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Comments offers over 100 different salon quality nail art decal sets for any occasion including Valentine’s Day! We also do custom orders. You can also find us on Amazon offers over 100 different salon quality nail art decal sets for any occasion. We also do custom orders. #halloween #halloween2018 #halloweennails You can also find us on Amazon offers over 100 different salon quality nail art decal sets for any occasion. We also do custom orders. #usa #4thofjuly #nails You can also find us on Amazon

CHOOSE NON-TOXIC - Because a more beautiful set of nails starts with a cleaner, healthier base coat.

PURE. CURATED. BEAUTY.™ Base Coat Nail Salon™ is a non-toxic nail salon founded on the idea that the time you spend with us should be the most relaxing part of your day. We strive for a healthy nail spa experience for each of our guests and believe you can have beautiful happy, healthy nails without sacrificing style and having to expose yourself to toxins & chemicals. We source the least toxic and most natural products for our salons as we believe healthy nails are the foundation to beautiful nails. Our products used in our services are formulated and hand blended in Denver, CO - all organic, vegan friendly, scented with only essential oils, plant based preservatives and never contain petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates or any other icky stuff. Always safe to use on children and women who are pregnant/nursing. To preserve a non-toxic environment, we do offer a Oxygenating Medical Grade Gel, 10-Free of the most toxic ingredients using LED light to cure, not skin-aging UV lights, vegan/cruelty-free and lasts up to 14 days. We do not offer nail-damaging acrylics or hard gels. Our nail polish remover is gentle to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out. We thoughtfully curated 100 current and classic colors with options to complement every skin tone just for you without ever exposing you, our technicians, or the environment to harmful chemicals. Our Base Coat nail polish is long-wearing and 8-Free of the most toxic ingredients known to cause health problems including cancer, asthma and even neonatal death. Does not contain Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, and Parabens. All our products are responsibly made, vegan, gluten and cruelty-free. We uphold high standards of hygiene at Base Coat Nail Salon™ . Our tools are sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant before a cycle in a UV Sterilizer and are finally sealed. Our friendly and talented nail stylists are all appropriately certified, and have good knowledge of proper nail and hand care. Upon arrival enjoy a complimentary refreshment of your choice while getting pampered + polished by one of our friendly nail stylist and immerse yourself in the relaxing natural inspired environment. We understand that amazing service is vital in creating the Base Coat Nail Salon™ experience and will do our best to accommodate your needs during your time with us. #TREATYOSELF TO A CLEANER BEAUTY EXPERIENCE!™ XX

Nail Salons Are Opening Back Up: Here's What to Expect During Your Next Appointment

Thank you Allure for the interview! We spoke to nail salon owners about how they plan to safely care for employees and clients in a post-pandemic lockdown world.

As a non-toxic nail brand we try our best to have no strong or harmful ingredients in our products or salons, in exception to proper sanitization especially during this crucial time taking every precautionary measure to keep our guests, team and salon environment safe. Which is why we made the decision to create a new Cleansing Mist blend containing 70% ethyl alcohol to effectively kill any pathogens, and Ylang Ylang and Pink Grapefruit essential oils adding a soothing, clean and fresh scent to the start of every in-salon manicure and pedicure service.


Both Cleansing Mist formulations with or without 70% ethyl alcohol is now available online to purchase for personal use.

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One of our Base Coat Nail Salon is located in one of the most gentrified neighborhoods in Denver, Five Points, unfortunately now called RINO District. As a company we have officially changed our location name to “Base Coat Five Points” to take back our neighborhoods identity in an effort to reclaim our spaces, our communities, and our history. We have made our duty to work to regain the essence of Denver Colorado’s historically black neighborhood — The Five Points and we hope other businesses in our community also follow suit.

Five Points is a historic neighborhood near downtown Denver that was home to the city’s black community for much of the twentieth century. Originally developed as a streetcar suburb in the 1870s and 1880s, the area’s population shifted from European immigrants to African Americans over the next three decades, as whites moved to newer and better housing farther from downtown.,Denver's%20most%20desirable%20streetcar%20suburb.

In the rise of a tense political climate, we have seen nationwide news of protests, neighborhood renaming, and statue removal in an effort to advance the diversity and inclusion of the world as well as minimize the glorification of racist history.

While many of the neighborhoods and parks in Colorado have been renamed because of their racist and oppressive natures, the community and we believe that it is just as oppressive to rename a historically black neighborhood ANYTHING other than that. In order to bring full awareness and change to this, we are hoping the community, the neighborhood task-force, and the city council and government will stand behind this action. It is enough that the neighborhood has been gentrified beyond belief, but further, the name change to “RiNo District” is simply unacceptable in an effort to erase our history and culture.

Let’s help hold on to our history, Denver’s history, and BLACK history.

Please help us revert The RINO District back to its historical name The "Five Points." and sign the petition created by Shannon Martin.

#TheFivePoints #Gentrification #BaseCoatFivePoints #HarlemoftheWest #DenverHistory #BlackHistory #ColoradoHistory

@ Base Coat Nail Salon Five Points

“What is a manicure worth?

The disposability of women, women of color and immigrant women’s bodies in the pursuit of a western beauty ideal raises difficult questions about the social costs of buying and selling beauty.

Customers’ desires for the cheapest, quickest manicures create intense competition, driving down prices, which then drives down wages and erodes working conditions. Boycotting the salons will not make the problems go away. Instead, all nail salons must collectively raise prices to the actual real cost of a manicure and pedicure service to create an industry standard, customers should pay the fair price, understand the time, physical and emotional labor, professional skills it takes to provide a proper manicure, take in account inflation of supplies and cost of living, support organized campaigns for workers’ rights like the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative or the NYC Nail Salon Workers Association, fight for regulation of toxic chemicals, and immigration reform.

Base Coats' clear mission since day one has been the concern about the exploitative and hazardous nature of nail-salon work. Like many low wage workers in the United States, nail salon workers have little recourse against labor law violations such as unpaid wages, poor work conditions, discrimination and wrongful termination which we are currently witnessing in real time from high profile nail salons in NYC and Los Angeles, please remember this does not only happen at small mom & pop shops or sometimes called “chop shops” owned mainly by Asian Immigrants, a derogatory term we ask to stop being used for which wrongfully creates biases, prejudices and underlying racial conflicts and hostilities plaguing nail-salon interactions.

Poor ventilation and constant exposure to the fumes and toxins of nail polish, nail polish remover, and the acrylic and glue used in tips and extensions—sometimes for as long as twelve to fourteen hours a day with no breaks — make nail salons twenty-first century, service “sweatshops.” Workers suffer from an array of occupational health problems, including rashes, eye infections, asthma, and allergies. Community advocates suspect a close link between breast cancer and nail-salon work. Despite the dangers, many owners discourage the use of protective gloves and masks—which expose, rather than conceal, toxicity. Such blatant disregard for workers’ health is not isolated to the nail salon owners. Manufacturers make little effort to produce non-toxic products and show more concern for the profits of individual owners than for the health and safety of workers. Ironically, customers are more likely to see women of color and immigrant women manicurists as potential contaminators than as victims of health hazards.

“What is a manicure worth? Is it worth poisoning the bodies and demeaning the human value of the women who give manicures? Is it worth reproducing the relations of privilege and entitlement that have oppressed women of color and immigrant women since the days of slavery and European colonialism? To be mindful not to present women of color and immigrant women manicurists as mere victims of capitalism and patriarchy.

Until a manicure is seen as more than a personal indulgence or a ritual of bonding between women, the intensive embodied and emotional work that it entails and the conditions under which it is performed will remain largely invisible and unequal—and these small requests to upgrade the work will most likely go unanswered. We need to recognize manicurists who cultivate a sense of self-worth and dignity from the care and support they give to their clients and it first starts with better customers to acknowledge the inequities to make for better nail salons.

Friends especially working in the nail industry The Managed Hand by Miliann Kang is a required read to understand race, class, inequality, gender, and the beauty body work in the nail industry. Miliann mainly focuses her study on nail salons in NYC but her study speaks to nail salons all over the country addressing working conditions in the salons but also to understand the growth of this beauty service niche and the complex interactions that occur in them.

𝘉𝘪𝘳𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘥 𝘰𝘯 𝘢 𝘚𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘢𝘺, 2020

Artwork & Words by @ambrosia_the_nectar

“Work in progress. I made this work on a Sunday. Her body holds a root system. IS a root system. these root systems that we can’t fully trace, complicated, complex, deep, something that we possibly can’t see all at once...lives in our bodies...these roots...makes us and undoes us at the same time. and so much more...🤍🤍🤍 Doing my best to listen to what my role is in this moment.”

#artisliberation #artforliberation #blackart #blackartists

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“I was curious about the racial gaps with regard to COVID-19, and how those who resist wearing masks actively partake in the systemic racist oppression of Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian communities. It’s a no-brainer that wearing a mask helps curb the spread of COVID-19, but the following slides examine the relationship between what not wearing a mask has to do with racism, based on studies conducted by several credited resources. Some other things I learned:

*83% of Black people say trying to control the virus is a higher priority than restarting the economy.

*Only half of white people say controlling the virus is more important.

*Indigenous communities have accounted for 60% of cases in New Mexico, despite being only 9% of the population.

*Indigenous communities have accounted for 21% of cases in Arizona, where they make up only 4% of the population.

*The building and cleaning services industry has one of the highest rate of uninsured frontline workers - 1 in 10 frontline workers in this industry don't have health insurance

*In a study conducted by the American Economic Review, Black people assigned to the care of doctors who were Black received 34% more preventive services in comparison to those who were assigned to doctors who were non-Black.

*Approximately 4% of current physicians are Black.

*If 95% of people wore masks in public, 33,000 deaths could be avoided by October 1.

Please wear a mask. The individual cannot sustain without the collective, and while systemic racism has failed Black people and non-Black people of colour and these institutions must be dismantled, reimagined and rebuilt for equity, in the meantime the very least that we can do to protect our communities is to wear a mask.”

*Also do not even think about showing up to a service at any of our Base Coat locations without wearing a mask or complain about our Covid-19 Health & Safety protocols we put in place to protect our guests and staff. We WILL refuse service with NO REFUND. #nottodaykaren


Black male nail techs defying gender norms by entering into the billion-dollar industry

We just love this so much. Very inspiring! 🖤 There is an emerging interest in the nail industry coming from a group of people that some would least expect.

As small businesses start to reopen, please understand we all may have just survived one of the hardest professional and personal challenges we have ever faced.

While we are excited to open, owners and employees are still stressed as we are all putting ourselves at risk to provide a non-essential service. We’re not through the woods yet. We are still trying to recover from battle number one and our next battle of rebuilding has just begun.

Since the day we closed on March 17th, the priority of our small but mighty team has been working incredibly hard and thoughtfully on every detail of our ever-evolving Covid-19 Health + Safety protocols to ensure the safety of our guests and team at all costs.

To our guests who have returned, THANK YOU for being kind, being accountable, being patient, being compassionate and understanding. 💓

Thank you @boundlessbykara for sharing your experience of the “new normal” at Base Coat.


First time getting my nails done in months and I’m feeling’ like a brand new woman! I got a mani/pedi at boho chic nontoxic @basecoatnailsalon in Rino, Denver and this is what the new normal looked like...⁣

⭐️SIGNED WAIVERS - Signed a couple waivers upon booking to clear any liabilities ⁣
⭐️PRE-ENTRY SANITATION - Applied hand sanitizer, washed hands and they even sprayed down the bottom of our shoes prior to entry. Associates switch out shoes upon entry as well.⁣
⭐️TEMPERATURE CHECK - sanitized forehead thermometer was used⁣
⭐️HAZARD FEE - $10 was added to total fee to cover regular cleaning ⁣
⭐️USED PHONE IN PROTECTION BAG - phone was placed in plastic bag if wanted to use throughout treatment ⁣
⭐️LEFT BELONGINGS AT DOOR - so you didn’t track any germs into space⁣
⭐️NO TOUCH POLISH SELECTION - the Basecoat team handled all product⁣
⭐️PLEXIGLASS BARRIERS - with hand slots to minimize contact b/w myself and the nail tech — I had Mariah and she was the best!! ⁣
⭐️FURNITURE COVERINGS - on all furniture used and interchangeable coverings in the pedicure foot tubs as well ⁣

Overall, it was a very comfortable, fun and safe experience — they totally nailed it! 💅🤣


This is the nail care aisle at a Target by my house, not one Asian or Black owned nail brand in-store or online, zero representation for the two communities who created the nail industry we all know and love today in the United States.

Today we are calling for all small and major beauty retailers to stock your shelves with BIPOC nail brands and to the beauty press and “influencers'' to stop pleasing the white palette by writing and promoting about the same non-BIPOC nail salons, nail artists and brands who are erasing the rich history and culture of our very diverse nail industry.

Friends and Followers, we ask you to please continue to support and DEMAND for @15percentpledge BIPOC brands in stores and seek out BIPOC nail salons and nail artists in your own communities.

Right now, we need your support more than ever, 21% of Black-owned businesses say they don’t think they’ll survive the pandemic. 5% of white-owned businesses say the same and today there has been more than 2,100 anti-Asian American hate incidents related to Covid-19 reported across the country over a three-month time span between March and June.

We also could not be more grateful for @nordstrom for acknowledging and truly seeing @basecoatnailsalon as the non-toxic nail salon pioneers and THANK YOU to the amazing independently owned stores all over the country who carry our non-toxic nail products.

Head to our profile link to support Black owned nail polish brands (@lesstalkmorepolish) and nail salons all over the country (@melaninislifeshop). Please also sign @15PercentPledge to collectively put billions back into Black communities.

If you need a refresher of the true nail history origins created by Olivett Robinson a Black American woman and Charlie Hieu Vo a Vietnamese Refugee woman please head to our highlights under “MANTRAP”.

Please TAG below your favorite BIPOC nail artist, nail salon and nail brand for our followers!

xx, Tran Wills - Founder

#15percentpledge #knowyournailhistory #blackouttuesday #buyblack #mantrap

It’s #ManiMonday and starting today to July 31st we will be donating 50% of NAVAJO, our fiercest red hue, shines as bright as the Nation. Online sales will be donated to @navajostrong created to aid the Navajo Community during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. (tap image to purchase)

Since Covid-19 was first reported in the Navajo Nation on 15 March, infection rates per capita have become the highest in the country when compared with any individual state.

The Navajo Nation is the largest reservation of its kind, in both size and population. More than 173,000 people live within its borders, in pockets of communities spread across the deserts and canyons of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. If it were a state, the Nation would be larger than 10 others.

The Navajo - or Diné, have contributed much to America's development. Perhaps most famously, Navajo soldiers invented a military code, based on their language, that kept American communications secure during World War Two.

But as coronavirus has swept through the reservation, it has underscored many of the social and economic inequalities that continue to affect the tribe. Many communities rely on just one store, so people mingle from distant locations while buying food. Over 30 percent of the tribe lack clean running water. Another 30 percent don't have electricity. Before the coronavirus outbreak, half the tribe was unemployed all contributing to one another, and all making the outbreak worse in recent weeks.

Please swipe left ⬅️ if you are financially able to donate directly to organizations providing aid to the Navajo Nation & Hopi, list put together by @kinsalehues and link in our profile for the Tribal Communities COVID-19 Action Document.

@adoptanativeelderofficial @hopirelief

#navajonation @ Navajo Nation Reservation

Our Story

Where Clean Beauty and Wellness Go Hand in Hand

Mission Statement

Base Coat is on a mission to reimagine a world where clean beauty and wellness go hand-in-hand. We believe in cleaner beauty for all.

Our non-toxic nail polishes and plant-based beauty products have been custom formulated for use in all of our salon services and will leave you radiating good vibes from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes.

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