Prism Light Pod

Prism Light Pod


Come out to ART for our Prism Light Pod event today from 4 pm - 7pm. We are so excited to have the Prism team from Colorado to demo and educate on the multitude of features and benefits of this great red light therapy. See you soon!
Looking to boost your immune system from the inside out? Developed by a team of experienced health professionals across industries, Prism Light Pod accelerates healing through a non-invasive natural-healing whole body red light therapy.💡 Be one of the first to try this new Touchless Wellness service at today!
Please join us next month, July 9th, 4-7:30pm, for the launch of our new whole-body red light therapy system by Prism Light Pod.
Touchless treatments are becoming increasingly popular! ✨ 🔴

They promise all the benefits without the contact—but are they worth it?
Byrdie shares how to pamper yourself without the risk of exposing yourself to others, letting you know touchless treatments are the way to go. Christina Dorelien, Medical Nurse LPN and Director of Health & Wellness at shares the benefits of VEMI and Prism Light Pod.
Join us for Seattle's Prism Light Pod Launch Event next Thursday 7/30. Space is limited to please RSVP. More info PrismCare: Seattle Prism Light Pod Launch
Join us for Seattle's Prism Light Pod Launch Event next Thursday 7/30. Space is limited to please RSVP. More info PrismCare: Seattle Prism Light Pod Launch
It’s always a fun time when the film crew comes out! Thank you, Prism Light Pod for coming so far to see us!
Check out our latest Fresh & New article for treatments and technology that will modernize your spa. From water treatment beds to a virtual reality meditation headset, we go over this seasons latest and greatest. Jabra Oculus Halotherapy Solutions Prism Light Pod Square Cryotech Nordic Ltd. Gharieni Group

Prism Light Pod keeps your body and mind healthy and performing at its peak state. The red LED full-


Today is the day!🎉

We'll be at Anodyne Wexford Pain and Wellness for their grand opening today!

We look forward to seeing you, show you around their beautiful facility, and help bring the benefits of red light therapy to the Pittsburgh area. See you soon!


Now introducing our Seed Wellness in Doha, Qatar!

We are excited to be covering the globe in red light, one pod at a time!

Check out our blog post for more about our visit to Qatar:

Photos from Prism Light Pod's post 09/21/2022

Attention Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!

Full body, red light therapy is coming to a location near you, we'd love to introduce you to Anodyne Pain and Wellness Solutions of Wexford!

Join us for their Grand Opening, meet the Anodyne team, and learn about the benefits of full body red light therapy from our team ❤️


Did you know that red light therapy can promote healthier skin?

Estheticians and their clients can benefit greatly from the use of red light!

Click the link to read our blog and learn more ⤵️


Hello Pittsburgh!

We are so excited to be bringing the healing power of red light therapy to you 🏦

We'll see you at Anodyne Wexford soon!


Today is the day!

We will see you at Portland's top spa, Zama Massage 🥂

We are looking forward to meeting you all, discussing the benefits of red light therapy, and sharing the healing power of Prism Light Pod with Portland.

Be sure to RSVP, we can't wait to meet you all!

Photos from Prism Light Pod's post 09/13/2022

Prism Light Pod is excited to be launching in Portland Oregon's top spa, Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa this week!

Check out the article below for more information on the launch and be sure to RSVP


Portland Oregon, we will see you soon!

We are so excited to be bringing our industry leading, award winning red light therapy system to the Portland area.

There is truly no better place to relax and rejuvenate than Zama Massage in Portland and we are overjoyed to be launching in their award winning therapeutic spa!

Photos from Prism Light Pod's post 09/06/2022

As we look forward to 2023 and wellness shifts towards a whole mind and body approach Red Light Therapy is becoming even more popular and is used all over the world!

2023 wellness trends focus heavily on mental health, immunity, sleep, and anti aging technology. All of which Prism Light Pod provides!

Industry leading technology, anti aging, mental health, and immunity benefits, and so much more can be found when using our full-body red light therapy bed and enjoying a relaxing 15 minute RLT session.

Have you tried out our full-body Red Light Therapy system yet?
Let us know about your experience in the comments below!


Wishing you a safe and restorative Labor Day Weekend!

“Let there Be Light” - Seland Chirorpactic - Fishers Magazine 09/02/2022

“Let there Be Light” - Seland Chirorpactic - Fishers Magazine

Nauticus is seeing amazing wellness patient results from their Prism whole-body red light system. Go check out their amazing facility and staff in Fishers ID!

“Let there Be Light” - Seland Chirorpactic - Fishers Magazine Seland Chiropractic Center is all about Living Well, Naturally and using the power of light to help its cutomers.

Photos from Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center's post 09/01/2022

Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center is featured in Fishers Magazine this month, check it out to learn more about the healing power of red light!

Photos from Prism Light Pod's post 09/01/2022

The Prism Light Pod team was busy sharing the healing powers of our award winning, full body red light therapy system all over the world in August, we even installed a pod in beautiful Doha, Qatar!

We are so excited to see what this incredible team does with their beautiful facility and are so happy to be apart of all of the state of the art services and healing modalities that they have to offer!

Photos from Prism Light Pod's post 08/29/2022

Did you know Red Light Therapy, aka Photobiomodulation, was first developed by NASA?

Or that it can help accelerate wound healing, increase collagen production, and reduce wrinkles and scars?

There are so many benefits to adding red light therapy into your wellness routine!

Full body red light therapy sessions help your entire body heal, providing anti aging benefits and mitochondrial health from head to toe.


Weekend golf

Photos from Prism Light Pod's post 08/26/2022

Whole Body Wellness has become a big focus of 2022 and it's here to stay in 2023!

From mental health and better sleep to anti aging and new wellness tech there is a huge focus on harmonized health that helps the body function better, naturally. ☀️

Red light therapy is a great addition to any wellness routine to help boost mental clarity, improve sleep, provide anti aging benefits, and much more. Whole body red light therapy with our award winning Prism Light Pod helps improve health from head to toe in just 15 minutes!


Who's seen our industry leading whole body red light therapy system in the Official Essential Guide? ⛳️

Comment and let us know what you think below!

Don't forget to enter to win a premium putter! 🏌‍♀️


Quick stop to pick up gifts


Now you can get a whole-body red light therapy session .health in West Bay Doha!


Great team .health!


New install .health


2022 and the past few years have brought around a huge shift in wellness trends and a focus on overall wellbeing!

Red light therapy has grown in popularity and increased in use with these shifts and increased focus on health.

Prism Light Pod sessions have been shown to help strengthen the immune system, improve mental clarity, speed up recovery, and have positive impacts on sexual health.


Off to a cool install and launch at a red hot location!


Happy National Relaxation Day!

Adding red light therapy sessions into your wellness routine boosts mood, improves sleep, helps improve circulation, and so much more!

How are you taking time to unwind and relax today?


We reccomend using our whole body red light therapy system 3-5 times a week!

While you can't over do it on red light therapy, there is only so much your body can absorb at one time, we have found 3-5 prism light pod sessions a week provide the proper amount of mitochondrial healing.

Don't forget to consult your local Prism Light Pod associates for their input as well! They will be able to help you optimize your health and wellness plan while incorporating red light therapy.


Prism Light Pod is the world's most powerful and efficient full body red light therapy bed!

Our award winning system provides complete, 360 degree mitochondrial healing in just 15 minutes. With an optimized, six setting system our red light pod is easy to use, energy efficient, and can easily be added into an existing health and wellness routine.

About Prism Light Pod

Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most advanced full-body cold laser system that speeds your body’s natural recovery 4 to 10 times faster. It’s designed to stimulate your mitochondria for creating energy and ATPs to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, chronic pain and fatigue.

There are six optimized settings for: Sports Recovery, Arthritis & Joint Pain, Wound & Injury Healing, Chronic Pain Relief, Anti-Aging & Skin Toning and Weight-Loss.

Leading Sports Recovery & Rehabilitation Centers, Pain Management Clinics, Integrated Wellness Centers and Med Spas offer Prism full-body cold laser therapy.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information, Or visit

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May recap of Prism Light Pod installs and events!
Recover post workout with Prism Light Pod! #recovery #redlighttherapy #wellness  #Anodyne #lasvegas



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