Skin by Tyler Schneider

Skin by Tyler Schneider


Such a awesome Special!!! Treat yourself and others friends. ❤️❤️❤️

Holistic esthetician with a passion for green beauty & a structured approach to treating acne & other inflammatory skin conditions. Down Chan Zone facial reflexology, Gua Sha facials, hydrodermabrasion, Winback high frequency.

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I’m running a Valentines Day special! Buy a one hour personalized facial & receive a 2nd one hour facial half off! Treat your special someone or just treat yourself times two! ✨

Such a awesome Special!!! Treat yourself and others friends. ❤️❤️❤️


Gua Sha helps break up blood stagnation, aids in detoxification & promotes lymphatic drainage. Once the lymphatic channels are cleared & muscle tension is released, the cheeks, eyes, forehead & jaw can be lifted & contoured creating a natural facelift effect. Looking for a way to combat the effects of aging as an alternative to Botox or invasive surgery? Give Gua Sha a try! I use this modality in several of my facial services as it rejuvenates the skin & aids in optimal product absorption so you get the most out of your treatment & with regular treatments & self maintenance in between sessions. I also have several beautiful crystal Gua Sha tools like the rainbow fluorite pictured below available for sale & with the purchase of any tool I will also send you home with your own home care protocol & a facial oil or balm sample.✨


Here’s a great piece my teacher Helen wrote about the difference between Dien Chan Zone facial reflexology & a regular facial massage.

REFLEXOLOGY VS MASSAGE • when people first start out with #dienchanzone they sometimes ask if massaging their whole face might be the best way to maintain health. Others ask if, when receiving a massage where specific zones of the face are touched with fingers or a Jade roller - will that send a signal to the corresponding organs?
The short answer is no. Reflexology goes beyond touch because it involves the sending of a precise energetic signal. #intention and #exploration are key to achieve the desired interaction with any given organ(s).
Rather than a massage of the muscles / to stimulate lymph / to release tension in loco, #facialreflexology is a focused stimulation of selected REFLEX maps in order to engage with the nervous system. For that reason our small pointed tools are more efficient than tools that cover a larger area and limit sensitivity.
Nonetheless because we work on the face at the level of the skin and muscles, immediate beauty benefits are unavoidable and long term improvements in appearance / change in facial shape, skin tone and general vitality are typical.
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I wanna talk about one of my favorite skincare lines Earthwise Beauty & why I use their products in 90% of my treatments as well as sell them. As a holistic esthetician & someone who struggles to maintain clear skin, you can imagine I’ve tried the bulk majority of the green beauty brands on the market. When I first tried EWB I was immediately drawn to the unique scent profile of each product as well as their use of several ingredients I had never or rarely seen used in skincare elsewhere such as celery seed extract, lupine seed & turmeric co2 extract just to name a few. They offer generous sample sizes of all their products which all last anywhere between a full week up to 3 weeks & for me this was a great way to determine which products were right for my skin & which weren’t a good fit before investing in the full size. The resiliency serum, an aloe base serum with carrot seed & helichrysum essential oil, has to be my favorite of the line if I had to choose one product just based on the difference it’s made in the deep, textured cystic acne scars on my cheeks. Each product has a multitude of benefits for every skin type from acne prone to dry to sensitive. If you’re in search of an effective high performance skincare routine that delivers results without compromise, message me for details or stop by to pick up a sample.

[01/05/19]   I’m offering a $60 75 minute facial customized to suit your skin’s needs in honor of the new year. Featuring 100% organic, nontoxic skincare that shows results without negative side effects. Let’s get you glowing for the new year! Call or message to book! 541-337-0768 ✨


Hey friends! Hope your new year is off to an amazing start! Thank you so much for the support ✨ follow along for skincare tips as well as events, giveaways & discounted services!


Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

USAToday has reviewed what regulators and clean beauty activists say about 10 controversial ingredients, including our take from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. See it here:


Phenoxyethanol - The Dermatology Review

Do you read the labels on your skincare products? I treat mine the same way I look at food; the less unnecessary additives & preservatives the better. Phenoxyethanol is a big question mark in my mind because it can be derived from a couple different sources. Two natural sources being chicory root & green tea, but a big source being formaldehyde. #themoreyouknow Phenoxyethanol Overview Phenoxyethanol is glycol ether used as a preservative in cosmetic products and medicines. This is a kind of ether alcohol with aromatic properties that can enhance a skin product’s scent. The substance is a colorless liquid that is oily in nature, and is considered an organ...


Your underarms deserve a mask just as much as your face guys! This is one of the best ways to detox from deodorants with aluminum in them which have been linked to several health problems including cancer.


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Skin by Tyler Schneider




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