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Botanical skin nutrition for all skin types. Elevated herbalism in a modern form for 21st-century living. Ancient wisdom for modern times. The evolution of KHUS+KHUS developed from a thirst for knowledge in all things holistic that culminated in a education in Ayurvedic Medicine+ Vedic Science from the California College of Ayurveda, combined with extensive studies in Yoga, Eastern and Western Herbalism as well as an education from Floricopia in Aromatherapy.

I spent thousands of endless hours studying, formulating and working with clients through the practice of Western Herbalism and Ayurvedic Medicine. One of the most beneficial daily practices is a ritual that for centuries has been part of humanity is a daily herbal infused massage called Abhyanga, in Ayurvedic Medicine it is incorporated into daily life to prevent and heal illness. In order to attain radiate health and vitality one must use the highest quality vibrational herbal oils and essential oils, anything less need not apply.

Mission: To provide authentic, clean, holistic organic, sustainable wild harvested, high vibrational skin care products. That assist in creating balance optimal health+and vitality.

Operating as usual

Love everyone and tell the truth. It’s that simple folks.

Let me tell you about THE GOLDEN MILK cleanser and why it’s so freakin good. I have been on the green non toxic train for 2 decades, on this journey I cannot tell how many cleansers I have tried. Over the years I found 1 that I really loved, and unfortunately found out the brand that used to be considered clean, once they garnered some notoriety they turned and went not so green. I had to give it up. The long search began again. So when I decided to create my own cleanser the goal was to mimic that once fabulous cleanser, but non toxic of course. It took many and I mean many attempts, but we finally got it. The protection a oil cleanser offers, but rinsing off clean. I’m not saying anything bad about straight oil cleansers I just personally am not a fan, bc my skin never feels clean enough, but with the soap based ones it feels too stripping and over clean. What we have here is just perfection when it comes to a cleanser. Leaving the skin balanced is the most important aspect when formulating a cleanser. Because if it strips no amount of serums, moisturizers, mask will help bc the foundation of your regime is pushing the skin out of balance. This is why it took me so long to create bc I just wanted it to leave the skin perfectly balanced and the product had to contain no harmful ingredients.

All the loveliness 😍 so excited to share this creation with you!!!

THE GOLDEN MILK cleanser is the perfect ph balanced cleanser. WHY is this important? The ph of your skin plays an important role in controlling enzymatic activities and skin renewal. Stripping the acid mantle with a cleanser that is too excessive impairs the skin’s barrier and renders it depleted. No one likes the depleted look from their skincare products. We are going for the nourished, vibrant look.

THE GOLDEN MILK cleanser this turmeric based cleanser is a game-changer. Our goal for this cleanser was simple. We wanted the protection oil cleansers offer and the clean you get with soap-based ingredients. Rendering the skin clean, but more importantly hydrated, not stripping, protecting the delicate balance of the epidermis intact. This cleanser goes on dry skin, upon the introduction of water it turns into a milky texture. Washes off makeup and remnants of the day from exposure to elements. Available now on our website.

TURMERIC | aka the Golden Goddess revered one India and used for centuries. Rich in polyphenols makes it super high in antioxidants known to combat free radical damage. In Ayurvedic Medicine turmeric is known to take action on the blood and circulation, and is cooling to inflamed skin conditions.

PLANT WISDOM IS POWER | when it comes to influencing collagen production we have to look at polyphenols. Secondary metabolites of our plant allies they are generally involved in the defense against ultraviolet radiation and aggression by pathogens. More than 8,000 polyphenolic compounds have been identified in various #plant species. A resent study showed that certain polyherbal extracts had phenolic constituents with pharmacological properties. Very high in antioxidant activity that induced a stimulation of collagen synthesis by fibroblast, which would contribute to wound healing strength. The #truth will set you free. #gonatural. On a side note I can’t tag the products bc IG has archaic judgements against the cannabis plant.

We heard you like texture on Tuesdays. CULT classic RASA body potion. What’s that saying again? Often replicated, never duplicated.

Bday today! I hear there’s a lot of Virgo energy in the matrix right now🙌🙌🙌this year 🤦‍♀️ yikes! Remember this too shall pass. Onward 👉🏻

Now let me be clear I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with white labeling. But I am saying there is a difference between a founder who works with the plants on an intimate and personal level and through experience and passion creates a product from their own intellect. Creating products with plant essences is a craft and a science combined. We are very proud of the fact that we formulate our products. What you are receiving is years and years of study and dedication to plant medicine when you choose our products. We produce hand crafted, custom small batch skincare products. Made with organic and wild harvested botanicals. Think of it like this, there are farm to table restaurants with skilled and seasoned chefs and then there are franchise restaurant chains who make food. Both make food technically and the latter probably sells a lot more food, but the farm to table chef makes their own custom recipes and sources the highest quality ingredients they can get their hands on. I doubt the farm to table chef wants to be put in the same category as the franchise restaurant chain owner. And that goes for us too, we do sell skincare, but the nuances of how are products are created are quite different.

San Luis Valley contains a special healing vortex. One of my favorite places in CO, the high desert. Nature resets are important to healing. We are learning new ways to adapt to our new normal, attempting to stay mentally healthy, by being off grid, and turning off the news for a couple of days. Need a break from that sh*t for real. Keep loving and living and pressing forward my friends.

CULT FAVORITES SEN face serum + SEN hydrolat SPOTLIGHT on ruh khus aka vetiver. Has long been valued in India and Sri Lanka known as the oil of tranquility. Vetiver oil is relaxing and is beneficial for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Vetiver is recommended for psychical, mental and emotional burnout which results from total exhaustion. Anyone in need of some ruh khus raise your hand 🖐

Over the past few months our powder rooms have done some heavy lifting (how many times is too many times to wash your hands?). SO we’ve teamed up with a few of our friends to give yours a restyle with a chance to win over $3700 in prizes! From wallpaper, to lighting, and all the perfect finishing a design consultation to put it all together. Enter for a chance to win....

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You can change the vibration of your space with place essences.

COPIOUS body serum got and update. Working our way through the line. Change is coming. We have spent the Summer developing new concepts for this post Covid world and our goal is to assist in any way we can to make your day a little easier. We spend a lot of time sourcing organic ingredients for our products. Because a product can only be as good as what you put in them. Vital life force energy comes from ethically harvested plants, period. We must consider how a plant is grown and cared for bc this has an impact on the power we are trying to transmit through our creations. Prana or life force energy is contained within our plant allies after all. But that power is greatly reduced if the plant is produced by unloving hands, please remember that.

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That’s right I said it! Someone needs to, I do not want to choke on someone’s perfume. This is not natural, and as someone who has been only using natural substances on her person for two decades I find this highly offensive to my system, and wonder how we’ve gotten to place where this is considered normal. The truth is your fragrances should not last forever, they should last long enough for the body to register the data from the plant molecules to enhance balance in the body. When you inhale FAKE synthetic fragrance it alters your endocrine function bc this information is registered by the olfactory system. Over time your hormone output becomes dis regulated because the body is not in relationship with with altered chemical structures, it recognizes and adapts to natural chemical structures created by nature over evolutionary time in a positive way. We are nature and the further we disconnect from it, this becomes the source of bodily suffering.

So amazing to be at least a little part of these amazing shoots with @heidinymark she’s keeps us in her kit. This image was created for @flanellemagazine so check it out!

So check this out. I was asked by this amazing goddess @blairlaurenbrown if I would like to contribute a recipe to her book CBD:Self-Care Secrets to hemp derived Wellness and it’s finally here. Get your summer reading in.

SEN hydrolat got a fresh new look this month. Moving our way through the line. I would say we have the most confusion regarding the hydrolats and their value when it comes to improving skin health. Some think it’s just water so how can it be beneficial? They are not water, rather they are not just water. They are complex liquids that taste and smell similar to their plant counterparts and have remarkable chemical structures and immense therapeutic properties. They are distillates of various plants very unique, they have a range of applications more diverse than many other phytotherapeutic substances. Containing water soluble substances from plant materials think of it as a tea for your skin. Our frankincense and vetiver hydrolats come from a family in India who has been distilling these plants and resins for generations, known to have the phenotype of both.

PSA | formulas work better when there is intention and focus towards a particular action in the body. What are you trying to assist the body with? Is the first question we start with in herbalism. What imbalances are we striving to bring back into equilibrium and which herbs take action on those systems.

IG won’t let me tag it, bc it was unapproved for violating their policy. Apparently CBD is more radical than hate speech. But I digress, BLEU body wax with CBD! When can we stop demonizing this healing herb? Baseless and profoundly ignorant. We need to shift out of the dark ages, so that we can gain benefit from one of the ultimate healers. Cannabis sativa is a goddess not to be suppressed, they’ve tried, they lost, now let’s move on to openness and receptiveness to her powers.

Often times when we are searching for answers with just the most simplest understanding we forget the bigger picture of how the human body is built, we look through a very small lens, instead of looking at the broad design of the human body and how it came to be, and it’s relationship with nature. The pathway into the body goes like this when you inhale vapors from natural or unnatural substances. Nose👉🏻Olfactory nerves👉🏻Olfactory bulb👉🏻limbic structure branches out to 👉🏻hypothalamus👉🏻pituitary gland👉🏻hormones👉🏻cerebral cortex👉🏻memory and learning. Also moves to the lungs👉🏻bloodstream👉🏻organs and tissues👉🏻skin👉🏻kidneys👉🏻lungs. So when people ask me what I think about fake fragrances, I’m thinking why would any anyone promote these and say they cause no harm when the body works the way it does? We uptake information from the senses, we digest everything, I find them highly dis regulating. And I believe they are driving force imbalances in the body. Check out the chart on our stories.

When they say texture they mean this, but there’s way more going on here. We’ve combined adaptogens and nervines they create perfect synergy and capability. Nervines are known to be adaptogen companions because they take action on the nervous system. This allows for the body and mind to stay calm during stressful events, reducing oxidative stress. This allows for the adaptogens to work their magic and assist the body in increasing ATP and storing energy.

#Challengeaccepted #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen thank you @gvila011 We are so much stronger when we lift each other up. And we are going up ladies together we are power straight power.

Energetic relationships within the body give rise to adaptation and healing, such as in the Latin quote vis medicatrix naturae (the healing power of nature), this is the key principle of all herbal medicine traditions. Ever important to the understanding of healing is to explore how plant medicine can assist in the maintenance and restoration of the body and mind. Take the plunge into the abyss of plants potential. The reward is support and guidance both on a physical and esoteric level.

PSA for the day. They only try to convince you that nature doesn’t work because it’s cheaper to make products with chemicals. Period! And anyone who says otherwise generally has a personal agenda because they use toxic chemicals in their products to enhance their bottom line. We are in a symbiotic relationship with nature, not toxic chemicals. This is the facts friends. No need to debate #TRUTH.

Anointing the body with warm oil lowers Vata dosha which is attributed with anxiety, insomnia and systemic dryness. Abhyanga nurtures tissues, and draws toxins out of the body, keeping the body in balance. By adding the aromatherapy component we promote health, longevity, nourishment and strength to the body and mind. Daily lifestyle routines have the biggest impact on our health, because we introduce healthy patterns replacing our negative habits with healthy ones, this provides stability. And stability is what sets the tone for balance

So we are participating in the boycott this month and it does impact our company, but we all must make sacrifices if we want change. But I have noticed many brands continue to advertise as if business as usual. So I’m wondering about thoughts on this? Either they aren’t aware of the social justice issues and the hate forums on FB, or they are and just don’t care. Our stance is HATE speech is not free speech. We stand with the larger companies trying to make an impact and forcing FB to do something about it. This is not why these platforms were created. And how can you justify paying for adds to sell your product on a platform that is allowing this continue unabated? At one point you have to decide where you stand, what your company stands for and pick a lane. Sorry but staying neutral on this topic makes your company complicit. We can’t all be bystanders to hate and misinformation.

Our products are meant to be massaged into the skin. Massage improves, blood circulation and collagen production. It assist with the release of nervous tension, and is known to reduce wrinkles. Daily facial massage can make the skin appear more youthful, vibrant and relaxed. Let’s face we wear our stress on our faces. Make it a daily ritual, then it becomes a healthy habit. Day by day improvement happen. Plant compounds that took millennia to create become integrated into your system. You absorb all that light force energy.

We’ve been practicing sustainability since onset. Glass is used for both it’s ability to have less impact than plastic but also because herbs are best preserved in dark glass.

The Vedic scriptures say that there is an inextricable link between humans and the Universe. The very elements of human life exist outside the cosmos as well. “I believe a blade of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.” Walt Whitman This is what plant based works. We are nature not just part of nature but the embodiment of nature.

Repeat after me the Sun is not bad for you. Because you are essentially a plant.

Today on #greenskincare Not and ordinary skincare company. When I started KHUS + KHUS it was to bring into skincare something different, focused formulas with intentionally designed to assist the inner workings of the body and mind, in order to manifest skin health. Being extensively trained in Ayurvedic medicine and herbalism I understand that plants do most of their work inside the body. To look at them as just topical solutions is just scratching the surface of their infinite potential and lacks deeper understanding of the true power of nature. Radical things happen when we are open and receptive to our healing partners we have no better ally when it comes to sustaining our wellbeing than nature.

Find KHUS + KHUS and friends @poplar herbal products are and ideal way to improve overall vitality and manage stress. Normalizing the active of the body and assisting instilling the mind.

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