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Hair Extraordinaire is an Aveda Concept Salon, serving the Northern Virginia area for over 30 years. We look forward to hearing from you.

To make an appointment or to schedule a consultation, please give us a call.


Great night out with the Hair XO ladies♥️Hairspray was fantastic!

Photos from Hair Extraordinaire's post 11/08/2022

Is your hair ready for the holidays?
We love Pink Pewter hair accesories and so will you♥️


Our new floor installation is complete! Hair XO is reopen for business.A big thank you to Federal Realty, Tall Oaks Construction, my amazing husband and all my helpers♥️


Hair Extraordinaire will be closed until Friday May 27th for painting and a new floor installation.YAY!
For future appointments, please free to FB message, call salon @703-560-8223 or e mail us at [email protected].
We will be retrieving our
messages daily.
Thank you!
We look forward to seeing you

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Today we are celebrating 50 years of Brenda Scruggs-Porter!
Swing by from 9-3 at the salon for treats and celebrating. Or meet us after from 4-6 at Open Road in Falls Church.


Holiday hours:
Today till 7pm
Dec 24-27th -CLOSED
Tuesday Dec 28th 10-6
Wednesday Dec 29th 10-8
Thursday Dec 30th 10-8

Dec 31-Jan 3rd -CLOSED

Give us a call for last minute appointments, we would be happy tp try to accommodate your schedule.

We are also offering Gift cards and free gift wrapping with curbside pickup!

Give us a call! 7035608223


🎄We will be open untill 7pm tonight!
Swing by today for Gifts and Refreshments

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This year at Hair XO we are really thinking about Giving!

- We are giving to Those in need by collecting coats and Winter gear! Please bring your NEW or gently used COATS into the salon through the month if January 2022.
-We are also excited to offer BlueQ socks and bags, AVEDA holiday gift sets, and Pink Pewter hair accessories again this year.

Swing by today, we have a gift for you!!


We love color change💗💗💗 Thank you Tam for this fun task!


Had the pleasure of creating a nice lime green for this wonderful client we love! She wanted to show her support for a family member fighting lymphoma cancer.You Rock Donna💚



This is so much fun! All blonde on top with a rainbow surprise underneath.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Photos from Hair Extraordinaire's post 11/25/2020

Shopping at Hair Extraordinaire for your Aveda products directly contributes to our stylists education and our privately owned business. Thank you for your support!

The perfect present is one that cares for the Earth.Aveda's iconic holiday packaging puts thought into every detail. 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and boxes that are reusable and 100% recyclable.

We always love to see you but also happy to mail,curbside or local drop off any products you may need.

Wishing a safe and happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful clients!
We are thankful everyday for your many years of loyalty.

Big love,thanks and grace to my incredible staff❤️

Hair Extraordinaire


Color correction wisdom🧡🖤💛🤍 A HairX0 specialty since 1980


Like so many other travel events being rearranged, this one is a HairXO favorite.The 2020 "Behind the Chair"show is one of the best in the industry! Now in the comfort of our homes for the next 2 days.👏🏽👏🏽


Great first week back!!
Thank you to all of our fantastic clients we saw last week.We were overwhelmed by your generosity and excitement to be back in the salon.So happy to have your trust in knowing we are giving our best efforts to keep everyone safe and taken care of during this readjustment time.Thanks for all the nice comments regarding the Aveda shelves, wall dividers on wheels and the stylus pens to go for touch less payment.We ran out on Saturday but I just got 200 more while supplies last again!
I’d like to say how much we appreciate you allowing us to temporarily omit some of our services until we feel it is safe to offer them back.Such as..beard and mustache trims and all facial waxing.
Also, for the time being, we are still holding off on most shampooing and extensive blow drying unless necessary for your chemical service.Thank you in advance as we know this is a favorite for most but we deem it necessary as it allows your stylist the time for safety precautions to be done
before you and after you to
ensure a sanitized area at all
times.Many of the certified “safe salons” such as Hair Extraordinaire are now adding a Covid-19 charge to every client ticket for extra the time normally used for service and extra supplies needed to maintain safety.We WILL NOT be doing this! You have temporarily given up some of your appt time back to us..We are grateful to have it for everyones benefit.
Reminder,while in the salon, please make sure that we have your up to date contact information.
To our new clients, thank you for being patient as we get back on our feet and take care of our longtime loyal list.We value the opportunity to serve you as well.
Lastly,to my HairXO ladies...Brenda,Jen,Monica and Skyler.You’ve left me in awe yet again.Your willingness to learn, re-adjust, motivate and execute with professionalism while bringing your best sense of humor with you just fills my heart up big❤️
Thank you!

Be well to all,

Hair Extraordinaire


Hair Extraordinaire’s Grand Reopening is Tuesday June 9th.

Thank you!! to everyone who helped support our business of 40 years and continue to do so during this time of great change to our industry.

For future appointments please contact us at your preference...
•Salon voicemail-703-560-8223
•Send us an appt request at any of the following:
E [email protected]
On Instagram -hairxosalon
On Facebook-Hair Extraordinaire

As of today, we are at a two week wait time for appointments. Many of our clients have been anxiously awaiting our return and have reached out several weeks ago to reserve potential time slots.We are humbled at how much we have been missed. We will do our absolute best by working extra days and longer hours to fit in as many of our loyal clients as we feel we can do SAFELY. It is necessary to allow extra time in between ALL of our clients to give us the ability to provide “safety as our new luxury.”
We thank you for helping us adapt to this routine so that we can continue to provide excellent service to you as our guests.
While we are still under the mandate of the maximum 10 people in the salon for an unknown amount of time, you may still continue to contact us any way you wish as we will not have the capacity for a receptionist on most days. Fortunately, Hair XO stylists have always shared the belief of helping one another however and whenever possible so that we can continue to strive for efficiency during this time of change to our daily salon operations.
When we do have the pleasure of getting you back in the salon please be reminded that during this time we ask that you come wearing a mask and have clean hair if possible.We will be suspending shampoos and excessive blow drying unless needed for chemical services. The purpose of this is to not only offer more availability to you for future appointments, but also this significantly lowers the face to face contact during your service.When it is absolutely necessary, we have PPE face shields to put over top of our masks for shampooing.
Lastly, something fresh and new! We were given a fantastic gift from the Aveda Corporation last week. Their art and science institute of DC has closed and relocated to Arlington. As a result of this, Hair Extraordinaire inherited Aveda’s beautiful signature backlit retail shelves.One more reason to love this great company! We can’t wait for you to see them displaying your favorite products. Also,looking forward to sharing a few improvements to the salon with big thanks to the mad skills of my husband,Mr.Extraordinaire.
Looking forward to seeing all of you once again, from behind our chairs.
Be Well💜
Hair Extraordinaire


Dear Valued Clients

We want to share with you some of the adjustments that we have made for the reopening of Hair Extraordinaire after an unimaginable 12 weeks of being closed.If all
goes as planned, we will open our doors in 2 weeks on June 9th.Once we re-open,It is our absolute intention and best practiced ability to be able to remain open. We cannot do this effectively without an abundance of caution for our staff, our guests and our community. We’ve made many internal changes to our salon procedures and would like to take this time to share the ones that will affect you at your next visit.

Please come 100% feeling your healthy self.Even if you believe you have a cold or sinus allergies ..If you have any type of symptoms please reschedule for the safety of everyone in the salon during this adjustment period of reentry for all of us.
Please come alone to your appointment. We will not have the ability to accommodate extra family members,friends or children under 12 .If they come inside the salon with you, they must also have an appointment with another stylist as our mandate allows us One client per One stylist at a time. Our maximum capacity for the whole salon is 10.Please be understanding as we all work through the adjustment on this one.If others
are with you they may wait in our building lobby directly next door,outside or in the car.
We miss all of you but please No handshakes or hugs for us at this time! A simple pat to the heart says it all.

All guests and staff will be required to wear a mask that hooks behind the ears. We have a brilliant trick for keeping hooks from not interfering with your service without ever touching the mask.If you do not have a mask we do our best to have one for you with our limited supply.

When you arrive to the salon, outside you will see a stand up posting along with a hand sanitizer station.Please stop, and read our guidelines.They are short and simple.Ring the doorbell to notify us of your arrival.We will guide you in or come get you from your car or the building lobby right next door to us.This will eliminate extra people in the salon at one time and allow us to sanitize the styling stations,chairs,door k***s etc.
Upon entering the salon, you’ll go right to the styling chair with the stylist.If shampoo is necessary for your service when leaning back we will provide you with a towel for your face. Your stylist may put on a face shield over top of their mask.

We will NOT be having you change into color smocks at this time.If possible Please wear or bring a “not so much love it”shirt or something that has a lower neckline. We will be using clean durable styling capes as usual for your service (washed after every use)

We will not be offering any food or beverages at this time.Hope to have this one back for all of our Biscotti,”special coffee”and Aveda Tea fans.A treat we know will be missed .Please bring your own water with you if needed.
We will be limiting blow dry time or eliminating all together when possible.
For the time being the following services will be suspended. Mens beard and mustache trims,all facial wax services,extensive blowouts and styling.

When your service is finished we will begin the Chairside checkout process for you in the styling chair.We will shop for any product you may need and bring over the credit card machine for you to easily insert your card. You will not need to stop at the front desk.To allow time slots for others we will note your future appointment request and call ,e mail or text your upcoming future appointment in a timely fashion. Please be sure we have all your current contact info. This is to shorten the amount of time spent in the building and eliminate extra staff we need to have working.

We will NOT be giving cash back..If you would like to pay by cash please make it exact amount.If you would like to ask your stylist about Venmo for gratuity they will provide it to you .

Please know how very important providing excellent service is to us.These new measures we are taking are temporary until we can get back to the high standards that you've come to expect from us. We hope that will be sooner than later!

We sincerely appreciate your support.This situation has certainly brought on some challenges, but we are determined to rise to the occasion with a positive attitude and high level of professionalism. As these circumstances are ever changing, they will require our constant attention and reevaluation. We ask that you please continue to be patient with us as we make the necessary adjustments.
We look forward to seeing you and revitalizing our craft again by making you look good and feel better.

Team Hair Extraordinaire


Hello Fantastic Clients!

Sorry for the long delay returning back to Facebook.I will get out as much information as I have regarding our current salon guidelines and what to expect going forward.
We are so very happy to announce
Hair Extraordinaire will be re opening on Tuesday June 9th.This date will ensure a slow and safe start with proper CDC requirements as our top priority.
Thank you all in advance for your patience during your long awaited return back to us. We will be contacting everyone that has left us messages or e mails as quickly as possible!
As all business that are preparing to
reopen,please be expected that things will be a little different here for awhile.We have been carefully planning our comeback time for the 10 weeks that we have been away.It is very important to us that we see it through as precisely as possible.

I’m a big nutshell ..for the time being
•Our specific business type is under a mandate for all clients and employees to wear a mask while in the the salon.We have a simple but brilliant technique for the ears loops to NOT be in the way of performing our technique while keeping your mask in place.Kudos Jen!
•Our guidelines will only allow 10 people in the salon at one time..this is a tough one folks.As most of you know,our foundation is based on family and as much as we love everyones,we ask that you come in only if you are having a service preformed.If you want to give us a peek in the window upon arrival we can direct you in our come out to get you if preferred .We are very mindful of how we are booking our clients so
expectations of running on time are hopeful.We will have an overflow of seating available to us in the office building lobby right nextdoor if necessary.You can also remain in your car if you are early or have a driver accompanying you.It is very important for everyone to please be prompt for your appointment as we are trying to service as many clients as we can in a day.
•We will have signage outside to ask that everyone use the hand sanitizer provided before entering the salon.
•We will not be able to provide our complimentary beverage service,magazines or any product testers.
•When necessary we will implement “Chairside Checkout “you can remain in your stylist chair and we will handle the rest.Including products for purchase and future appts .
•All waxing services and beard cuts will be suspended until further notice.

I will leave it at that for now in hopes that things will remain stable and hopeful for June.

Stay safe,Be well and thank you again for all your continued patience,support and loyalty to us.

Team Hair Extraordinaire

Hair Extraordinaire | 04/25/2020

Happy to report you can now purchase Hair XO gift cards on our website!!👏🏽👏🏽


TO PURCHASE :You must first X out of the pop up note regarding our closing.
-Click on the top right icon for drop down menu to see “Gift Card Purchase“
-You will have to create a quick account.I was trying to avoid this step for simplicity but it is necessary for security and tracking of purchases in the event of a challenge.
-After entering your information you will get an email confirmation and also an email with the digital gift card image and barcode.

TO USE:Redeem in Salon from your phone by scanning barcode at checkout, email to someone as a gift or you can print it.

To our AVEDA product clients..Our partners of over 15 years are helping salons and spas worldwide.For a limited time only on 40% of all purchases made OR pure privelage points donated will go towards the support of the salon selected.You will find “Hair Extraordinaire at the end of Checkout in “Your Salon”.

Thank you AVEDA and our fantastic clients for all of your support!

Team Hair Extraordinaire

Hair Extraordinaire | Shop Aveda Products and Earn RewardsPURE PRIVILEGE REWARDS PROGRAM “Quality is never an accident; it is the result of high intention; sincere effort; intelligent direction and skillful ex*****on; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William A. Foster Try Out Some Highlights W...


Great hearing from a few fantastic clients today.Well wishes and thoughtful gestures from our Hair XO family.We are grateful to be connected to so many great people professionally and personally.
I have had a few calls pertaining to our opening date after the governors last press conference last week.
At this time we are unable to change that date of June 10th unless the mandate is lifted for our specific type of business.
We have made many changes at the salon prior to it’s closing for the safety of ourselves and our clients.We will be practicing these changes going forward when we reopen to maintain the highest level of proper sanitation,sterilization and CDC capacity guidelines.
While we understand the impossible task of social distancing between client and stylist,our focus will be maintaining a safe salon environment for all of our guests and staff.Like most plans set into place that have come from this new normal ,it will require time and patience.

Thank you in advance for both💜

Team Hair Extraordinaire


Got Roots? Let us mail you the temporary solution until we see you again! Introducing a new use for Aveda Petal Essence™ eyeshadow trios and Mosscara .Temporarily blends grey to match your existing hair colour.Shadow trios are talc, mineral-oil and paraben free, formed with aromatic flower waxes from jasmine petals and geranium leaves.
mosscara™ contains carnauba wax and amino acids which thicken, condition and hold the hair while evenly coating in rich, long lasting colour.Hair Extraordinaire now taking orders for free shipping!


Holiday Greetings to all as we celebrate in a whole different light.
After a month away from the salon I am happy to report an update of good health from the entire HairXO staff and families.
It is almost impossible to
imagine we have 2 more months to go before reuniting again😳In the meantime our team will continue staying supportive and connected with each other as always💜
I would like to take this time to give thanks to a variety of folks....
Aveda,our partner of over 15 years,You have been a rock in helping to quickly restructure our business plan overnight.Thank you for the virtual free education classes during our time away.Lesley,my Rep,thank you for being my guiding light and having all my answers.Our other business affiliates that have stepped up as a helper for us when we needed it the absolute most.Salon Biz,Barbicide Corporation,Imaginal Marketing,Leaps 4 You,Pay Simple and Federal Realty.
To everyone who supported us through T-shirt sales via Facebook thank you!!I hope to see them on you sometime.
Our longtime loyal clients who have reached out to us with calls,texts,e mails and lovely notes by mail with support and helpful guidance.
The ones who cancelled appts but sent payment anyway,purchased product to deliver by mail,in salon or curbside.Those who called and purchased generous gift cards for advanced visits..We thank you!
YOU are the reason we will stay strong💜Your continued support
does not go unnoticed and will prove to be the heart and soul of our business going forward.
I am so grateful for my team and the people in the house that Hair Extraordinaire built 40 years ago.

Be well to All
Hair Extraordinaire


To our valued clients,
It seems as though the day that we can be of service to you continues to be more and more distant.As our governor announced yesterday a new restricted mandate that could go possibly go until June ,we are concerned and disheartened but understand the importance of this decision and take it very seriously.
I am happy to report that as of yesterday the Hair XO family, as well as our extended loved ones, all remain healthy.
We will continue to keep checking in with phone messages and e mails as we try and navigate our way through the rescheduling of appointments during an unknown time frame.
It will be often that we stay digitally connected with each other for support, knowledge and much needed laughter during this unprecedented length of time.
While we understand the need and morale boost our services can provide, we ask that you refrain from asking us for home hair visits.We have family that are at a much higher risk than ourselves of having low odds of surviving a virus such as this one.And, we could lose our license for this practice.
Also,another reminder,by law Hair Extraordinaire cannot sell Aveda professional hair color.If you need a recommendation for a temporary touch up we recommend “Color Wow” on Amazon.It is a dry powder that will not effect your permanent color .Sallys Beauty and Sephora also has a selection of sprays you can order online .I would order sooner rather than later.If you need assistance with color choice please don’t hesitate to ask here or any other inquiries you can also e mail at [email protected].
Lastly ,a big thank you to all
of our clients going the extra mile, big or small, to help one another.You know who you are.May you continue to lead by example.

Be Well To All,
Team Hair Extraordinaire


To our longtime loyal clients,Thank you for your concerns and well wishes since the announcement of our industries 30 day mandatory shutdown.We will do our best to stay sane and healthy so we will be ready for our clients upon our return.
Our staff will continue to meet virtually to discuss all facets of the business going forward.
I will be at the salon every Tuesday from 9-12 during this time for any retail sales, purchasing of gift cards for your future appointments and scheduling/rescheduling of existing appointments.I am happy to take phone orders and deliver curbside or send products by mail.
To our color clients,we know how difficult it is to see your unwanted natural color grow out!Im so sorry but we cannot by law sell our haircolor😞We can offer a few tips to get you through the wait:Hats,If possible fasten your hair up.Colored dry shampoos sprays or colored powders that wash out .Avoid paints and and pastes as they tend to build up and block the coverage for later touch -ups.
For the gentleman if you’ve never used any product prior to now,you may want to consider light gel or spray during this unwanted grow out.Just remember less is better.
In the understanding of how we are compensated for our craft,we have had many clients ask how they can help in this time of being unable to produce income for ourselves and families.Please stay in touch for different ways you can give back to your stylists.

Be Well To All,
Team Hair Extraordinaire


Just as many small businesses have had to make the very difficult decision over these past few weeks,Hair Extraordinaire is trying to do its part in ,as we like to say”taking a hammer to the curve”by closing the salon for 2 weeks .Our hope is that we will ALL remain healthy during that time and will have the ability to reopen our doors on April 5th.Yes that’s a Sunday folks!
I am humbled but certainly not surprised by the great efforts of my Hair XO family in these last few weeks as we all have leaned on each other for knowledge,support and at times, very much needed humor.
During this time we have elevated ourselves as professionals,as industry sanitation/disinfectant leaders, and as longtime friends.We have been fortunate enough with the proper supplies to have been able to maintain a safe comfortable environment for our clients and ourselves during this anxious ongoing situation .We have implemented many changes in a very short period of time to ensure the recommended safety measures of the CDC and other top leaders of our industry.
•Our entire staff has become “Barbicide”certified.
Barbicide is known worldwide as the ultimate product for EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant for use in salons and barber shops.
•All stylist shears,combs,brushes,furniture, handles and countertops will be wiped down before and after each client with Barbicide.
•We have moved one of our stylist stations to set up in a private room for our elderly clients or anyone with a compromised immune system.
This move has added the proper social distancing between stylists and their clients .
•We have also removed the following from the salon
magazines ,coat hangers, product testers and sadly our complimentary beverage services as we believe this to be too big of a risk in the spread of germs.Please feel free to bring your own.
•We will be suspending doing beard trims or facial waxing at this time .Again, too close of proximity to germ exposure.
•We have drastically changed our booking system to have more time in between clients and less volume of customers in the salon at one time .
•If you simply need product and would prefer to pay by phone prior to arrival we are happy to curbside deliver without you having to leave your vehicle.
•If you would like to leave your stylist a gratuity without the handling of germs on may ask to Venmo Instead.
If you would like to schedule a future appointment please feel free to leave us a voice message at 703-560-8223 or e mail us at [email protected] will be checking in periodically throughout our closure.
If our clients are comfortable enough to come see us they should feel secure in knowing that our goal is from the time of arrival to the time of departure you will be in one of the most sanitized spaces you will probably be in anywhere in the general public .
Be well to all and thank you to all of our longtime supportive clients that will help us get thru this incredible difficult time for so many .We are so fortunate to have you as our guests.

As the late great Mr.Rogers would say,If you find yourself in a time of need unable to “find the helpers”...chose to become one instead.

Team Hair Extraordinaire


As of 3/12/2020 Hair Extraordinaire remains open.
At this point ,We were fortunate to have gotten a stock of the proper cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers for our staff and guests to feel as prepared as possible for the last few days of a rapidly changing public health situation.
We will strive to remain open as long as we ALL collectively stay well.We are working hard to ensure cleanliness all around our salon.However,It is imperative for all of our guests to come to the salon healthy.We ask that you PLEASE reschedule your appointment if you in any way are feeling under the weather or have a cough.
As we go together in these uncharted waters,Hair XO will continue to take the proper sanitation precautions as supplies allow.At this time,it is unknown almost hour to hour of changes that would effect our business operations.It is our goal to remain healthy so that we are able be HERE and be WELL for our clients and also our families throughout this time for as long as we possibly can.

Be Well To All
Hair Extraordinaire

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Our new floor installation is complete! Hair XO is reopen for business.A big thank you to Federal Realty, Tall Oaks Cons...




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