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Bourbon Hair Color & Design


Highlighting my highlights! Strange location but good light! Thanks again Michelle L Austin
Thank you Michelle L Austin for making me feel beautiful yesterday! You're so talented, funny & I love chatting it up with you!
Rebeca Eileen

Bourbon is a cozy, independent hair studio specializing in trend conscious color & cuts focused on guest lifestyle.

Ashe shows us how texture adds depth and intrest in hair- just like it does with clothing. The shine and richness of the leather against the transparency & knit of her distressed sweater mimics the contrast of her glassy waves and undercut.

If buzzing off some of your hair is outside your comfort zone, simply adding a finishing spray like Loma Texture Spray or Living Proof Body Builder, will give you enough tousle to add a youthful, modern look to your current ‘do.

Whaaat?!? Extensions can enhance short hair? 🤯 Yasss, queen! Sometimes a little extra hair is needed to achieve the crops and bobs of your dreams.

Adding a few strategically placed micro bonded fusion extensions created a stronger silhouette for this short style. Seamlessly blended, extensions can subtly beef up fullness where it’s needed so that all you hear is, “WOW! Your hair looks GREAT!”

Just the tips: 3 ways to care for long, colored hair:

1. Shampoo less- water is a major color fading culprit so lather less (check out yesterday’s post to learn about how to keep your ‘do fresh with dry shampoo post workout)

2. Treat dryness with a “Triple Threat”- when you do wash, use a color safe conditioner & leave in with a UV filter & heat protection. Add a intense mask, like Loma Deep, once a week for maximum moisture

3. Trim regularly- depending on hair type, how frequently you color, & how aggressively you heat style, cut damaged ends off 3-6x a year

“How do I shampoo less when I workout?” I’ll tell you, girl!

First, let’s talk about the tools you’ll need: dry shampoo is going to be your new BFF- however they’re not all created equal. So if you tried one before & didn’t love the results, there’s others to explore! My holy grail dry shampoo is Living Proof... does the job without white residue, buildup, or a tacky texture & has a refreshing scent.

You’re also going to need a hairdryer with a cool setting (or cool shot).

Optional tools: boar bristle brush, curling or flat iron

Now for the technique... post workout, either let any sweat on your scalp airdry completely or help speed up the process by using a hairdryer set on cool.

Next, section & spray dry shampoo on the scalp. Make sure you hold the can 8”-12” away from your head so you get an even mist! You may see a dull, white cast as you apply but don’t panic- this will magically disappear if you’re using a quality dry shampoo. Wait 30-60 seconds for the product to dry down (this is when I typically like to start applying my makeup) before doing a quick scalp massage distribute the dry shampoo & help blend any chalkiness.

If you need to blend in the dry shampoo a little more, use a boar bristle brush at the scalp. Lastly, smooth out or disguise any kinks or bumps from a workout pony with a hot iron.

From workouts to time savers, take a moment to help your fitness sisters out & share your gym hack in the comments!

Nervous about seeing a new stylist? Let me tell you about Mary: equestrian, pediatric nurse, line dancin’ queen, & recent Denver transplant!

Mary is lucky to have a thick, gorgeous mane (like her sister, Christine- who you may remember from a few parts ago), loved her long time stylist, was happy with her color & style, & really wanted to maintain her look... naturally, she was nervous finding a new stylist in Denver.

After consulting with Mary, I told her what to expect on her 1st appointment & came up with a plan for her future visits. She was skeptical when I told her I didn’t recommend a highlight with every appointment & noticed the differences her hometown stylist & I had in approach & techniques. But Mary trusted me, the process, & was ultimately thrilled that I could recreate her look & suggest a maintenance plan that saved her a little time & money between highlight visits.

The 1st step in finding a new stylist is to meet them! Visit to schedule your complimentary consultation & let’s talk about your hair, chica!

Want to brighten up your color but not sure if you’ll love it? Go mini! Just like a summer on a beach, a mini highlight or balayage adds a pop of lightness around your face to shake up your look without the commitment of a partial or global highlight.

“Dry January” is coming to an end. For weeks I’ve been thinking about what I’m not having: a yummy rosé with a cheese plate... mimosas at brunch... the sound of clinking glasses when toasting with friends. It’s taken me this long to recognize what I’ve gained: more restful, restorative sleep... productive weekends... more money in my bank account.

Hanging onto what was familiar to me really robbed me of time enjoying the positive changes that were happening.

My biggest takeaway from this month: if you’re ready for a change, shift your focus... instead of worrying about giving up what’s familiar, embrace what you’ll gain.

Works for life and hair.

Thick... long... slo mo hair🤩 What are your hair goals?


I can’t be the only weirdo who likes Mondays, right?!? I know, no other day of the week is as sexy as Friday & nothing tastes better than Sunday Funday’s mimosas, but Monday is the day I get to start doing what I love! When clients leave with smiles as big as Tara’s, I can’t help but get excited to start my work week!

That’s right, I’m a hairstylist that works on Mondays- glad you caught that 😉 So if you’re not quite ready to go back to the office, pack your laptop, log onto the salon WiFi, & start your week remotely... and with a smile!

Living Proof

I want you to sleep in more and style less... sound good to you?

Beyond excited to bring this line of amazing products to you! #comingsoon

We are the science. You are the Living Proof.

Shout out to my brunettes🤟🏽 let’s talk shine✨Dark hair reflects more light which typically gives a glassy glow compared to our fair haired sisters, but heat & UB damage to fragile ends can dull your sparkle.

Let’s revive the shine! Add an anti frizz or cuticle sealing product (like Loma Smoothing Creme or Olaplex No. 6) before you blowdry and finish dry hair with a protective shine enhancing product like Olaplex No 7 or Living Proof Instant Defrizzer.

In the salon, an acidic color gloss seals the cuticle to add shine and a custom conditioning treatment with CBD oil hydrates & softens rough, thirsty ends.

Bored with your bob?🥱 Or afraid it will go flat as you grow it out? A small shift in your haircut can create just the right amount of change to spice up your look.

Blended layers to the top and crown give va-va-voom volume & softens the shape to give your bob a new vibe!


Keep it long by getting it cut... WHAAAT?!? Seems counterintuitive if your goal is to maximize length, but once you know these 3 hair facts, it’s easy to understand:

1. Hair grows from the scalp- so that’s where it’s the newest & most resilient
2. Hair is dead matter- anything outside your noggin lacks nourishment from a circulatory system, once it’s left the skin’s surface, there’s no way to repair hair ‘from the inside out’
3. On average, hair grows 1/2” per month

So now that we know all that we can understand that if you have long hair, those ends have seen some stuff it can’t unsee- we’re talking YEARS of exposure to heat, chemicals, & UV damage. Those ends are more fragile, brittle, & prone to splitting. Once they split, they continue to break until we cut them off- this is why your hair can look ‘stringy’ when you go too long between cuts and more length has to be sacrificed to regain fullness.

Without a circulatory system to carry nourishment past the scalp, we know that nutritional changes will not effect the ends of your hair.

So if you want to maintain your mermaid locks, A cut at least 3 times a year will help keep splitting ends from sabotaging your length goals!

Hair on ‘roids! Beef up body with hair extensions 💪😲 A seamlessly blended look was created with a combination of heat & adhesive free techniques

Meet Christine- she’s responsible for making BOURBON pretty & she’s part of my girl gang.

Christine is a visual merchandiser, girlboss, dog mom, wife, wine enthusiast, part time professional actor, she was my first client in BEAUTY SCHOOL, & one of my biggest cheerleaders since becoming a small biz owner.

We all need a Christine... heck, we NEED a team of Christine’s- a ride or die tribe to help us climb personal & professional mountains, steady us when we stumble, & clink glasses with when we succeed.

Who’s your wind beneath your wings??? Show your besties some love and tag them in the comments!

“How do I keep my hair blonde AF???” Girl, I got you- & Imma tell you how you got you!

First, let’s geek out & talk about why blondes yellow or dull 🤓 Whenever we lighten, we expose natural pigments in your hair- usually shades of gold and yellow. Glazes & glosses are utalized in the salon to neutralize those natural, warm tones your hair is flashing us. However ALL ARTIFICIAL HAIR COLOR FADES. Depending on how often you shampoo, heat style, & time you spend in the sun, your salon glaze may last anywhere from 3-6 weeks... as it fades, that gold your hair lightened to will be exposed again.

To keep your blonde banging, I suggest a giving brass a 1-2 punch: regular in salon glossings, and at home color depositing products!

From violet shampoos & conditioners, to neutralizing color drops you can add to your styling products, there’s a ton of options that will give you the power to cool your blonde at home.

Need help choosing the right blonding products to use? NBD- drop your question in the comments (or DM me if you’re shy) and I’ll help you find the right brass busting weapon 😎

Did you know you shed 100-200 hairs per day? And the longer the hair, the more dramatic those natural shedding hairs can look in your shower! Before you panic, check your pony and your scalp: if you’re not seeing more skin or skinnier pony tails, then the hair your pulling from your drain is TOTALLY NORMAL👍

I ❤️ visits from @uberhaas! With a big heart (& brains to match), this lovely stops in for some self care when she’s not busy saving the world. Changed up her look with a long, wavy bob and an dark ash blonde gloss 😍 #caringissexy

Glossy locks brought to you by Loma Nourhishing Oil & Smoothing Creme- my favorite styling (and moisturizing) combo for dense, thirsty hair!

✨swipe for before✨DRAMA! Added volume, length, and COLOR 🌈 with flat tip beaded extensions: a chemical free hair application method.

Happy Hump Day! I’m so excited to share another bleach free highlight with you! Every 10 weeks we blend this beauty’s grays with a highlight ising permanent color that’s 3 shades lighter than her natural dark blonde. This gives her a natural looking highlight that’s also low maintenance #winwin

Beaded extensions are a chemical free way to add length and volume for va-va-voom hair!

Virgin hair is like Christmas morning for a hairstylist! Beautiful highlights can be achieved without bleach. For this first timer, I highlighted with a permanent color a couple shades lighter than her natural color at the scalp and used a color 4 shades brighter on her ends and around her face. What do you think?

Can you believe her luscious hair & full brows??? I know, I’m jealous too!
#hairenvy #browgoals

🥳 Happy New Year! Please ignore me tripping over my words and STAY AWESOME in 2020!

Wand, flat iron, or traditional iron: how do you curl?


SELF CARE CHALLENGE❤️💪✌🏽! As we end the year with a season of giving, it’s a good time to think about how to be kinder to ourselves in 2020... taking time to take care of yourself is the opposite of selfish- allowing yourself to recharge helps you to continue giving your best to your loved ones. Think about what you can do regularly on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis for self care and share it!

I’ll get this ball rolling: in 2020 going to focus on getting a massage monthly, dedicate an hour a week to stretching, & take the time to listen to one 15-30 min podcast a day!

#doyou #healthyisthenewgangsta

Have a magical Christmas!

So we all know hair extensions add length, but did you know they can add COLOR, too? Try on a soft caramel melt without commitment while adding volume &/or length!

TRUE STORY: I’ve been struggling this morning to write a caption... then I stumbled on this quote from Maya Angelou:

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.”

It has nothing to do with hair but I know @hthrlynnj (and ALL my clients) would nod in agreement with Maya. In that instant, I realized how lucky I am to know all of you- my schedule is filled with strong, independent women who love cheering other women on. How boss is that?!


That shine, tho! Ask for a color gloss if you want glassy locks- Redken Shades EQ is a low pH conditioning color that gives the hair incredible shine in just 20 minutes!

Starting this week with an auburn accented, shaggy bob.

Let’s talk blonde care! Blondes can see unwanted warmth with heat styling & as toners fade. Make sure you’re using the right heat setting for your hair type & a thermal protectant when you use your blow dryer & hot irons. Violet depositing products help neutralize yellow- my favorite is IGK Mixed Feelings toning drops: mix it into a cream or serum heat protectant for a double whammy blonde maintenance cocktail!

How do you keep your color vibrant? First, know your color enemies: water, heat, & sun!
1. The pH of water, regardless of temperature, is higher than your hair. This raises the cuticle allowing for faster fading. So lather up less often- use a dry shampoo in between & a color safe shampoo in the shower.

2. Heat can damage the cuticle, resulting in faster color fading & rough texture. Turn down the heat of your curling & flat irons- you wouldn’t cook most of your food at 450 degrees so don’t use that temperature on your hair! Apply a heat protectant before blow drying, and again before using hot irons.

3. Like heat, ultra violet light can damage the cuticle- prolonged exposure affects proteins in the hair which weakens it & alters color. Look for leave in treatment & styling products with UV protection for daily, incidental sun exposure & wear a hat when you know you’ll be outdoors for a while

#themoreyouknow #hairfacts

Warm tones can heat up your winter look! Brightened with honey highlights and enriched darker hair with an auburn glaze.

What’s the best thing about being a salon pro? 🤔 The amazing women I get to know! Over the years, between painting & snipping, I have the privilege of seeing my guests lives bloom: marrige, careers, children... catching up is just as much fun as making your hair gorgeous!
#hairapy #kvetchandcurl

Love a multi tonal blonde! Different shades of bright & muted blondes create contrast on this foilayaged long bob.

Can I get a woop woop for the weekend?!? What are your plans? Today, I’ll be behind the chair making a couple of lovlies even lovelier, some holiday shopping, & off to a Christmas party. Tomorrow I will stay in my pajamas as long as possible until Christine of @compositiondesignvisuals arrives to deck the salon in winter glory. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to this weekend!

Cozy space & comfy clients! What is your favorite thing about our little space? #whatdothink

Brightness brought to you by foilayage! Do you like to go lighter or darker for winter?

Long haired lovelies, be honest: when was your last haircut? 🤔 Even if you’re currently trying to acheive Repunzel-esque goals, refeshing layers will give bounce & lift without sacrificing length... the added volume can also create the illusion of longer hair! Instead of changing your look, regular haircuts help maintain & update your style while growing out your hair.

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