Rachel Ani

Dallas licensed hairstylist & makeup artist specializing in hair extensions, color, hair cuts, keratin treatments, wedding hair, & at Salon D.

Dallas licensed hairstylist & makeup artist specializing in hair color, hair cuts, keratin treatments, wedding hair, & hair extensions at Salon D

This lovely lady drove all the way from Houston , Texas to have me install her @bellamihairpro ktips.
She had a corrective color done in Houston & was unhappy with the state it left her hair in. She purchased 225 grams at the @bellamibeautybar, where she was color matched.
This client is 8 months pregnant & doesn’t have time to commit to 4-6 week maintenances. Ktips are a fantastic method to grow your out while doing deep treatments to repair the integrity of the hair.👌
The Ktip, aka Keratin tip or fusion, is the most resilient, low maintenance method. Ktips are individual extensions that are available in 2 sizes, regular & micro Ktip. Micro Ktips are 1/2 the size and weight they are the perfect option for finer hair. I love having both options available so I can have the perfect match for my clients density.

@halocoutureextensions magic at its finest! Halo extensions are a great option for those clients who don’t want the commitment of professional extensions. Halos have no need for clips, weave or glue.

NAME THIS COLOR! I had so much fun with this color pallet. She has so much hair! 🤩
@pravana Blue, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Neon Blue & Black were the aquatic colors of choice. 🧜🏻‍♀️

This is amazing. Fabulous use of clipins @hannahstocking & thanks for sharing @behindthechair_com! * DEAR HATERS OF #2020 ... 😱🤣😆😁 #btcLAUGHBLAST via @hannahstocking ... AND WE CANNOT BREATH!! TEXTING FROM THE GRAVE 🤣😆 .... Me to negativity, toxic people, and bed bugs in 2020... 😂 (what’s your New Years resolution?) #behindthechair #salonlife #lifeofahairstylist #hairhumor #hairmemes #MORNINGLAUGHBLAST #hairextensions #icant #dead #asf #omg #btcquickie #btcFIRSTFEATURE #btcmorningquickie #tapeins

Throwback to one of my all time favorite shoots with @julapron_official. So pretty with her beautiful 20 inch @dreamcatchershair extensions. @ Dallas, Texas

She is off to start 2020 frizz free with new fresh @keratincomplex treatment!
Smooth hair?✅
Easier to mange mane?✅
Faster dry time?✅
Conditioned & shiny? ✅
Still able to wear her hair curly?✅

A touch of @bellamihairpro with a dash of inspiration from @billieeilish & @pulpriothair Area 51 & Gabby has a new look!
I love using extensions for pops of fashion colors! You can have all the vibrancy & fun without compromising the integrity of your hair. 🧚🏼‍♀️

Transformations are one my all time favorite things about my industry. I lightened @_calistamelissa2_ locks to brighten up her look. Her hair is dry clean only & with the help of @brazilianbondbuilder I kept the integrity of her hair intact. She wanted additional brighter pieces. I added one bundle of @bellamihairpro itips in R 8/12 Brown Blonde to achieve this look. She got her brighter pieces without compromising the integrity of her hair. 👌. This is a great way to utilize extensions with out having to do a whole set. I styled her out using some of my favorite products from @oribe, Mystify & Aprés Beach.

Extension clients! It’s ideal to wash your hair 1x-2x a week. Dry shampoo is key to extending your style between washes and the right dry shampoo makes all the difference!
First Class by @igkhair is my go to for my extensions! The smell is amazing and my friends with dark luscious locks, have no fear. This dry shampoo doesn’t leave any white ashy residue. It is a fabulous refresher for your style. No flat hair with this product!

Some key points that I love about First Class:
*adds VOLUME. 😍
*it detoxifies,erases oil & soothes the scalp.
*7% active cleaning powders provide a deep cleanse.
*provides UV protections#, vegan, cruelty free, sulfate free & paraben free.

Goodbye to sad, dry yellowish ends & hello fresh, silver, & sleek bob!
@pulpriothair silver flash toner for the win!

A subtle change with beautiful dimension. I cut off a couple of inches, & used @redken Shade EQ 8GI with a little bit of 8C to tone down her locks & added babylights. 😍

A dash of color with some Keratin Complex and we have and we have ourselves a transformation! 🧚🏼‍♀️
Keratin Complex conditioned this clients dry locks, tamed her frizz, while adding shine & manageability.
Keratin treatments nourish & add keratin- the hairs natural protein, back into the hair.
A keratin treatment is a smoothing treatment, not a straightening treatment. Keratin treatments do not chemically restructure hair like a perm, relaxer or Japanese Straightener. A keratin will not grow out with a line of demarcation. It will. gracefully fade from a clients hair within 3-5 months.
I used @Redken Shades EQ 8C for this rich color.

Here a time last of the transformation I did on Hope last week with @bellamihairpro micro ktips. Ktips are the lowest maintenance of all extensions. A client can typically wear ktips anywhere from 3-5 months depending on growth and proper care.

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am ever so thankful for those dear to me. There aren’t enough words to express what their constant love and support mean to me. I am grateful for my career & the amazing relationships that my passion behind the chair has cultivated. The ability to express my creativity, while I share in my clients milestones & their lives, is priceless to me. 🥰🍁🦃

5 hours and 220 grams of @bellamihairpro micro ktips and viola! Hope has long hair 😍
I used Hot Toffee Blonde 6/18 & Walnut Brown 3N.
I selected the Keratin tip aka K-tip method for her because there is no maintenance. The strand by strand application gives her the versatility to wear her hair in any which way she chooses.

Rachel Ani's cover photo

I’ll play. 2009-2019. #10yearchallenge

Are you a strawberry blonde wanting extensions but worried about the color matching? Have no fear - the @bellamihairpro color ring has 43 of the perfect options for you. I used the Micro K-Tips in 4 different colors:
N 27
N 9
M 4/22
R 8/12

@courtneyrogers_ has the prettiest hair.😍 We added 3 bundles of @dreamcatchershair for a pop of color and some density.

Those rows😍! Loved this project with @caitlynn_forbes & @dreamcatchershair.

Rachel Ani

And just like that she has long hair! I used @dreamcatchershair tape-ins to rock out @haleycastillo_ new long look! Tape-ins are a great solution to extending those thick locks!

3 bundles later and @courtneyrogers_ has some natural highlights. She’s so beautiful!
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Congrats to new Mrs. Waltington @j.bost on her wedding day! I’m was glad to have been a part of it!
. #dfwbride #dallasbride #dfwmua #dallasmua #dweddings #dfwweddings #dallaswedding #salond #therachelani @ Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park

This lovely lady came to me seeking a shiny and rich low maintenance color for fall. I covered her greys toned her down using @redken.
#dfwhair #dfwcolorist #dallashair #dallascolorist #salond #salonddallas #therachelani

Frizz be gone! @brazilianblowout is fantastic for frizz reduction, shine and cutting down on your style time. Unlike other keratin base smoothing treatments, there is no down time on washing your hair!
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Saturday updo fun!
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Bibbidi bobbidi boo!🧞‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️Transformation- this word is an understatement. This was life changing. I wouldn’t change the magic I create for the world. I don’t do consults or quote on social media. Please call @salonddallas to schedule a consultation.
#dfwhairextensions #dallashairextensions #dallashairreplacement #nonsurgicalhairreplacement #salonddallas #salondallas #therachelani #microlines

Color refresh for fall! I love the richness and shine of her new brunette look. @redken cover fusion 5nn with 20 vol Pro Oxide at the roots and 5NW & 6NB with a dash of 5C in Shades EQ for the mid-shaft to ends. .
#dfwhair #dfwhairstylist #dfwhairscene #dallashair #salondallas #salond #salonddallas #therachelani #addisontx #redken #behindthechair

Corrective colors are my favorite kind of puzzle. I evened our her canvas & took this lovely back to her natural color.
#dallashairstylist, #dfwhairstylist #correctivecolor #redken #therachelani #salond

Density & Seamless blends. Yes to perfectly blended extensions and a thicker ponytail! This added volume was achieved with 3.5 packs of @dreamcatchershair 20 inch tape- in extensions, in colors DC 17 & DC 12.
#dallashair #dfwhair #dallashairextensions #dfwhairextensions #dreamcatchersdfw #dreamcatchersdallas #dreamcatchershair #addisontx #therachelani #salond #dfwhairscene#salonddallas #dallassalon #salondallas #addisontx #hairextensionmagazine @ Galleria Dallas

A pop of rosé with 2 bundles of @dreamcatchershair itips. I custom colored DC 19 with @pulpriot cleopatra & @pravana Rose quartz.
#dfwhairstylist #dfwhairextensions #dallashairextensions #therachelani #salond #dreamcatchershair #dreamcatchershair #dreamcatchershairextensions

Friends don’t let friends walk around with extensions like this. Stylists: if this is what your extension game looks like, please let me show you the ways of proper installation,color matching and blending. I am a certified educator for @dreamcatchershair! If you, or someone you know suffers from bad extensions, don’t fret. I can help with that! .
#dfwhairextensions #dallashairextensions #dfwhair #dallashair #dallas #dfw #addisontx #salond #salondallas #salonddallas

Back to basics & ready for the fall. I love how shine and health her hair looks now. @redken for win!
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That smile says it all. 🤩 Swipe to see this lady’s before! She got a cut somewhere else that was a touch to short & piecey for her liking. 50g of @bellamihairpro micro ktips later and she got a nice bob! Toffee Blonde for the win!
#bellamihair #bellamihairextensions #bellamihairpro #bellamiprodallas #therachelani @ Galleria Dallas

The best extensions are the ones no one can tell you have. 👌😍
I used @bellamihairpro 18inch itips for this seamless blend in colors:
M 4/22
N 6
O 1C/6
R 1B/2/6
#bellamipro #bellami #bellamiprodallas #therachelani

Not all extensions are for length! This lovely lady is off to her last semester at college. She doesn’t have time to come back for monthly adjustments so I chose the @bellamihairpro micro k-tip for her fine locks. I added 25g of the color Hot Toffee Blonde #6/18 in 20 inches & it was the Perfect choice! I’ll see her after Thanksgiving to remove this set and get her in a new one.

The smooth magic of @brazilianblowout🤩
Brazilian Blowouts are customizable smoothing treatments that are great for all hair types! They last up to 12 weeks &
•create a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to reduce frizz and smooth the cuticle. -
•no line of demarcation as the hair grows-
•no waiting period. Clients can immediately wash their hair, exercise, put their hair up in a pony tail or clip with out waiting days to do so.
•reduced blow-dry time and added shine.

This lovely lady is ready for her wedding! 👰 She’s has this set of itips by @dreamcatchershair for 8 months! She comes in for her move up appointment every five weeks. I can’t wait to see the pictures! 😍
#dreamcatchershair #dreamcatchershairextensions #therachelani

Remember the matted mess from last week? Swipe to see that reminder. The left is when I got her inmates. The right is adding 2 bundles of @dreamcatchershair #19 and #20. I’m always amazed at how 50 pieces can make such a difference.
#dreamcatchershairextensions #dreamcatchersdfw #therachelani @ Galleria Dallas

Back to my salon life @salonddallas this week. I had a blast on the set of the #2020twinpeakscalendar shoot last week. The opportunity to work with some of the best crew in the industry is such an experience. Met some new friends and connected with some old ones. I’m looking forward to the finished product! @meagandvon was my glam squad partner in crime. Her work is perfection. @iamdixiedixon and her boss photograph crew @caseysfotos, @ericjangphoto, @nanfran12 , @lovethedirector & Mary are bar none amazing. Taylor & Batya of the @infiniteagency as well as the marketing ladies of @twinpeaksrestaurants @mrsdestinee, @meghancollum05 , @katbarbosa88, @justenev & Kelsie are a fabulous to work with. Til the next venture 😘! @ Dallas, Texas

@julapron_official is another fabulous lady I had the pleasure of working with this past week with @meagandvon for the @twinpeaksrestaurants calendar. I used @igkhair Beach Club Texture Soray and Speechless for her loose waves.

#twinpeakscalendar2020 #twinpeaks #twinpeaksaddison #dfwphotoshoot #igkhair

@caitlynn_forbes - this woman is HILARIOUS. There were literally tears because we laughed so hard behind the scenes for the @twinpeaksrestaurants shoot! A gem inside and out. I used the @igkhair Beach Club and the 30,000 feet Volume Powder for her beachy waves.
MUA: @meagandvon.
#twinpeakscalendar2020 #twinpeaks #twinpeaksaddison #dfwphotoshoot

This woman is FIERCE! @marciiarodriguez_ I’ll have to hit you up the next time I am in Miami. She is such a sweetheart and her shoot today was fire! 🔥@meagandvon did a phenomenal job on her makeup.

I adore @sarahlaney! I met her on set in 2017 and I’m so glad I got to work with her again. @meagandvon rocked out her stunning makeup for the upcoming @twinpeaksrestaurants 2020 calendar.

Our Story

Fashion has always been one of the greatest passions of my life. Coming from a family of hairstylists, I started my craft while I was still in high school, as a stylist and make up artist for school theater and musical productions.

While I attending college at the University of North Texas, I found employment as a receptionist and make up artist at Salon D. Over time, I fully realized my heart was behind the chair. I enrolled in the Paul Mitchell School of Dallas. After graduating in 2008 with honors, I honed my craft with the Master Stylist and owner of Salon D, Ardem Keshishian.

​I am honored to have been published in The Knot & DWeddings as well as publications for Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions & Twin Peaks Restaurants. I also enjoy working on film and TV sets and have my own IMDB page. I look forward to working with you!

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