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Prism Light Pod

Prism Light Pod keeps your body and mind healthy and performing at its peak state. The red LED full-body light pod rebuilds body cells, tissues and muscles

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We hope you've been having a great holiday season ❤️From ours to yours - Merry Christmas!!

Happy Monday!
Here are 6 tips to boost your energy naturally!!

1. Control stress

Stress-induced emotions consume huge amounts of energy. Talking with a friend, joining a support group, or seeing a psychotherapist can all help diffuse stress. Relaxation therapies like meditation, yoga, and tai chi are also effective tools for reducing stress.

2. Lighten your load

One of the main reasons for fatigue is overwork. Overwork can include professional and family obligations. Try to streamline your list of "must-do" activities. Set your priorities in terms of the most important tasks. Pair down those that are less important.

3. Exercise

Exercise almost guarantees that you'll sleep more soundly. It also gives your cells more energy to burn and circulates oxygen. And exercising can lead to higher brain dopamine levels, which helps elevate mood.

4. Restrict your sleep

If you think you may be sleep-deprived, try getting less sleep. This advice may sound odd but determining how much sleep you actually need can reduce the time you spend in bed not sleeping. This process makes it easier to fall asleep and promotes more restful sleep in the long run.

5. Eat for energy

Eating foods with a low glycemic index — whose sugars are absorbed slowly — may help you avoid the lag in energy that typically occurs after eating quickly absorbed sugars or refined starches. Foods with a low glycemic index include whole grains, high-fiber vegetables, nuts, and healthy oils such as olive oil.

6. Whole-body red light therapy
Red light strengthens the mitochondria, the part of the cell that creates energy! By doing so, it increases energy levels in your cells which are in your organs and so on. Your body functions more healthily and more energy meand being better able to handle life’s challenges and enjoy the process.

Izabella had a session in the Prism Light Pod and she's feeling energized and focused for the day!

Want to know where you can try a Prism Light Pod? Click the link in the comments section!

Here are five ways to boost your immune system:

1. Reduce Inflammation & Improve Circulation

Circulation is important for keeping the system running smoothly, otherwise tissue can become swollen with excess waste. To keep circulation pumping & the lymphatic system functioning optimally, it’s important to load up on all the essential nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, electrolytes & antioxidants, you need.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The more nutrient-dense your diet, the better your lymphatic system can work. Foods that put stress on the digestive, circulatory & immune systems include (dairy products, gluten, soy, or shellfish for example) low-quality animal products & processed foods that contain chemical toxins.

Some key high-antioxidant foods to focus on:
Green leafy vegetables
Cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cabbage, etc.)
Omega-3 foods
Nuts & seeds (chia, flax, pumpkin, etc.)
Unrefined oils (extra virgin olive oil & coconut oil)
Herbs & spices (ginger, turmeric, garlic etc.)

3. Exercise

The lymphatic system works best when you move your body, which helps keep fluids circulating and nutrients reaching your cells.

Any type of regular exercise and movement (such as simply walking more) is good for keeping lymph fluid flowing, but some exercise seems to be particularly beneficial, including yoga which twists the body & helps fluid drain

4. Red Light Therapy

Utilizing whole body photobiomodulation therapy increases blood flow throughout the entire body. It rids your body of free radicals, reduces inflammation, stimulates lymph nodes by accelerating cleansing of lymph fluids back into the blood system & delivers mitochondrial healing for healthier body cell regeneration.

Lying in a Prism Light Pod for 15-min sessions with optimized red lightwave settings 3x a week is a natural method for boosting your immune system. It will help your body to fight against the common cold, influenza & other viruses including Covid-19.

We just launched a whole new resources page for prospective buyers! Need more information on how red light therapy will fit your wellness business? We've got you covered

Click the link in the comments section to check it out.

From all of us at Prism Light Pod, happy two year anniversary to Cryo-X in Grapevine, TX on the purchase of their Prism Light Pod!

Cryo-X team is thrilled to offer their customers an additional way to rejuvenate, heal, and recover naturally.

Cryo-X is the leading cryosauna center located in Grapevine and Frisco TX. Cryo-X uses state-of-the art technologies to provide natural beauty & wellness, health & pain management and performance recovery for thousands of local clients.

We were most excited to partner with Cryo-X because of their dedication to their customers well-being. As the health and wellness industry transforms, we’re here to help businesses transform with it. Whole-body cold laser is an excellent addition to cryotherapy and many other natural healing mechanisms because it offers an alternative for those who aren’t a fan of the cold, and allows others to switch up their recovery routine.

The wellness industry is a $4.5 trillion global wellness economy. It’s distinct from the traditional health care market that includes AMA physicians, large pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

Compounded by Covid-19, people are seeking one-to-one holistic health plans. Which naturopathic doctors, integrated wellness centers, med spas, resort spas, and sports recovery and biohacking facilities can offer. For people with chronic illness, specialists using a holistic approach recommend treatments that offer a system of assessment and preventative care that is integrated with nutrition, fitness, and wellness modalities. Holistic health is rooted in supporting the body’s natural healing system and considering a person’s entire mind and body, also known as homeostasis.

In a report titled ‘Wellness 2030: The new techniques of happiness’, the Glion Institute for Higher Education offers eye-opening predictions of the wellness industry. Biohacking is manipulating physiology to conquest the limitations of nature, age, and disease. The human experience is in perpetual beta of optimization, and biohacking is simply modernism. “Biohackers” are people “driven by a pioneering spirit.”

Prism Light Pod partners with trailblazing natural wellness professionals who understand that more individuals are seeking healing and better performance from the inside out. We help them research and develop the best techniques, processes and technologies to speed and maintain holistic wellness for everyone.
Prism Light Pod is 100% automated w/ 6 settings for:

Speeds Performance Recovery
Reducing Chronic Pain
Faster Injury & Wound Healing
Soothing Arthritis & Joint Pain
Promoting Anti-Aging & Skin Toning
Weight-Loss Management

We help our owners build a successful light therapy business so they have the potential to earn more than $100,000 of incremental income per year

Click the link in the comments section to add a Prism Light Pod to your wellness center by the new year!

We’re highlighting an article from Team Tony Robbins to help small businesses & entrepreneurs think through their strategies.

Maybe it is time to take advantage of having less daily customer traffic to do the remodeling you’ve been wanting to do. Or maybe put the infrastructure in place to bring new offerings to your customers.

5 challenges to re-think your business strategy:
1. “We all have a choice”
You can look on the negative or the positive side of life. Turn those worries into actions!

2. “Challenge assumptions.”
These are unprecedented times, sticking with what has worked in the past will not work. Keep in touch with your clients & be receptive to their needs.

3. “You are the north for your business, your organization, your team.”
Don’t forget you are not alone. You may be the primary owner, but people around you are valuable voices. Often, they may have a valuable nugget of inspiration that would never have occurred to you.

4. “Those who design & deliver best practices for the ‘the interim’ will have a distinct competitive advantage.”

It is important to plan for what your business will look like in 202. Try to learn & understand what their present needs are. You’ll have to deliver more value than before.

5. “Collaboration is key.”
Seek out ideas from other business owners in a similar position as you.

It’s important to prepare your business to face uncertainties now, rather than when they are already presented to you. Rethink and test your value-proposition.

Perhaps leverage technology or equipment that doesn’t rely on more employees administering them to lessen human interaction?

Providing a 100% automated solution like the Prism Light Pod to deliver residual income is a smart alternative to bring new services into your natural wellness business with less human contact

Contact us to find out how you can incorporate red light therapy as part of your business.

Take time during Covid sheltering-in to rethink your business

Many natural wellness businesses are temporarily closed with the Coronavirus shelter-at-home orders that are in place throughout the world. It’s no doubt that it’s creating stress and financial concerns for owners.

While these questions may be obvious to you as a business owner, it’s a good idea to pause and reflect on them because of constant changes in the business climate, local competition, technology shifts, demographics and yes, even a global Covid-19 pandemic virus.

What business are you in?
What business are you really in?
What business should you be in?

What business are we in? We are in the business of building and selling red light therapy beds.

We are really in the business of partnering with owners of natural wellness businesses to help them build a successful red light therapy business for their customers.

That is the business that we should be in, which is why our company has designed and built the industry’s most powerful & energy efficient light pod and coupled it with our Pro-Partner joint marketing program that is designed to help every owner build a profitable red light therapy business.

What value do you uniquely bring to your customers? If you’re not sure, then ask them. What is unique about your business value and services? What new services would they like you to offer? What are the key reasons that keep them coming back?

Please take some time to rethink and improve your business to anticipate the changes in a post-Covid world. Obviously, maintaining safety, hygenes, physical distancing, disinfecting, and training are necessary steps, but what other services may be game changers for your business, such as boosting and maintaining healthy immune systems for your clients?

A crisis presents stress and uncertainty, but it also presents opportunities. Pause and seize the opportunity to improve and grow your business.

Check out these great Tony Robbins quotes

Here's another insightful trend prediction from Global Wellness Summit --
The wellness industry is going to see a rise in demand for "energy medicine" as doctors and wellness practitioners are uncovering the potential of electromagnetic, sound and light interventions to heal your ‘energy body’ such as red light therapy.

The future: the medical, technology and wellness worlds all innovating new tools to optimize the human energy body. Joanne De Luca and Janine Lopiano, co-founders of future-forecasting consultancy Sputnik, who’ve researched the many new directions in energy medicine for years, note: “The future of medicine is understanding the crucial relationship between the material and ‘field’ aspects of the body, and adjusting human frequencies—and light, sound and electromagnetic interventions are crucial here—to prevent illness and boost health.”

As humans get increasingly bombarded by man-made electromagnetic frequencies in our hyper-networked world (Hello, 5G)— anxiety over this potentially dangerous energy will rise, as will new solutions designed to shield us. And more wellness centers and travel destinations will go “high energy”: serving up more high-tech, biohacking technologies to upgrade our energy field.

Red light therapy administered to your whole body improves your metabolism which accounts for widespread healing effects. RLT boosts your cells to create more ATP. More ATP means more energy. More energy means easier and faster healing, and being better able to handle life’s challenges and enjoy the process.

The Prism Light Pod has 14,000 red and near-infrared LEDs. The light emitted by the LEDs increases energy inside cells and accelerates healing.

Visit our site for more information on how you can add a Prism Light Pod to your wellness center by the new year! Link is in the comments section

Prism Light Pod

Here is a new take on defining mental wellness from the Global Wellness Summit

The GWI defines mental wellness as “an internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect, and function. It is an active process that helps us to
✅ build resilience,
✅ grow,
✅ and flourish.”

Their key strategies for mental wellness fall into four pathways: activity and creativity; growth and nourishment; rest and rejuvenation; and connection and meaning. Within those pathways, it identifies four sectors coalescing to form an emerging market:
1) senses, spaces and sleep ($49.5 billion industry)
2) brain-boosting nutraceuticals & botanicals ($34.8 billion)
3) self-improvement ($33.6 billion)
4) meditation and mindfulness ($2.9 billion)

Whole-body red light therapy falls into the senses, spaces and sleep segment because as it includes sound therapy; scent; touch; and light (human-centric light and light therapy devices).

Positive effects of red light therapy on mental health include relief of anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression and insomnia. Added benefits include improving attention, memory, and mood.
Click here to read more about whole-body red light therapy The Most Powerful & Energy Efficient Light Therapy Bed Whole Body Red Light Pod We Help You Build a Successful Light Therapy Business with Our Pro-Partner Joint Marketing Program Learn more Breaking News - Doctors See Positive Results Using Low Level Red light Therapy to Treat COVID-19 Patients Most...

In case you weren't able to keep up with Global Wellness Summit this year, we've got you covered -
Sleep sees less of a focus on generic solutions and a keen new focus on circadian health optimization for sleep

With an avalanche of sleep solutions like mattresses and apps to track REM cycles, we remain in a sleepless epidemic, with around 1/3 of us sleeping badly and 1/10 having regular insomnia.

Humans evolved to be highly sensitive to the 24-hr solar cycle and exposure to natural light and dark. Our internal daily clocks (circadian rhythms) control the biological system in our bodies, from our sleep-wake cycles and mood and performance patterns to our metabolic, immune and reproductive systems.

Exposure to regular light-dark cycles provides the daily “time cues” needed to reset our clocks every day. We need the sun’s light in the day to be alert and active, and we need dark to kick-start our brain’s sleep mode and recovery.

Disruptions to our circadian rhythms, have health consequences including a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, some cancers, heart disease, depression, gut disorders, allergies, infections, premature aging—and early death. There are more than 3000 studies posted by the NIH connecting light to health.

Only solutions that can actually reset circadian rhythms involve getting high-quality sleep and have LIGHT at the center of them.

2021 prediction: Whole-body red light therapy for maintaining circadian rhythm wellness
Click the link in the comments section to learn more about the benefits of red light therapy!

Motivational Monday at Denver Sports Recovery

Feel motivated this Monday!
We'll be giving you an update this week on the wellness trends for 2021 out of this year's Global Wellness Summit

It's important that we get enough sunlight to produce vitamin D which will help us remain healthy and support our immune system

The human body soaks up that sunshine to produce energy and replenishes vitamin D. Being deficient with vitamin D increases oxidative stress that results in fatigue. It may also lessen your Immune system to fight off common colds and viruses including Covid-19.

One of the simplest ways for you to naturally boost your vitamin D and immune system is to lay in a cold-laser red LED system 2-3 times a week for 15-minute sessions.

Combining regular Prism Light Pod sessions and a nutritious diet filled with low or anti-inflammatory foods such as a plant-based diet will have you losing inches and pounds, feeling healthier with much more energy and vitality! Live naturally healthier! Nutrition // Fitness // Light

Click the link in the comments section for more information on the benefits of cold-laser therapy!

About Prism Light Pod

Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most advanced full-body cold laser system that speeds your body’s natural recovery 4 to 10 times faster. It’s designed to stimulate your mitochondria for creating energy and ATPs to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, chronic pain and fatigue.

There are six optimized settings for: Sports Recovery, Arthritis & Joint Pain, Wound & Injury Healing, Chronic Pain Relief, Anti-Aging & Skin Toning and Weight-Loss.

Leading Sports Recovery & Rehabilitation Centers, Pain Management Clinics, Integrated Wellness Centers and Med Spas offer Prism full-body cold laser therapy.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information, Or visit

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