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THE most yummy soaps! Good for your skin and made with all natural ingredients. There is a scent for everyone...male and female. You must try at least one!
Do you all sell liquid soap too?!
I absolutely love Savage Soap products, especially the oils. They are rich, pure and concentrated, only need a drop or 2.. The Patchouli is my favorite, so far. 😊
So I ran out of my Power Shield Soap, with this rain Mosquitoes eating me up! Purchased some Power Shield today and nothing touched me! Except my awesome husband.
I just cleaned all of my makeup brushes with my favorite soap.....Savage Soaps!
Do you sell the Buggles bath salts anymore? We bought some when we visited (from Indiana) and would like to find more, but not seeing it on the site?
With Kujo being brewed again, will you be making the soap?
Savage Soaps.....the very best cleanser for makeup brushes, and your skin too!
Love your soaps!!!
I'm obsessed!!!! I never thought I would love using soap in a bar form but I will never go back. My skin is very sensitive and I have to be careful about what I use. This soap has not only improved my skin but decreased the amount of plastic bottles I'm constantly throwing away. I even stopped buying expensive organic face cleansers and use the power shield, super doodle peach( so creamy), or the rosemary mint(so refreshing and cooling) instead. Huge improvement overall in my skin appearance. I also buy a lot of the "guy" bars for my hubs because he started stealing mine once he realized how great they were. I highly recommend trying them out. They have so many amazing choices to pick from and the staff are amazing at making suggestions and finding what you need!!!
I live in the delta where mosquitoes are common, I used it before I went to pick the garden. I usually get 10-20 mosquitoe bites, but I came home with zero!

Top Rated, Best Selling Handmade Natural Bar Soap and Skincare. As Close to Nature as Any Soap Gets. Savage Soaps is a certified Woman-Owned Business!

Savage Soaps takes soap-making back to its roots with all natural ingredients. Each bar is handcrafted with olive oil, coconut oil, and superior essential oils that leave your skin feeling clean, healthy, and moisturized. Our selection of soap is Dermatologist recommended and targets all types of skin. Even skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Check out the link below to figure out which of our products will work best with your skin.

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Certain ingredients in skincare products are RUINING your skin....
Link in bio for simple products with only beneficial ingredients. πŸ˜™



Yes, it's true. Our soaps are as close to nature as possible with very few high quality ingredients, all combined to created the perfect creamy lather.


Let your skin have a bit of luxury too, with the Carrot Seed Elemi 24k Gold Serum. πŸ‘€

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Nourish your skin, nourish the earth.
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How it started vs. how it's going πŸ˜‰
Happy New Year Savages! May this year bring you all the best. Heres to new challenges, new opportunities, new friends, new goals, and better outcomes ~~ 😍



Thank you to all of our amazing Savage Customers! We wouldn’t be here without you. We’ve got some amazing discounts and giveaways coming for our Savage VIPS for the coming holiday season 😁🧼 Looking to join? All you have to do is register on our website! It’s 100% free (We will not sell your information)πŸ§½πŸ›€ click the link in the bio and register before you miss the exclusive discounts and giveaways!

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It took Misti years to perfect the savage soaps recipe. We're always improving, but it's safe to say that we've got our soap making down to a science! Made with all natural, sustainable, vegan ingredients. All of our products are handcrafted in the USA. We're so grateful for all of our customers! Thank you SAVAGES!

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Merry Christmas! Sending you the best wishes this holiday season. Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?



Guess who stopped by? He didn't come down the chimney, he's changed his tactics, he came up the drain... Merry Christmas. πŸ˜‚πŸ₯°


Santa's comin'! Tell him you want Savage Soaps, it makes his job a lot easier. What soap do you think he's holding? Comment Below πŸ‘‡


We take our stamp of Savagery seriously. That's the proof of the handcrafted nature of every bar. Individually stamped and packaged. Get the best, get wet.



Last minute holiday shopping?
We got you covered, with the Love Gift Box.
Packed full with a Massage Oil, Body Scrub, Bath Bomb, and two Bars! Happy Bathing πŸ’¦


Still have some last minute shopping to get done? Check out our custom gift boxes, they’re our best sellers for the holidays because you can add any Savage products. Our lavender gift box is our best seller, click the link in our bio to shop before it’s too late πŸŽ…πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ„


Make your shower a complete Savage Experience with our natural lotion and shower gel. Revitalize and moisturize with the simple ingredients in our products. Get Wet With Savage.


It's True...

That body wash from the grocery store is chemical detergent, and it's not good for the skin.

the skin has billions of little bacteria called floras (or microbiotas) that manage our skin, protecting the body from pathogens.

Using harsh chemical ingredients in typical bath and body products can interfere with the function of our skin’s organisms or so-called 'good bacteria.'

This causes many people to have ongoing issues with their skin.

Try Savage Soaps, If your skin doesn't improve in 30 days, it's on us.



The only ornament with a scent... πŸŽ„


Angel Cake has become a year long favorite for customers! Share one of our best smellers with your partner, they'll love it, and you will too! 😍


Check out this Savage Serum lineup. Which would you choose? πŸ‘€


Guess where Santa stopped this year... 😍


On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a Chirstmas Che-rrrr-rr-rrryyyyy. All of our holiday items are still in stock! but don't wait! We sell out quick! πŸŽ„Our bar soaps are known to combat dry skin in the winter time with their creamy, moisturizing lather! Get wet!


Our Peppermint is refreshing and cooling! Best with a Hot Shower or Bath. We're almost sold out of all of our holiday products. If you're planning on getting some last minute gifts, get them now! Everyone loves our Peppermint bar, add a lotion to it or make it a gift box! We make custom gift boxes for all of you procrastinators that need to throw something together for that one family member that you cant figure out what to get! πŸ‘€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§


Get 25% off and FREE STUFF today only ONLINE! Use code CYBER25 at checkout to get your favorite soaps, scrubs, lotions, and serums!


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Hey Frederickans, it's officially Small Business Saturday! Stop by Savage Soaps and Get Buy One Get One Free Salt Scrubs... Today only πŸ’¦πŸ”±



Get your Savage Favorites in store or online! 20% off everything today only - shop quick, we’re running out.

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Get your shopping out of the way early with our black friday sale! Visit us online (link in bio) for 20% off And FREE STUFF! Just use promocode BLK20 at checkout. Thank you for shopping small and supporting local this holiday season!

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This is why your skin is suffering...
Link in bio for our natural, simple skincare products.


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Elemi has antiseptic and toning effects and can help balance the production of sebum on the skin. Elemi oil is also used in perfumery for it's emotionally uplifting, herby and sharp citrusy fragrance, instilling a feeling of peace.



Let's just take a moment to admire the benefits of Olive Oil πŸ˜‰
1. It’s rich in vitamins
Olive oil does have some reported benefits to the skin. According to the International Olive Council, olive oil has many vitamins, including A, D, and K, as well as vitamin E.

2. It has antioxidant properties
Olive oil is also an antioxidant, so it might help prevent or reverse damage from cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation. It has a very high concentration of an ingredient called squalene as compared to the other types of fats and oils that humans normally eat. The squalene is what gives olive oil the extra antioxidant boost.

3. It moisturizes and fights bacteria
If you’re prone to acne, using a soap made with olive oil may helpTrusted Source decrease your acne by killing off the bacteria that causes the acne. Olive oil is also known to moisturize and hydrate your skin.

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Angel Cake works wonders in our Soap Saver Pouch. Get the full experience of using a washcloth or a loofah with this amazing reusable soap back that lathers and suds like CRAZY. 😍



Wanna smell like the woods? You don’t have to be a hunter to enjoy the lather of this cedar bar. Bring nature to your skin. Shoot your shot, and be rewarded with the softest, healthiest skin. I know, it’s ironic, because all of our products are vegan. Get wet with Savage.


So, It's Autumn, and we all know what that means, the beginning of DRY SKIN SEASON. Don't worry, your ashy arms and legs don't have to live like this. Our Lavender Lotion is perfectly soothing.


We give free samples with every order to offer some spontaneity to your skincare. Click the link in the bio to level up your skincare with natural sustainable products. We have everything! Bar soap, shower gel, lotion, body butter, salt scrub, beard oil, tinctures, anti-aging facial oil, and more! Shop now and get free shipping for orders over $60 πŸ˜‰πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈ



Lavendous: [ Lavender ] Relaxing with healing and antiseptic properties.

A bouquet of lavender will blossom in your hand when you pick up this organic bar. The aroma will calm, soothe and strengthen the conscious mind. Overcome depression and conquer the blues. Isn’t this Lavendous fabulous! Produces a rich creamy lather, and moisturizes your skin with natural occurring glycerin.


All Vegetable Saponified Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Botanical.
Net Wt. 6.5 oz
Handmade in the USA


Misti Morningstar, owner/founder, initially formulated this organic facial oil for herself. The desire was to create something better than anything in the marketplace without any chemicals and preservatives. Once the amazing results were realized, she decided to share it with the world, so everyone could look years younger.

Elemi Rose Facial Oil is made with a premium blend of oils and the finest essential oils, such as Elemi which was used by the Egyptians to preserve their skin. This oil is formulated especially for use on the face and neck and may be used in the morning and/or at night.

Antiseptic/Antibacterial: Kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi, keeping skin clean and free of microorganisms. Elemi oil has significant antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureas and Escherichia coli.

Anti-inflammatory: Perfect for redness, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Collagen-building: Elemi is said to stimulate the production of β€œtensin,” which is a protein key to supporting the structure of skin. Research on this is in the very early stages, but so far, laboratory tests have suggested that Elemi can help increase the expression of tensin, helping to tone and firm skin, and fade the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cell-turnover: Elemi has been used for years to treat scars and wounds, and more recently has been found to help increase cell turnover. New skin cells are revealed, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Normalizes skin oils: If your skin is extra oily or extra dry, Elemi will help. It has the ability to naturally balance skin oil production, reducing acne and blackheads and maintaining a more natural hydration level.

Many high-end brands like Estee Lauder, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs contain Elemi oil (along with preservatives and other additives). Elemi is one of the most prized oils in skin care products today.


Look at the subtle differences in each bar of Savage. Why are we taking soap-making back to its roots?

We're tired of using products that have such an array of ingredients, many of which harm your skin.

With only 5 ingredients, we're able to offer superior ingredients, all that benefit you!

Our soaps are all vegan, reducing our carbon footprint. (Not to mention, compostable packaging)

Get wet with Savage!

Our Story

It all started with a little girl secretly picking flower petals and plants from her mother's garden, and mixing them together in an attempt to make perfume. Founder, Misti Morningstar, always had an insatiable love for soaps, aromatherapy and healing.

After being frustrated with all of the chemically-packed soaps on the market, Misti spent several years perfecting her own recipe by handcrafting small batch soaps infused with natural, organic and vegan ingredients. These superior soaps are as close to nature as any soap gets. They're free of chemicals that damage the environment, and your skin. She started using her Savage brand every day, and after a few months, noticed her skin was radiant, her face was more hydrated and smooth, she stopped wearing foundation, and people assumed her to be much younger than she actually was. It was this result, that created a desire to achieve a natural healthy soap, based on raw savage ingredients that led to what is now, β€˜Savage Soaps’.

Customers started to rave about their own experiences of how their skin improved by using Savage Soaps. Customers with eczema and psoriasis claimed that, Savage Soaps either improved the condition, or the issue completely disappeared all together.

Savage Soaps is a certified woman-owned business and twice awarded as one of Maryland’s Top 100 MBE businesses.

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10 E Church Street
Frederick, MD

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:30am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 10:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday 10:30am - 5:30pm
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Saturday 10:30am - 5:30pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm

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