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Due to the shelter-in-place being extended until April 30th, I will have to cancel ALL APRIL appointments. I’m sorry for those that I had to reschedule from March to April. 😩 I’ll now reach out to see if you want to reschedule to May or hold off until we get a date on when we can get back to work. The safety of everyone and their loved ones is extremely important to me. We need to stick together to put an end to this evil virus so that we can all get back to SOME normalcy. Please take care of you and yours and reach out to me if I can help you in any way. Again, PLEASE don’t shave! Trim? Sure! but if you shave you will HATE me when we finally get to reunite and you and I don’t want that. 🤣Same for your eyebrows, KEEP AWAY from them! I would hate to flick your forehead with a wax stick for disobeying me! 😂😂 Ok, Ok. I won’t do that but please be patient. No one wants to start removing those pesky hairs off of you more than I do. See you soon! ❤️

Please feel free to message me with any questions. Also, if you’re not feeling well please reschedule your appointment. 🙂 Thanks for your understanding.

I will also be taking a week off starting July 3rd- July 8th. It’s the first time In 5 years due to my transition from being employed to becoming self employed. 😬 You guys know I will do anything and everything to accommodate us all. I hope everyone is having an amazing Wednesday. ❤️ #summertime #dallaswaxing #dfw #dfwwaxing #brows #browwaxing #brazilianwax #bikiniwax #smoothskin #smallbusiness #girlboss

❤️HAPPY VALENTINES DAY LADIES! ❤️Don’t let yourself think that today is only meant for significant others and your loved ones, it’s also about LOVING YOURSELF! 🥰No one will take care of you the way YOU can. So before anything, love yourself first. Go out and pamper yourself! A little pampering never hurt anybody. 😉#valentines #2019 #selflove #loveyourself #valentinesday2019

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Le Cera Boutique

❤️🔥🗣VALENTINES DAY is ALMOST here!! 🔥❤️ Just a few appts available. On Monday I have a 1pm available and Thursday from 12-2. I decided to open up my books on Tuesday from 9-3 and booked up quickly! Please send me a message to book an appointment , go online to schedule or even request to be put on the cancellation list. If not for your significant other then just do it for yourself! You’ll feel a lot more sexier. 😏 #valentinesday #smoothskin #dallaswaxing #DFW #brazilianwaxing #bikiniwaxing #valentines2019 #brows #browwaxing #browtint #lashtint #beauty #selfcare #noshaving #brazilian #bikini #browsthatwow

True story! This is the life of a waxer but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes we’re so busy we skip the eat part and overdo it later... well at least I do. 👀😩🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyway, new year means new you, right? Well then what are you waiting for? You should make an appointment so you can have a smooth 2019! 😜 #dallas #dallaswaxing #bodywaxing #brazilian #bikini #brows #eyebrows #fullface #dfwwaxing #esthetician #waxing #newyear #newyou #2019

New Year, who dis?! ( I’m kidding, let’s leave that in 2018)😜 Anyway, #2019 is HERE!!! This will be Le Cera Boutiques THIRD year in business!! 😱 All that said, prices will be changing in SOME not all services starting in February. In the last couple of years demand and cost in supplies has changed and I’ve tried my best to keep everything the same but something has got to give. I can’t find myself to get rid of the famous no tipping policy therefore I decided to change the prices. They’re still equal to or less than the competitors and the majority accept tips while some don’t even have quality waxing. (Sorry, I had to say it. 🤷🏻‍♀️) I appreciate all the clients that have gotten Le Cera Boutique to where it has and I hope everyone understands and that 2019 brings great, positive changes to LCB. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions.

Basic Bikini - $40
Entended Bikini - $50
Brazilian Bikini - $65
Full Legs - $75
Abdomen - $20

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! ❤️❤️

Tell me this isn't accurate?!!! This is EXACTLY why I enjoy what I do. I don't even feel like I'm at work. I feel like I'm waxing my friends while... you know... GOSSIPING! Anyway, I love every single one of my past, present and future clients. 💁🏻😜#estheticianlife #waxonwaxoff #bff #therapist #dallaswaxing #dallastexas #dallas #fullbodywaxing #facialwaxing #browshaping #browtint #lashtint #shopsmall #girlboss #latinaownedbusiness #dfw #worldwide

I love getting to play with new wax! I must say @cirepil_wax_usa I'm impressed. 👌🏼Thank you to @ericaxestrada for putting me on!! So far clients have given it a 👍🏼! Of course I'm keeping my original wax but just had to try this out. #waxing #dallaswaxing #softskin #sensitiveskin #brazilianwax #bodywaxing #eyebrows #browshaping #browsonfleek #dfw #girlboss #bosslady #smallbusiness #shopsmall

Ah!! It's the first of October 🎃and I couldn't let the day end without posting! Ladies and gentlemen, I know you're excited to show off your costumes at ALL the Halloween parties. COME GET WAXED! No one wants to see pesky hairs poking out of your teeny-tiny costumes. 😱Anyway, I'll leave this right here and let you do the rest! Go to the link in bio or DM me to schedule your appointment. "It's SHOWTIME!" 😜#dallaswaxing #hairremoval #browwaxing #bikiniwax #getready #halloween #smoothskin #brazilianwax

Spring Break 2018 is upon us! I say this to remind everyone to please schedule in advance. I will always work with clients who try to get in on the same week EVEN same day but seeing as it's just me, there's only so much I can do. I love every single one of you and will do what I can to accommodate you. This is also the time many first timers like to come in so it gets even more hectic. If you are wanting to be hair free and it's your first time please allow 2 full weeks from the last shave and exfoliate often up until the day prior to your wax for best results. This is also the perfect time to get you on a regular schedule to help you remain smooth all summer long. You'll be addicted after the first time you won't want to stop! For any other questions feel free to dm me, call, text or go to the website. Link is in bio. #springbreak #summerbreak #dallas #dallastx #dfw #texas #bodywaxing #browwaxing #browtinting #lashtint #brazilianwax #bikini #waxing #fullbodywaxing #smoothskin #isalwaysin #prestonhollow #universitypark #highlandpark #dallasites 📸: @z_erica

Just had two clients reschedule their appointments for tomorrow which means two appointments are now available TOMORROW! Please feel free to send me a message or go online to schedule an appointment. #bodywaxing #bikini #brazilianwax #brows #browwaxing #browwaxandtint #dallas #tx #dallastx #dfw #lastminute #appointments #nowavailable

I LITERALLY mean this! Although, it's January, Spring Break will be here before we know it. I always advice first time guests to get a couple of waxes in before a big event, trip, etc. To ensure that by spring your results are exactly what you're hoping for then start now. If you have any question feel free to ask. Info is in bio. #waxing #2018 #newyearnewyou #newyear #brazilianwax #bikini #wax #springbreak #spring2018 #smoothskin #dallas #dallastx #dfw #dfwwaxing #everythingisbetterintexas #everythingisbetterin #dallas #okurrr

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Because I couldn't stop thinking about it, I had to go out and do it. "Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear" and "Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will" are two quotes that stay embedded in my brain. Having a great circle of encouraging and motivating friends that push me and the clients who believe in me have brought me to where I am today. I know it's late and maybe this should go in my personal account but I just had to share this as I lay here thanking God for all my blessings. #2018imcomingforyou #forevergrateful #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #thankful #waxing #brows #brazilianwax #girlboss #dallas #dallastexas #dfw #dallaswaxing

Le Cera Boutique

It's TRUE! Ask anyone that gets waxed regularly and they will tell you how once you start, you can't stop. Right now is the perfect time to stop shaving, allow 2 weeks minimum of hair growth and start getting waxed. Start now to be bikini ready for Spring 2018. I promise you will NOT regret it. Hit link in bio to schedule your appointment. #brazilian #waxing #brazilianwax #brows #fullbodywaxing #bikiniwaxing #noshavenovember #getwaxednovember #dallas #texas #dallastexas #dfw #dfwwaxing #waxingboutique #suitelife #girlboss

For the month of November all NEW clients will get 10% off any ONE service. Call or text to schedule your appointment today or go to the link in bio. #waxing #dallaswaxing #dfw #dfwwaxing #dallastx #waxingstudio #sweetnovember #newclientswelcome #brazilianwax #bikiniwax #brows #hardwax #waxspecialist #waxaddict #shopsmall #business

Thank YOU Sarah for trusting me!! ❤️Like many clients who have never been waxed or who have waited years to get waxed again (due to a terrible previous experience) she messaged me her concerns first. I made sure to address them and got her scheduled. Making sure a client feels comfortable is my number one priority and nothing brings me more joy than to know I've given them better results than what they expected and a great experience. If you are thinking about getting waxed but are unsure shoot me a message and we can discuss it. 🙂#dallas #texas #waxing #dfw #dfwwaxing #brows #naturalbrowshaping #bikini #brazilian #bikiniwax #browsthatslay #browslayer #dfwbeauty #dallasbeauty #waxingstudio #smallbusinessowner #girlboss

*Benefits of Hard Wax*👇🏼👇🏼
1.) It is more gentle on the skin than soft wax.
2.) Due to it being in liquid form when applied and then solidifying, it shrink wraps around the hair causing it ONLY to pull the hair and not the skin. 3.) Chances of skin lifting are greatly reduced. 4.) Hard wax doesn't leave a sticky residue.
5.) Some hard waxes work great on larger areas of the body BUT not all of them do. 💁🏻Now that you've been educated on the subject you should book an appt. Click the link in bio or text for availability. #dallastexas #hardwax #brazilianwax #waxingstudio #waxing #eyebrows #bikini #eyebrowwax #fullbodywaxing #DFW #dallas #educateyourself #educatingclients #waxboutique #dfwwaxing #texas #dallas #smoothskin

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Welcome to Dallas, Nicki! Thank you for the sweet review. 😘It always makes me feel ecstatic when new clients know they've found their new esthetician right after I wax them. She's rebooked and set for next month. Email/Text or go to the link in bio to schedule your appointment. #dallas #tx #dfw #dallastx #waxingstudio #dallaswaxing #wax #bodywaxing #brows #browwax #bikini #waxing #yearround #noshaveever

Thanks @beautyboss.network and @iambrianadai for all the helpful tips! #beautyboss #beauty #smallbusiness #smallbiz #dallas #dallastx #waxing #brows #bodywaxing

LISTEN UP LE CERA GALS! I will be keeping one of you ladies smooth this SUMMER!! From June to August you get ONE service for FREE each month. If you want to be smooth for your summer trip then this is a GIVEAWAY you don't want to skip!! Winner will be announced Sunday May 14th. Must follow these two rules to qualify. 👇🏼👇🏼 1️⃣Follow @leceraboutique 2️⃣Tag your girlfriends GOOD LUCK 👍🏼

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Le Cera Boutique's cover photo

Le Cera Boutique

Le Cera Boutique's cover photo

Start the year off right by making self care a priority. Book ANY bikini service this month to receive $10 off. Tell ALL your friends and family and get an additional $10 off for every referral!!

Thank you, Anne! Book your appointment today so you don't miss out on the October Special. $10 off ANY bikini service of your choice.

OCTOBER SPECIAL!!! Book ANY bikini service of your choice this month and get $10 off the regular price. Tip is INCLUDED in the price. Bikini $25, Modern Bikini $35 and Brazilian Bikini $50. ( Tummy Trail included with all). Just hit the " Book Now" button and schedule your appointment today. Remember you will receive an additional $10 off for any referrals! It doesn't get any better than that. So book your appointment anytime in between October 1st - October 31st!!!

Who doesn't love a good before and after?! Natural brows are always in style. To book an appointment call or text at 214-403-2902

Le Cera Boutique's cover photo

Le Cera Boutique's cover photo

Le Cera Boutique

Just a few spots left for those who want to get bikini ready for the 4th of July weekend. Book your appointment today!!

Le Cera Boutique's cover photo

The best tip you can give, is a Yelp! And Facebook Review. 🙂

[05/11/16]   Accepting appointments now! Remember you will receive $10 off for each referral.

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