Sheila's Salon Suite

Sheila's Salon Suite


Hi Sheila! I sent you a PM to schedule some appointments!
I was referred to, "SHEILA" by a very reliable friend. I went and waited for Sheila to finish up with another client for a half hour, no problem. She did a phenomenal job, and I was very pleased. The next time she was 15-20 min. late, and brought her 7 year old daughter along. The adorable little girl did not want to leave the stall,and while mixing my color she asked her daughter to leave 5 or 6 times. Well she didn't. My question is; why bring her to work, if you are so concerned about the chemicals. I just needed a root touch up and a trim so I told my son I would meet him for dinner at 6:30. It was a 5:00 appt. Sheila sent me back to let the process color, and then brought another woman back that she was working on, as well as, another customer was waiting on her. I waited so long my son and his girlfriend came back and said, "Hey, we are starving, meet us at the restaurant!" So the towel comes off and I am white as snow in the front, and copper red in the back. Sheila couldn't find my color and pulls out a tube with two drops left in it. Then she says don't worry I will throw some Ash on it. The other elderly lady that was waiting with wet hair in a chair next to me. Yes. the guy was waiting behind her and you got it her daughter was squeezed into this little space. I planned on giving her a $50.00 tip for Christmas, and I did because with the lights I couldn't see how bad it was. I get to the restaurant @ 8:30, and my son looks at me and says oh my God, it took 3 hours for that mess. It was Christmas and New Years so I pulled it back and called her to fix it on the 2nd of January. I left her an urgent message for her to call me, and when I found out as she made an appt. with my friend.( Sheila texted me, Sorry my phone was broke, and I couldn't call you back.) We then began texting, She was like who is this???? I explained, and she texted LOL!!!!!! ( Yep, She did!) Oh, You're the one I put the ash all over. I texted her again, If I could come in one day next week or Sat. or if she was at the shop could I come right over. She wouldn't text me back!!!!
As you can imagine, I am very upset at SHEILA'S total lack of respect for her customers, her cavalier attitude about how my hair looked, her lack of respect of every client or most of all, allowing her daughter to sit there for hours. As you can see, she has a very high opinion of herself, and has no regard for anyone else. To think I paid her well, and tipped her very well both times! Now I walk around until I can get an appointment with a knowledgeable stylist, and let them see my damage. Just thought I would I would warn you now you can decide how you want to spend your money and time!!!

Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

Operating as usual


Did you know…

Photos from Sheila's Salon Suite's post 06/09/2021

5 full days since surgery. Doing pretty good😊 Got to unwrap and clean and rewrap. Some pretty bruising.
Definitely enjoying my time off❤️ Big kids are busy a lot….
Hope everyone is enjoying summer!!
Miss all of you 😘


😷 masks are still required and will be in my suite for ???


➡️ Attention!! ⬅️

Photos from Sheila's Salon Suite's post 01/26/2021

Hair makeovers ❤


Slowly coming together. Absolutely love my new signs.


Finally she did it! Bella went dark! Joico semi 4N


✂️I'm still open✂️
A advisory was issued.
Can't say it isn't coming tho....


Happy sweet 16 to this young lady! I'm in love with her hair❤


In love with her hair!!


Highlights for guys is coming back!


Very happy young lady today. Full head of babylites.


Touch up, lowlights cut & blowout.


From 4" brown roots to this ❤❤❤

Photos from Sheila's Salon Suite's post 07/06/2020

If this makes anyone else feel comfortable, I have a ton of rules.
This is what I will text you before the appointment.
☆☆☆You must respond with ACCEPT to keep appointment☆☆☆
▪️If YOU have traveled to another state or YOU are near SOMEONE who has traveled from to another state, you will not be allowed in the salon for 14 days.
▪️If you have been involved in large gatherings, parties or group events, you must not come into the salon for 14 days.
▪️If you have been exposed to covid you must NOT come to the salon for 14 days.
▪️If you have ANY symptoms of covid you are NOT allowed to enter the salon. Any signs of fever, runny nose, cough, sneezing, headache or in general feel off... we all know when we dont feel good.
▪️Please if you work in the healthcare field with covid, please send me a text so I can wear my shield also and extra safety precautions can be taken. Most likely last appointment of the day.
▪️Please text or call me when park. Please wait in car. I will text or call you when to come in. Only 1 person allowed at a time. No waiting inside.
▪️Must have mask on upon entering building and stay on for the entire service. Covering nose also. It's a MUST! NO EXCEPTIONS!
▪️I will take your forehead tempature before entering my suite.
▪️You can wash your hands upon entering or use hand sanitizer.
▪️My suite will be clean and sanitized before each client. Each client gets a freshly cleaned cape and towel.
▪️Please use the restroom before you come. We are all trying to keep our germs to our own suites. If you have too, it's ok 😉
▪️Again new location... and reply ACCEPT to keep your appointment and agree to everything above.
My goal is to keep everyone comfortable and safe. The client after you, thanks you. I thank you.
Looking forward to seeing all of you in our new world❤

Photos from Sheila's Salon Suite's post 07/06/2020

Oh what lucky little ladies!!
They had to work hard around there house to earn this!

Photos from Sheila's Salon Suite's post 06/23/2020

Lots of decorating to do but feel extremely comfortable in my new suite. Yep moved to a bigger one with windows.
My goal was to be able to go home with not much worry. Not be paranoid. My goal was to provide the safest environment for my clients.
➡️ I have a long list of rules you must agree to before coming in.⬅️
I truely hope everyone that comes feels comfortable and can enjoy getting pampered ❤


Welcome to my new suite! Locked front door, buzz in system and closed door suite ❤ Very limited exposure to covid-19 or any germ.
Still have a bit of organizing and decorating to do.
I hope everyone feels comfortable and can relax in this beautiful safe space!


✂️Big changes happening!✂️
➡️Safety is #1⬅️
Opening May 29th.

Photos from Sheila's Salon Suite's post 05/09/2020

Not sure what going back will look like. Almost guaranteed way different.
Please be patient as we will have new rules to follow.
Hoping June 1st will be it.
Stay safe everyone!


😭😭Missing the salon and all of you 😭😭😭

Photos from Sheila's Salon Suite's post 03/28/2020

At least someone's getting there hair done🤣😂


Its official, salon is closed till April 8th.
Please do your part so we all can get back to normal. Stay safe and healthy. Help your neighbor or immunocompromised friends. Be kind. Let's show that in the USA we are all united!
You can text or call for appointments. ✂️
Thank you and see yah soon!!


4 hours❤ White blonde highlights
Joico Free play 40 vol
Toned with 10SB 9V equal parts few drops 10NG 5vol 15 min.

How stress turns hair gray 01/27/2020

How stress turns hair gray

Stress 😳

How stress turns hair gray A study in mice finds stress responses deplete cells that give hair its pigment, making the strand white.


➡️Alright peeps!! ⬅️
💵Let's raise some MONEY for Luries💵 and have fun at the sametime!!
⭐The Brave Fierce Friends are at it again!⭐ They are starting there fundraising for the Luries walk in the summer!
❤Come join us!❤
It's 3 days before Alyssa's 9th Birthday, so maybe some suprises too!!


Fellow Systemic JIA momma in the house ❤


Hi all! Happy Sunday!! Just so everyone is aware, my phone died 😭😭😭
Some contacts were not sent over. If you texted or called me on Friday, please do so again. I can't read any messages.


Want change but not permanent? Go demi!! Will last 12-24 shampoos.


Super easy to make. Spray hair, backpack and coat. So worth it!!


Congratulations to:
🔹️Kathy B. Won the ultimate women's package
🔹️Rick and Nancy/Rich both won free haircuts for a year!!


Drawing is in 5 min!! We are going live!!!


2 weeks left to get in on the raffle!!
All funds will be donated to the Systemic jia Foundation in honor of my daughter Alyssa!

🔹️2 people will win free haircuts for a year. (1 a month)
🔹️1 person will win the ultimate women's package! 4-5 hrs. You decide what you want done!
Drawing June 22 at closing time!!!


Fun makeover on a friend!


Happy young lady!!

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