Leaf of Life Botanicals

Leaf of Life Botanicals

Quality Botanicals at affordable prices. Combat Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, fatigue, Opium withdrawal and many more ailments. Without the habit forming side effects of Pharmaceutical drugs

Mission: Providing the best natural herbal remedies!

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★★★★★ 10/10 will be a repeat customer...

Thinking about buying 1 Full Kilo Kratom 4 Way Split? Read our latest review of the product by Matthew W.

reviews.me Matthew W.: They ship fast, the kratom is superior to other sites I've used. A lot of other sites have removed the option to pay with my debit card so I'd been looking around for a new source. Glad I found LoL because it's $37 cheaper than the 1 way kilos I was buying before (I got a 4 way split fro...

Happy New Year! May the coming year be full of grand adventures and opportunities.
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May your Christmas be graced with peace, joy, and blessings! Merry Christmas to you!
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★★★★★ Love the product

Thinking about buying White Bali Kratom - 250 grams? Read our latest review of the product by Tara H.

reviews.me Tara H.: Great product! Gave me energy and helps with my neck pain. Thank you LOL for your amazing products.

Merry Christmas to everyone. 🎄

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★★★★★ Very satisfied with my LOL

Thinking about buying White Maeng Da Kratom - 250 grams? Read our latest review of the product by Krista Z.

reviews.me Krista Z.: Very satisfied with my LOL products


★★★★★ Lovely service and product

Thinking about buying Full Kilo Kratom 2 Way Split? Read our latest review of the product by Alyssa M.

reviews.me Alyssa M.: Lovely service and product


Leaf of Life Kratom T shirts | LEAF OF LIFE BOTANICALS

Leaf of Life Kratom T shirts

leafoflifekratom.com Wear it and show the world what you feel is Re-Leaf. High-quality Leaf of Life T-shirts in all colors of Kratom. These are hand-printed one-off and can take a bit longer to ship. Shipping will be from Texas separately from your Kratom or CBD order.


★★★★★ Tried White Elephant for the

Thinking about buying White Elephant Kratom - 500 grams? Read our latest review of the product by Jeff R.

reviews.me Jeff R.: Tried White Elephant for the first time recently and will be buying again. It definitely gives you the boost you need to get through your day... and then some.


Kratom Microdosing | LEAF OF LIFE BOTANICALS


leafoflifekratom.com Microdosing is taking a very small amount of a substance, so tiny that you barely notice any change in yourself. The point is that a microdose of a powerful drug can be subtle in effects, rather than overwhelming or disorienting. Can you microdose kratom? Of course. Theoretically, with microdosing,....

We carry only pure, unadulterated, naturally harvested, and potent Kratom capsules & Herbals. Take a look! https://leafoflifekratom.com/shop/kratom/red-kratom-strains/red-maeng-da-kratom-capsules/
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Using Kratom To Counteract Bad Side Effects of Other Medicine | LEAF OF LIFE BOTANICALS

leafoflifekratom.com Each of us has our own specific purpose for taking kratom. Your ailments may be very different from my afflictions.

Subscribe to the out Newsletter and stay updated with new products, special offers, and learn everything about Kratom strains and other herbal products.

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★★★★★ The best yet after 4 years of searching !...

Thinking about buying Red Dragon Kratom? Read our latest review of the product by Tara.

reviews.me Tara: I have chronic pain which includes a permanently torn rotator cuff they tried to fix 7 times and couldn’t. Having to live with this, I didn’t want to get addicted or dependent on opioids. I started Kratom over 4 years ago and it’s been my answer ! It’s a safe plant that helps my pain a...


Opinion | Republicans and Democrats Agree: End the War on Drugs

Prohibition and restriction have never worked and never will. As an example, Portugal has legalized EVERYTHING and drug usage dropped to 30 %. They allocated the funds from the high cost of housing an inmate and invested in rehabilitation instead. The outcome is nothing short of astounding. Time will tell what will happen in Oregon. It is time to rethink this system. We have more prisoners per capita than any other country in the world. An overwhelming percentage is drug-related, oftentimes first-time offenders, as well as tax-paying citizens. It cannot continue, and we all know it.

nytimes.com Voters in red and blue states may be in accord on nothing else, but they passed measures to liberalize drug laws.


★★★★★ Yup thats what we're talking

Thinking about buying Green Maeng Da Kratom - 250 grams? Read our latest review of the product by paul d.

reviews.me Paul d.: Yup thats what we're talking about!!!!


How Much Kratom is Too Much? | LEAF OF LIFE BOTANICALS

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leafoflifekratom.com Can we say that a person is unintentionally abusing kratom, by taking too much or taking it too often? Or should we be more polite and say they are possibly using more than is normally considered a safe and effective amount? You don’t know what I’ve been through. I don’t know what you’ve bee...

Get green kratom strains and blend as well as other herbal products at our online store. Visit us at https://leafoflifekratom.com/ to learn more!

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Leaf of Life Botanicals

See here's the thing. We all know what [email protected] can do and we all were basically saved by it. May it be chronic pain, Depression, Anxiety, and the list could probably go on forever. However, we need to understand that this Leaf can only do so much and the actual healing can't come from it (at least not physical) as it is "just" a band-aid. A strong one that will hold your wounds together, "rhetorically speaking" for as long as you take it. Now what we really ought to be concentrating on while in this "held together" stage, is to focus on targeting the causes of what brought us to this leaf the begin with. To change habits that have got us here and are the root cause of it all. May it be insane sugar intake, eating nothing but boxed meals that have high percentages of preservatives in them. To not move, walk, work, and engage in physical activity, to cut out certain ways of thought. Meditate, and start disengaging in conflicts that are way beyond our reach. No matter how they may be resolved, it will do nothing for us as individuals. Make these adjustments if you want to see real changes. Take the first baby step (literally) and slowly but sternly implement little things that eventually combined will help you immensely. We are fortunate to have acquired quite a substantial knowledge of (nonsynthetic remedies) which can be easily tapped into to help and in a high percentage of cases actually cured the underlying issues. As you all know I love [email protected] and will most likely take it as long as I can. (legally and otherwise), but without changing yourself from the ground up. You will never heal, you will just patch up what may ail you.


★★★★★ Excellent

Thinking about buying 1 Full Kilo Kratom 4 Way Split? Read our latest review of the product by Jamie.

reviews.me Jamie: I've been buying this split for well over a year now. Quality is always top notch and always ships quickly. I haven't had to buy from anyone else since I found Leaf of Life. Martin and his team are outstanding. You can't go wrong with anything he sells.


Kratom Debate: Addiction Specialist VS American Kratom Association

For premium Powder, Extracts, Resin and Capsules visit https://bit.ly/loltea First time customers get 15% off using code "FIRST15"

youtube.com In this debate, Dr. B and Mac Haddow of American Kratom Association discuss whether Kratom has abuse potential, it's therapeutic benefits and the current sta...


★★★★★ Love Red Bali, Red Dragon

Thinking about buying Red Bali Kratom - 500 g.? Read our latest review of the product by Diane C.

reviews.me Diane C.: Love Red Bali, Red Dragon & all of the Bentuangies. I'm not sure how long I've been ordering LoL's products, but every experience has been excellent. Great people & product!


★★★★★ Look no further.....

Thinking about buying Full Kilo Kratom 2 Way Split? Read our latest review of the product by Johnny S.

reviews.me Johnny S.: After one year of dealing exclusively on a weekly basis i have not had a single problem. The freindly, knowledgeable staff at LOL is passionate about its customers and the kratom community as a whole. Top quality products at amazing prices. A huge assortment of strains with several orderi...


★★★★★ One of the best greens there is !!! It has everything!...

Thinking about buying Green Enlightened Kratom? Read our latest review of the product by Tara.

reviews.me Tara: I have been using tea for my chronic pain close to 4 years now. The opioids the Drs had me addicted to no longer worked. ( 13 yrs ) I started taking red tea because I heard that was the one that worked best for pain. When I needed a little extra energy I took a white On a friend’s suggestion...

At Leaf of Life Kratom, we are dedicated to bringing you super high-quality Kratom capsules and other natural supplements. Have a look! https://leafoflifekratom.com/product-category/kratom-capsules/

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Veterans Day Sale
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★★★★★ Great stuff

Thinking about buying Super Green Kratom - 1 oz/28 grams Sample? Read our latest review of the product by Michele G.

reviews.me Michele G.: Great quality and Martin is awesome!

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★★★★★ Amazing!

Thinking about buying Green Maeng Da Kratom - 250 grams? Read our latest review of the product by Chandra E.

reviews.me Chandra E.: The product from this company is top notch! Fast delivery!

[10/31/20]   The FDA doesn't recognize any medicinal values as it does with most herbal alternatives that could result in a loss of revenue to their highly side effects ridden synthetic concoctions. Which in all honesty doesn't differ all that much from the substance that you want to get away from. However, FDA approved and therefore legal to push by the doctors who are in the Pharma lobbies pockets. Anything that could hold any hope for a nondangerous natural solution is vilified and the knowledge of such is repressed by the news, social media, and print as the Pharma bros are heavily invested in the advertising of their products. Those media/s cannot afford the loss of this revenue and therefore fall in line with the "Big Money spenders". Thankfully the public at large is becoming more and more educated on how to obtain these findings and maybe proactive to push for a long-needed change in legislation.


Natural Herb Kratom May Have Therapeutic Effects And Relatively Low Potential For Abuse Or Harm, According To A User Survey

hopkinsmedicine.org Researchers say findings underscore need for research and regulation, but not an outright ban on sales

About us

We are direct importers from Indonesia and have long established roots with the local Indo Tea farmers. We are not just in the business to make money, but we are our own clients as well. Which brought us to Indo Tea the begin with. This of course will assure you that we always strive to get the highest quality Indo Tea, not just for our clients , but for ourselves as well. We are not the cheapest distributers on the market, we rather rely on our product to sell itself, which has blessed us with a great loyal client base that rather chooses quality over price. Our Indo Tea is properly harvested, dried and powdered, which makes a unmistakable, huge difference in the final product. Each shipment is inspected for freshness, alkaloid consistency, as well as proper packaging for shipping to our warehouse in the US, we ship promptly after your order is received, and make sure it will safely arrive at your chosen destination.

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