Gel Nails by Cheryl

Gel Nails by Cheryl


Have a happy birthday!
I have been going to Cheryl since 1998. She has kept up with the latest products and provides EXCELLENT service! (Even when I was stuck in the hospital for 3 weeks!) I call her "My mental health moment!"

Text or Call: 214-532-6979 Artgenic Protein Gel IBD Hard Gel Light Elegance Gel Akzentz Gel BioSculpture Gel OPI Shellac Essie

I'm a known established Nail Tech in the North Dallas area for 25 years. I specialize in Authentic Gel Nails.

Nails by cheryl always strives to keep a clean, sterile and sanitary environment. We always follow and exceed all strict sanitary policies and procedures as required by Texas Department of Health and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. All tools, pedicure supplies , and other such supplies are all sterilized completely prior to each use. All linens are washed with bleach and dried completely and thoroughly on high heat, and are sterilized in this manner prior to each use. During this time, we are taking extra special care to sanitize door handles, pens, restrooms, headrests, fixtures, and other touch points consistently throughout the day with Lysol sanitary wipes. And of course, employee hands are washed and sterilized consistently and thoroughly before every touch or interaction.

Hard gel nails overlay with OPI gel polish

Easter nails anybody? OPI gel polish.

Another happy customer at gel nails by cheryl in Dallas,Tx.๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒน

Hard gel overlay with Gelish Gel polish and gel sparkle

Authentic hard gel nails are created from a pot, not powder dip.

Hard gel nails overlay with gel polish of your choice

Grow your own nails! Forget dipping powder and risks of bacteria from using powder dipping. When hard gel is applied properly you can grow your own nails. Text or call 214-532-6979 for appt.

Formulated with high-quality resins that will never crack or chip.
Formulated using oligomers that result in a safe and hypoallergenic product for clients.
This product is fabulous! Love love โค๏ธ it.

Grew her nails naturally with Light Elegance Builder Gel

Gel FX nails, these are high quality natural gel nails, not plastic , they last up to 3 weeks and are soaked off and a new set is re-applied. Once your nails are grown out, I can apply a thin natural coat of my fiber gel to keep your nails strong and healthy.

Gel Nails by Cheryl
text or call for appt..214-532-6979

Light Elegance Hard Gel,
Formulated with high quality resins that don't crack.
This product is safe and hypoallergenic and holds up well.

[05/01/19]   FYI for people searching for gel nails or a new nail tech:
I Do Not Do Stiletto Nails OR Coffin Nails OR 3-4 inch nails with designs.
I do have sparkle gel and shimmer polish if you like a little bling ๐Ÿ˜Š
I do natural to normal Active Length nails.
All Manicures come with fast drying long lasting Gel Polish . ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…

Text or call 214-532-6979
Ditch the Dip Powder and go with Biogels!
This is an excellent nail product and a healthy alternative to dip powder and acrylic nails.
Your nails will thank you and so will i๐Ÿ‘

Newest Product~
BIOSEAWEED Hard Gel Nails,

The Big-5 Free-
No Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, BHA or Camphor
Cruelty-Free | Vegan-Friendly | Solvent-Free

Zero Dehydration, Staining or Weakening

This is an Award Winning Polish.
Odor Free - Absolutely NO smell. Does not smell like nail polish, since it is polish free.
Flexibility and Strength - Typical gel polish made with polish in it will chip the longer the customer wears the product as it ages and the product gets harder. Luxio does not age, allowing the customer weeks after weeks after weeks of flawless wear!
Applies beautifully in 1-2 coats - Some colors have such perfect high quality pigment, it can be applied perfectly and opaque with 1 coat. The coverage is fantastic.
Does Not Wrinkle - Gel polish that is made with part polish must Dry AND Cure at the exact rate it is designed for. If it does one faster than the other, you get wrinkling. Luxio is 100% gel and will not dry, so it can be applied slightly thicker than most gel polishes allowing french with one coat of white.
Does not get thick - Solvents dissipating out of the bottle of typical polish causes it to thicken over time. With Luxio being solvent free, that will never happen! You can use every drop of your Luxio.
Cures 30 seconds in LED lamps, 2 minutes in UV lamps.
Exclusively at Gel Nails by Cheryl

LOVE โค๏ธ this product ! Itโ€™s actually my favorite for Hard Gel Applications.

Gel Nails by Cheryl When Gel Nails are done by caring, experienced, and trained professionals, they are gentle to the natural nail and should stay intact on the nail for 2 weeks or more, with high shine and no cracking, peeling or chipping.

Formulated with high-quality resins that will never crack or chip.
Formulated using oligomers that result in a safe and hypoallergenic product for clients.
This product is fabulous! Love love โค๏ธ it.

This is a before / after pic of Bettyโ€™s manicure that lasted 5 weeks with Light Elegance Hard Gel. I dont recommend going this long between fills but you can if needed.
Text or call 214-532-6979

Associated Nail Professionals - ANP

So true! ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…
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Gel Nails By Cheryl en Google Doing Akzentz Hard Gel on one of my long time clients. She comes every 2 weeks for maintenance. Iโ€™m by APPT ONLY. I cannot take walk-ins. Text or call 214-532-6979 to book appts. If I canโ€™t answer the phone simply leave a message and Iโ€™ll call you back as time permits. ๐Ÿ‘

100 % Pure Gel Polish, that is odorless and solvent free. Because it is not mixed with Polish like other brands, it offers more durability without any of the traditional side effects.
This service gives 3-6 weeks of beautiful chip free wear that dries instantly and doesn't wear off.

Gel Nails by Cheryl's cover photo

Gel Nails by Cheryl

Grew her nails naturally with Light Elegance Builder Gel

If Youre looking to strengthen and grow your own nails or Restore them from the damages of acrylic nails. โ€‹This is it!
Bio Seaweed clear gel is an innovative base gel that is formulated with high-quality 100% all natural gel materials. The formula has superior adhesiveness for natural nails, never yellowing, and contains exceedingly advanced materials. The picture is a Result after just one treatment.๐Ÿ‘

Gel Nails by Cheryl's cover photo

[08/22/17]   True Facts about Solar Nails and Gel Nails...The true Fact is Solar Nails ARE acrylic nails. Its a Fancy Name for Acrylic Nails. The products used in their application are exactly the same. This is a term used by 'discount' salons to make you think that you are getting some new, and better type of nail.
You are not. It is a cheap marketing strategy that has been working very well for the industry for years! Generally, Solar Nail refers to the standard Pink & Whites (Forever French). Instead of using one color of acrylic, they will apply a white powder to form the extension, hence the name Pink & Whites.
And P&W's have been around a long time now. They are nothing new.
Are they better than gel nails? NO.
When top of the line gel products are used, gel nails are non-yellowing, non-toxic, odorless, they look more natural, they are more flexible than acrylics, and less prone to cracking, breaking, and lifting, and they have a very high shine to them.
Gel 101: Gels are not powder, ever. They are gels. And gels have a hair styling gel consistency to them. They are available in a wide variety of colors, and shimmers.
Gel nails are applied one layer at a time. There are usually anywhere between 2-4 layers of gel applied to each nail. Each and every layer must be individually cured under an LED lamp for about 20 seconds before the next layer can be applied. Once the nail has been formed, a LED gel sealer or a LED finishing gloss is applied and cured as well. The result is a beautiful nail - IF you have a tech who is experienced, and highly skilled in doing gels - and who uses the best products available, Like myself, Gel Nails By Cheryl, This is important. There are cheap junk gels on the market. DIscount salons typically use these. The cheap gels are nothing but problems.
The difference between acrylic nails, and gels is this. Acrylic nails are applied with a liquid, and powder(s). There is no UV lamp involved.
Gel nails are just as I described already. If a tech is supposed to be giving you gel nails, and the tech uses ANY liquid and powder, you are getting acrylic nails. Period. Gel nails NEVER have any liquid & powder used in their application. Ever. Don't let the tech try to fool you into thinking that you are getting gel nails if this happens. This is a common scam in the discount salons, where they give you acrylic nails, then apply either a cheap UV topcoat, or a UV gel topcoat, and then they will call them gel nails, and charge you the much higher price for gel nails. These are NOT gel nails. They are acrylic, no matter what the tech tells you. Don't fall for this scam. It happens all the time. BTW, a discount salon is the typical Walmart, or mall type of nail salon, where a full set of acrylics cost between $15 and $25, no appointment is needed, and there is a huge language barrier between you, and them. These are the places that will ruin your natural nails more often than not by using a Dremel drill on them, and filing them paper thin, usually causing much pain either during, or after they are done applying the nails. Nail services should NEVER hurt in any way, ever. And a Dremel drill is NOT for use on nails. In many states, it is illegal to use one of these on your nails, but they use them anyway). If this is the type of salon you are planning to go to, I would suggest reconsidering, and finding a better place to have them done at. If you go through with it, you'll know why I suggested this after you leave there, and your fingers are in a lot of pain.
Gel Nails are easier to soak off than Acrylic Nails and if your nail tech is experienced, she'll know how to gently soak them off with Zero Damage unlike Acrylic/Solar Nails.

Meet Cheryl Menzel of Gel Nails by Cheryl in North Dallas โ€“ Voyage Dallas Magazine | Dallas City Guide

Here's the link: Today weโ€™d like to introduce you to Cheryl Menzel. Thanks for sharing your story with us Cheryl. So, letโ€™s start at the beginning and we can move on from there. I was inspired by the nail tech who did my first set of nails in 1985. After a few visits go getting my nails beautiful, [โ€ฆ]

Bio Sculpture Gel
Specializes in Hard Gel Nails & Powder Polish, Organic and Nexgen Brands.
TEXT or CALL 214-532-6979

Our Story

I'm a known established Nail Tech in the North Dallas area for 25 years.

I specialize in Authentic Gel Nails with high-quality resins that will never crack or chip.

  • Formulated using oligomers that result in a safe and hypoallergenic product for clients.
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