ÜberChic Nail Boutique

ÜberChic Nail Boutique is an Eco-conscious salon offering expert services in Nail Care and Waxing located in historic Edgewater, Colorado.

ÜberChic Nail Boutique is an Eco-conscious salon offering expert services in Nail Care and Waxing located in historic Edgewater, Colorado. Our charming salon is a few miles from downtown Denver and only blocks away from Sloan's Lake, tucked in a quiet residential area, a true green gem in the urban hectic.


UberChic Nail Boutique

Online Scheduling is now available!

schedulicity.com ÜberChic Nail Boutique is an Eco-conscious salon offering expert services in Nail Care and Waxing located in quaint Edgewater, Colorado. Our charming salon is a few miles from downtown Denver, only one block West of Sloan’s Lake.

***25th Ave Update***
Hi Everyone! 25th Ave will be an one-way road going west for the time being. The City of Edgewater is helping our neighbors create additional outdoor seating as they prepare to re-open for dining in. We are so excited for the neighborhood to be coming back!
There will still be street parking in front of the salon and the additional outdoor seating will be on the other side of 25th Ave.

Feeling extra thankful this Memorial Day.

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City of Edgewater, Colorado

Please help us spread the word. We are here to help.

More information can be found under Community on EdgewaterCO.com.

Pre-screening application can be found here:

I want to take this moment to thank everyone for your support during this pandemic. Everyone here at the salon is so grateful to each and everyone of our clients.
Unfortunately, as we have re-opened there has been an increase in operational costs from just re-opening and making sure the salon is a clean and safe space for everyone who comes in. Because of this, we will need to slightly increase our prices starting May 19, 2020.
If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. This was not an easy decision, especially given the time, but we hope you understand our decision and reasoning behind it all.
Thank you again for everything and we hope you are staying healthy and safe!

-UberChic Team

Guidelines we will have in place for everyone's safety.

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are having a good weekend so far. Exciting news, we will be re-opening Tuesday 5/12/2020!
Online scheduling is still not available. Please email us at [email protected] to make an appointment for now. You can call the salon starting Tuesday 5/12 at 303-462-2442. If you call and leave a message, we will get to it once we are back in.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone again!

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Family Charged In Murder Of Security Guard After Mask Dispute

As we prepare to re-open, I would like to share some of my thoughts with everyone.
But before I start, I want to clear this up- Yes, everyone will be required to wear a mask/fabric covering. It must remain on the entire time you are in the salon. We ask that you bring and wear your own, because we have very limited disposable masks available and will have to charge for it.

Now that it has been said, let's remember to be kind and have empathy. It's not just about you, we are all in this together. Some may not care about the rules and regulations in place, but I do. As a human I care and as a business owner I care. I have a sense of responsibility to my team and to our clients who are choosing to come in. No one has to come in, but they do because they care about us and want support us. Because of that, I will not jeopardize anyone's health and safety.
Everyone has felt the impact of this pandemic in some way or another. So why can't we have a little empathy for one another? My livelyhood has been on the rocks and I don't know how or if I will ever recover from this, but I have hope and faith that if we stick together, we will be ok in the end. However that may look like.
Articles like this breaks my heart and soul and truthfully, it fills me with fear. But that fear is not going to stop me from doing my part for my community and in return, for myself.
This whole pandemic has felt like a tidal wave crashing into me and I can't move and I am struggling to find balance to stay afloat. It's suffocating. It's survival mode. And I am sure many of you have felt or are feeling something similar. But I know, I will make it through this because of the love and support I have received during this pandemic.
So I reiterate, please be kind and have empathy because we never truly know what a person is experiencing or going through.
Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, concerns or just comments. You can always message me directly too.
Thank you for all the love and support,
Eudy 💕

npr.org The security guard, 43-year-old Calvin Munerlyn, was shot shortly after telling the woman that her daughter could not enter the store because she wasn't wearing a mask.

Hi Everyone! Here's an update and a guide from Jefferson County.
We will not be opening on the 9th, but we hope soon after. I am taking as much precautions as possible and am still prepping and reading as much of the recommendations and guidelines DORA has in place for us to re-open.
Thank you for being patient and understanding. Check back for updates, I'll be posting about our re-opening process and what will be required from us (the staff) and the clients.

We do not know when we will reopen and we do not plan on reopening May 9th. It's difficult to plan anything during these unprecedented times and I'm sure many of you are on the same boat of not knowing. We hope we will be able to come back soon, but until then, please stay safe! We miss everyone and we can't wait to see all your beautiful faces again.
Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way. 💓

We do not know when we will reopen and we do not plan on reopening May 9th. It's difficult to plan anything during these unprecedented times and I'm sure many of you are on the same boat of not knowing. We hope we will be able to come back soon, but until then, please stay safe! We miss everyone and we can't wait to see all your beautiful faces again.
Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way. 💓

Reopening May 1st, is a no-go for us. I'll be in contact with everyone who has reached out to schedule.
I'm sorry for all of this, it's a very confusing time and we are trying our best at the moment. At this point, I can't say when we will reopen.
Thank you for the continual support, it means so much to receive all the emails from everyone.

Hi Everyone! If you emailed us and haven't received a response, please check your spam folder. GMAIL filters are awful- even if you emailed us first. I have responded to everyone who reached out.
A client just notified me that my reply went into her spam folder. I'm trying to reach out to everyone again who I haven't heard from. Thank you for your patience and I promise I'll be in touch, via email or text if you have provided your number. -Eudy

Everyday is Earth Day. 🌎❤ Let's remember to take care of our home as we would with ourselves.

Please be on the lookout for updates if you have emailed us already!

Hi Everyone! As many of you might already know, we are still on track to reopen May 1st. Please note that I have turned OFF the ONLINE SCHEDULING SYSTEM. We still have to operate on a limited scale, so please be patient with us on this. To ensure the safety of everyone, we have to limit the amount of people in the salon. If you would like to make an appointment, please email us at [email protected]. Since we are still closed, we will not be able to retrieve the phone messages in a timely manner, so email is preferred.
Thank you again for all of your support, it means the world to us with everyone reaching out! 💕


Where Did This Coronavirus Originate? Virus Hunters Find Genetic Clues In Bats

—"It's not bats. It's us. It's what we do to bats that drives this pandemic risk," Daszak said. His research demonstrates how interactions between wildlife and livestock, food and agriculture practices, as well as humans close proximity to animals in densely populated areas, create the conditions for viral outbreaks.

npr.org Bats are critically important for ecosystems around the world. But they also harbor some of the toughest known zoonotic diseases, and are the likely origin point for this coronavirus. Short Wave reporter Emily Kwong talks about leading theories on where this coronavirus came from, the work of virus ...

Happy Easter! Don’t forget to share some goodies with us. 😊😋

Any of our fellow business owners applying or have already applied for the PPP? I know it's a pain right now, but somehow I was able to apply online through my bank institution today- after trying all day yesterday and with the website continually crashing. 😑
Trying to remain positive through it all.

We miss everyone! How are you doing?

Yes, I'm baiting you with a cute picture of the pups.
Only to tell you to have a wonderful weekend!
Although, we are in a month long weekend. 🤔 😂
Nonetheless, happy Friyay!

Trying our best to still enjoy Spring! Are you prepping your garden yet? If so, what are you going to be planting this season?

#denver #stayhome #staysafe #spring

As many of you know, I do not support Yelp in anyway, because they do more harm than good for small businesses. Instead of helping at this time, they are creating a scam. I have not agreed to have them set up a #gofundme account for the salon. They will take all donations from whoever donates.
#yelp #yelpscam #denver #supportsmallbusiness

Hi! If you or someone you know could use a little help this spring, please reach out. Vien they do a wonderful job. If it helps alleviate our health care professionals' home life even a little, we are happy to do it! 💕

#thankyouhealthcareworkers🙏❤️ #together

Who's in need of a mani? Send/post/tag us in a picture of what's left from your last mani! 😂 💅 It's Friday, even though I didn't know that, let's have fun!

Let's spread some love and good vibes.
Share with us your #stayhome routine. In need of ideas and inspiration! 💕

Thank you to everyone who purchased a gift certificate, checked in on us, sent a thoughtful message, liked our posts, etc. As daunting as all of this is, it feels good to know that we are surrounded by amazing people. Thank you x100. 🥰 Enjoy this cute picture of the pups snuggling and hopefully it'll help brighten your feed a little.

If you like, you can still purchase a gift certificate through this link.

Remember to be kind to everyone, this is a difficult time for our community. 💚
Please email us at [email protected], if you have any questions.

Gift Certificate

We will be closing down temporarily as of today.

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, you can purchase one through this link. Once I receive your order, I'll email the gift certificate to the email you used to purchase it.
Thank you again for all of your continous support. Please, whatever you can do, support all the small businesses in our community. It can be as simple as posting a thoughtful comment or liking a post. We are in all of this together and we are so appreciative of everyone who is taking their time to check in on us. It means the world to know that we are a part of such a loving and supporting community.
Stay safe and know that we will get through this together, one day at a time. 💕



I will be in touch with everyone who has an upcoming appointment, so please be on the look out. Thank you for everyone's continous support during this difficult time. 💕

To all of our lovely clients,
As you all know, we take cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting very seriously. If you are are unwell or are concerned with everything going on, let us know and we will cancel your appointment without charge.
We take our health very seriously, because we come in contact with people all day. Please cancel or reschedule if you're not feeling well or think that you might be coming down with something.
Because we are a small business that provides a service, we do not have the option to work from home. We will remain open, unless the situation worsens. We are remaining calm and diligent about our safety and the safety of our clients. We understand the complexity of the situation and do not take this lightly, so please know that our decision to remain open was thoroughly thought about. We are staying up to date with all the information coming out and are well aware of the need to close if required.
Please understand that we are taking taking the same precautions as you.
Thank you for all of your support and let's remember to be kind to everyone during all of this. 💕

-ÜberChic Team



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