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Constantly blows my mind the AUDACITY of some humans lol 😂smh🤦‍♀️
✨enjoy this novel of a post this morning✨

I booked a new client yesterday for today & because it was just made recently, my square app doesn’t send the confirmation text to the client since the appointment is literally the next day. I personally feel i need to verify with clients still especially because anything can happen in 24 hours & I’ve had clients no show even though the appointment was just made yesterday. So i shoot her a message a few times & haven’t heard anything. I text her again early this morning & kindly let her know that i needed to know by 9:00am because that’s when I’d need to leave to have time to run to the store to grab what i needed for this client + make it work with time to set up. As some of you may know , i recently moved to Hanover PA so I’m about an hour out from Frederick. Unfortunately she gets back to me past 9:00am & i kindly let her know that I’m sorry but basically we’re going to have to reschedule because by this time i won’t make it to work on time. Long story short, she replies with “wow seriously, I can’t even get over how unprofessional that was. Enjoy your weekend.”

I used to hold my breath or simply ignore these kind of statements made to me but i am TIRED of the beauty industry simply being looked at as “people pleasers” & that we ARENT considered “professional”when we stand up for ourselves, policies etc.
People will literally be angry at us for not doing their part either. Being in this industry has taught me A LOT, one being that “your time & your energy is important” my work is essentially my second home & i want it to be filled with positivity, good vibes and good people. A little space we can connect & feel cozy like we’re a couple of friends hanging out at home! But along with that , i also expect to be respected & people be considerate of my time. When i wasn’t accepting new clients for a certain period of time , it was because i was honestly scared of meeting someone who wasn’t so pleasant towards me. It’s always a shame to meet someone new & see what nice & kind things they share preaching about “love and light” etc when in all actuality they were just rude people 😕 I’ve learned to take these inconveniences as a sign that perhaps they just weren’t meant to be clients of mine. I’ve also noticed the more i stood up for myself the more I’ve met not so nice humans or have been shown their true colors. Weird how that happens huh? Lol 😂

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we’ve started early with some fall transformations & I’m all here for it😍🍂



Just wanted to provide some new updates happening to my policy for you all!
As of now, i am asking for clients to reach out 72 hours in advance instead of the normal 48 hours, if needing to cancel/reschedule. It was brought to my attention that my appointment reminder texts & emails were not providing enough time for clients to actually confirm or reschedule & when clients had the time to do so, the second confirmation text that sends afterwards quickly expires. Which is also why i now am sending text & email reminders 48 hours in advance with 72 hours to confirm/reschedule. Hopefully this should fix any issues! If for some reason you recieve the second text/email confirmation and don’t have access to reschedule/cancel due to it being expired PLEASE reach out to me right away.


This ✨transformation✨ though..
When this client & i first met, we did highlights but this time we decided to do something new😉
This gorgeous Balayage + Root Color had us both craving fall already because we added a dark base to her hair🍂😅



I just want to say THANK YOU to all those clients , friends + family who have been consistently voting for me🥹 ANY amount of votes , i am beyond grateful and happy.

If youd like to support me & vote one last time! Here is the link:


hair color appointments available Friday, Saturday + some days next week as well!

message me first if interested in booking ☺️✨


Hey everyone! Just wanted to share that i have available hair color appointments + reiki sessions this week & also some next!☺️👏🏻

Just shoot me a message if interested in booking a hair appointment and/or reiki session✨


Happy and feeling grateful for a busy week with new + returning clients 🤟🏻❤️ next week is looking a little slow! (Which used to bother me, but I’m learning to just enjoy those slower weeks since they aren’t happening all the time!) BUT i am looking to fill some of those spots up still! 🙂

as of now , i have availability Tuesday-Friday! (send me a message if interested + I’ll share what times i have available for each day) ☺️

✨and YES i am accepting new clients as of now✨ i do ask that new clients message me first so we can discuss your hair goals! & to make sure it’s something achievable i am able to do for you. Otherwise, If you’d rather chat in person your more than welcome to go on my online booking site listed above & book a consultation.

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Her first hair color service ever!😀👏🏻 nothing too crazy, but sometimes less is more.
Like this look?
Ask for a ✨partial balayage✨

Sass Choice Awards 2022 07/01/2023



I’ve been nominated by the 2023 Sass Choice Awards for best in “beauty services” along with many other amazing artists☺️🙌🏻

If you guys can please show some love + vote for Nessa Hair & Reiki under “beauty services” that would be AMAZING 🙏🥹❤️ here is the link!

Sass Choice Awards 2022 Check it out now!


HI 👋☺️

Just wanted to share that i have an available reiki session up for grabs this Saturday @ 2:15pm if anyone is interested! ✨

Don’t know what the heck Reiki is?!
Shoot me a message 😁🙌🏻


Hey everyone! 👋✨

I have availability THIS Saturday @ 10:00am for a hair color appointment! Definitely reach out to book if interested! Saturdays usually are not always available & are my most booked days.


Free consultations that I offer on my booking site are ESSENTIAL before we do a hair color appointment. When coming for a consultation please also show me several photos of what your looking to get done! (That is a big help). Unfortunately i had a not so good experience with a new client who misunderstood a lot of information during our consultation & now is threatening to report me , leave a bad review etc.
I ALWAYS explain to the client that i cannot guarantee their hair will look just like the picture & that it may be a process to go from dark hair to light. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up for this exact reason.
ALSO I’m always going to be honest with my clients & expect honesty in return. The client left saying how happy they were with their hair & that it was pretty but then turned around and said the complete opposite. TRUST ME i get it , if your an introvert like me you probably just say it’s fine but then go home and aren’t happy with it at all, I’ve done it before. Now that i am on the other side of it now, i realize the importance of being honest with you’re hairstylist. So PLEASE if your unhappy with your hair, tell me so we can figure out a solution🙏 I offered this client as well to fix it for free at my earliest availability (and even sooner if i had a cancellation) but that didn’t work for the client unfortunately.

You cannot please everybody. Your going to win some & lose some. Just be yourself & you’ll attract the right clientele, I’ve seen it work 🙂
I’m not perfect & im not expecting myself to make every single client happy. That’s just impossible.



We are super excited to announce our location inside Fearless Femme Beauty Company!
We offer IV hydration infused with essential vitamins and vitamin injections. To celebrate the opening of our location we are having a shot bar with our B12 and Fat Burner injections!

June 14th 3pm-7pm and June 17th 1pm-4pm

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My favorite hair color service to do! a balayage✨🤤
subtle/natural or drastic! I love them both. I offer partial + standard balayage services on my booking site!☺️ ask me ANY questions about achieving your dream balayage look✨
Fearless Femme Beauty Company


Just wanted to make a “life update” post to all my clients who aren’t already aware!
long story short I’ve been battling with car issues. One week my car is fine , the next i don’t really trust driving at all. My car has been showing NO codes or lights on the dashboard so I’ve been just trying to get someone to understand what the problem is by what I’ve experienced. I think FINALLY, we have an answer + solution. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. Luckily it’s a very affordable fix as well. Ontop of dealing with these car issues , I’ve had to unexpectedly move with only a little less than a month to accomplish that & am finally settled into my new apartment with my fiancé in Hanover PA (which we are much happier & feel more at home + at peace together❤️).

That being said! I am considering adjusting my hours just slightly like before & MAYBE give myself a day off during the week too 😊🙌🏻 (still to be determined). I will make a post on any schedule changes once I’ve made my choice! I also want to thank every one of my clients who have been so understanding & kind when having to suddenly reschedule their appointments due to my car issues. Luckily my fiancé is able to take me to work until my car is all fixed as of now. I promise I’m ok too! Just have been super stressed & anxious dealing with everything all at once! I’m going to work on being better about forcing myself to do things that will take care of my mind better when my mind goes to those dark places, I’m looking forward to the peace + happiness ahead 🙏


Happy Sunday + Mom Day!✨☺️
Enjoy this warm honey balayage i did recently on my friend/ NOW SUITE NEIGHBOR❤️ inside of Fearless Femme Beauty Company !!
Follow her page! on Instagram.
Her & her work partner will be running an ✨IV drip lounge + med spa✨ i already experienced my first b12 shot + it was honestly amazing & very helpful to what i needed during that time. They will be open for business right next door to my room VERY SOON🙌🏻

Photos from Nessa Hair & Reiki's post 05/13/2023

I love warming up a platinum blonde to a nice natural honey blonde for the summer☀️🍯🐝

Photos from Nessa Hair & Reiki's post 04/22/2023

Ended my amazing second week here at my new studio in Fearless Femme Beauty Company 🥹❤️🙏

Weather gets warmer + everyone goes lighter! 😊🙌🏻 i loved ending my week with an icy blonde balayage!

Photos from Nessa Hair & Reiki's post 04/15/2023

Blonde refresh for my new client yesterday☺️🙏✨

FYI, Nessa Hair & Reiki is now located at Fearless Femme Beauty Company!! ❤️
If interested in an hair color appointment or reiki session please contact me through here or my email at [email protected]

Photos from Nessa Hair & Reiki's post 04/13/2023


Photos from Nessa Hair & Reiki's post 04/11/2023

Still “Nessa Hair & Reiki” just renting from the amazing Fearless Femme Beauty Company❤️ so happy to be in this space that already feels like home!🥹
✨Message me here on Facebook or email at ([email protected]) if interested in booking a hair color appointment or reiki session!! (Will post pictures soon of the reiki table area once i have it all put together!)

✨New clients will receive 15% off their hair color appointment IF booked during my first two weeks starting there! (ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT FOR THIS DISCOUNT)
✨New clients will ALWAYS receive 15% off their first reiki session
✨REFER a friend! When they come in for their appointment you will automatically receive 15% off your next appointment/session & since it’s their first time here, that means they get a discount too so you BOTH get discounts! YAY🙌🏻✨

Just want to say thank you to the owner, Brooke at Fearless Femme Beauty Company for helping me with getting this space together + allowing me to be part of this amazing place full of good vibes all around + a calm/peaceful atmosphere😌❤️
& THANK YOU to my clients for being a part of my journey while being my biggest cheerleaders🥹🙏❤️

Please reach out if you have ANY questions!! Look forward to chatting soon🥰


April 11th is my official first day here at Fearless Femme Beauty Company!!!
Im offering 15% off to ANY service for new clients ☺️🙏 (reiki sessions will ALWAYS be 15% off you’re first time!).
A few spots are left my first week there to receive the discount on ANY service so make sure to reach out & book before it’s too late!!!
You can easily book through my online site but i encourage new clients to reach out personally either by facebook messenger, text or email so we can discuss your hair goals first & to ensure you are booking the correct service ☺️


excited to start my training tomorrow @ 5:30 ☺️🙏✨

It's not too late! Join us for Yoga Teacher Training beginning this week! We will work with you if finances are an issue, and if you miss a weekend, we have plenty of weekends to make it up!

"Yoga teacher training is a path to personal growth, enabling you to take your yoga practice to the next level. It helps you develop skills that will have an impact on both your physical and mental health for years to come."


Who wants to come in Tuesday(3/28) or Wednesday(3/29) for a hair color service?! ☺️✨

✨Appointments are available!✨
BEFORE BOOKING please reach out first so we can discuss if i can 100% achieve your hair goals 😊

For those who are new to my page! I specialize in color & love doing highlights or a nice blended balayage😉

Grab an appointment before it’s gone!

Photos from Nessa Hair & Reiki's post 03/16/2023

I love doing magic on friends hair 💙✨
Her hair matches her bright, bubbly & magical personality now too🙏


Just want to take the time to appreciate all those clients who have expressed their love towards me & have been patient with me recently during these rough few days... if you don’t know, i recently lost my family dog that we got to raise since she was a puppy (which I’ve never done before). She was special, she was the perfect dog🥺💔. I apologize in advance if I’m not “myself” for the next few days or weeks but I’ll heal in no time..Thank you 🙏



I have some IMPORTANT INFO to share!!
I am now officially signed up for Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training through Yogamour Yoga & Healing Arts Center & will begin my training March 31st! ☺️🙌🏻
AND incase you haven’t heard yet, i will also be learning, studying but also healing myself through a wellness coaching program online so i can one day be able to properly & confidentially coach others as well ☺️🙏

✨Due to ALL these exiciting new things happening, there will be a SLIGHT change in my hours most likely starting in April! Please be on the lookout for additional information regarding these hour changes!
AGAIN, Thank you to my clients who are my supporters, pals & overall kind human beings & always being so patient & understanding with me!❤️

Nessa Hair & Reiki will be relocating to Fearless Femme Beauty Company starting April 11th (for those clients who ADORED my own little space i will still have that! Just will be renting from someone else!) & i am currently booking clients for then! Hair appointments or reiki sessions! (NEW CLIENTS WILL RECEIVE 15% OFF ANY SERVICE MY FIRST WEEK THERE!)





✨available appointments this week✨….

2/23 @ 1:45PM for a hair color service

2/24 @ 3:15PM for a reiki session

send me a message if interested in booking!!✨🙏

Photos from Nessa Hair & Reiki's post 02/17/2023

Coppers are my thang.


Happy Monday! ☺️🙏

Just wanted to share that i have an opening tomorrow @ 11:00am for a reiki session that is up for grabs! .Gift yourself this gift of inner healing, peace & tranquility before heading out for Valentine’s Day!❤️
ANYONE’S first reiki session with me will be 15% off! & it’s a 40 min long session☺️

AND Friday 2/17 is also available for a highlight or balayage @ 11:00am! (client with a lot of hair may have to come earlier like 10:30am so i have extra time!).

please message me first before booking!✨

Photos from Yogamour Yoga & Healing Arts Center's post 02/10/2023

I took these photos..hehe ☺️
checkout all the amazing stuff Yogamour Yoga & Healing Arts Center has at their boutique!! 🙏❤️

Photos from Nessa Hair & Reiki's post 02/07/2023


Starting April 9th, i will be leaving Sola to rent a room at !🙌🏻🥰 YES i am still doing hair + reiki for all my amazing clients/friends! I will just be in a new space + as of now, will be the only hairstylist + reiki master in her shop☺️ Im so excited to be a part of a group of talented badass woman & to start so many new chapters this year🙌🏻❤️ (in the 2nd pic my room will be the one in the right, the 3rd pic is the room! Can’t wait to make it my own once i move all my stuff in their!)

NEXT on my list to get done is being mentored in wellness coaching with AND yoga teacher training through that all start in March!😁 AND i will also soon be teaching reiki for those interested in becoming reiki practitioners at as well! ☺️🙏 lookout for updates on all these exciting new things!✨


Gryffindor Brat



I’m finally done with this flu 😷 & am ready to get to work!
I have availability for hair color appointments coming up & id love to meet some new faces!!

While i love to create hair color magic✨ i am currently working on building my book for reiki clients! One of my goals this year in 2023 is to help other’s experience true magic that energy healing holds😌🙏 while it’s something that is hard to explain, i hope to meet some open minded individuals who are willing to come in for a session. I would love to explain what reiki is , the history & what happens within a session so shoot me a message if interested!

✨I am offering 15% off to your first session with me & also offering 10% off to your next session if you refer a friend to come in! & they’ll get their 15% off discount too!! 😊👏🏻

The ideal client for reiki:
But especially for people who are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trouble with self love/confidence, trouble sleeping, physical pains/injuries & more! Reiki is a natural holistic practice that is NOT religious & is for everyone to try! I know therapy isn’t for everyone either but i think reiki is a good push into starting your healing journey! it definitely was for me… 🥹🙏 please reach out to me through my business page here or shoot me an email: [email protected]

Hope to chat soon!☺️❤️🙌🏻

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Did some Hocus Pocus hair today😉🧙🏻‍♀️🎃✨🔮Amy Gallogly Wells



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Tuesday 11am - 7pm
Wednesday 11am - 7pm
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