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Permanent Cosmetics

Question: Which is better for permanent eyeliner upper or lower?

Answer: I’ve never heard anyone say, “I’d like the illusion of droopy eyes please.” People want an uplifting look to make them appear more awake and youthful. So, when it comes to upper and lower liner you always want the upper eyelid to have the thicker line. This gives the illusion of a lifted eye. Lower liner should always be minimal as to not drag the eye down with the appearance of dark shadows. Depending on the shape and size of your eye having both could close your eye in making it look small. If you have any questions book a consultation so we can customize the best look for your eyes!



Question: What is better, microshading or microblading?

Answer: The answer depends on your goals. Microblading creates crisp, individual hair strokes throughout the entire brow. Microshading includes hairstrokes around the perimeter of the brow with a solid center. This helps clients maintain a natural feel without sacrificing the fuller brow they may be seeking. We recommend microshading to those with naturally thick eyebrows or anyone who prefers a bolder, more dramatic look.


Lash Lift Tint + Keratin

Question: Can I get in the swimming pool after a lash lift and tint?

Answer: After a lash lift and tint, you’ll need to wait at least 24 hours before allowing any moisture to touch your lashes. This means you’ll need avoiding saunas, steam rooms and swimming in addition to showers. It’s safe to swim after this 24-hour period, but keep in mind that consistent exposure to chemicals like chlorine can shorten the lifespan of your lash lift. If you’re a regular swimmer, you may need to return sooner than the standard 6-8 weeks for your next treatment.


With sunny weather now upon us things are getting busy downtown! This means parking is going to take a few extra minutes. Please be mindful of this and account for finding time to park so you are here in the salon at the start of your appointment.



Question: Can I get microblading in areas without hair?

Answer: Microblading is ideal for areas of your brows that have no hair because it uses a precise hair stroke technique. We can reconstruct sparse areas to blend in with your existing hair or create a natural-looking brow from nothing!


Eyelash Extensions

Question: Can I get in a swimming pool with eyelash extensions?

Answer: You can get your lash extensions wet about 24-48 hours after your appointment without any issues. However, if you swim daily, especially without goggles, the chlorine will break down the glue and your extensions will likely fall off sooner than they would otherwise.


Permanent Cosmetics

Question: Can you get permanent eyeliner when you have eyelash extensions?

Answer: To minimize risk of irritation and infection it’s best to remove eyelash extensions prior to beginning the semi-permanent eyeliner process. We can remove the extensions during your first appointment, and you can have a new set applied two weeks after your second treatment.

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Question: Can you correct previously tattooed eyebrows with microblading?

Answer: A traditional eyebrow tattoo will last forever. But just like tattoos on any other part of your body, eyebrow tattoos change over time. Most often, they fade to a blueish or orangish hue, depending on pigment type and skin tone. Hair strokes soften the lines of traditional tattoos and fresh pigment creates a more natural look, so microblading can definitely help correct previously tattooed eyebrows. Like with all microblading, tattoo correction does require annual touch ups. While some might see this as a drawback, we love it because it means that as trends and personal preferences change, so can your brows.


Lash Lift Tint + Keratin

Question: How long do I have to wait to shower after a lash lift and tint?

Answer: You'll want to wait 24 hours after a lash lift and tint before moisture of any kind to comes into contact with your face or eyelashes. This includes steam, sweat, and showers. It takes about this long for the solution to fully soak into your lashes. Early contact with moisture will dilute the solution, preventing optimal results.


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Question: What is the healing process like after a microblading treatment?

Answer: It takes one approximately one month for skin to heal completely after microblading. Individual healing times depend on skin type, age, aftercare practices and so much more. In general, here’s what you can expect: On day one, your brows will be darker than the final result, but you’ll probably love the way they look. They’ll get progressively darker over the next few days. After your skin starts to dry out, tiny scabs will form on the skin and will eventually fall off. We refer to this as the flaking phase. After the flaking has subsided, usually about two weeks after your treatment, your brows will appear lighter, but don’t worry. This is simply a part of the natural healing process. Between weeks 4 and 8, the pigment we placed under your skin will become much more visible until you are left with the beautiful brows you were hoping for.


Eyelash Extensions

Question: I have eyelash extensions on from another salon and what to come to indelliBelle. Will you accept me as a client?

Answer: Yes! Please be mindful that every lash artist has a different style and product. I will try and match your existing lashes as much as possible but 100% may not be achievable at the first appointment. To schedule go online and choose the option “Eyelash Extensions – Outside Fill” If you have any questions please feel free to text a photo of your existing lashes to 301-518-1008


Permanent Cosmetics

Question: Can I get permanent eyeliner with wings?

Answer: We can customize your eyeliner to have wings, however we suggest that it be on the conservative side for many reasons: What goes up must come down; Over time the line will start to look different as we age; A long drastic wing might be popular this year but what about the following years trends? We do have one rule with winged eyeliner and that is we cannot go outside of your eye crease line. If you are curious what we can do set up a consultation and we can customize a plan that is specific to your eyeliner goals and eye shape.



Question: Will you accept me as a new client if I have previous work done by someone else?

Answer: Yes, but with the understanding that every artist uses different styles of implanting pigment and products so there could be minor differences. Depending on what you want done it could be as simple as one session or two if we need to change shape. If this is you simply text me a picture of your brows (without makeup) to 301-518-1008 and we can talk more in depth about what the process look like for you.


Lash Lift Tint + Keratin

Eyelashes: Eyelashes: Lash Lift Tint & Keratin

Question: Am I a candidate for a lash lift and tint?
Answer: Of course! Anyone can benefit from a lash lift and tint. However, those who notice the most dramatic results are clients with naturally longer lashes. Generally speaking, long lashes tend to be straighter and flatter than shorter lashes, so it's difficult to see them in all their lengthy glory. A tint highlights the length and the lift creates a perfect curl, putting those long lashes on full display.


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Question: Do you do a pre-draw or map out the eyebrow before you microblade?

Answer: Yes! I only see your eyebrows a couple times a year. You, on the other hand, look at them every single day. So, I'm pretty adamant that my clients take an active role in deciding the size and shape of their brows before I get to work. Once we've agreed upon a good starting point, I use a special measuring tool to ensure the angle and spacing of your brows always appears symmetrical.


Lash Lift Tint + Keratin

Question: Will a lash lift and tint damage my eyelashes?

Answer: While a lash lift and tint uses a chemical to enhance your natural eyelashes, the product is only applied to the eyelash itself. Since it doesn’t impact your skin or hair follicle, when your eyelash falls out during the natural growth cycle, the product goes with it. If you choose to stop regular lash lifts at some point, your natural lashes will grow back as usual, with no damage.


Permanent Cosmetics

Question: Do people experience adverse reactions to permanent eyeliner?
Answer: It is rare, but occasionally a client can have allergic reactions to the aftercare ointment. If a reaction does occur, the eyelids usually become uncomfortably swollen. We are always here to advise you through the aftercare process. If you experience a reaction, contact your technician immediately so we can adjust your aftercare protocol.



Question: What is a powder brow?

Answer: A powder brow uses the same technique as SofTap brows. Instead of an individual hair stroke, powder brows create a blended look that mimics everyday makeup. You won't see individual hair strokes with a powder brow like you do with microblading, but if you're someone who wants to refine the shape of thicker brows, a powder brow is the perfect option.


Lash Lift Tint + Keratin

Question: Can you wear mascara after a lash lift and tint?
Answer: After a 24-hour waiting period you can resume all normal activities, including those that involve water, moisture and makeup. So, yes. Mascara is totally fine on lifted lashes, as long as it’s not applied on the day of or day after treatment.


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Question: Why do I need a yearly microblading touch up?

Answer: Unlike a typical tattoo, microblading uses a small hand tool the size of a pen, not a gun, to insert pigment into your skin. This allows for a thinner line and greater precision when placing hair strokes, resulting in the crisp, clean edges dream brows are made of. However, the hand tool doesn’t pe*****te skin as deeply as a tattoo gun. Through your body’s natural regeneration process, the layers of skin that include microblading pigment will eventually be shed. Your microblading won’t disappear after just a year, but an annual touch up will ensure your brows retain ideal color and shape.


Lash Lift Tint + Keratin

Question: What is the difference between eyelash extensions and a lash lift and tint?

Answer: Both brighten your eyes and last for weeks, but they accomplish this in two different ways. Eyelash extensions involve the precise process of gluing individual extensions to individual eyelashes, adding length and volume. A lift and tint creates an effect similar to what you'd get if you used an eyelash curler and thickening mascara every day. But the process creates a permanent curl and adds permanent color. Just like hair on other parts of our bodies, eyelashes go through a shedding and growth process. Both treatments last until your lashes transition through their natural growth cycle.


Permanent Cosmetics

Question: How long will permanent eyeliner last?

Answer: IndelliBelle uses the SofTap method for eyeliner, which is technically semi-permanent. This technique usually lasts about 2-4 years, depending on your skin type, exfoliation level, and sun exposure. We recommend annual touch ups to keep your liner fresh and vibrant.



Question: Can you correct previously tattooed eyebrows with microblading?

Answer: A traditional eyebrow tattoo will last forever. But just like tattoos on any other part of your body, eyebrow tattoos change over time. Most often, they fade to a blueish or orangish hue, depending on pigment type and skin tone. Hair strokes soften the lines of traditional tattoos and fresh pigment creates a more natural look, so microblading can definitely help correct previously tattooed eyebrows. Like with all microblading, tattoo correction does require annual touch ups. While some might see this as a drawback, we love it because it means that as trends and personal preferences change, so can your brows.


Check out the application process for a lash lift tint + keratin

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