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Top fan status! 💪 It's not a lie. Lol
Sara does an amazing job. She is professional, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. Her advanced technique in massage & bodywork along with her expertise in anatomy & physiology enable her to provide you the best experience and give you truly what your body needs.

Artfully facilitating the natural healing forces within.

Therapeutic Massage Services

I am a Board Certified Massage Therapist who has devoted myself to implementing a consciously holistic approach to the ancient art of bodywork. I am here for those that have an interest in their overall health, those who call for a held space where they can escape from the rat race of the world to relax, and those who seek ease from musculoskeletal discomfort. My unique approach aims to combine modalities in order to gratify each of my clients' unique needs. I aim to help clients dive deep in order to reconnect with themselves to facilitate the body’s natural strive for homeostasis.

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Trying to stay informed and proceed with ethic caution. Moving Forward During Uncertainty—April 24 Update from ABMP Dear Member: We hope this message finds you and your loved ones well. The past month has been perhaps the most trying we collectively have experienced in our lives. While challenging, it certainly underscores the passion and care of our c...

It is positively gorgeous here today! If you know me, you know that I love finding new, expressive words to incorporate. This one finds me at such a lovely time, so, I thought I would share. Through all of what is going on, I hope we can allow ourselves to take a moment to actually slow down and appreciate the good things in our lives. #slowdown #itisoktorest #investinrest #wellness #massage #massagetherapy

When they announce massage reopening, but say we still need to keep up social distancing.... 🤣 what?!

All of those announcements were quite the whirlwind there! To sum it all up, LMTs have been advised to not open on April 27th, but instead await further instructions. We have not been given guidelines on how to move forward, but I mean, this could work, ya?? #massagetherapyhumor #iamkidding #closed #covid_19 #massagetherapy #services #colorado #wellness #humorinhardtimes

Today was filled with creating BlackSage, Goldenrod, and Conifer blend bath bombs! Each ingredient aims to remedy musculoskeletal soreness. Each is scented with a light earthy, yet sweet blend of essential oils and topped with a cedar cone. These will also come packaged in biodegradable packaging! Happy Earth day 💕 #bodywork #Bodyworks #herbalmedicine #herbalist #herbalistintrainingforlife #quaratinecreations #blacksagebotanicalline #botanicalbeauty #massage #wellness #denver #bath #bathproducts

Herbal references for life during these heart heavy times 💗 #massage #referencesheet #herbalism #herbs

A discussion on the potential changes coming due to Covid 19 to the massage/bodywork professions

These are what we, as massage therapists, are contemplating during this time. Please review this and understand why BlackSage will not be opening immediately. Thank you for your ongoing patience and support

The Healing Cocoon & Massage Therapy Radio Present Ruth Werner, Diana Thompson and Melanie Hayden dive into a conversation about what the future might look l...

I feel renewed in my sense of drive to keep going. With the help of family, we will be able to stay in business! I am overjoyed and overwhelmingly full of gratitude to be able to feel secure in this time of uncertainty. I am looking into how reopening will go. At this time, appointments will not be available again until June 1st. This will give me time to implement new protocols in light of the pandemic. I hope everyone is staying as healthy as one can be during this time. I will update everyone if anything changes and what to expect when I know more. Until then, thank you for your support. Let me know how I can also support you 💆🏽 #smallbusinessowner #smallbusiness #supportingdreams

Just finished mixing and portioning a special BlackSage Bodyworks exclusive concoction of Botanical Bath Tea. This Epsom salt base was blended with BlackSage, calendula, life everlasting, lobelia, violet, and more to give this mixture a powerful boost for both healthy skin and nourished muscles. A half cup was placed in an organic cotton tea bag to be added to any bath. Feel free to empty the contents to immerse yourself with the herbs, or leave it in the tea bag for easy steeping and clean up. The bag can then be reused for many things such as loose leaf teas. These will be packaged and added to our online shop very soon! I am creating quite a few goodies to debut. Stay tuned for more 💗 🛀 🌱 #herbalism #bath #selfcare #muscle #bathsalts #herbalremedies #herbalblends #blacksage #denver #smallbusiness #quarantineremedies #takecareofyourself #bathtime #yummy #healthyskin #sustainablyharvested #wildcrafted #organic #tea #bodywork #massage #massagetherapy #botanicalbodywork #beauty #health #wellness #spaday

It is true 😁 I am missing all of you! I can’t wait to get back to working with you as this break has really reset my practice. As some of you know, I’ve been working three jobs at any given time for the last few years, just to get this business opened and off the ground. I am a firm believer in putting in the work to really make dreams come true, but overworking for an extended amount of time can take quite a toll. I want to be honest and reveal that I was really feeling burnt out before closing. I desperately needed to take a break, just never under these circumstances. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions as I am sure most of my community can relate. However, my hands have had a well deserved break now, my mind has been able to disconnect from its usual processing, and I’ve had the time to catch up on so much! So far, I am very hopeful that BlackSage will survive this pandemic and we will reopen again soon (hoping for June). We will be better than ever! When we each do better, we all do better 🥰 #massage #bodywork #hopeful #smallbusiness #denver #surviving #thriving #burntout #workaholic #rest #investinrest #imissyou #nolaundry

I know I’m feeling ALL of this! How is everyone else holding up? #touchdeprived #selfmassage #imissyou #massage #massagetherapy #massagehumor #dropanelbow #quarantinecrafts

Sustainably and respectfully harvested BlackSage has just been delivered from the West Coast! I am using this time away from the studio to craft some new signature herbal blended goodies for you all. Historically, Black Sage was used medicinally by Native tribes for easing bodily ailments. This powerful plant inspired my business name and now I am tangibly incorporating BlackSage’s healing properties. I am very honored to be able to create 💗 #BlackSage #herbal #herbalcrafting #herbalremedies #botanical #massage #bodywork #wellness #health #healing #plantmagic #salves #bath

Sustainably and respectfully harvested BlackSage has just been delivered from the West Coast! I am using this time away from the studio to craft some signature herbal blended goodies for you all. Historically, Black Sage was used medicinally by Native tribes for easing bodily ailments. This powerful plant inspired my business name and now I am tangibly incorporating BlackSage’s healing properties. I am very honored to be able to create 💗 #BlackSage #herbal #herbalcrafting #herbalremedies #botanical #massage #bodywork #wellness #health #healing #plantmagic #salves #bath

As we have been distancing due to the pandemic, we have been asked to relook at how we do every day things. Wash our hands, prepare our food, fill our daily needs... It can be quite an adjustment to relearn how to exist so suddenly. I hope everyone is coping and staying healthy. As you know, we are closed until further notice! Hopefully, we will be able to open again soon. Stay safe. Stay home. Stay alive.

#wellness #wholeness #mentalhealth #health #stayhealthy #staysane #stayhome #feelallthefeelings #itsok #youarevalid

We will be closed until the thick of this pandemic has passed. Please stay safe, healthy, and sane 💗

Notice of CDPHE Public Health Order Closing Non-Essential Public Services through April 30, 2020

BlackSage is closed until further notice!
An email was sent out to all existing clients with more details. This afternoon, Governor Jared Polis announced a number of state actions to further address the spread and impact of COVID-19. Among those actions is an updated order from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) mandating that all businesses conducting “nonessential person...

[03/16/20]   "AMT has just advised practising members to shut down all client contact immediately.

This is an unprecedented time in the history of AMT and the massage therapy profession in Australia. We have not been in the position of making a decision of such scale and importance at any other time in the past 53 years.

At this stage we are advising that members cease treating clients for an initial period of 2 weeks but we will issue updated advice as soon as we can.

This is not a recommendation made in panic. It is based on an informed assessment of the available recommendations, guidelines and emerging data on diagnosed cases of COVID19 in Australia. It is a necessary and deeply reluctant acknowledgement that the situation is escalating and massage therapists are now front line vectors for transmission.

AMT has been monitoring the news closely over the weekend. Yesterday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a range of updated measures including more stringent pre-emptive requirements for social distancing.
Since it is impossible for massage therapists to socially distance in the course of their job, AMT sees no option but to urge members to notify their clients immediately that it is not possible or feasible to carry out treatment in light of the new current Department of Health social distancing guidelines. Shut down of massage therapy practices is, in fact, the only way to fully comply with the new guidelines announced yesterday.

Over the past two days, the number of diagnosed cases of COVID19 leapt alarmingly. This jump in diagnosed cases means that the number of undiagnosed community infections is at a critical tipping point in Australia.

Australia is following the same trajectory as countries across Europe and the Americas. Our current diagnosed cases are at the same point as Italy just over 2 weeks ago.

Massage therapists have a significant role to play in managing the spread of the virus due to the proximity that the job requires. To quote the words of a British Professor of infectious disease modelling (Graham Medley):
“So most people have a fear of acquiring the virus. I think a good way of doing it is to imagine that you do have the virus and change your behaviour so you are not transmitting it. Don’t think about changing your behaviour so you won’t get it; think about changing your behaviour so you won’t give it to somebody else.”

As health practitioners, massage therapists have a duty of care in helping to stem the spread of the virus. Taking this responsibility seriously and making tough decisions shows our solidarity and support for front line primary health carers who will have far tougher decisions than us to make in the coming weeks.

AMT is painfully and sorrowfully aware of the financial ramifications of this advice.

We trust that you, the massage going public, will thank your massage therapist for their moral courage at this extraordinary time.

“Social isolation is not an act of fear - it's an act of love”
Dr Dan Suan

Yours sincerely,

@gfreeyogi asked me to take a picture of her after her session today, so, of course I did ☺️ Thank you so, so much for the shout out! It was a pleasure working with you and getting you all prepped for your vacation! Glad I could be the starting catalyst for a fabulous trip to come!!! #massage #massagetherapy

Transcript of a review from an internal source! I am SO blessed 🥰 Thank you all so much for being such fantastic clients!!! #massage #denvermassage #denvermassagetherapist #massagenearme

Sessions are filling up this week! Schedule now through the link in my bio to be sure to get yours! I am feeling so blessed to be in this space. I am still perfecting the details of the aesthetics and loving the creative pull to transmute the old into the new. The energy fees so bright here. Do you feel it too? 🖤 #massage #denver #massageindenver #massagenearme #capitolhill #ogden #yoga #wellness #rootedheart #cornerbeet #blacksage #health #deeptissue

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SCI Body Therapy

Deep Dive: Intervertebral Discs

This article will be of interest to runners, walkers and those with back pain (acute or chronic).

Between each vertebral body in the spine is a cushion of fibrocartilage called an intervertebral disc. These discs absorb stress and shock as the body moves.

Each disc is made up of two parts: the annulus fibrosus and the nucleus pulposus.

The top (superior) and bottom (inferior) of each vertebral body is coated with an endplate.

The endplates are complex structures that blend into the intervertebral disc and help attach the structure to the superior and inferior vertebral body.

Fun Fact: The intervertebral discs are the largest structures in the body without a vascularization. Nutrients are delivered by osmosis.

Normal movement and exercise has also been demonstrated to influence the over all health of the disc by modulating hydration and proteoglycan content. It has been postulated that movement may act as a “pump” that encourages nutrient entry.

Despite the persistent idea that discs are fragile the opposite is actually true.

They are extremely robust and composed of the toughest type of connective tissue in the body (excluding bone).

Contrary to the “degenerative” narrative the discs of the spine have been shown to heal when they are damaged. The length of the healing timeline is frustratingly long (6-18 months).

This fact leads people to surgeries and other procedures that may put their long term spine health at risk.

In cases of traumatic injury and pain that does not resolve surgery, fusion, and other protocols may be used.

The widely prescribed treatment with corticosteroids is being questioned on multiple fronts due to it risks and the fact the repeated exposure to corticosteroids weakens tissues.

This is a short term bandaids that leads to true detrimental structural changes.

It is also widely known that disc changes including bulges and compression/flattening are present in much of the adult population. You can have these changes and have no pain whatsoever.

On a more positive note, there is evidence that activities such as running, brisk walking, and weight training can cause adaptation and possibly strengthening of the intervertebral discs.

Safe movement and graded exposure techniques at being used as rehab. There are also postural protocols, such as the McKinzie Method that can support disc reabsorption and/or pain relief.

In massage, we don’t affect intervertebral disc directly. We can manage the perception of muscle tightness and relieve localized spasms by interacting with the nervous system at large.

Massage may be used in a specific area as a way to supply graded exposure. Safe touch and calming stimulus can be very effective at reducing pain in the short term.

This pain reduction stratagem can allow for more active protocols to be used and offer a way of handling pain if it returns after the activity.

Image Credit: Body Worlds Houston.

References: Seely’s Anatomy and Physiology, 3D4 Medical Complete Anatomy

Denver, Colorado Broomfield, Colorado Westminster, Colorado #massage #massagetherapy #anatomy #backpain

Today, I reflect on acting with kindness. We are all going through something and no matter how put together someone appears, they may be at their breaking point. What may seem benign to you, may be a trigger for another.... what I continually realize is that how others interact with you is merely a reflection of their own internal struggle. To be able to separate from the interaction and behave with kindness is the most important, yet can be very difficult at times. So, today I reflect and honor those who are fighting their daily demons.

Jill Berkana

Don't we know it and THIS is why SCOPE, ETHICS, AND SPECIALIZED TRAINING are important for Massage Therapists so we can honor our place in the grand scheme of all things healing. Amateurs should not dabble, and if you do, expect to be reported.

Want to experience Valentine's weekend in the most romantic way possible? Meel's Mountain Massage and myself are teaming up for a wonderful Valentine’s Day special this Sunday 🥰 Send Meel's Mountain Massage a message to book your couples massage on Sunday the 16th!
Appointments are limited so hurry and schedule today! #denvermassagetherapist #valentines #valentinesday2020 #romance #couplesmassage #massagetherapy #thingstodoindenver #cbd #cacaobutter #chocolate #roses #theworks

Happy snow day! I hope everyone is staying warm out there. I couldn’t be more happy to be working out of @rootedheartyogawellness on this snowy day! The space feels so good and I am very excited to be getting situated here. Just look at this lobby with @emilythefunkypriestess Art and all of the plants! Thank you universe for landing me just where I need to be 🥰

Our Story

BlackSage Bodywork’s mission is to artfully facilitate the natural healing forces within by providing therapeutic massage with the mindset of mindfully confronting dysfunction patterns in order to resolve the root cause.

Sara's style is detailed and adaptive to benefit every body, since no two are alike. She is able to dive deep into the crevices that are often overlooked to bring radical normalization to the body. She enjoys working outside the box by developing, customizing, and adjusting treatments to the ever changing needs of each individual client. Since graduating from Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in 2012, Sara found her niche in deep tissue massage after working extensively with the unique musculoskeletal maladjustments faced by the circus arts community. Being an athlete most of her life, and sustaining injuries as a result, she has developed pertinent knowledge of kinesiology, as well as the associated therapeutic techniques.

Sara is trained in a variety of modalities including, but not limited to: Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, myo-facial techniques, inter-oral therapy, aromatherapy, Thai massage, hot and cold stone therapy, cupping, and pre-natal. She is pursuing the full 250- hour advanced Mindful Expressionism® Certification and currently is a competent practitioner of 'Level 1: Extremities, Sciatic, Carpal Tunnel, and Plantar Fasciitis', 'Level 2: TMJ, Jaw, Head, Neck, and Face,' as well as ‘Level 5: Low Back Specialization.’ To learn more about this program:

Massage therapy provided Sara with an opportunity to combine her scientific fascination of anatomy with an outlet for her natural artistic ability. Ideal candidates are those who want to receive professional and artistic therapeutic touch from someone who is deliberate in their work.

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