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It is not easy to make hair decisions. With so many ideas swirling inside your head, pulling the trigger on one of them can be so overwhelming.

There are so many hues that match a variety of skin tones and they can be very versatile. If you're gunning for something in the middle, we suggest trying a soft and sexy hue like this stunning light sable look created by Garrett Convry.

We're loving light sable this season! This is a sleek style of much lighter toned brunette. The rich base transforms into a beautiful light golden brown, which creates the definition for the style. This color is also characterized by sable undertones that make it ideal for ladies with any skin tone.

Garrett finished this look with a modern take on a long bob. The shoulder grazing nature of this gorgeous cut is suitable for the woman who needs a low maintenance haircut that always looks elegant.

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All the Balayage Blonde hair color inspiration you could ever possibly need is coming at you from the endlessly talented hands of our very own Annie Thomas.

There's no hair color technique that is currently more popular or highly requested than balayage. The hand-painted technique results in a dimensional color that never looks like you just had your hair done. It's intentionally designed to look like nature blessed you with dream hair!

Bright blonde balayage is a particular favorite for the warmer seasons of the year. It is probably the most requested look for our #denvergirls who want to look amazing, but not fussy or high maintenance.

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In-Salon Treatments | Fleur Salon

Check out some of the amazing in-salon treatments available to add to your next Fleur Salon hair appointment!

fleursalon.com Found exclusively in Kerastase salons, this professional formula delivers immediate and weightless shine that heightens hair to its most radiant, glass-like state with no wait time.

If you're looking to update your blonde look at your next Fleur Salon visit, this creamy blonde hair color may be a great option for you. This hair color features light, cream tones for a bright, beautiful end result.

Are you longing to add some blonde highlights to your hair now that spring and summer are rolling around? Balayage is having its moment, but the mega impact of lighter strands is a look that transcends time.

Fleur Salon's Kirstyn McGee knows her blondes, and has every blonding technique on lock! There are now so many variations from a full head of platinum foils, to a half head of soft caramel tones, or creamy blonde tones like Kirstyn has painted to perfection for this gorgeous woman.

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Fleur Salon

Kérastase K Water

The miracle in-salon service.
Fleur Salon offers this professional formula which delivers immediate and weightless shine that heightens hair to its most radiant, glass-like state with no wait time.

There's nothing boring about beige, when it comes to beige blonde hair color. Beige blonde shades can deliver delicately balanced cool golden/beige tones.

Blonde works differently for people with different color tones. That is why it becomes necessary for us stylists to understand the range and concept clearly.

Our knowledge in shifting tones helps you to experiment with your blonde hair and bring out the best in you. Beige blonde, also known as Sand Blonde is striking, understated and most importantly lower maintenance.

Tommy Bagwell took this blonde shade to one of those color palettes that are nothing near boring. These beige tones are beautiful, trendy and may be described as the color of sand.

Kèrastase K Water

Kérastase K Water

The miracle in-salon service.
Fleur Salon offers this professional formula which delivers immediate and weightless shine that heightens hair to its most radiant, glass-like state with no wait time.

What’s not to love about a low-fade haircut? Its stylishly tapered appearance and its ability to inject your look with confident sophistication, the low-fade is undoubtedly one of the most popular cuts around today.

This haircut is perfect for guys who like their hair to have a slight edge, but understated and on trend. So, if you want a minimal look with maximum style, look no further than the low fade haircut.

Our very own Devon Smith, used a low-fade technique on this handsome gentleman, while maintaining his natural texture on top, for a very updated and versatile look. The texture on top can be wet styled for a casual look, or dry styled for a more polished and dapper appearance.

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Jaw-skimming styles feel modern, refreshing and a little bit sexy. Taking hair up, and a away from the neck is a sophisticated and sultry way to show a little more skin.

If you’ve been pondering the idea of cropping your hair for a while, now's the time to go for it. Bobs are going through a renaissance, and are no longer one-size-fits-all.

Fleur Salon Co-Owner - Kristianna Simmons, customized this gorgeous look specifically for this beauty, because there's always room to experiment and tailor the trend to you and your lifestyle.

Bobs require a bit more blow drying and heat styling than longer hairstyles sometimes do, so we suggest a nourishing mask like #masquintense by @kerastase_official to prevent your precious strands from drying out.

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Whether you want to go for a dark red or just add subtle auburn highlights, this is the best time to do it.. Auburn is one of the 2020 summer hair trends that you'll be seeing a lot of.

If you wear wavy hair and you’re looking for a modern take on the auburn hair color trend, a well-blended, yet dimensional balayage is the perfect choice.

The key to believable auburn hair color is highlights of similar hues, like this stunning dimensional auburn look, created by our talented Garrett Convry.

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Balayage is known for being natural-looking and subtle, but the technique can also be used to create a more dramatic look -- and we are living for it!

This color technique is totally bespoke to you and your personal taste. It can even be placed in a way to distract or compliment your features. You can go super soft and subtle or have a higher contrast look, while still maintaining a very natural appearance.

Annie Thomas crafted this stunning higher contrast balayage look that wii absolutely true heads this summer. It’s a great method if you want to refresh your colour or want a subtle, yet bold overhaul of your look.

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If you are a summertime brunette (whether naturally or with the help of our talented stylists), it’s important to take great care of your beautiful hair to help keep it looking and feeling its best.

it’s a good idea to pamper your strands with products like the Kérastase Soleil line for full UV protection, softness and maximum shine! The Soleil collection gently cleanses and conditions your sun drenched hair while removing chlorine, replenishing vital nourishment and deep moisture, without weighing hair down.

Kirstyn McGee created this gorgeous look, and we all know that exposure to UV rays can make your color look dry and dull. To keep your hair looking and feeling it's best, try using the Soleil collection formulated with UV filters during this sunny season.

✨Book your appointment at FleurSalon.com and ask your Fleur Salon stylists to show you which products will be best for keeping your hair beautiful, all summer long.

Are you thinking about making a subtle or bold hair color change for the warmer months ahead? Spring and summer are an excellent time for changing up your look.

There is something about the warm summer air, that always has us ready to make a change. Nothing will update your look like a fresh, trendy new hair color.

Make the most of those longer days by diving into one of summer's trendiest hair shades. Not sure .where to start? Perhaps something sandy, like this beautiful, sand toned balayage look by Tommy Bagwell.

✨Go ahead and start dreaming up your new summer look, and book your appointment at 303-955-5671, or online at FleurSalon.com

Sand tone hair is the blonde balayage look that’s going to be taking over the summer beauty scene, and understandably so.

Aside from being one of the latest summer hair trend, this multi-dimensional color is not only the perfect way for those with blonde hair to lighten their locks this season, but also for those with lighter brown hair to add some depth to their tresses.

Our very own Devon Smith sparkled up a light brown base with sandy blonde balayage highlights for this beauty. Devon designed a mix of brown and blonde and uses the balayage highlighting technique, which tends to have a longer lifespan in terms of touch ups. ...and who doesn’t love a low-maintenance hair color?

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Honey blonde is one of our favorite shades at the moment, and we have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of this rich blonde hue this season.

If you want to stick to the classics, a true honey blonde color is the perfect option. This medium blonde shade has a warm, golden tone that’ll add warmth to your overall look.

Fleur Salon Stylist - Garrett Convry, created this beautiful look, using a mix of a deeper warm blonde with splashes of shimmering light blonde balayage pieces, for that extra dimension.

Not ready for a full-on light look? A darker honey blonde hair color is a great option for those who want to dip their toes into the blonde waters while avoiding the crazy maintenance that often comes with a lighter honey blonde hue.

✨Add some extra sunshine to your look, and book an appointment today at FleurSalon.com

The Balayage Bob Is The Definition Of Trendy Summer Hair. It’s a terrific way to add depth, dimension and visual interest to your bob, or mid shoulder-length hair.

Long hair balayage is a beauty to behold, but its absolutely stunning when we can create the same dimensional effect — using blended and seamless balayage techniques — on a fresh, on-trend bob that stops between the shoulders and jawline, like this beautiful look created by Fleur Salon Co-Owner, Tommy Bagwell - Stylist
While the soft gradient color applied with ombre technique look better on long hair, balayage highlights can be considered an alternative to ombre hair for shorter lengths.

It doesn't matter if your hair is curly and layered or straight and blunt cut, a sure way to show off lovely locks is with a balayage short hair look. Trying this beautiful trend will accentuate the lines and curves of your natural hair texture and give your hair the extra pop it needs!

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Hotter weather is upon us, and we know you want to wear your hair down this spring and summer. Make things easy on yourself by staying away from sleek, straight styles and instead opting for this year's hair trends that are all about body.⁠

The hottest place to part your hair is no longer on the sidelines—it's front and center. The center part is perfect for you beautiful ladies that are wearing chic specs.⁠
Fleur Salon's very own Casie Ryan, gave this gorgeous woman tousled tresses and symmetry that frames her face, and shows off those spectacular glasses. ⁠

Judging by how lived-in, modern and clean down-the-middle parts look, they're likely not going away anytime soon.⁠

💫Head over to FleurSalon.com to book your next appointment, and see if the middle part might be something for you to try this summer!

The perfect beach waves don't always require a curling iron or wand. Did you know that you can actually get pretty excellent results with a hair straightener?

Take 2" pieces of your hair, using clips if it's easier for you. From the root, flip your hair straightener away from your face, and gently glide all the way down the strand. When you've glided through with the flat iron, you'll have a decently bouncy curl.

Fleur Salon's Kirstyn McGee, made sure to to let the ends of this beautiful #balayage look too "finished" for a more effortless look to the waves. Once you've got the pieces waved, you can go back in, and straighten the ends a bit.

You may even want to try doing each section in opposite directions for maximum, lived-in texture. The look is completely customizable, depending on your mood!

✨Make your next appointment at FleurSalon.com and we can show you a few more tricks to try at home, on your new do!

ShopFleurSalon.com is the place to have any of products delivered right to your door, or select “Pick-Up at Fleur Salon” and we’ll have them ready to take away for you when you arrive!

Are you getting tired of having hair of the same length? Are you running out of ways to style your longer tresses? Well, we know what haircut to try next! ...one of the on-trend short bob haircuts!

Experimenting with length is a fun way to change up your look temporarily. A shorter cut can work on all face shapes and hair types because of the variety of styles and cuts that can be achieved.

Why not spice things up with a shorter length for a sexy, lighter hairstyle, like this beautiful bob cut by the talented Kristianna Simmons

Every woman likes to experiment and change up her appearance once in a while. Start your new journey with one of the sexy bob styles that will give you a totally head-turning look at FleurSalon.com

What's the difference between balayage and ombré, you ask? Well, we have all the answers for you!

Ombré hair starts off dark and transitions to a lighter shade at the ends. Balayage, on the other hand, is characterized by intermittent highlights dispersed throughout the hair, almost like subtle strokes of paint.

Fleur Salon Stylist Devon Smith, created this beautiful balayage look, which uses a base of dark brown hair to make dark caramel blonde highlights pop. The color is vivid, saturated, and eye-catching.

This beautiful, shiny brunette balayage technique also looks amazing on shorter hair. It's perfect for enhancing waves and adding texture.

💫Click on FleurSalon.com to book your balayage appointment with us today!

Have you ever wanted to be a blonde, but you've been deterred by the idea of the constant upkeep required when your roots start to grow out?
We totally understand your upkeep dilemma.

What if we told you there was a coloring technique that would postpone your need to head to the salon while still allowing you to rock an all-over blonde hair color?

Our talented stylist Annie Thomas, rocked this smudged root look for this beautiful woman, which features lived-in roots that are only a slight shade lighter than her natural hair color. This technique allows for a natural transition of shades as your roots grow out, with less harsh lines of demarcation for a look that lasts!

🌸Get set up for your new summer look today, at FleurSalon.com

😍 We absolutely cannot get enough of the beautiful @lyssbeau and her gorgeous locks, painted to perfection by the endlessly talented Lauren DiManna.

Balayage is a French hair coloring technique where the color is painted on the hair by hand as opposed to highlighting methods with foils and cap highlighting.

The balayage technique is deservedly considered the hottest customized hair color solution of today. Free-hand application allows the hair to achieve a more natural and modern effect with subtle transitions between the chosen hues.

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Guys! The perfect styling product does exist!
American Crew's moisture-rich cream pomade provides a natural look while taming hair leaving a low shine finish.

It features a light/medium hold with low shine and provides moisturizing and conditioning benefits for better looking hair. Cream Pomade tames the hair for a frizz-free natural look and eaves a textured definition to your hair style.

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