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Hi was hoping to get a question to Ashley? I was in her Akhanda class last Wednesday and we did a really cool breathing exercise where you twist and tap your sternum on each exhale ... I asked her what it was called after class but since I didn't promptly write it down, it's gone. Hopefully she or someone can tell me what it's called? THANK YOU!
Hey Denver peeps! Are you looking to have a deeper understanding of life, have a place to explore your inner mind and do it in a safe group setting? Then this is the class for you!! I have this amazing class happening this Saturday Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness. Bring a friend and share the experience! Also you could have lunch at The Corner Beet and come to the class right afterwards! Either way, it's an amazing Saturday that you won't want to miss! Class size is limited, so get your tickets now! I'll look forward to seeing all of you this weekend!
Rooted Heart+ Melissa Ivey = Guided Meditation to restore and rejuvenate.

Rooted Heart Yoga and Wellness is a boutique yoga studio and wellness center helping people increase their well-being through self-discovery, community, and fun!

We are a boutique yoga focused on supporting all students in their yoga journey and we are a wellness center housing highly qualified providers from a variety of different fields. Additionally, we provide our clients with access to a host of other wellness opportunities that go beyond a yoga class or practitioner visit.

Operating as usual

Get your outdoor plants ready for some snow y’all! We are turning our AC off, covering our plants, and pulling out the winter yoga pants! It’s crazy that we are going from 90-something degrees to snow, but if this drastic change teaches us anything, it’s that nothing is permanent 🙏❄️💜 see you on your mats soon y’all. Check the schedule for small in person classes and zoom classes. Fresh air classes for the next few days are TBD! stay tuned 😊 and stay warm!
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We are partnering again this month with Jovial Concepts! On Sept 19th from 9-10am Hatha yoga with Annie Martens, your donations will help feed people who cannot afford proper meals during this challenging time. Be sure to sign up in advance 😊💜🙏 @jovialconcepts @coopat1st

Meet Megan Hannan! Join her for an incredible Hatha yoga class every Thursday night at 7pm in the studio starting TOMORROW. (Class limited time 8 students). 💜 Come find out what @tattooedmeegs classes are all about and don’t forget to preregister!
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We’re so excited! Swipe for more info 😊 and sign up quick as this class WILL fill up! 💜 thank you everyone for being part of our growing community 💜
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Meet Brittany Belisle! She’s one of our new instructors joining us for Fresh Air yoga every Wednesday from 5:45-6:45pm! Her class is called Raja yoga, a dynamic and challenging Vinyasa practice that will offer chanting, philosophy, breath work, punny humor, and mindfulness. Raja yoga means royal yoga. It is the yoga path for one who wants to lovingly rule their own inner kingdom. And Queendom!!! 😉 see you this week on the mat!

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Feed the hungry! Donation based Fresh Air yoga class this Saturday 8/15 from 9-10am! 💜 We are partnering with @jovialconcepts @coopat1st to raise money for sack meals to distribute to those suffering hard due to covid craziness. We’ll be practicing outside with instructor Annie Martens on the beautiful lawn at the historic building across the street from the studio. Please sign up in advance. Cash or Venmo donations will be accepted on Saturday 😊
Thank you for considering joining us ❤️ namaste!

Gentle yoga & meditation on Zoom every Thursday with Danielle and every Monday with Annie. Consider joining Danelle today from 11-11:45am, 45 minutes of peace and relaxation. Perfect for yogis of any experience level 💜 sign up on our website! @yogabirdwellness @anniemartenz
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This Saturday 8/8 from 9-10am BILINGUAL FRESH AIR YOGA CLASS with Alexis. Looking to sharpen up your Spanish, English? Alexis instructs in both languages and creates a really warm and fun atmosphere. We hope you’ll join us. 💜 it’s $8 and preregistration required! Class is on the beautiful lawn across the street from the studio 💜
. @thedigitalyogi
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Colfax Ave

Welcome to another edition of #FreshAirFriday, brought to you by The Corner Beet! Their tree-lined patio now extends to both Ogden and 14th, complete with picnic tables and hammocks.

Neighbors Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness are taking their classes outdoors with a new Fresh Air series. And don’t forget Z Cycle Shop, who’s next door for all of your bike and repair needs.

Join us join us join us!!! Check the schedule for classes marked “Fresh Air”... more coming soon!!
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[07/23/20]   Rooted Heart is seeking yogis who are interested in work-trade opportunity! Unlimited free classes for a couple hours of cleaning per week. :-) Email [email protected] if you're interested!

Do your puppies and kitties like to practice yoga with you? 😊 ours do! This is one of the perks of practicing from home for sure! Join us for one of our online classes this week and enjoy all the cuteness from your at home audience! 😉 Just sign up on our schedule page for only $8 and you’ll receive a Zoom ID in your email!
Featured is instructor @racharonne ‘s sweet little angel, Kaia!
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At 9am on Saturday August 15th Rooted Heart is Partnering with Jovial Concepts for a donation-based outdoor class! Jovial Concepts has been turning yards into gardens in Denver for the past 10 years, helping to feed low-income children and families, and teaching a love for interacting with nature and value for the natural environment. Donations will go towards sack-meals for families in need due to Covid-19 hardships. 💜 we hope you will join us! Reserve your spot on our schedule page at 🙏

More about @jovialconcepts!
😊Their building hosts a sustainable farmer’s market, which includes an array of zero waste and local products. The space also hosts a diverse community of tenants with focus areas including massage, reiki, and holistic medicine. Several of these tenants host community classes in the movement studio, including zumba and yoga. As if that’s not enough, the building also has a commercial kitchen and events space that can be used by entrepreneurs and social enterprises. Jovial Concepts comprehensively addresses the health and wellness needs of the whole person, and seeks to build a healthier, more sustainable, and connected city and world.
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Clean floors and ready for our next class! Be sure to pre register to save your spot 💜 $8 classes y’all! Stay tuned for info coming soon about outdoor classes!

Meet Celeste! This wonderful yogini is one of our new instructors at Rooted Heart. We are we are so excited for her Yin yoga class tonight and every Wednesday at 7 PM! So far re-opening the studio has gone really well, we appreciate all of your wonderful feedback and have so enjoyed seeing you face-to-face! 💜

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New retail here at the Studio! These @cordialiscandles are local and totally soy! The hand spray smells amazing and will keep your hands corona free! See you at the studio this week y’all!

$8!!! The yoga schedule is now live and ready for you to preregister for classes NEXT WEEK! In-studio classes will be capped at 8 people so be sure to sign up early! 💜 we are SO excited to see you. Link in bio to 👀 schedule.
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It’s our last week of donation based online classes! 💙 On 6/22 the studio doors open again with $8 classes across the board — including weekly online classes! 💙 Keep your eyes open for our new schedule coming out later this week. 💙 ps are you subscribed to our newsletter? Go to and sign up on the home page 🙏
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The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives forever. It's not the only crisis we're collectively facing. Racism, too, is a pandemic that needs to be addressed in our country. We are glad that the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement has picked up, and in this momentum we have been taking time to educate ourselves, listen to Black and Brown voices, and do our part to have difficult conversations with people around us so that we can be actively anti-racist. We are addressing it in our own community by facing the fact that the yoga industry in the United States can be unjustly exclusive. We want to change that. We want all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, and body types to feel welcome in our studio.
We understand that change takes time, and we want our community to know that we are in this for the long haul. One of the initiatives we are taking now to make our studio more inclusive is a restructuring of our class price system. Starting June 22nd, all of our classes are $8. There are no class packs, no memberships, and no complicated loopholes. Yoga should be for everyone.
More information coming in our newsletter early next week!
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2 Treatment Room/Office Spaces for rent in Capitol Hill at Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness. Great location and amazing price. Only $400 for the smaller room and $475 for the larger room with custom shelving for books or massage oils. Monthly rent includes parking for you/clients, laundry, discounts on yoga and the vegetarian cafe next door. Message us for more info or to schedule a tour!

Treatment Room/Office Space For Rent

Treatment Room/Office Space For Rent

Your support to our studio and teachers means everything. 💙Online classes this week are still donation based but things will change soon... and that also means we will see 👀 you soon! Stay tuned for more info next week.
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It’s not an easy time to come to your yoga mat. We get that. We are here for you and standing in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter ✊

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! 🌸 sending peace and love and good yoga vibes to you all for another week of online donation based classes. Your donations support our teachers in tough times, and part of what they make they give back to the studio so we can pay rent. It really makes a difference 💕

So much yoga! 🌸💕🌸 see you on your mats this week!
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Dear Rooted Heart yogis, we miss all of you! Thanks to everyone who has joined our online yoga classes and made a donation to support our teachers and our studio. 🙏 we’re incredibly grateful. It’s definitely been a challenging time, but we know once we are able to reopen our doors it will feel that much more amazing to see all of you in person again! 💜
Love, Annie & Nikki (and the amazing @ozziethehound5280)
#thankyou #weloveyou #seeyousoon

Are you registered for class yet? 💜 in Denver we are experiencing a cloudy and gloomy day, perfect for some gentle yoga at 11a or vinyasa this afternoon at 4:30p. Wanna sweat it out? Power vin tonight too! See you soon 💜

Beautiful, bright, full of spiritual goodies! Just like Ashley herself! 🥰 you can practice with her on Wednesday’s at 9am and Friday’s at 12pm MST! Zoom links on our website! 💜 @infinite_heart_yoga
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Yoga Schedule - Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness

Are you signed up for some online donation based classed for this week yet? Yoga Classes Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness offers a variety of yoga classes throughout the week. Learn more about our yoga classes, teachers & range of styles here. More Info What To Bring It is recommended to wear comfortable, athletic clothing and bring a yoga mat and water bottle to class. If you....

Take a peek at Annie’s at home yoga space with her sweet kitty Belmont. Catch him dashing across your laptop screen and meowing loudly while you’re in tree pose on Monday’s 45min Gentle and Meditation @ 11am and Tuesday’s Hatha yoga @ 8am (Mountain Time)! 😁Check the link in bio to sign up ❤️💜❤️ @anniemartenz
#namastayhome #rootedheart #denveryoga #donationbasedyoga #yogaforeveryone #yogaeverydamnday

We love Hannah’s at home yoga studio! It’s colorful and bright, but still warm and soft, just like her spirit! You can practice vinyasa online with her Sunday’s at 10am. You signed up yet? Link in bio 💜@hannahandersonyoga
#yogaathome #rootedheart #namastayathome #yogaeverydamnday

Rooted Heart instructor Rachel has such a cute at home studio. We love the natural light and cozy vibe. It’s been so fun seeing the spaces of all our favorite teachers! You can practice with @racharonne on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 4:30 mountain time. 🙏💗 link in bio to sign up!
#namastayhome #rootedheart #denveryoga #donationbased #yogaeverydamnday

Check out Hamilton’s @hamiltonthehomunculus home yoga space! We love seeing the personality of everyone’s individual yoga zones. Send us yours! And practice with Hamilton on Friday and Saturday mornings on zoom every week. Link in bio to sign up 🙏💜

Have you been looking for ways to make your stay-at-home experience a little more interesting? Annie’s yoga philosophy course starts tomorrow morning (Thurs) and is perfect for those of you who have been itching to go deeper into their practice! #donationbased #signuponourwebsite #yogaphilosophy #yogaeverydamnday

We love the creativity and personality that shows in each of our teachers home yoga studios! Isabel’s @is_a_yogi space is so bright and beautiful, just like her heart!
Send us your at home yoga spaces and we’d love to feature you!❤️😊
(Practice with Isabel Sunday nights at 5pm MST)
#rootedheart #namastayathome #yogaathome #yogadenver

About Us

Rooted Heart Yoga and Wellness was born out of a desire to bring a health and wellness resource to the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Our goal is to create a community space that offers opportunities for increased well-being, connection, and fun at an affordable price.

Part boutique yoga studio, part wellness center, Rooted Heart has something for everyone. With a maximum class size of 15 students, yoga is a personalized experienced at Rooted Heart. Our teachers strive to build community in their classes and we welcome students of all ages, experience, and ability levels.

We believe that yoga is an important facet of wellness, but it is not the whole picture. Rooted Heart is proud to house full and part-time practitioners whose services include integrative massage, sound therapy, counseling, acupuncture, energy healing, and health coaching.

Rooted Heart also hosts weekend talks, workshops, and events aimed at bringing unique wellness experiences to our space. From sound healings, to breath work, to meditation, we support local professionals who want to bring engaging, creative, and valuable content to our tribe.

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