HueNique Cosmetics

Hello I am Maurie and welcome to HueNique! I started with the name shiny sweets but "outgrew" it. I make vegan & cruelty free makeup. I do custom colors.

Mom. Denver,CO. Previously Shiny Sweets

[10/22/17]   I am on hiatus.. I go to school in February and am looking forward to starting back then. If you need something just Holla! I must likely have the time 💜

Sticker from @alexstranglershop

Wearing that Northern Light highlight
Rich Bitch on my eyelids, Cinnamon Toast in my crease, random highlight color 😂

My makeup is guaranteed to make ya glow to space 💃

I also make my own translucent vegan setting powder. If anyone is interested in it just hit me up! 💋
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This beautiful girl danced the night away in my glitter! I am even impressed how well it lasted.. Lately things have been really.. Tight.. But I love to make the best products I can and I have had so many happy people way way way more then that one person I can not please. I wish I could and I do try. I make mistakes. Things get broke when they get shipped.. Seems lately I've really had bad luck so to all you that support me, are kind, are patient. You are everything and I will replace any damaged item always! Thank you my loves always feel free to DM me to ask about your order also! 💋💋

@mommyannpope is killing the glow game in Grape Jelly! 💋 Jillian had the kindest things to say about my makeup I almost cried and then she sends me this banging picture! Thanks for all you do love!!!

That Northern Lights Mix-Up 🌈😍

Hey loves! So if you follow me I came down the strep the day of the easter sale and I am just now feeling fully better. Well all my easter orders are due! I didn't want to make these while I was sick and infect anyone.. I also don't want to send out a lot of late orders.. If you placed an easter order and you could send me a DM and let me know if you need it sent out like tomorrow or if it can wait a day or two. I love you all and will do my best to get these done! I do know some people are in a hurry and some aren't so a quick dm would really help! Thank you!

Woohoo easter SALE this Friday-Saturday-Sunday ONLY!! 30% off!!! Minimum order of $10!

@_jessinasophia got some gorgeous swatches of her colors! Let me see if I guess these right!
Top to bottom:
Rose Gold (havent set a name)
Pearly Gates
Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)
Northern Lights
Green Crack
And the liquid under this?

Then looks like northern lights in its pretty rainbow form. So do I win? 💜

Happy 1000!!! I feel very blessed to have reached this mark! I have supplies come into today and that means more quads! I want to do another SALE for Easter weekend. I have been having massive back pain though which is why I got so behind on my Bday Sale 🎂 So I will be thinking about this! I also have several glass bottles coming for the liquid highlighters. I am putting the finishing touches on these. I am currently using apricot seed oil (even though they dry soft and NOT oily) so if you aren't interested in that please let me know 💋 #highlight #highlighter #indiehighlighter #veganhighlighter #eyeshadow #vegan #vegancosmetics #veganmakeup #indiemakeup #crueltyfree #hueniquecosmetics #custom #denver #colorado #supportlocal #supporthandmade #glow #glowbaby #lippie #liptopper #loveyourself #glamazon #makeupisart #etsy

HueNique Cosmetics's cover photo

🐰SomeBUNNY 😂😂 saw I had Northern Lights out ready to go and had to HOP on over 🐇
I love my bunny friends which is why you have MY personal guarantee I will always sell you only the best VEGAN and Cruelty Free makeup! I hand mix every single color and hand press every single color. I love HueNique it is who I am. You may think makeup is superficial but to me it is art in all shapes 💜

This custom glitter palette went out today to this beautiful girl I hope she enjoys it :)

All of these contain my magic shifty colors. The peach is fairly duochrome honestly I think they all look a little different with lighting. A photo just did no justice. What do we think of these shades for spring?

@easlott Finally got her first 2 orders in! She ordered two quads one for glitters and one for eyeshadows! She also got Northern Lights highlighter! This is a massive order and I really hope she enjoys what went into it 💜 oh ps I am ordering more quads on the 3rd! 💎

[03/30/17]   I was reminded today that I am human.. I do make a mistake on an order now and again.. I can guarantee you if you contact me about it I will try my hardest to fix it! I do this to give you the best product and if you do not receive the best product please tell me! I am still new to this and learning 💋💜

For my girly girls who want a cool pop of pink to highlight with.. Welcome Prissy! I am so glad I found a vegan pink! This is also eyesafe. There is a bit of glitter in the formula to make it exrtra glittery! Its very shiny but not overdone 💎

I added thorn, minty fresh, and rich bitch to the website 💎
I am caught up on orders and the code for 30% off expires the 31st!! Code is BDAYGIRL

New rose gold shade that will be going up on the site. For now you can request it as a custom color.
💎Rich Bitch💎
Code BDAYGIRL is good until the 31st, get 30% off while you still can 💋

A finished photo of the glitter quad for @easlott 💎
Top left: custom red/gold
Top right: custom teal
Bottom left: NYC
Bottom right: Thorn
I hope you enjoy these love! 🌈

I love the neutrals in this palette for @easlott 💚
Top left: Cinnamon Toast
Top right: Rich Bitch
Bottom left: Plum
Bottom right: Cocoa Puff
I hope you enjoy!

Glitter quad for @_quarkz_ I love making these :)
Top left - Rose Gold
Top Right - Nebula
Bottom Left - Custom Brown..
Bottom Right - Mistress
On top is a nebula 💎
I hope you enjoy this beautiful 🌈

Happy birthday to me!! 🌈👽
Use that BDAYGIRL code it expires on the 31st. I am catching up on orders!

Peppermint Mocha Lip Scrubs ready to go!! I even made myself a big one in the 30g jar! Anyone who wanted a bulk amount of lip scrub please let me know 💋 #lipscrub #highlight #highlighter #indiehighlighter #veganhighlighter #eyeshadow #vegan #vegancosmetics #veganmakeup #indiemakeup #crueltyfree #hueniquecosmetics #custom #denver #colorado #supportlocal #supporthandmade #glow #glowbaby #lippie #liptopper #loveyourself #glamazon #makeupisart #etsy

Look at those glitter swatches 💜🌈

@Regrann from @kimberly.colemantorres - Soooo happy to have this package. This is the most gorgeous package everrr.. Ily Darling😍😍. Beautiful pressed glitters from @hueniquecosmetics with a few eyeshadows and highlights. #glitter #indiemakeup #indiebrand #amazing #highlighters #customcolors #butterysoft #sparkly #mua #oneswipe #thepayoff #goodquality #glowing #makeup #pressedglitters #imdie #beautifulmakeup #handmade #sohappy #eyeshadow - #regrann

Custom glitter palette for @easlott :) left to right: Rose Gold, Frozen, Fish Heads, Fantasea, and Glamour Dark 💋

I am busting booty today to get as much done as I can! I really want to get out everyone's orders! I just wanted to show you guys that I got in more 57mm clear compacts and shifters in 20g and 30g and these have smaller holes then my old ones! I will be relisting Northern Lights tomorrow so you guys will still have a week of birthday code time left: remember BDAYGIRL saves you 30% 💋✌

@errlduchess is playing with her new goodies! To everyone with orders currently I am so so so sorry. I am so embarrassed I got in such a bad spot but I am trying to get out orders asap now that I have the grape ape! I will get out what I can by Saturday and the rest on Monday. Please feel free to write me! I will be sending out lots of extras and I am soooo sorry again. Please reach out to me if you need!!
#highlight #highlighter #indiehighlighter #veganhighlighter #eyeshadow #vegan #vegancosmetics #veganmakeup #indiemakeup #crueltyfree #hueniquecosmetics #custom #denver #colorado #supportlocal #supporthandmade #glow #glowbaby #lippie #liptopper #loveyourself #glamazon #makeupisart #etsy

This is such a kind review! Thank you sooo much!!! Not very many people do leave reviews and I understand its a pain so I am always thankful when you guys do! Your happiness is why i want to do this! To everyone with an order in for Northern Lights I will have the purple in tomorrow so I can get them made. I am so sorry and I appreciate everyone's patience!!! You are the best customers a girl can have! I know some of you still want this rainbow highlight on sale so I will be listing it back on Wednesday. If you have any questions as always please reach out. I generally respond quickly! 💜🌸

Woohoo orders out this am for @mo.shin.sick @palexempress @bella_iamone_withall and I do have more Northern Lights on the way so I plan on having it back on the site on wednesday 🌈

I am a MARCH baby and I will be the DIRTY 30 so I wanted to offer you all 30% to celebrate with me!!!
Minimum order of $10
Expires 3-31-17

Instagram always gets all @hueniquecosmetics updates. I don't usually put them on FB unless its an update. Would you like if I updated it more? Please let me know! 💚

HueNique Cosmetics

New logo thanks to the very hard work of Bella Ewing!

Well it took longer then I planned but I got all these beautiful green babies on the website! 💚
🍀CharTreuse Me
🌈LiL Green Man
🍀Charmed Charmer
🌈Pub Crawl

Plus a green glitter in LUCKY CHARMS!

I so wish you could see these colors like I do in person! I hope I made at least one green you like! I also have a pressed glitter 💚🍀 I will list these asap and let you loves know!
🍀Char'Treuse Me
Bright green, chartreuse, heavy gold glitter.
🍀Lil Green Man
😂 ( ha named after all those nights of drinking games in my 20s)
Very bright green, shimmery, light glitter
🍀Pub Crawl
Emerald, heavy glitter, shimmery
Duochrome, shifts green/brown, forest green, heavy shine.
#hueniquecosmetics #etsy #swatchvideo #greeneyeshadow

🙏🙏 I can not say this enough! Being in this industry isn't easy.. So many people are doing the exact same thing it can be discouraging. However this is a big world we live in! Lets create and put big corporate out! What happened to helping each other and growing? I've gotten so many helpful women on my time and I feel very blessed!

Highlighter trio for a #trade with @_jessinasophia 💚🌈
I plan on throwing extra goodies in but this is the main show. This is a gorgeous sleek black palette that holds three 37mm pans and a nice big mirror! We have northern lights in the middle, GSC on the left, and Green Crack on the right. Roll em up, smoke em up, glow it up 😂🙏🔥🔥#northernlights #gsc #greencrack #highlighterpalette #veganhighlight #iridescent #glow #mmjsupport #denver #indiecosmetica #hueniquecosnetics

@Regrann from - We are partnering with @hueniquecosmetics to giveaway a custom glitter palette (5 - 24x21mm pans). Giveaway ends on March 3rd.
Giveaway Rules:
1) follow and @hueniquecosmetics
2) tag 3 or more friends
3) repost for an extra 10 entries

#giveaway #hueniquecosmetics #niahbox #glitter #glittereyeshadow #eyeshadow #eyeshadowpalette #pressedglitter #highlight #highlighter #indiehighlighter #veganhighlighter #vegan #vegancosmetics #veganmakeup #indiemakeup #crueltyfree #custom #supportlocal #supporthandmade #glow #glowbaby #lippie #liptopper #loveyourself #glamazon #makeupisart - #regrann

Large 57mm Northern Lights in a compact! All for @vet_raqs so pretty #rainbow #rainbowglow #rainbowhighlighter #highlight #highlighter #indiehighlighter #veganhighlighter #eyeshadow #vegan #vegancosmetics #veganmakeup #indiemakeup #crueltyfree #hueniquecosmetics #custom #denver #colorado #supportlocal #supporthandmade #glow #glowbaby #lippie #liptopper #loveyourself #glamazon #makeupisart

Current codes:
Expires tomorrow code MUADAY20 save 20%

First time to buy huenique? VIRGIN15 will save you 15%

Also if you spend $30 then please use code FREESHIPPING

Other then that the lovely huenique reps have their own codes for 10% off!

@pinkaboutboxes filled up her small @zpalette two of these shades are mine.. Can you guess which?! 😂💜 thanks for the great video sugar! Remember code ends tomorrow MUADAY20

I really do like how this came out... One of the glow in the dark bottles dropped.. I need a name... Im considering selling these jars at a super cheap price. Also tomorrow is the last day of the sale!!! Code MUADAY20 #liquidhighlighter #unicornpuke #rainbow #glowinthedark #dayglow #highlighter #indiehighlighter #glow #hueniquecosmetics

Look at all that glitter fun! Remember we are having a 20% off sale! Use code MUADAY20

I am a one woman machine here who has a 👪 besides you guys!
I've grown so much and I know things can be confusing so here is my base pricing I try to go off of. However this isn't "locked in" because I do so much custom work... Magick colors generally cost about a $1 extra compacts more along $2 however I'm always happy to combine and save!! This is my love and passion I want my client as happy as I am. Without further more..

Highlighter & eyeshadows
Single color
57 w compact - $16
57mm - $14
36mm - $9
26mm -$6
57mm -$18
36mm -$14
Pressed glitters
26mm - $6
Loose pigments
Small 2g - $3
Medium 3g - $5.5
Large 7.5g - $10

Quad with custom art top and..
four custom 26mm eyeshadow pans $30
Two custom 26mm eyeshadow pans $25

Standard shipping $3

PS. Jess will becoming more involved in huenique then just as a model but details still to be discussed! I'm looking forward to having someone on my team :)

Happy Valentine's Day? What happened to happy more makeup day?!
Let's try out our first code! I thought I'd be busy with school which is why I didn't put it out earlier 😂
So how about 20% off? I know this seems small but honestly it takes so much off!
Code is MUADAY20 this will work until February 19th, that gives you 5 days of sale time! I did set a $10 minimum just to help with saving time so I can do this for all you lovelies!

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