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Macey LOVES her hair. She says "I literally could not love my hair more!"
Haley Nave
Jess is the best!! Trust your hair with no one else 💜
You're a very talented hairstylist.. 1 of only 2 people ever who can cut my baby fine hair correctly.. keep up the good work, Jess 🙂

Balayage Specialist

Operating as usual


Love a reverse balayage. Adds dimension in all the right places and of course we did a money piece for that pop 🥰


Openings next week!
Message me let’s set something up


😘Love a great consultation ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Have you ever wondered why I ask so many questions during your consultation? The reason why....⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I want to give you all the feels that you have going on in your head! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I can’t read your mind but I can ask the questions to get it out of ya!😊⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If your current hairstylist has never given you a consultation or your wondering why they never ask how your feeling about your hair, it may be time to find someone else who does. I try to make sure all new (and existing) clients get my consultation and time before all my appointments. Life changes so why shouldn’t you be asked each and every time if you’d like a change in style 🌿⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Click the link in my bio to schedule with me!🌟⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I’d love to answer all your questions! 🖤


The holidays are right around the corner. Most people have so many others to buy for. I think you should treat yourself this year. Don’t forget the most important person. You. Hop on the books 🖤


@sheargenius_ shows the difference direct vs indirect lighting can make in hair photos. 📸

Same head of hair… two steps closer to the window is the only difference 🙃🙃

This was probably the most wild difference that i spotted in my 25,678 photos of hair in my phone 🤯

Both beautiful but so different! What a difference a couple of steps makes!


Purple refreshed 💜🤩




Full modern blonding 💋

Photos from Sorcery Color Studio's post 09/12/2022

Had SOOO much fun doing @hoop_rebel bridal hair 🌙
All of you lady’s looked so beautiful 🖤


Modern blonding partial for this look 🤩

STL Balayage & Blondes • Jess on Instagram: "🤩☀️" 08/29/2022

STL Balayage & Blondes • Jess on Instagram: "🤩☀️"

STL Balayage & Blondes • Jess on Instagram: "🤩☀️" STL Balayage & Blondes • Jess shared a post on Instagram: "🤩☀️". Follow their account to see 731 posts.


Fresh 20 inch hand tied extensions, we added a shadow root and gloss to get the final look and perfect blend 🥰🍁🍂


Wrapped up my first week at the new studio today! Words cannot describe how inspired I feel in my new space. I will be attending a class this coming Monday with a few of my studio neighbors at Posh Studios and we will be getting certified in the Aqua beaded row extension method! I can’t wait for all of you to see the new space in person it’s so spacious & gorgeous. I hope everyone has a good weekend 🥰☀️🌙



A copper queen 👸

Photos from Sorcery Color Studio's post 08/07/2022

New studio is coming together nicely 🥰🥰


Balayage 🥰


A traditional partial for this look 🤩✨

Photos from Sorcery Color Studio's post 07/29/2022

What is the difference in “Modern Blonding” (First Photo) & “Traditional Foils/Highlights”(Second Photo)
These services were both partials, but Let me explain the difference in technique.
So traditional foils go straight to the root, they are great for adding even dimension from root to the ends, the application goes to the root so it can require touch ups more often (6-10 weeks depending on preference) The application for traditional foils is quicker and the look is finished with a allover gloss. Now on to Modern Blonding! Modern blonding is a combination of techniques like babylights, airtouch, and teasylights. It includes ends tipped out for that extra pop of lightness through the bottom of the hair, money piece details for that pop of brightness around your face, and a root tap or melt into finishing gloss. The techniques used in modern blonding give a low maintenance look with gradient grow out which has you in the salon less (12-16 weeks depending on preference) but the application takes a bit longer than a traditional foil. In the end it all comes down to your preference of look and how often you want to be in the salon! Have questions? Book a consultation or shoot a text to 3146490188! 🥰

Photos from Sorcery Color Studio's post 07/23/2022

Modern Blonding - Money Piece + Cut ⚡️swipe to see more 🤩


Sorcery Color Studio will be moving to Posh Studios in Fairview Heights.
Starting 8/8 all appointments will be at the new location! Can’t wait for everyone to see my new studio 🥰


Sometimes you just need a hint of rose gold in your life 🥰





Photos from Sorcery Color Studio's post 05/25/2022

Just a couple spots left in June! Booking into July ☀️

I will be away from work & my business phone until Monday, and will be answering any business related messages/texts then! Have a great holiday weekend ❤️


Is your hair feeling flat? Like everything looks the same but you keep going “brighter” and still not getting that pop. You gotta add some depth. I say it all the time because I am seriously ✨obsessed ✨with adding LIFE back in to your hair. Bring on the darker, warmer, richer colors and you’ll end up with a dimensional, bright, and fresh color. There is no light without a little darkness 😉😈


🌞 Goddess 🌞


I’ve been loving the brunette come back. Embracing your “natural roots” doesn’t have to be boring. Pops of sun kissed lightness in all the right spots. ✨


Hiiiii! For those of you who are new here my name is Jess! I’m the stylist behind all the gorgeous hair you see on this page. I’ve been in the industry for 11 years. Even longer if you count the summer in beauty school my sister was attending when I was 10 😂 They let me come to class and I was her little sidekick ❤️ So basically I’ve always known this was the career for me. I got into this industry for the creativity and flexibility it offers. I come from a very large family, I have 6 blood siblings and 3 that aren’t blood but might as well be.. and out of all of them I’m the youngest. I’ve got an even longer list of nieces and nephews, so long I lost count 😅
I don’t have any children and that’s something my husband and I haven’t fully decided if we want to have any of our own. But we do have four fur children! Two dogs, and two cats. Outside of work I’m most likely at home with my fur baby’s, working on my plants/garden, or going out to eat. (my husband and I are both Tauruses so you know we be eatin) I also enjoy music, hiking, biking, going out for a couple drinks, float trips, camping, but most of all I enjoy being at home because I am truly an introverted homebody. When it comes to my career I love that there is always new trends and techniques to learn. Education is so important to me. When I first graduated cosmetology school I specialized in mens hair for 3 years. Mostly because I was scared of chemicals. I didn’t fully understand the science behind a lot of it, I was scared to mess up therefor I didn’t even try for many years. I stuck to what I knew. Well in 2015 I left the mens hair salons and went into full service. I took every color project that came my way, & as expected when learning something new I messed up, a lot. But you know what else I did? I learned, even more. These past 3 years My career focus has been balayage and blonding. My sister asked (non Cosmo sister) why are you all about blonding? And it made me dig deep… why do I enjoy it?? Because Blonding is not a one size fits all. It’s unpredictable. It’s take true skill and technique. I’ve seen alottt of damaged hair and I realize what it takes to keep that hair healthy. ❤️


Traditional full highlights for this look ❤️


Modern blonding partial for this look! I did a mix of baby lights and teasy lights, just a couple strategically placed lows in the right places, and a color melt. This combo makes the most perfect blended low maintenance lived in look. This guest drove a hour and a half to see me, so a low maintenance grow out is vital for her! ❤️😍


Expensive brunette vibes. I’m so here for it ✨

What exactly is “expensive brunette”? It’s all about embracing your natural brunette hair color, with small enhancements. Enhancements like money piece highlights and a few teasylights for some subtle pops, && of course loads of shine. 🙌🏻


Pre-booking” to maintain your style!⠀

This one is super duper important! When you’re pre-booking your maintenance appointment, you’re allowing me as your stylist to help maintain the results you desire and give you a time slot that works best with your busy schedule. By doing this, no one has to worry about their hair having crazy split ends which leads hair not growing like you want, overgrown roots, toner fading, or hair feeling brittle or not being able to get in because my schedule is booked. Getting you on a routine allows me to help you get you the results you want and gives me a great canvas to work with on your next appointment! ⠀

Here is a sample schedule👇🏻

First you get your full modern blonding service.
6-8 weeks later we do a Money piece appointment, or just a gloss.
6-8 weeks later we do a partial (either highlight or modern blonde depending on your goals and budget.
6-8 weeks later we do a money piece or just a gloss.
6-8 weeks later we do a full again!
6-8 weeks later we do a money piece or just a gloss.
6-8 weeks later we do a partial.
6-8 weeks later we do a money piece or gloss.
That’s a full 2 times a year, a partial twice, and either a money piece or just gloss 3x a year! Now that is a schedule for a die hard blondie, or someone who’s hair is naturally really dark, grows fast, and they want to be really blonde. Those who don’t mind a little grow out could potentially go 8-12 weeks between these maintenance appointments!

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Purple refreshed 💜🤩#stl #stlhair #stlhairstylist #stlbalayage #scottairforcebase #safb #bellevilleil #swanseail #ofallon...
Modern blonding partial for this look 🤩
Fall hair 🍂🍁
Fresh 20 inch hand tied extensions, we added a shadow root and gloss to get the final look and perfect blend 🥰🍁🍂
The more ya know 😂😩
Cosmo ❤️
When I began doing hair 11 years ago, a “full highlight & cut” was the longest service you preformed & it booked out for...
Dimension for days ❤️
Dimensions ☀️




Posh Studios 4 Longacre Dr
Fairview Heights, IL

Opening Hours

Tuesday 12pm - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 3pm
Thursday 12pm - 8pm
Friday 9am - 3pm

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