my support system reminded me that with God’s Grace, that failure would lead me down my path regardless and here we are 2 years after cutting a double red ribbon, to celebrating two years. Two years or rewards, struggle, joy, frustration and all of those experiences have continued to shape who we are as a company and who I am as a person. Our journeys build our characters and I hope by sharing the reminder of how we got here and continue to progress helps brighten someone’s day. I never dreamed of owning a salon or boutique. I dreamed of being a good business person and leader. To all of my girls at TPC that have supported me for any part of this journey, I truly love you. Wherever our journeys take us you will always be apart of our story and have impacted my life in some form. To my family and friends thanks for picking me up when it felt like too much. To our loyal customers... you are our heartbeat. Happy 2 years!! Giveaway will be posted on live later this evening! A million thank you’s and stay tuned as we build the new location, TPC 2.0. -BRIT PSA - remember to shop small. It breaks all of our hearts to see stores close down due to online shopping. Try to get out there and support small businesses. Thank you!

Timeline photos 03/03/2019

SURPRISE!! TPC is moving 9 doors down for a revamp on steroids. No detail will be spared and we cannot wait to share it with you. Estimated 45 days till opening TPC 2.0 🖤🖤 thank you to our amazing supporters in this journey.

Timeline photos 02/25/2019

✨✨✨✨GIVEAWAY CONTEST!!!!! We made it two years in business thanks to our amazing clients and staff. It is time to expand so we are doing a BIG giveaway reflecting some items from our boutique & salon to share with our supporters.

✨The giveaway ends 3/11/18.
To enter:
💎Follow TPC
💎Like the photo
💎Tag 3 friends (each 3 friends counts as 1 vote - you can tag as many as you would like for additional votes)

✨1 Winner will be selected randomly by an online generator.
✨Winner must be local to Corona,CA to pick up the items - we will not ship.

✨Giveaway items:
Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo- $26
Unite 7 Seconds Detangler- $31.50
French Connection Black Velvet Backpack- $78
Soprano Labs Bamboo Charcoal Soap- $10
Spongelle Freesia Pear- $16
Voluspa Blond Tabac- $26
Soji Crystal Water Bottle- $80
Kate Spade Bracelet- $58
P.F. Candle Reed Diffuser (Los Angeles)- $20
Modern Burlap Large Knit Swiss Cross Reversible Blanket $75

✨Prizes Valued at approximately $450
✨✨✨✨ More winners and prizes may be added depending on the support that the giveaway receives so check back!
✨Items are subject to change with item of same value.
✨This giveaway has no affiliation with Instagram.
✨Winner will be chosen 3/11/19 on our 2 year anniversary and announced on Instagram. Winner will have 24 hours to reply or another winner will be chosen.

Timeline photos 02/23/2019

3/11/19 Marks 2 years in business for The Princeton Co.! We have been so blessed to make it this far but it is time to expand. We have a very large space and looking for fresh vibes and fellow business owners to come set up shop. DM, email [email protected] or text 951.444.1362 for more info!

Timeline photos 01/20/2019

We won’t bedazzle it but we will sugar it! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to hibernate your grooming and hygiene. Stay on top of your hair removal routine with natural and organic sugaring. Mention this photo to save 10% on your next sugaring service. Valid one per customer.

Timeline photos 01/20/2019

Serving up fresh Lashes for the New Year. Mention this photo while booking and save $10 on a full set!

Timeline photos 12/23/2018

It’s gifting time! A Princeton Co. gift card is the perfect present. They can purchase lashes, brows, sugar hair removal, spray tanning and all of our amazing gifts with their gift card. We have so many new brands and items in for gifting. Remember what the season is about - love, appreciation and cheer. Thank you for your support as we head into the new year. Gift cards can also be purchased online. TPC gift cards will be given $25 off a service when paying with the gift card for lashes or brows! 😮👏🏼🙏🏼🎅🏼🎁❤️💋

Timeline photos 11/15/2018

Where are the organic lovers out there? Nothing better than to keep your home and body clean and free of chemicals. Apparently it is also gentle enough for washing naughty kids mouths out with soap when needed 😂.

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2780 Cabot Drive #115
Corona, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 1pm - 4pm
Tuesday 1pm - 4pm
Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Thursday 10:30am - 8pm
Friday 10:30am - 7pm
Saturday 10:30am - 7pm
Sunday 1pm - 4pm

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