Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Glen Ivy Hot Springs


If you are looking for pure relaxation
This is the places to go☺️☁️🥂
You’re invited to join me tomorrow, Tues. for special classes in addition to my usual ones!

11am-Qigong and Sound Bath
12pm-walking meditation
2pm-yin yoga for deep relaxation

Btw, I play the crystal singing bowls in each class, so come vibe out with me!
Come with me ❤️
Situated at the mouth of Cold Water Canyon, beneath the towering Santa Ana Mountain Range, Glen Ivy Hot Springs lies sheltered by the mountains and open to the sky. 💛

Natural mineral spring water flows from deep in the earth and has done since the Glen Ivy Hot Springs first attracted guests over 150 years ago.

More Info:

We are just a few weeks away from our 4th Annual Barn dance! Tickets will not be sold at the door this year and the last day to purchase tickets is May 9th.

We wanted to confirm even though Smokin J's BBQ is catering the event, there will be a vegetarian option. So there will be something for everyone!

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors who donated items to our silent auction. These are just a few of the beautiful baskets that will be up for grabs.

Thank you to Kensington Brewing Company, Alvarado Institute of Skin Care, Walter Andersen Nursery, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, Zen Sanctuary, Book Place, Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Frosty Fam Creations, Lisa, Kate and all the other donors who made these baskets possible.

These are just a few of the items. Stayed tuned for the upcoming post featuring more donors and auction items. Thank you again and we are looking forward to seeing everyone soon!
Inconvenient to call & be the 80th person in queue to book admission only. Why can't I book admission only online?
HAD A WONDERFUL DAY WITH MY FAMILY Glen Ivy Hot Springs.. my family is so inctedibly kind, loving and full of laughter ..
Losing my Uncle Mark has been the hardest loss and has really given us perspective .. time is your most valuable commodity.. don’t waste it.. I LOVE YOU ALL..
tag yourselves ❤️❤️
Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, California, announced the appointment of Herve Blondel as the property's new general manager.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Self Care is super important
4 of us have reservations on Monday. HORRIBLE cabana rules
Had an amazing time celebrating my birthday with you all! Cabana is the ONLY way to go! Special shout out to Alex, Jona and crew for making my birthday special!!!
We have such an amazing team that puts in so much time and energy throughout the year to ensure we are proving our community with the best oral surgery care possible. Healthcare is a very physically and mentally demanding industry. As a reward for their dedication and hard work, our team was treated to a re-energizing spa day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Our company is truly with caring team members like ours!

Your wellness experience awaits. Call 1.888.GlenIvy to book your visit! #glenivyhotsprings


The ultimate bonding experience is at ! 👯

For a limited time only, we are offering special pricing on our packages and admission:
☀️Admission only just $70
☀️Admission plus The Grotto just $105
☀️Admission plus a Hydromassage $110
☀️Admission plus service starting at $205

Send this to your group chat now! Available Monday - Thursday through April 30. Book now at



Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey! You’ve inspired us and want to share this with our community 🤍



Spring has sprung! 🌸

Celebrate spring at with your spa besties. Relish in our therapeutic amenities and offerings as you soak the day away in the healing waters. Start planning your day at!



: Glen Ivy is offering complementary Dazzle Dry with any nail care service in March! 💅

This is your sign to pamper yourself with our special pricing available for a limited time only. Book now at or by calling 1.888.GlenIvy!

Monday - Thursday Only:
🌴Admission only $70
🌴Admission plus service starting at $205 based on service price


Relaxation level: expert 🌴

For more details on available packages and limited-time pricing, visit!



Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Create lasting memories with your favorite people at !

Experience our Better with Friends package that includes admission, a warm robe, a 50-minute service, and a continental breakfast served with a mimosa.

Call 1.888.GlenIvy book now!

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Your wellness experience awaits. Call 1.888.GlenIvy to book your visit!


Experience the power of nature with the Vista Pool!

This pool consists of mineral water that aids in stimulating the immune system while taking in the scenic views of the Santa Ana mountains.

Leave a ‘🌴’ if this is your go-to pool.


From massages to facials and everything in between, Glen Ivy offers a variety of services that are designed for everyone to unwind.

Not sure what service to get? Visit to find the perfect treatment for you!



Drift away into relaxation at , where serenity and tranquility meet.

Treat yourself to a self-care day with our limited-time pricing:
💧Admission only just $70
💧Admission plus The Grotto just $105
💧Admission plus a Hydromassage $110

Available through April 30 and Monday - Thursday only. Reserve now at



Here at , we believe in the power of natural healing. Discover the therapeutic benefits of our mineral baths and healing waters and prepare to be rejuvenated from the inside out.

Start planning your day now at!


hits differently when experienced with your best friends! 👯

Our Better with Friends package includes Taking the Waters admission, a 50-minute facial or massage, a cozy robe, and a continental breakfast with a mimosa.

To book, call 1.888.GlenIvy!



As we patiently await the arrival of spring, visit to relax and recharge for the season ahead.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our special package pricing:
☀️Admission Only $70
☀️Admission and The Grotto $105
☀️Admission with Hydromassage $110
☀️Admission with service starting at $205

Available Monday - Thursday only through March 16! Book now at



Prioritize wellness with your special someone while basking in the lush and peaceful environment of ! 🌴

Let us know when you’ll be visiting ⬇️



Experience the perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty as you lounge poolside with a refreshing drink in hand. 🍹

To reserve, call 1.888.GlenIvy!



Experience pure tranquility at Glen Ivy while surrounded by greenery, healing mineral waters and therapeutic treatments.

From now through March 16, book with our limited-time special pricing:
🌴Admission Only $70
🌴Admission and The Grotto $105
🌴Admission with Hydromassage $110
🌴Admission with service starting at $205

Available Monday – Thursday. Book now at!


Admission & Packages - Glen Ivy Hot Springs 02/27/2023

Admission & Packages - Glen Ivy Hot Springs

A spa day is better with your best friends 👯

Our Better with Friends package returns this Wednesday, March 1! Includes Taking the Waters admission, a 50 minute facial or massage, a cozy robe and breakfast with a mimosa. Only available Monday - Thursday.

To reserve your getaway, call 1.888.GlenIvy!

Admission & Packages - Glen Ivy Hot Springs Whatever your reason for visiting – be it relaxation or celebration – the healing waters and lush landscape of Glen Ivy® guarantee you’ll have a happy and healthy day out. At Glen Ivy Hot Springs, we are committed to providing you with a safe and relaxing escape free of the worries of the out...


Soak in the healing powers of the mineral baths at ! The sulfur-rich springs aid in easing joint pain and softening the skin.

Take a dip into our new pricing offered Monday-Thursday:
💧Admission only just $70
💧Admission plus Grotto just $105

Reserve now by calling 1.888.GlenIvy or at!



Revitalize your mind, body and soul with a relaxing daycation in paradise 🌴

We offer a variety of amenities made for everyone! To browse all available packages, visit



Indulge in silky soft skin with our subterranean treatment, The Grotto! Get painted from head-to-toe in our warm aloe vera, coconut oil, eucalyptus, shea butter and lavender masque while warming up in the secret underground cave.

Would you try this?



Wellness is not just a destination-it’s a journey 🧘🏻

Start planning a day at at or call 1.888.GlenIvy to reserve!


Glen Ivy Hot Springs 02/17/2023

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Trust us - is the place for relaxation, wellness and a serene environment.

Take advantage of the special pricing offered for a limited time only. Reserve by calling 1.888.GlenIvy or booking at

Monday - Thursday ONLY:
☀️Admission ONLY for $70
☀️Admission plus The Grotto for $120

Glen Ivy Hot Springs


Escape the winter chill at !

Experience the Winter Warm-Up Package before it’s gone! Includes admission, a 50-minute massage or facial, a subterranean treatment at The Grotto, a comfy robe and a hot beverage with a complimentary cookie.

To book, call 1.888.GlenIvy!



that hydrotherapy has many physical benefits but also promotes mental health? The Hot and Cold Plunge pools offer aid in circulation, energy, and anxiety.

Comment below if you’ve tried out hydrotherapy!



Happy ! ❤️

Nothing says love like a day full of pampering with therapeutic treatments and calming amenities. How will you be spending the day?



Treat yourself and a loved one to a much-needed winter escape!

Indulge in the Winter Warm-Up package, which includes Taking the Waters admission, a 50-minute massage or facial, our subterranean experience The Grotto, a cozy robe and warm beverage with a free cookie.

To reserve, call 1.888.GlenIvy!


Find your zen and unwind in style with our various treatments made for anyone!

Head to to find the perfect one for you.



Show yourself some love this month with a self-care day at ❤️

Luxuriate in our new prices on our packages:
🌹Admission Only $70
🌹Admission and The Grotto $105
🌹Admission with Hydromassage $110
🌹Admission with service starting at $205

Available Monday - Thursday only. Book now at!


Reboot and recharge while sitting poolside at the Vista Pool & take in the beautiful view of the Santa Ana mountains.



Love is in the air 🤍

To celebrate love, we’re hosting another giveaway! Follow our Instagram on how to enter.


Escape the winter woes at ☀️

Experience our Winter Warm-Up package until the end of the month! Includes admission, a 50-minute massage or facial, the subterranean experience The Grotto, a Glen Ivy robe and a hot beverage with a complimentary cookie.

Reserve now by calling 1.888.GlenIvy.



Find your inner peace at 's tranquil spa oasis 🌴

Reserve now by calling 1.888.GlenIvy or book at



Relax, rejuvenate and celebrate the power of friendship with a Galentine's spa day at ! ☀️

Purchase a $100 gift card for only $85 plus free shipping. Purchase by February 7 to receive it in time for !



Dip into the Saline Pool!

Our Saline pool is filled with Epsom salts which are rich in magnesium and sulfates and have a therapeutic effect on easing tight muscles, joints, cramps, and inflammation in the body.

Leave a ‘🧂’ if this is your favorite pool!


Spend the day on cloud 9 with your special someone. Give the gift of relaxation with a Glen Ivy gift card for Valentine’s Day. Purchase a $100 gift card for $85 with free shipping!

Must order by February 7 to receive by February 14. Begin shopping at!



Have a winter-ful day at !

Our Winter Warm-Up Package includes Taking the Waters admission, a trip to the subterranean experience The Grotto, a 50-minute massage or facial, a Glen Ivy robe and a warm beverage with a free cookie!

To reserve, call 1.888.GlenIvy ❄️



What your Valentine’s Day could look like 🌴

Send this to your significant other to let them know Glen Ivy is having their $100 for $85 gift card sale! Plus, it includes free shipping. Order by February 7 to receive by February 14.


In dire need of a staycation? Visit for a day of wellness, peace and relaxation.

We offer a variety of treatments for everyone! Check out to find out which one is right for you.



The start of something new ✨

Try our Vital Energy Journey Package to rejuvenate and detoxify your mind and body! Includes admission, the new Vital Energy Massage, a one-day juice cleanse from , a list of activities to aid in the detoxification process and a robe for the day.

Reserve now before it’s too late by calling 1.888.GlenIvy!


Escape to paradise with your soulmate! Purchase a gift card for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Order a $100 gift card for just $85 includes free shipping!

Order by February 7 to receive by February 14 at


Photos from Glen Ivy Hot Springs's post 01/19/2023

A day to revitalize your mind, body and soul!

Experience our newest package, Vital Energy Journey. Includes admission, a 50-minute Vital Energy Massage, a ‘one-day’ juice cleanse from , a cozy robe and a list of activities to help the detoxification process.

Reserve by calling 1.888.GlenIvy!

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Spend your summer nights in paradise 🌴🌙 Evenings at #GlenIvy are available every Friday - Sunday from 4 - 9 pm through m...




25000 Glen Ivy Road
Corona, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am - 5pm
Tuesday 9:30am - 5pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 5pm
Thursday 9:30am - 5pm
Friday 9:30am - 5pm
Saturday 9:30am - 5pm
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