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Kristin Thurston Brooke is interested in doing make up for Nationals! I’ve worked with her before and she’s amazing! ♥️
I'm floored rn
Another video! Check it outttttttttt
This would look perfect on you! Next tutorial? 😬😊
I did a thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.
I didn't even find out about your doing this until recently.
It warms my heart to see your success. Just think, maybe some day you could do this full time. Congrats to you.

Brooke Myerovich - Licensed Esthy
Lashes, Waxing, Sunless Tans + more! A Collaborative Beauty Space


From straight + light ➡️ curled, dark, long and luscious!

Lash Lift, Tint & Filler for the birthday girl! 🎁👑


Underarm Before + After ✨
This is with just 3 visits of consistent waxing in preparation for her wedding!

Her hair has grown back so much thinner, softer and more manageable in just a few visits.

Smooth skin is waiting for you, all you gotta do is go to the link in our bio to book with Brooke ❤️


Best Of The Best 08/18/2023

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That's right! You guys nominated us again for Best Skincare/Makeup Shop under Body & Soul. It's truly an honor to be alongside such talent.

It would mean the world to us if you voted once a day from Aug 16th (today) to 22nd! ❤️🙏

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Best Of The Best 08/16/2023

Just found out we were nominated for Best Makeup / Skincare Shop with Frederick News Posts Best of the Best 2023.

Your vote would mean the world to us ❤️🙏

You can vote every day between Aug 16 to the 22nd!

Best Of The Best Our local business directory includes detailed information for featured businesses as well as customer reviews and direct links to related events.

Photos from Fearless Femme Beauty Company's post 08/10/2023

Often times, your first wax will seem so much smoother than the ones that follow. Let's explore why... and how to get the best results with your wax!!

In short, it can take several months to get you your smoothest. Patience and consistency are your bffs ✨

Remember, the hair should be about as long as a grain of rice for the wax to pick it up!


✨ First one to guess the culprit in the photo correctly in the comments gets $10 off their next service ✨

(one winner each for IG + FB - must be different people)

🚫 Lash Extension Contraindications 🚫

Before getting those fluttery lash extensions, make sure you're aware of these contraindications or not ideal situations to ensure your safety and the best results!

👎**Eye Infections** - wait until cleared up completely
👎**Allergies** - ok if it's to other things (may effect retention) but never ok if it's to the glue
👌**Sensitive Skin** - the right products CAN be okay (patch test recommended)
👎**Recent Eye Surgery** - must have doc recommendation
👎**Contact Lenses** - opt for glasses the day of
👌**Skin Conditions** - depends on the condition
👎**Watery Eyes** - not ideal for application + retention
👌**Pregnancy** - must be done with care (more fragile skin + hair)
👎**Trichotillomania** - no pulling or picking!!
👎** Chemotherapy** - wait at least 6 months
👎**Improper Aftercare** - follow artists instructions! Wash daily with recommended products only - don't wear makeup or use skincare that isn't meant for extensions!

Remember, your safety comes first! If you're unsure whether lash extensions are right for you, book a consult with Brooke and/or a medical professional.



🤎 Customizable Color: Sunless tans allow for more control over the depth of color you want. Brooke will customize a unique shade that suits your preferences and skin tone, achieving a natural-looking tan without overdoing it.

👙 Even Application: Hand sprayed tanning ensures a more even application compared to tanning booths or machine sprays where certain areas might receive uneven exposure to UV rays or solution.

⚠️ Reduced UV Exposure: Spray tans don't expose your skin to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can lead to skin damage, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer. This makes them a MUCH safer alternative to tanning booths.

🏃‍♀️ Quick Process: The application process can be completed in a matter of minutes, whereas tanning booths or outdoor tanning often requires longer exposure times over multiple sessions.

⚠️ Avoid Sunburns: Going sunless eliminates the risk of sunburn, which can occur from prolonged exposure to UV rays in tanning booths or the sun. Sunburns not only cause discomfort but also damage the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer.

⏳ Temporary Results: Spray tans typically last about a week or so, allowing you to enjoy a tan without a long-term commitment. This is advantageous if you want to change your look or if you're trying out a tan for a special occasion.

💦 Hydration: Our solutions contain natural ingredients with a serum base that can help keep your skin hydrated, unlike tanning booths that might dry out your skin due to UV exposure.

👵 Less Skin Aging: UV rays from tanning booths can accelerate skin aging, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots. *No leathery skin!* Airbrush tans help you achieve a tan without causing this type of damage!

Let's get you bronzed, the safe way 👏


Perfect wrap & placement using a mixture of tools and lash filler solutions /protocol ✨

The only lash lift product on the market proven to increase plumpness + strength of the lash by 24% and increase curl by 31% 👏


Why make the switch? 🤔

1. Smooth and Long-lasting Results: Waxing removes hair from the root, providing smoother skin compared to shaving. The results can last for several weeks, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

2. Slower Hair Regrowth: Over time, regular waxing can lead to thinner and sparser hair regrowth, making it less noticeable and more manageable.

3. Reduced Skin Irritation: Unlike shaving, waxing doesn't cause stubble, which can lead to less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs.

4. Exfoliation: Waxing helps exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells along with the hair, leaving your skin feeling softer and rejuvenated.

5. Precise Hair Removal: A skilled esthetician can target specific areas, ensuring precise hair removal, even in hard-to-reach places.

6. Time-saving: Waxing covers larger areas in one session, making it a time-efficient hair removal method compared to plucking or threading.

7. Gradual Hair Growth: As the hair grows back after waxing, it often becomes finer and lighter, resulting in a less noticeable regrowth.

8. Confidence Boost: Smooth and hair-free skin can boost confidence and self-esteem, especially during beach seasons or special occasions.

Remember to consult with a professional esthetician to ensure proper technique and aftercare for the best waxing experience. ✌️


I've seen a massive increase in advertising and questions / talk in lash groups across social media about LED / UV light cured lash extensions. Today I was asked about the pros + cons of this service.... so let's get into it.

Brands are marketing this method to lash artists and clients as a safer/less irritating, faster, longer lasting alternative to traditional lash glue methods. Why? Because the glue instantly cures when exposed to this light, rather than waiting until after the set and using bonder or waiting 24 hours for a full cure. Sounds great right? I'm skeptical, and I'll tell you why...

- The eyes have the thinnest, most sensitive skin on our bodies. This light can damage this skin and also pass through and damage the eyes
- UV light. Like tanning beds or gel nail devices, this has a very high concentration of UV light (like what the sun and our phones omit) and is incredibly damaging to your cells + increases your risk of cancer tremendously. At the very least, it is advised that you wear sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher to exposed areas
- Sunscreen isn't meant to be used in conjunction with lash extension glue, nor would it protect the eyeball itself
- There is about a 50% chance of still having allergies/sensitivity to this glue over traditional. It's still cyanoacrylate based and is not recommended for those with previous issues to lash glue
- LESS vapors? Any good artist that cares about both the health of themselves and their guest should already be using an anti-allergy/vapor catching gel next to their work area to eliminate vapors
- This claims to only increase retention 20-25% at most, but still recommends you come back for fills at the same time you would with the traditional method
- Faster? Cure time is 2-6 seconds; the same speed a traditional glue takes to dry before moving on to the next lash.
- MORE expensive. This is already a luxury service, and with that comes high costs. Artists are then upcharging for this method for little to no difference
- This is new. I worry that after this is used long term, major issues/side effects will arise and the damage will be done

I don't trust it.
Be safe!! Make wise decisions on whether or not it's worth it for you.


Mary came in as a new guest and wanted something between anime lashes and something wispy, but still natural.

Did we nail it? Put a 👏 if you think so!

(side note - check out how perfect her brows are. ugh! to die for)


This could be you...

This ✨transformation✨ though..
When this client & i first met, we did highlights but this time we decided to do something new😉
This gorgeous Balayage + Root Color had us both craving fall already because we added a dark base to her hair🍂😅


My Signature Wispy Styled Classics ✨

I love textured / natural looks so much. You seriously can't go wrong.

Let me help you elevate your summer look ☀️ and simplify your morning routine ➡️ snag your appt using the link in bio!

Photos from Fearless Femme Beauty Company's post 07/12/2023

Take a peek 👀 at our ✨NEW✨ package offerings!

Pay in full or pair them with a buy now, pay later option to pay for these bundles over time to save you $ in the long run.

Cherry 🍒 and soon Afterpay!

We love a 'commited to self care' babe!

Fearless Femme Beauty Company Book Now | Vagaro 07/09/2023

Happy July! Have you booked your next appointment with Esthetics by Addie ? 👇🏻
She’ll be on vacation July 16th-23rd 🏖️

Fearless Femme Beauty Company Book Now | Vagaro Book your Fearless Femme Beauty Company appointment on Vagaro now!

Sass Choice Awards 2022 07/06/2023

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❤️ Hair Salon - Nessa Hair & Reiki
❤️ Spa Experience
❤️ Skincare / Makeup Services
❤️ Misc / Other Services

❤️ Women Owned Business


Sass Choice Awards 2022 Check it out now!


Getting waxed?

Aftercare is the MOST important part of your session to prevent irritation + ingrowns for a wonderful healing process.

My recommendation - this pro grade chemical and physical exfoliating body polish is the perfect way to keep from dead skin build up and a smoothhhh lustrous feel. Use 2-3x a week.

This can also double as a Sunless Tanning pre-scrub!!!

🫧 Made with clean all natural organic ingredients.

Pick it up at your next appointment!

- $28 -


What are you waiting for?!
It's time to get you summer ready! 🌞

Sass Choice Awards 2022 07/01/2023

You guys are absolutely amazing!! We were nominated again for not 1, not 2, but 3 categories this year for the Sass Choice Awards by Sass Magazine

✨ Spa Experience
✨ Skincare / Makeup Services
✨ Misc / Other Beauty Services

Show us some love again this year (you voted us #1 as Best Service Provider and Spa Experience 2022) by sharing this post with your friends, and VOTE DAILY 💕


Sass Choice Awards 2022 Check it out now!


Come visit us at Fearless Femme Beauty Company today from 3-7pm and Saturday 1-4pm for our grand opening shot bar!


Never had a service with Brooke?

Now is your chance to get that glow you've been itching for just in time for Summer ✨

Applies to your first wax or sunless tanning appointment.

To take advantage of this deal:
• Vagaro.com/ffbeautyco
• Download the Vagaro app + search for Fearless Femme Beauty Company!
• Discount will be redeemed at checkout once service is complete

See you soon, babes 😘

Photos from Fearless Femme Beauty Company's post 06/13/2023

In disbelief over how beautiful and full yet natural this Classic Fresh Set turned out 😍

She had very strong and full lashes to start with which can make a huge difference in the end result!

Products she picked up:
• Lash Bra to protect from friction when sleeping
• Bottom Line mascara for her bottom lashes

🙌 Welcome to the lash club, Kate.

Photos from Fearless Femme Beauty Company's post 06/10/2023

Classic birthday lashes for Tola 🎁🎈

Your reaction said everything I needed to know. It's truly the best feeling seeing my clients feeling themselves 👏✨

Hope you have the best day!


As much as I hate to say it... I think I'm going to give up make up as a service. I've loved make up for so many years, but with my allergies and not being able to play around with it as much as I'd like, my passion is dying.

I have a makeup / hair styling station at my salon if anyone would be interested in renting it out.

I'm also open to converting it to some other service station but it is open concept.

If anyone's interested, feel free to reach out 💕



We are super excited to announce our location inside Fearless Femme Beauty Company!
We offer IV hydration infused with essential vitamins and vitamin injections. To celebrate the opening of our location we are having a shot bar with our B12 and Fat Burner injections!

June 14th 3pm-7pm and June 17th 1pm-4pm

Photos from Fearless Femme Beauty Company's post 06/07/2023

I take lash lifts very seriously! ✨

Did you know:
• lashes can be over processed by adding the solution to the tips of the lashes or leaving it on too long based on the strength of ones lashes?
• the placement of your rod or shield on the lash line will determine on good of a lift you will get?
• the size of the shield is SUPER important to get the results you need?
• with the ideal lift you want to see an effective but natural result rather than a super strong lift immediately (an indicator that they are over processed and will crinkle in a few days) as the lashes continue to curl and set over 24 to 48 hours following the appointment?
• over processed lashes can be somewhat reversed by a technique I use to help get them in a more relaxed, straight position (but will not be able to be lifted again until grown out in at least 6 - 8 weeks)?
• adding lash filler after your lift will help boost length and strength into the lashes to help repair any damage that was done using the chemical solution?

There are so many little details that go into the perfect lift. 🫶


More to come 😊✨

Photos from Only Love Beauty's post 05/27/2023

Asya is amazing!


⭐ Volume Fresh Set ⭐

So perfect for an every day refreshed look, or any special occasion!

Photos from Nessa Hair & Reiki's post 05/25/2023

Vanessa's talent is unmatched 🙌


🚩🚩*NOT MY WORK* 🚩🚩

This guest came to me for a removal and Fresh Set after being recommended to use baby shampoo, no experience with getting lash baths before service, and was getting volume lashes from another tech saying these were "cluster lash extensions".


Fortunately, I was able to educate her on proper aftercare and application methods so she knows exactly what to look for in order to avoid any damage to her natural lashes in the future.

As you can see, these "clusters" were way too long, way too heavy in diameter, and were all glued together which all will result in lash damage in the long run, eventually leading to traction alopecia meaning they won't grow in at all again.

Cluster lashes should be glued to the skin only with the correct adhesive meant for doing so, not the lashes.

Lash Extensions are applied to the natural lash, not the skin with the appropriate glue. Volume fans and Classics should be the correct terms when referring to the extension types. Hybrid is just a combination of the two styles.

Strip Lashes / Individuals are glued to the skin for the day, with the appropriate glue.

Gossamer "DIY lash extensions" are meant to be applied underneath the natural lashes in smaller strips / chunks for up to 10 days max, with the appropriate glue.

None of these should be mix + matched in any way shape or form!

It's important to know the difference, and to know that your artist is trained/certified and licensed appropriately in any service they are providing... especially when it comes to the skin and eyes!

Rest assured, I am multi-certified, have trained students myself, and am a licensed and insured Esthetician in the state of Maryland and Virginia. Natural lash health will always be a top priority when coming to me 🫶✨


She's vacation ready! ✈️

Wake up refreshed and spend time doing things that matter! Mascara isn't one of them 🗑️

✨ Hybrid Fresh Set ✨


Throw that razor away and say goodbye to annoying stubble for weeks instead of hours. 🗑️

Now is the perfect time to get you started with smooth girl summer!

If you keep up with routine maintenance, your hair will go in thinner, softer and more sparse over time!

*Bonus* If you are like me and have a nickel allergy, razors could be contributing to irritation! This completely eliminates any contact with nickel ✨

See you soon babe 😘

Photos from Fearless Femme Beauty Company's post 05/11/2023

Curly half-updo on this beautiful mother of the bride! We ensured these curls would last all night 🫶

She truly had the fullest, thickest most gorgeous hair that left me envious 🫠

Photos from Fearless Femme Beauty Company's post 05/10/2023

A very happy + excited Mother of the Groom with natural makeup and a first timer of false lashes. She loved the pop it gave to her eyes! ✨

Photos from Fearless Femme Beauty Company's post 05/10/2023

Absolutely loved doing this hairstyle on Friday's stunning bridesmaid who requested something more "viking-esk" since her hair doesn't hold curl well. I'd love to see more of this kind of request!

Thank you for the great conversation and trusting me with this one, Tiffany.

Artist: Brooke Myerovich


Bring your Mothers/Daughters/Sisters/Others to our Permanent Jewelry Pop-up with The Bronzed Studio at Fearless Femme Beauty Company on East Street in Frederick, MD.

Our collaborative salon will be offering the following:

The Bronzed Studio *Event Guest"
Permanent Jewelry: Bracelets + Anklets
Gold Filled - $50 (B) $60 (A)
Solid 14k Gold - $100 (B) $110 (A)
Packages: Ranging from $50 to $175 (see flyer)
*https://calendly.com/info-bronzedstudio/fearless-femme-beauty-pop-up to schedule ahead, Walk-ins available

Fearless Femme Beauty Company
Sunless Tans: $45
Strip Lash or Lash Tint: $20
Hair Curling: $35
Light Makeup: $35
Facial Waxing: $10 per area (Hairline, Cheeks, Upper or Lower Lip, Chin, Sideburns or Neck) ~ excludes brows
*Vagaro.com/ffbeautyco to schedule ahead, Walk-ins available

Esthetics/Brows by Addie
Brow Threading: 25% off
*Vagaro.com/ffbeautyco to schedule ahead, Walk-ins available

Revive IV Drip Lounge & MedSpa
Vitamin Injections: All Shots $25 (Immunity, Fat Burner, B12)
*Walk-ins Only

Nessa Hair & Reiki
Discount card drawings for attendees

Only Love Beauty
Discount/Freebie card drawings for attendees


Let us know you'll be there by hitting "GOING" on the FB event (link in bio) ❤️

We can't wait to see you there!


It's been a while since I've posted a Classic set! You may notice that not all lash lengths are the same and eyes can vary slightly. Spring shed has been taking its toll but rest assured your natural lash health is always a top priority.

Lashes by Brooke ✨


Who's ready for their shot?!

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Frederick?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Monday 10am - 7pm
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