Frederick Sports Massage

Frederick Sports Massage


You need updated photos😘😀
What a great turnout at Dr Jordan Metzl"s IronStrength training today!
Good luck on your test Monday!!!

Frederick Sports Massage offers:
~ Sports Massage
~ Youth Specific Sports Massage
~ Fascial Stretch


Stacey will be at Charm City Run Frederick this Thursday offering FST demo sessions! Don’t miss out, sign up today!

2 spots left! Free 15-minute FST with Stacey Brown from
PLUS- we will have bra fittings with Brooks, breakfast, and a few other fun "perks"! Drop the kids off at school and come on over!
RSVP below!
Charm City Run Frederick


We have some EXCITING news to share with you all! We are so happy to announce that Synergistic Body Sculpting will be joining us at our TJ Drive

Shady Grove Magna Wave Inc. has been treating horses for almost 5 years now! We are SHAKING things up in year 6- and by "things" I mean your FAT CELLS! Jaimie is a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, and she and her team of Registered Nurses are excited to offer an exciting service to our human clients at our new office location: 182 Thomas Johnson Drive, #104 in Frederick, Maryland.

You may have heard of body sculpting, but not in this way! We are the only practitioners in the area providing body sculpting services using a combination of technologies that can guarantee inches lost within 1-3 sessions.

Body sculpting is exactly as it sounds. It is a contouring procedure that helps eliminate unwanted or stubborn body fat. "Synergistic Sculpting" is a patent pending system using Ultrasonic Cavitation to shake up and literally "BLAST" your fat cells away. Combining this with the magic 🪄 of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and a few other "secret weapons" is giving us results that you won't believe until you try.

This procedure takes about one hour, is non-invasive, and requires ZERO down time. Results are IMMEDIATE and you will continue to burn fat over the next 24-48 hours, noticing definite changes within your body.

Through the end of September, we are offering an introductory price of $250 per single session, $700 for a package of 3.

Contact me to learn more or to get on our calendar before it fills up!! We look forward to "seeing less of you" 😉


We’re looking for a part-time massage therapist to join our team! Message Jen West at 301.418.0995 if interested!


What can a Fascial Stretch Therapy session do for your child?

✨Promotion of mental and physical relaxation.
✨Improvements in range of motion, mobility, and flexibility.
✨Reduces the chance of injury.
✨Aids in pain management and reduces muscle soreness.
✨Enhances performance in competitive sports.

With FST, a therapist can help the serious or casual child athlete reach their full potential!

Let us help your athlete with their performance goals!

Photos from Frederick Sports Massage's post 01/31/2022

We have some exciting news!

We're proud to announce that we've added Rapid Reboot Leg and Arm Compression Therapy to our recovery equipment!

10/20/30 min sessions available.

Come in, get comfortable, and let us help you recover!


Welcome to Frederick Sport Massage's Recovery Center!

Photos from Frederick Sports Massage's post 01/14/2022

Do you want to try PEMF but have multiple areas you want to focus on? We can do that!

Not only can we use 2 separate attachments at the same time, we can pause your session and change the focus area as well!

During this session, we hit both shoulders, traps, pecs, both knees, quads, and shins!

Come in and let us help you!

Photos from Frederick Sports Massage's post 01/13/2022


This is PEMF, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field, Therapy!

My client broke his toe at Jiu Jitsu and had been limping around for a week. The picture on the left was taken Monday and the one on the right was taken Wednesday. The bruising is almost GONE, not to mention the pain has significantly decreased!! These results are after just one 10 min PEMF treatment!

PEMF works by targeting the cells themselves. PEMF makes the cell walls/membranes more permeable and allows the body's natural healing process to work more efficiently and clear out inflammation quickly.

Come in and let us help you with your recovery!!


We're open for business!!!

Photos from Frederick Sports Massage's post 01/07/2022

Painting and hanging some more decorations tomorrow then WE'LL SEE YOU SOON!!!

Photos from Frederick Sports Massage's post 01/05/2022

We have PROGRESS!!


WELCOME to the new home of Frederick Sports Massage!! (extreme happy dance happening over here!)


WELCOME to the new home of Frederick Sports Massage!!!


Today was my last day at Alter Ego Haircolor and Design Studio and I’m feeling so many emotions! I want to take a moment and say THANK YOU to everybody at the salon for making these past 2 years of insanity an absolute pleasure to work through; I’m going to miss you all! I also want to say THANK YOU to all of my clients! Thank you for allowing Frederick Sports Massage to be a part of your health, fitness, and recovery journey; because of all of you, we are able to expand our space, expand our services, and bring in additional therapists! This next year is filled with so much potential and we are excited to share it all with you!


We're offering a PROMO for the month of January!

Book a 60 minute FST session with Stacey during the month of January and receive a $10 off coupon for your next visit PLUS a $10 coupon to gift to your friend for their appointment to see her!
(Coupons are earned after a 60 min FST session with Stacey and are valid on your next 60 min FST session and must be used by February 28, 2022)

You can book with Stacey by contacting her at:
[email protected]
Or by contacting Frederick Sports Massage



I am SO excited to introduce you all to our new therapist!!

Please help me welcome Stacey Brown to the Frederick Sports Massage family!

Stacey is a practicing RYT-200 Yin and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Fascial Stretch Therapist.
Stacey became intrigued with the fascial system through her yoga and comparative anatomy trainings. Stacey was certified in FST through Stretch To Win Institute in Tempe, AZ and has plans to attend advanced levels of training throughout the 2022 calendar year.
Stacey completed a 100-hour Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training at Sol Yoga in Frederick, MD and the Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery through the Veterans Yoga Project based in Connecticut. Stacey brings special care and attention to both language and the ethics of touch to each of her sessions.
Stacey’s passion focuses on improving flexibility, aiding clients during recovery from heavy training sessions and injury, as well as helping clients increase their blood flow and overall energy levels.
Stacey will be offering 30, 45, 60, and 90 min Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions as well Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy, and Elastic Therapeutic Taping at Frederick Sports Massage.

Make sure to ask Stacey about her Reiki and Private Yoga services as well!

Stacey’s hours will be:
Tuesday 8:30am - 6:30pm
Thursday 8:30am - 6:30pm

You can book with Stacey directly by contacting her at:
[email protected]
Or by contacting Frederick Sports Massage


We are excited to announce our NEW SERVICES!!

We will be offering Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy, overseen by Jaime Pollack, RN. PEMF devices emit electromagnetic waves at different frequencies and can facilitate the repair of damaged cells, reduce inflammation, and enhance the body’s natural recovery process. PEMF promotes the body’s natural abilities to optimize and balance bodily functions, the definition of wellness.

We will also be offering Kinesio (Elastic Therapeutic Taping) Taping. Taping can be used for Pain Mitigation, Postural Support, and Inflammation Reduction. Elastic Therapeutic Taping creates space between the skin and both the superficial and deep fascia, allowing for a reduction in pain, increased range of motion, and a reduction in inflammation.

In addition, we have added Youth Sports Massage to our menu of services. This service will be available for ages 16 and under. Youth Sports Massage incorporates both Fascial Stretch Therapy and Soft Tissue Massage. Children's bodies are constantly growing and changing. Their muscles, soft tissues, and bones are not as developed when compared to those of an adult. Youth Sports Massage sessions will utilize less pressure, slower pacing, and an overall shorter session duration.

Pricing for new services:
PEMF Therapy - $2/min (average session 15-30 mins)
Elastic Therapeutic Taping - $5 for each strip applied
Youth Sports Massage 30 Mins - $50
Youth Sports Massage 45 Mins - $70

Stay tuned for more details next week!



We have some Big News!!

As of January 2022, Frederick Sports Massage will be located at:
182 Thomas Johnson Drive #104, Frederick, MD!
We are moving to a newly renovated 1,100 square foot facility to offer expanded hours, additional services, and a NEW THERAPIST!!

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!



These COVID procedures are new for all of us and will be a work in progress. Please be patient as I try to best follow the guidelines set forth by the state, county, and the salon.

We are all in this together and I promise you I am doing my very best to keep all of my clients as well as all of my coworkers and their clients as safe as possible.


Hi all!
Massage Practices were given the go ahead to re-open and I’m super excited to get back to work! I’ll be contacting appointments that were missed during the closure in the next few days to reschedule starting on June 8th. I am taking new clients as this time- please text me directly to set one up!

I also wanted to take a minute and update you on some changes here at Frederick Sports Massage.

*Please do not bring any food or drink with you to your appointment.
*Please leave any/all unnecessary personal items in your car.
*Please wait in your car until your appointment time as there will be a limited number of people allowed in the salon at one time.
*Face masks are required for all clients. If you forget your mask, I will provide you one for a $5 fee.
*As part of your regular appointment reminder, you will also receive a new COVID-19 questionnaire prior to all appointments. This form is required and should be completed as soon as possible after it is received.
*The front door will remain locked and entrance to the salon will only be granted to those clients that have a scheduled appointment and have answered all COVID-19 pre-screening questions.
*Your temperature will be taken outside of the building prior to your appointment. If you register a temperature over 100 degrees, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment after a 14 day period.
*Please do not bring any other persons with you to your appointment. Parents will be asked to wait in their car while any child is in a session.
*Please reschedule your appointment if you’ve been sick and/or had a temperature within 48 hours of your appointment.

**Contactless payment is PREFERRED; these include: Venmo and Apple Pay. Cash will still be accepted.
**A NEW $5 service charge will now be applied for all credit card transactions.

Mobile uploads 05/15/2020


You thought your squat was good before... You won't even recognize your hips after THIS treatment! Ass. To. Grass. Want a better Sn**ch or Overhead Squat? This combined with the FST Butterfly movement will have you moving weight like never before! 💪🏻💪🏻 Text, call or email me for an appointment! 301.418.0995. [email protected]

Timeline photos 05/14/2020

Hey all! Thank you bunches for reaching out after Hogan’s address yesterday about the State opening back up as of Friday at 5p! Unfortunately, it seems that Frederick County may continue the closure of Massage Practices (NOT parlors) for the time being. Please know that I am biting at the bit to get back to work and am looking forward to seeing all of your faces soon! Please text me with any questions!



Here are two soft tissue releases for the anterior neck that focus on the SCM and Scalenes!

Check out last weeks video for a full compliment of at home neck and shoulder releases!

See you guys next week!


Happy Friday!

Computer work’s got you down. No really. Computer work has your head down in a forward position and now you’re in pain!

Here are 6 stretches to open up your Neck, Shoulders, and Spine! These stretches go wonderfully with the upper body stretches I posted on April 3rd, which also targets tightness caused by our computers!

These stretches take only minutes to complete and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine! Have your kids try them with you after their computer time too!

Let me know if you have any questions! See you next week!


“My everything hurts!”

Sound familiar?! Then give this floor stretch a try!

See you next week for more at home stretching!


Having some fun with my Alter Ego Haircolor and Design Studio family! I miss you all and cannot wait to get back in the studio!


Happy Day to you all!!

I’m not able to capture video of my Sports Massage sessions so I filmed a short demo explaining what a typical session looks like using my sweet little assistant, Julie!

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions!

Side note: my Gift Card special is ongoing while the State is closed; $30 off both 60 and 90 min sessions! Text or email for details!


❤️ All the love and gratitude to everybody that has supported my small business during this time. From gift card purchases to sharing my videos for others to see what Frederick Sports Massage is all about, THANK YOU! I MISS YOU ALL!!!

We appreciate every single one of you for the continuous support during this time. We want to thank you all for continuing to purchase Gift Cards and pre-tipping ( for future services); which supports our stylists, our small business, and our families here at Alter Ego. We can’t wait to see you all again soon xoxo.
Gift Cards and Pre-Tipping your stylist for future appointments are now available.
•For every gift card purchased, we will be putting your name into a raffle for a chance to win some amazing prizes.
•We ask that all gift card purchases go directly to Erin Elliott’s Venmo -Elliott-60 and to make sure you write “Supporting Alter Ego” and add your stylists name.
• Pre-Tipping can be done through Erin’s Venmo with your stylist name included, or it can be directly to your stylists Venmo account as listed:
-musgrove, -carter-23, -miller93, -Elliott-60, -kerns-4, -hollister, .
Again, We appreciate every single purchase to support our small business and our families here at Alter Ego. Stay safe and healthy. -Xo, The AE Team.


Happy Friday, or “Day” as I like to call it now!

Here’s some hip specific tissue work for you guys to try out at home. This work is great if you’ve started walking/running more frequently and are having any IT Band pain in your knees.

Grab a tennis ball and give it a try!

This works great alone or in conjunction with the Glute Stretch I posted 2 weeks ago 😁

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hey all! Just a quick check in to see how everybody’s doing 🙂 Drop me a line👇🏽 and let me know!

Also, is there anything you’d like to see me demo in one of my weekly video segments?! What’s tight and sore on you these days? Hamstrings? Neck? Hip flexors?


Are you starting to notice more neck and upper back pain since you’ve been home?

All the added computer/phone work you’ve been doing is wrecking havoc on the front of your body and your back is suffering the consequences.

Give these 2 quick and easy stretches a try to alleviate some of that pain!


An at home glute stretch for you guys!

If you’re starting to feel the effects of being a little less active than you’re use to, give this stretch a try! These 3 movements will help target that low back pain and really open up that posterior!

Don’t forget to take a video, share it, and tag Frederick Sports Massage!

Happy stretching!!


A meal prep idea for you!

Moroccan “Beefy” Lentils.

This recipe can be adapted to you meat eaters too (notes in the video)! This made 6 servings. Add a side of rice and garnish with some cilantro if you want! Drop any questions below 👇🏽👇🏽

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Our Story

Frederick Sports Massage offers:
~ Sports Massage
~ Fascial Stretch Therapy

Check out the website at:
Or send me an email at: [email protected]

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We're open for business!!!
WELCOME to the new home of Frederick Sports Massage!! (extreme happy dance happening over here!)
Welcome to the new home of Frederick Sports Massage!
Soft Tissue Release of the Anterior Neck!
Low Body Floor Stretch!
Glute and Hip Trigger Point Work!
At home pec and rotator cuff stretches!



182 Thomas Johnson Drive #104
Frederick, MD

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 6:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 6:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 6:30pm
Thursday 8:30am - 6:30pm
Friday 8:30am - 6pm

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