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Abby Jane Palmer is a 4th generation bodyworker and massage therapist An intuitive with almost 20 years of experience whether you are looking to get out of pain, relax or strengthen your mind body spirit connection, she can support your wellbeing.

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last availability this week or plan on next week!

last availability this week or plan on next week!

Marching 03/24/2021


happy spring. . .

Marching “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’” — Robin Williams

Are we thriving? 01/22/2021

Are we thriving?

Are you?

Are we thriving? here we are 2021


I’ve got a few appointments open next week.

01/03/2021 12/22/2020

Green Room Healing Arts would love your feedback

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Peace Love Harmony 12/14/2020

Green Room Healing Arts would love your feedback

could ya? Post a review to our profile on Google 12/14/2020

Sagittarius New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse 12/14 9:17 am MST — abby jane palmer

happy new moon I used to love the astral insights Mystic Mamma would put together and I wanted some insights for this powerful new moon. Sarah Varcas says: “DON’T GO BACK TO SLEEP! This solar eclipse. . . delivers the harshest truths entwined with the most refined states of consciousness. Our challenge is 12/07/2020

Favorite Winter Wellness — abby jane palmer

Winter wellness favs Fire Cider . If you got my zine than you got my recipe but it’s a great homeopathic remedy to help keep you healthy.


It's all connected 12/05/2020

December 2020

Happy last month of year. . . read it and relax “How did it get so late so soon?” Dr. Seuss


had 2 people ask this yesterday, yes i am. gift certificates too. 11/06/2020

Remember to Breathe

New newsletter. . . . check it out and get on my books next week! November 2020


i had a cancellation on wed at 1 & open thus far on Saturday 🙌🏼 happy november, take care of your lovely selves.


stretch it out

Stretching Exercises


I’ve got a little time for you Friday and Saturday this week. 10/18/2020

Absence of Apparent Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from Two Stylists...

Weird times for sure but wearing face coverings protects both clients and practitioners. Masks are a must for massage. On May 12, 2020 (day 0), a hair stylist at salon A in Springfield, Missouri (stylist A), developed respiratory symptoms and continued working with clients until day 8, when the stylist received a... 09/24/2020

Welcome to Autumn

Here's my latest newsletter. I've got some time tomorrow if you need some self care. Metal Element


i’ve no more appointments this week but why not plan ahead and get on my calendar next week! 🙌🏼 ☀️ 08/19/2020


What's up with me. . change is gonna come


Try something new? I’d love to practice with you! ✨🙌🏼✨


woo woo

ASCENSION UPDATE: The Importance of Hacking Your Brain Capability

The Reptilian leaders of this world are fourth-dimensional beings.
They do not have the ability to ascend into the fifth dimension. Their abilities as well as their intelligence is herewith limited.
Most human beings are currently still living in the third-dimensional reality but contrary to those who have governed and ruled over them in the most unimaginably abusive ways they have the ability to ascend into higher dimensions of reality.

Consequently, this makes the human race more intelligent than their leaders. But intelligence is an under-utilised tool of the human race. Why is it under-utilised? Because it is something that must be nourished and trained.
There are many ways to hack your brain and to increase its function. Meditation, the right super nutrition, breathing techniques, exercise and many other super tools can help you become superhuman.

Humanity is at a threshold now. We all must raise our awareness, become more consciously aware, and ultimately, be a woke being on earth.
Ears and eyes wide open. Receptive to the surrounding.
All chakras unblocked.
What are chakras? They are energetic information centers. They send and receive information. When there are blockages the exchange of information is disrupted.
It is a quantum healing process.

You have five sacred bodies. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and astral bodies.
The physical and mental bodies are directly connected. And this is where you have to start.
If you want to become an ascended master you must master all these sacred bodies, starting with the physical and mental bodies.

You must work on your brain capability now. Outsmart those who have controlled you. It isn’t that hard. It’s just that so far, you have been under mind control. That’s how you were outsmarted by them. It’s time to turn the tables.
Your intelligence is their fear. Your awakening is their end of reign. Your enlightenment is the victory over darkness.

Your diet plays a major role in awakening, increasing, and fine-tuning the unlimited potential of your brain-functions.
Eat clean, detox the gut, and allow the energy in your body to flow to the mind. A clean gut will strengthen your intuition and bring more clarity to your mind. Good fats and super nutrition will support brain cells.

There are so many outstanding amazing bio hacks available to humanity. We have endless potential, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and on the astral. The time to start seriously biohacking yourself is now. The new earth creation is waiting.
The creation of new earth is inevitable and imminent. But if we want to create super-earth, we need to start with ourselves and become superhuman first.

Take baby steps on your path to becoming superhuman. Today start by replacing a processed meal with a salad. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and food fresh from the earth. Raw food is unchanged, unprocessed, unheated, unchanged from its natural form delivered by mother earth.
Nikola Tesla said, "The earth and the human brain itself vibrate on the exact same frequencies." Logically, raw food is a priority in human nutrition. Not only, but plenty

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop."-Rumi. You are capable of magic. Arise warriors of Gaia. Your time has come.

Aurora Ray 07/17/2020

Summer Updates

catch my newsletter. . . Welcome to Abby’s Newsletter by me, Abby Jane Palmer. Healing artist in Denver, CO offering Massage Therapy, Quantum Shiatsu, Intuitive Tarot and Life Coach. Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue. In the meantime, tell your friends!


Self care is important. I've got time for a massage Saturday and next Wednesday - Saturday at my office 240 S. Broadway.

[04/20/20]   What are you doing for self care today? 04/09/2020

Services — abby jane palmer

Hi all, I’ve opened my books up for reading and remote Quantum Shiatsu sessions for sliding scale this month. Here are the the descriptions and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to message. ✌️✨🙌 These integrative sessions are focused on your self care (mind/body/spirit) and helping you find the next best step. My goal is to create space for your healing and for getting tuned in with your highest self. I have been working with tarot and oracle cards since 2000 and am a Certified Life Coach w...




The Massage Spot

Hi guys, I hope you’re navigating these times as well as possible. Try this Thymus Tapping. It wakes up your white blood cells (the soldiers of the immune system). While I do it I give them a lil pep talk. Tapping kidneys gently and Stomach 36 point is also nice. Be dreaming of what you want. 

Keep up with the self care! Spring clean, drink your water, dry brush and stretch. Massage Spot therapists are all taking care of ourselves at home for now. We’ll be back once the curve is squashed. If you need any advice or referrals please feel free to reach out.


I've got time Monday evening at my office. . . the sun will still be up! Spring into wellness, make time for self-care babes!

Don’t 💕 losing an hour but 💗 Spring! 🙌🏼🌷 03/05/2020

Abby Jane Palmer - Speer - Denver, CO

Hey, if you like me would you give me a review on yelp? Specialties: Magic Hands. Healing artist practicing since 2001. Massage, Shiatsu, Energy work, Coaching, Tarot. Established in 2001. I've been practicing in the Imperial Building since 2014. I operate The Massage Spot, Chair Massage in…


Touch is good for your immune system. Help me help you! I’ve got time at my office today, Thursday and Saturday! 🙌🏼✨

Walk in for a chair massage today for your health and wellbeing. 🙌🏼

#immunesupport #immunesystem #immunityboost #massage #chairmassage

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Try something new? I’d love to practice with you! ✨🙌🏼✨
Find me at The Massage Spot this week. If you need a gift certificate i got you covered.



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