Chelsey’s Chair

Chelsey’s Chair


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😂😂 my lashes about now!! 😩
L❤️VE L❤️VE L❤️VE having my lashes back! Super happy 😊 your are in Floresville now too!

Hair | Lashes | PMU/Microblading | Bridal | Waxing | Brazilian Blowouts | Lash Trainer


Hope all of you wonderful mommas have an amazing day!
Happy Mother’s Day! 🫶🏼


📍Availability left for this week:

✨Friday (April 28th) 11am-2pm

😻 Next weeks openings (5/1-5/6):

✅ Mon: 9-10am & 2-4pm
✅ Tues: 9am & 12-4pm
✅ Wed: 9am-12:30pm & 3:30-4pm
✅ Thurs: 10:30am-4:30pm
✅ Fri: 9-10am
❌ Sat: booked

If needing to book an apt online please go to 👇🏼


⚠️ Some of the above times aren’t available to book online however u can contact me directly at 830-623-1309 & I can help get ur apt booked.

Photos from Chelsey’s Chair's post 04/22/2023

🤌🏼 The reality of a true color correction…

🫠 These appts took about 5 hrs each, every section had banding/harsh lines and no blending whatsoever.

‼️ When doing these services patience is key. It’s important to keep in mind that we aren’t starting from a solid canvas instead we are correcting and blending each section within the hair. As u can see there are several different tones of blonde so anywhere u see brass/warmth (level 7/8) that can still be lifted lighter but will require a medium strength lightener. If a stronger bleach is overlapped on the level 9 parts they will break off. So when formulating and mixing lightener for these services I have to strategically apply different volumes of lightener on the different levels of blonde in order to bring it all to the same level creating a more consistent color. Not to mention the struggle of blending those harsh lines in w/o overlapping the lightener to avoid breakage.

📝 Anytime you have a service like this performed or any blonding service, it is crucial that u follow any and all aftercare instructions. Bleach is a stripping agent which means it’s not only stripping out color/pigment it is also stripping the essentials oils and overall moisture from ur hair. You must replenish the moisture that was lost anytime u have a blonding service done.

🙌🏼 The solution is simple.. invest in salon quality hydrating shampoo/conditioner plus a daily leave in conditioner and a hair oil. You invested a lot of money and time into getting to ur desired blonde so the aftercare must be invested in as well.

⚠️ Color corrections are exhausting and at times & overwhelming for myself and the client BUT I do love a good challenge! Just remember not everyone can do these services so when needing specialty work find u a specialist. Look through their portfolio and make sure they have had experience in these types of services. Sometimes their blonding photos look amazing but did they start from here or a blank canvas? Was the client a natural blonde already or do a lot of their photos show dark brunette to blond transformations? These are some of the things to look for when looking for the right stylist.

📍When u find a stylist that suits ur needs don’t be surprised if there is a wait time to book, be patient book with the right stylist. Color corrections are not cheap and most of the time u have to compromise on the end results rather than getting what u originally wanted.

🫶🏼I never post these things to put down other stylist. I myself am definitely not perfect besides we all start somewhere, have bad days or maybe have our work cut out for us at times. This is more to help clients understand the process that goes into this kind of work and how to avoid these situations.

👉🏻 If u are needing a color correction please reach out and message me I’d be happy to take a look at your hair and see what we can do! -Chelsey ❤️

📲 To book online go to


😉 Incase you were wondering… I have plenty of availability next week 🫶🏼

💻 To book your apt please go to

Or 👇🏼

📲 Text me directly at 830-623-1309 and I will help get you booked ❤️

✨Services offered:

Lash & Hair Extensions
Brazilian Blowouts
Blonding Services
Deep Conditioning Treatments



📝 Blonde life getting the best of you?
Here’s some professional advice from me to you ❤️

🔑 Keeping those blondes hydrated & vibrant is the key to healthy hair. Use these products daily and I promise you will notice a difference!


🙌🏼 This is why patience is the key 🔑

Before. 1st session. 2nd session.

📝 We still have some warmth on her ends from previous color however this was def a win for 2 sessions. Each apt took about 4.5 hrs and a lot of patience lol.

🎙️When working with lightener it’s always best to lighten the hair slowly rather than fast, this ensures the hairs integrity/strength.

So if ur hair apt is taking forever just remember it’s for ur own good. ❤️


Openings available ❤️

❄️ Icy Blonde

⚠️ Please read the following info before inquiring about this color, all hair is not created equal lol.


📌 When ur a natural hair color is blonde (level 7-9) platinum lifts are very easy! Because the natural color is closer to the desired color I only need to lighten the hair 2-3 levels which is a lot easier compared to having to lighten hair 5-7 levels. When ur lifting a natural level 3/4(dark brown) to a level 9/10 (lightest blonde) it takes a longer process bc we are lifting the hair through more levels. That’s not even taking pre colored hair into consideration, that’s a whole diff process.

🙌🏼 This look was achieved with 7 vol bleach in 2hrs start to finish. 7 vol is the lowest developer available; this applied on a client with a natural level 3/4 dark brown hair would only lift to an ‘orangey/brassy’ color of a level 5/6. Then more bleach would need to be applied to continue lifting the hair past the ‘orange’ stage into lighter levels 7-9. To be platinum hair must be lifted to at least a level 9. Why orange? Because it is the natural undertone of brown so anytime u lift dark brown hair u will have an orange undertone that will require u to keep lightening the hair until u get past the orange undertone and into a yellow undertone. Yellow can be toned to darker blondes levels 7/8, a pale yellow can be toned to platinum levels 9-10. The ultimate goal is to bleach the hair to a pale yellow then tone out the remaining yellow in order to be left with a platinum.
❗️Unfortunately permanent colors esp box dyes can stain the hair so much that a lift to level 9-10 is impossible without compromising the hairs health esp when done in one sitting.

😉 This is why natural blondes have an easier time lifting and why I can’t always replicate this look on a darker canvas esp not in 2 hrs. ❤️

📣 If you’re looking to go lighter please understand that it is a process and there are several factors that can affect this process. For instance with color corrections where u have recently had color or bleach applied this may require sessions bc ur hair has already been compromised. The first session is typically longest bc I have to correct the color get it all evened out. Once the correction has been made then I can start blonding sessions to go lighter. I prefer to lift slow and easy to maintain the integrity of ur hair however that process when done properly & in one day can take up to 6-8hrs. The cost for an all day process can cost as much as $400. It sounds crazy at first but imagine getting ur hair to ur desired blonde all while maintaining healthy hair in one day. Compared to several sessions over a 3mo-6mo period or longer of $175-200 Apts every 4-6 weeks while fighting brassy tones in between. Getting it done in one day for a larger amount doesn’t seem so crazy now does it?

🙏 Please consider these facts when booking for blonding services. Make sure u are booking with a stylist who understands the lightening process and specializes in blonde. When in doubt please book a consultation so we can create a custom plan for ur hair journey.

‼️ Ofc a one day session isn’t an option for everyone’s hair it solely depends on the current color/health of ur hair.

📲 For booking please go to or txt my cell at 830-623-1309


Photos from Chelsey Noelle's post 03/14/2023

Photos from Chelsey Noelle's post


ℹ️ Incase you needed to make an appointment 😉

⏱️ After hour Apts (after 4:30pm) are available by texting me at 830-623-1309

👩🏻‍💻 To book an appt online go to


Got to play with some pastels this past week 💗

I have a 3:30 opening for lashes, Brazilian blowout or color today at 3:30 if anyone wants to get in just message me on here or at 830-623-1309 and I will get u booked right away!

🗣️ I still have a couple openings for the rest of this week and next week.

‼️Please remember if u can’t find an opening online through my website to pls reach out and msg me bc there might actually be openings that just aren’t available to book online but u can book them through me. ❤️

💻 for online booking/pricing/availability go to:

Photos from Chelsey Noelle's post 02/22/2023

Book your apt today, openings available for next week! 💗

Photos from Chelsey Noelle's post 02/16/2023

💗 PROM is coming!

❣️ don’t forget to prebook ur hair & makeup Apts ladies

📲 Txt 830-623-1309 to set up apt
💻 Go to to book online


🖤 Dark and Dimensional 🤌🏼

🗣️ I have last min openings for tomorrow from 10:30-1pm
Fri at 9-10am & 4pm

📲 To book txt me at 830-623-1309

💻 Or book online at


❤️ Hope u all have a lovely day!

🗓️ Openings available this week:

Wed.- 9am & 2pm-4pm
Thurs.- 12-1pm
Fri.- 9-10am & 11:30am

📲 to book go to


💗 Are you looking for an easy way to save money?

💝Buy an e-gift card today til Feb.15th and receive an additional $25 for every $100 you spend!
$100 = $125,
$200 = $250,
$300 = $375,
$400 = $500 &
$500 = $625!

💰$500 limit per card, 4 cards per customer.
❤️ Buy and save this Valentines Day! Additional credit will be added onto your total credit at the salon when you first use your e-gift card.
💐Perfect for treating yourself or others! Hurry now and save; offer ends Feb. 15th.

💗 With love, Chelsey.

❣️👇🏼 To order go to 👇🏼


To all my clients who have been patient with me these last few days, thank you! & I’m so sorry for all the cancelations. I’ve been sick with bronchitis and my son just fell sick yesterday we’re home on breathing treatments and lots of meds. I’m hoping to be back in the salon by Thursday Lord knows I need to work!
Thank u all for being understanding hopefully this will all pass soon until then keep us in ur prayers please! ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Chelsey’s Chair's post 02/02/2023

Before and after 🥰

What can hair extensions do for u?

These are 20’’ I-tip Bellami Hair Extensions ❤️

💗 must book Hair extension consultation prior to apt

To book go to 📲


🗣️ Openings are available for next week

📲 Txt 830-623-1309 to book or go to for fast and easy online booking

✨balayaged ombre on one of my favorite clients, love u Tina! 🥰❤️


Come keep me busy this week, my mind could use the distraction ❤️


🖤🤍 black & white split dye + Bellami Hair extensions, 24” of pure luxury!

🥰 I love her bc she lets me do all the fun things! 🤩

📲 To book your hair extension consultation go to



❤️ Next weeks openings!
💸 Now accepting payments through Afterpay 💕
Pay off ur bill in smaller payments rather than all upfront ✨

📣 If u need to get in for any appt let me know even if u don’t see a time that works for u I do stay late tues-sat u just have to request an out of hours apt by simply messaging me on here or at 830-623-1309 and I will make it work!

Photos from Chelsey’s Chair's post 01/18/2023

Brazilian blowout 💕 before & after

❓Ready to transform your unruly, frizzy hair into smooth sleek tresses.
Get u a Brazilian blowout doll!

💪🏼 Rebonds damaged hair and smooths out the cuticle for a shinier, sleeker appearance.

📣 If u find urself always puting ur hair up do to humidity and hair frizz getting out of control then this is the service for u! Enjoy 3 months of smooth, frizz free hair and cut down ur maintenance time in half. That means if it takes u an hour to do ur hair it will take half an hour to style it after a Brazilian. AND it will stay styled regardless of humidity!

📲 To book go to


🤤 I love me a good ‘lived in’ blonde ❤️

For this subtle, natural look book 👇🏼
✨ Balayaged ombre ✨

📲 To book go to


❤️ volume lashes

📲 to book go to

Photos from Chelsey’s Chair's post 01/05/2023

🥵 Before and after of yesterdays color correction

💪🏼 This was done all in one process using Pravana & Redken Shades eq

💕 love ur hair ladies and it will love u back!

📲 to book go to

Photos from Chelsey’s Chair's post 01/02/2023

💪🏼 Before and after 💗

✅ Blonde is my specialty & baby I love it!

📲 To book go to


Hybrid set 💕

📲 To book go to



☺️ Changed this beauties blonde up to a gorgeous root melt with added Brown low lights to give her dimension and a blended natural look 💕

📲 To book go to

Photos from Chelsey’s Chair's post 12/20/2022

Black to this gorgeous dimensional blonde in 2 sessions ❤️🥰

🙌🏼 & THIS is why I specialize in bleaching services! I won’t promise what I can’t deliver and I will be completely honest about the process/journey 💕🤞🏼

🗣️ Tell your friends about me! 😜

To book go to 👇🏼

📲 For inquiries text me at +18306231309


😅 My girl said, ‘idk if I wana stick with blonde or do something diff?’

🗣️ My response (ofc) ‘biittcchhh, let’s do something DIFFERENT!’

😜 Lmao she loves it and I love her 🥰

Photos from Chelsey’s Chair's post 12/06/2022

🛍️ Retail in stock!

💕Lash products in pic:

💟 Quantity/Product/$
2- Pink Lash thermal bottle 24oz $20
1- mint green Lash Fan $10
7- On The Go reusable travel LaShampoo kit $20 (top left)
2- Rae Dunn Travel Bag w/ LaShampoo & fun extras $30 (bottom left)
5- LaShampoo Original Kit $15 (bottom right)

💈Hair products in stock: (not including private orders reserved)

Joico Heat Hero
Paul Mitchel Skinny Serum (lg)
Framesi Dynamic Blonde shampoo (top seller)
Moroccan Oil Hairspray (top seller)
Kenra Texture Spray
Matrix 9 in 1 leave in cond.
Kenra leave in cond. mist for fine hair
AG Fastfood Leave in Conditioner
Chi Royal Shine Spray
Bain de tierre Heat & shine spray
FibreClinix Vibrance sh. + cond. set

🎉 Babyliss irons 1-pink, 1- blue
$155 ea.

❣️ Liters sh + cond should be on sale soon!
I’ll keep ya posted loves 💋

☎️ To contact me call salon 830-393-7112 ask for Chelsey or txt me @ 830-623-1309

🙅🏻‍♀️hair products not pictured.

📍Please stop by for ur orders or feel free to shop at ur next apt. Love y’all! ❤️

🗓️ To book an apt go to 👇🏼


🛍️ Retail in stock!

💕Lash products in pic:

💟 Quantity/Product/$
2- Pink Lash thermal bottle 24oz $20
1- mint green Lash Fan $10
7- On The Go reusable travel LaShampoo kit $20 (top left)
2- Rae Dunn Travel Bag w/ LaShampoo & fun extras $30 (bottom left)
5- LaShampoo Original Kit $15 (bottom right)

💈Hair products in stock: (not including private orders reserved)

Joico Heat Hero
Paul Mitchel Skinny Serum (lg)
Framesi Dynamic Blonde shampoo (top seller)
Moroccan Oil Hairspray (top seller)
Kenra Texture Spray
Matrix 9 in 1 leave in cond.
Kenra leave in cond. mist for fine hair
AG Fastfood Leave in Conditioner
Chi Royal Shine Spray
Bain de tierre Heat & shine spray
FibreClinix Vibrance sh. + cond. set

❣️ Liters sh + cond should be on sale soon!
I’ll keep ya posted loves 💋

☎️ To contact me call salon 830-393-7112 ask for Chelsey or txt me @ 830-623-1309

🙅🏻‍♀️hair products not pictured.

📍Please stop by for ur orders or feel free to shop at ur next apt. Love y’all! ❤️

🗓️ To book an apt go to 👇🏼

Photos from Chelsey’s Chair's post 12/02/2022

💉Looking for an injector?
❤️Lani at The Injection Room is my go to girl!

💋 Y’all know me, I don’t recommend anything I haven’t tried and absolutely loved.

💁🏻‍♀️ If ur still unsure this is ur sign 👋🏼 to book baby girl! (yes you! 😉)

🌟10/10 highly recommend!


⚠️⁉️ If anyone is needing hair product or colored shampoos please lmk by tomorrow before/

🚙 I’ll be in SA taking orders and picking up all your goodies!

🤑 Great time to take advantage of holiday sales & buy hair products for ur loved ones, easiest gift for both men & women. 👫🏽

📲 For inquires text me at👇🏼

🌟 830-623-1309

Photos from Chelsey’s Chair's post 11/29/2022

🫶🏼This beauties hair came out amazing

📲 To book your next apt please go to👇🏼

🌟 Techniques Used: Balayage featuring/ ribbon + Teasy light placements

DM me for your beauty needs!


Hi everyone! 🌟 You can support me by sending Stars - they help me earn money to keep making content you love and providing services w/ top quality products.

😉 Hint Hint: they’re super cheap/ affordable👍🏼

Whenever you see the Stars icon, you can send me Stars! They’re only 1cent per star so it’s super affordable and rly just lil something to show me love/support.


✨ Color corrections are my fav!

Come see me for all ur Beaty needs at 👇🏼


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