Functional FNP 👩🏽‍⚕️ ; Food 🥑🥬🫐 is Medicine; Spirit ✨, Mind 🧠 & Body 🚶🏽🚶🏽‍♀️ Whole Health 💞. Bio-identical hormone & adrenal support; gut health.

Leaky gut = leaky nose = leaky brain.

Operating as usual


Savoring this beautiful day in north Texas while so many mourn in south Texas. I’ve read the stories of those involved. So much life & joy taken so early. I also read that the shooter was made fun of as a child due to a stutter and that his mom struggled with addiction. Trauma runs so deep and for the survivors can be very triggering in times like these. If you have been triggered I encourage you to reach out for help. Pastoral support, counselors & social workers, treasured friends and family. Depending on your stance, you may not feel this at all and go directly to action/ doing. I’m so glad there are groups where we can connect and advocate if that’s our slant.

As an Enneagram 1, I move to 4 in stress. Which means I can be very down and very withdrawn. But it also means I am comfortable in grief. I can be still and with others in grief. I am with you all tonight.

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Although I love my egg plates, honestly most weekday breakfasts look like this 🥛🥣. If you can do oats, one of my my faves is @purely_elizabeth Superfood oatmeal. Add almond butter, non-dairy yogurt- love @foragerproject or @eat.cocoyo - more seeds & fruit 🍓🫐🍒 and you’ve got all you need! If grain free, they’ve got tons of grain free granola options. 🙌🏼

A smoothie that keeps you satisfied for hours: Base of non-dairy milk and @vitalproteins collagen protein, then add greens, berries, seeds- hemp or flax are great, nut butter & non-dairy yogurt or avocado 🥑 to make it super creamy. Whatever you have on hand, it’s a kitchen sink smoothie!

Enneagram1: Wouldn’t it be better if you made your own (nut milk, yogurt) and ground your flaxseeds fresh?
Wing 9: 😐
Security 7: Yes! But It’s all good!

Enneagram 1: Are those photos the best you got? You should take a food photography class.
Wing 9: 🙄
Security 7: Food photography, that’d be great! Fun! Sign me up!
Wing 9: 🤫

Enneagram1: faves? Deets? Do people even say that anymore?
Wing 9: Stop.
Security 7: 😎


My spring self care included an Enneagram class, and now I know why my breakfast looks like this on a typical weekday morning. Enneagram 1wing9 here, and welcome to my world. I also haven’t posted much in general and realized that’s because number 1, It must be perfect and number 2, oh Look a squirrel 🐿! Leaning into spiritual growth and aiming to share more. At least for today ☺️
My clients often struggle with breakfast when gluten/ grains 🌾🥖🥞🧇 are removed. I found I can simply replace it with some sautéed greens🥬 , avocado 🥑 and hemp seeds and feel just as full without the mid morning lull, brain 🧠 fog, or throat clearing/ sniffling 🤧. Which is also why I am weathering this allergy season like a champ 💪🏼 Leaky gut is a big deal with allergy sufferers.

@traderjoes Organic Power greens
@costco Organic Hemp hearts & avocado
@vitalfarms eggs (& my husband’s gift of the perfect soft boil)
Homegrown sweet pepper


Mardi Gras looks different these days, but we still celebrate- even baked a gluten free King Cake with my favorite chef!


Fresh air, movement and community are foundations of health. Checking the boxes today at Arbor Hills with friends!


It’s soup weather in Dallas! This delicious 😋 posole 🍲 warms our hearts & bellies! Fresh cilantro 🌿 & radish help our bodies detoxify too. 👏🏼

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It’s 🧡🤍🧡 so we splurged on some treats this morning. Ohmygoodness was it delicious!
Also friends, listen to your children. We used to tease Eva since she would never finish a 🍩. Or 🥪 . When I found functional medicine gluten free became the norm and she soon followed suit. She “made the healthy choice” because it made her feel better. Then she noticed it helped her in school too! 🧠✍🏽📖📚 We thought her stomach issues were CF related, but they’ve all but disappeared since she made the switch. 🔄 And she’s gone from needing math tutoring & still not really getting it, to understanding and volunteering to answer questions on the board in class! How many learning difficulties are diet related?? Empower your kids to make healthy choices!

And 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏼‍♂️ don’t walk to @reveriebakeshop . You too could have this look of bliss after the first bite of your first gluten-free donut!

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