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Looking forward to the greatest experience that all my friends have said about your great establishment 💪🏽👏🏾🙏🏽❤️
Hi! I have a question about the Groupon.
Hello, I’ve been trying to book an appointment for the past week and have not been able to get anyone on the phone. If you could please message me, I would appreciate it.
Just saw your demo on GMT. Lady showing product should have cleaned her own face first. Not a good TV rep for your business. Her skin was greasy & unhealthy looking. I am sure it was warm on set & she was sweating, but ways to help that. Also, her hair looked unkept, cheap & dirty. Eyewear did not help. Clean your face and pull hair back w/headband if you get another opportunity. All over grooming gets an F.
I have been trying to get in contact with someone at this location for a week now! Can someone return my call, so I can ask questions and book an appointment.
My fiancé had a sudden and abrupt death in her family this morning. She had an appointment today. She called to reschedule her first massage. She was told that there was no way to reschedule because she called the day of. She wasn’t even offered a rescheduling fee option. I found this very rude and insensitive. She literally called with tears running down her face because she’s not the no call/no show type irregardless. You could clearly hear the emotion in her voice and the woman on the phone was rude. We would have gladly paid a fee to reschedule.. they seem to forget that unexpected misfortunes do happen and they should put their clients first instead of being so careless and greedy.
How much is a membership?
I have been trying to reach the spa all week.
Sassi Teya
Whenever I call the spa's phone number, the call won't connect. It sounds like a lot of static.
Is your phone number not working? I tried calling but I get a fax machine sound!

Welcome to Koffee Day Spa, a boutique spa located in downtown Dallas, specializing in facials, massages, body treatments and spa parties!

Welcome to Koffee Day Spa, a swank, boutique spa located in downtown Dallas, specializing in facials, massages, body treatments and waxing. Over the last two decades we have been providing the very best in Facials, Massage, Makeup, Manicure/Pedicure, Body Treatments and Waxing. If you want an affordable luxury in a cool urban setting then look no further than Koffee Day Spa. We also carry a full-line of products geared towards a complete wellness lifestyle. See for yourself today. Call us at 214.428.9696 or Book Online MASSAGE We offer expert massage services for a number of different massage types. Come in for a free consultation to learn more about each type of massage we offer and how we can help alleviate certain areas of discomfort. Choose from our basic massage services, premium massages or upgrade your sessions by choosing something from our enhancements menu. Whether you just need a day of rejuvenation from everyday stresses or have a specific problem or pain that can be relieved with massage, our expert therapists will have you feeling better. FACIALS Our Celebrity Series Facials are designed to refresh and rejuvenate by promoting healthy, balanced skin. Koffee's pore cleansing facial technique is proven to be gentle, yet highly effective, minimizing redness and irritation, and allowing you to return to work or play immediately after most treatments. Each spa facial includes cleansing with Koffee’s all-natural skin care products and finishing with hydrating and anti-aging creams and serums. MAKEUP At Koffee Day Spa, our professional makeup artists will create a sophisticated look for any of your special occasions or teach you the latest trends and application techniques with step-by-step instruction. Whether you need to look your best or change the way you look forever, our team will coordinate your new look and show you how to keep-it-up. MANICURES Koffee Day Spa’s Manicure and Pedicure services set the standard, going beyond all the essential mani/pedi elements, making these the best manicure and pedicure choices for weekly maintenance, a lunchtime beautification, or the finishing touch on the way to an important event. Our Downtown Dallas Spa features elegant and modern nail color choices, attention to detail and a clean, sanitary, and tranquil setting. BODYWORK Our exclusive body treatments will create an inner calm and reveal an outer beauty as your body is entranced in a world of aromatic pleasures designed to nurture the body, relax the soul and awaken the senses. Experience one of our nourishing body treatments from our highly skilled spa team members to feel and look your best.

Happy Earth Day!

April is Stress Awareness Month. This Month has been extremely stressful for everyone, I have been getting by on meditation and prayer. It keeps me focus and hopeful. One of my favorite meditation go to album is PowerThoughts Meditation Club. I wish everyone well. #stressawarenessmonth #Stress #powerthoughtsmeditationclub #selfcare #goodvibes #prayer #breathe

Husband Appreciation Day

Today is Husband Apperciation Day. Write a love letter, give a hot oil massage, or cook his favorite meal. Have fun and be creative!

If you talk to different estheticians, you will find different philosophies. I’m parted down the midddle; I don’t feel that extractions should be forced or done at home, and I believe you should only extract the pores that are ready to be extracted. Forced extractions can lead to skin damage such as scarring, inflamed pores, and possible infection if tools are used that are not cleaned properly. Extractions can be tricky especially for those with sensitive skin and women of color.

Extractions in simple terms, is the removal of impurities from the skin. Your trained professional should prepare your skin for this procedure by softening the skin which will allow extractions to be done easier and will allow the impurities to rise to the surface of the skin. You do have to be careful with whom you allow to perform this process. I've never understood clients who jump around to different providers for their skincare needs. No matter how much of a discount is involved, your shouldn't take the gamble with your skin.

Can you get red or inflamed? Yes.
I don’t care how careful you are, some skin types are extremely sensitive and will take a few hours or days to calm down. There is nothing wrong with that, just make sure you have proper home skincare. Pure aloe on freshly cleansed skin is great to apply as a face mask a few nights a week after extractions as it will help with the healing process.

Having a good home skincarr routine is essential and can help keep skin from excessive sebum build up. Exfoliation is key, and a good clay mask weekly is golden. Professional facials should be a monthly ritual and combined with good homecare, extractions can be effortless.

In a nutshell, yes to extractions, no to forced extractions on pores that are not yet ready. Great homecare is key, and monthly facials are perfection.

TBT. Wow, this pic is a bit blurry, but all these ladies are now grown. I will say this, I’m bless to look back at years of service. Also, all my wonderful clients throughout the years that believed in my dreams. Priceless:)

Make up is amazing, but remember to have a flawless application monthly facials are essential. The environment, toxins, and sweat, just to name are a few great reasons to get a great deep cleansing facial. Your pores will love you for it❤️

Please contact me if you need products, or simply need to place an order. I’m here if you are not sure what you need, we can do a Skype or Facetime. I will ship out or you can stop by the spa and we can do curbside service. Please DM if you need to place an order. I hope all is well! Stay safe. Please note, due to the COVID-19 we are temporarily closed for business. So you will have to DM us if you want curbside to arrange a time for pickup.

Yep! Good ole water 💦 is actually the number one staple to gorgeous skin. Hydration is key to keeping skin youthful, dark circles, and most of all healthy skin in combination with a great skincare ritual.

One thing that can truly help you escape from everyone for a few minutes. Is indulging in a great detox bath and why not add a positive book, or just take in the moment. Rule-No self phone

he quarantine has got us all living and communicating a different way. I know that most of my beloved clients come to the spa to unwind and leave their worries away just for an hour. However, the things you use to do is now currently no longer socializing, getting cocktail, happy hour etc. So now we are with our loved ones and to be honest we all need to count our blessings if we have a family.

I wanted to suggest some things you and your honey can do together while in quarantine. These are just a few fun things to do together while having fun. If you are lucky to have a partner in crime embrace it, and have fun.

These are my top 5.

1. Cooking together. Most of the time one or the other partner is cooking. This is a great time to plan a creative dinner that will have you both working side by side in harmony in the kitchen.
2. Make a basic fruit wine. I understand some foods are hard to find, but getting fruit seems to be readily avilable. Making a fruit wine, might be a great late night adventure when the kids are asleep. Very easy and simple ingredients, put them in cute jugs, and lable the wine something cute you both will remember.
3. Hot olive oil manicures. This is a great way to talk and touch, yet helping each other out. Use 1/3 cup of olive oil, microwave for a few seconds, optional essential oils. Then all you need is nail clipper and a nail file. This is also something great to do, after the kids are asleep to reflect on your day and plans for tomorrow.
4. Washing each other’s hair can be so amazing great to you and your partner. However, a great head massage on each other lap is also relaxing.
5. Foot massages, we are always just looking at the television. However, whip out that olive oil or your favorite lotion and just lovely rub each other’s feet. This will make watching your move even better.

As a spa therapist touch is so important, sometimes you don’t have to say a word.

The only rules. No cell phones, social media, taking pictures live in the moment. You don’t have to document everything.

During this time of being home a bit more, dealing with uncertainty. I know it’s hard but self care is so important. I know many of us get so frustrated with our skin. Maybe I can help you get your groove back and feel skin fresh. Having beautiful skin, doesn’t mean blemish, or scar free. It’s the texture, tone, and hydration that truly matter. So let’s chat, take your mind off of what is going on, and let’s focus on YOU, It cost you nothing, and I would love to help you GLOW in these dark temporary days💋#skin #skincare #skinadvice #free #thaihealthyskinexpert #love #selflove #selfcare

This had to be one of the most memorable spa party groups ever. They had a bond that is undeniably fantastic and that sisterhood can be so rare to find. They came ready to have a good time, relax, and their positive energy was nothing shy of delicious❤️ #spaparties #positivevibes #koffeedayspa #beauty #facials #massages #dallasspa

This was dropped off by a young man this week. My heart is so full that one person did this, he provided foods that all had easy lids for kids to open, no dents, actually donated with care, and foods that kids will love to eat. Please it’s not too late to stop by and give. Thanks so much for all the donations so far. Also would love to provide atleast 5 single mothers with gift-cards. Please DM if you would like to know more information. Thanks

Today I kurated a special cleanser spinach, organic walnut infused with plum oil. I love whipping up products, in fact that is how the concept of Koffee day spa started. I use to make candles body and facial products. I always felt it’s good to have a mixture of natural products and professional skin care. This wash is actually great for all skin types that want a great mild exfoliation with veggies. Spinach is a great antioxidant filled with Vitamin C, E, and A. I keep refrigerated☺️

Want flawless skin? Unsure exactly what basic steps you need at home to achieve the goal? Well I have curated a basic kit 101 to start getting that skin on point for summer🌝 Optimal skin care is a journey and for some a lifetime, however often times our issue are we just don’t know what to use. We ship and you can stop by the spa to pick up. The sale ends 3/15/2020⬅️ Happy Monday!

What a wonderful group, who visited us last week for a Surprise birthday celebration!!!

Love is in the air....,

I want to Thank Everyone❤️ from the bottom of my heart, for making it possible to bless single parents fighting illness at Parkland hospital with spa bags this Christmas.

This beauty right here, has been coming to me now for over 2 years monthly. This has been such a journey and so very proud of how beautiful her skin journey has become. #fabulousfriday #skinjourney #nomakeup #healthyskin

A kup of wellness does the mind, spirit , and body good☺️

Thank you KTA! You and Trea Denise Davenport go above & beyond!

What an awesome Saturday morning! Check out Essence.com for the hot list of spas to visit, which includes Koffee Day Spa! Congratulations, Thai Morrison and Lalanii Wilson-Jones! Thai is an AMAZING esthetician and Lalanii is a business POWERHOUSE! Essence says they are a beauty business duo! #Dallas #Beauty #Skincare #Massage #Facial Kanvas Skincare @Trea Davenport #PublicRelations #PR #PRLife

6 Amazing Spas Perfect For Some Much-Needed Downtime With Your Girlfriends - Essence

-KANVAS' "Charcoal Mask" Keepin Essence Street Style Flygirls Bright and Tight

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Essence Street Style 2018 spotlights KANVAS SKINCARE "Charcoal Mask" as a must-have for Black Women!

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Calling all #beautybosses #DallasMUA #skincare #lovers #DallasHairstylists #BeautyStudents #prettygirls of #Dallas #Texas Here’s your CHANCE to WIN a FREE #luxury #spa #service at @koffeedayspa Enter to win by purchasing your ticket for Koffee Day Spa: Beauty Boss Luncheon Series this Sunday, June 10, 2018 at the Lorenzo Hotel Day featuring @iammikkitaylor @kristiniaDeb @miguelofdallas @healthyskinwiththai hosted by @lalaniij #DaySpa #Tickets #LuxurySpa


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We’re excited to have the legendary Mikki Taylor with us at the Beauty Boss Luncheon presented by Koffee Day Spa on Sunday, June 10, 2018.

Mikki Taylor is truly an icon in the beauty industry. She has worked with ESSENCE Magazine for more than three decades, many years as the cover director and now serving as Editor-at-Large. She has directed photo shoots for just about every celebrity you can name, including the famous family photo of the #Obamas. Often referred to as “The First Lady of Beauty,” Mikki Taylor is a trusted lifestyle expert who shares uplifting advice for women who want to cultivate their beauty both inside and out.

Mikki is that girlfriend-in-the-know who you wish you could take everywhere you go—and now you can meet her up close in personal on June 10th. She will also be selling and signing copies of her new book, “Editor in Chic: How to Style and Be Your Most Empowered Self.” Tickets are going fast. Get your tickets today at https://www.koffeedayspa.com/events.

I Am Mikki Taylor Koffee Day Spa #IAmMikkiTaylor #KoffeeDaySpa #BeautyBossLuncheon

KOFFEE DAY SPA PRESENTS: Beauty Boss Luncheon Series

You won't want to miss this unique opportunity to join our celebrity experts for some fun, food and professional beauty tips.

Sunday, June 10th from 12pm - 3pm at the Lorenzo Hotel located at 1011 S. Akard St, Dallas, TX 75252

Tickets Now On Sale: https://www.koffeedayspa.com/events

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KOFFEE DAY SPA PRESENTS: Beauty Boss Luncheon Series

Join our celebrity experts for some fun, food and professional beauty tips.

Sunday, June 10th from 12pm - 3pm at the Lorenzo Hotel located at 1011 S. Akard St, Dallas, TX 75252

Tickets Now On Sale: https://www.koffeedayspa.com/events

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Buy a gift card for Mother's Day and for every $80 you load onto it, we'll give you an additional $20 to give mom

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We will be featuring two VIP Stress Reduction Stations, providing Massage & Skincare for all this year's Performers & Celebrities!

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Use Koffee Blue Calming Wash- It nourishes the skin and can be used by men and women with any skin type. This wash absorbs oil and has healing properties that helps prevent inflammation and break-outs.

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If you need a little help, pickup our Gentle Fruit Enzyme Scrub!

It is a mild, yet an effective exfoliant. It is great for all skin types as it exfoliates and removes excess oil, while still being gentle on the skin.

Skin Facts
• Non-abrasive
• Removes excess oil
• Mild enzyme effect

Key Ingredients
• Bromelain (digests dead skin)
• Jojoba oil (hydrates)

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Youth Mask is a great anti-aging treatment that hydrates the skin, combats the signs of aging and restores a youthful glow. It is great for all skin types, especially those experiences dryness.

Skin Facts
• Anti-aging
• Helps with dryness
• Youthful glow

Key Ingredients
• Aloe Vera (calming)
• Ginseng extract (antioxidant)
• Mango butter (super antioxidant)

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Don't Miss Your Chance To Make This The Best Mother's Day Ever!

This year we have 3 specials to help show Mom how much you care:

Buy a gift card for Mother’s Day and for every $80 you load onto it, we’ll give you an additional $20 to give mom : )


Purchase one of our Mother’s Day Packages:

+ Anti-Aging Facial
+ 30-Minute Hot Stones Massage
+ Spa Pedicure

[Only $155]

Our top-tier package featuring:
+ Kanvas Skincare Premium Facial
+ H20 Foot Ritual w/Hot Stones
+ Customized Body Scrub from our
Scrub & Mud Bar

[Only $230]

Shop Now: https://www.koffeedayspa.com/gifts

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Celebration of Moms Sweepstakes!

Celebration Of Moms With Veda Loca [PRIVATE EVENT]

Click here to enter the Celebration of Moms Sweepstakes: https://thebeatdfw.com/3051158/celebration-of-moms-sweepstakes/

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#KanvasXCoachella @kanvasskincare ACTIVATES: Pop up spa in the gorgeous desert providing a luxe influencer experience for celebs and social media stars including
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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Antioxidant Sunscreen Cream (SPF 50) by Kanvas Skincare

This antioxidant sunscreen cream protects the skin from sun exposure and UV rays, while also hydrating the skin. It can be used as a moisturizer as it is vitamin-enriched to help with anti-aging, giving your skin a youthful appearance. One of our top sellers, the antioxidant sunscreen cream keeps flying off the shelves because it’s perfect for all skin types and complexions and does not have the ashy appearance that some sunscreens leave behind. It’s the perfect sunscreen to use alone or under make-up as it has a non-greasy finish.

Get Yours at Koffee Day Spa


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Our Beauty Team will be in full effect at this year’s premier music festival bringing fun to fans as well as beauty & spa services to the famous headliners and most trusted influencers of today’s most fashionable brands.

Join Thai and Lalanii and their team from Koffee Day Spa who will be treating famous and infamous celebs to the wonders of her beauty services, but if you can't attend, buy her premier products online or in-store today!

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Happy Earth Day!
Husband Appreciation Day
Kanvas Skincare for True Beauty
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1118 S Akard St
Dallas, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 18:00
Thursday 10:00 - 18:00
Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
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