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hk hair studio


Wanted to throw this beautiful picture out of my sister and momma! She has been a constant in my life and my biggest role model. She is about to take another leap forward in her life and I can’t wait to be by her side for it. Happy early Mother’s Day! I pray we win these baskets 😊
This wonderful woman right here has been by my side supporting me through the good, the bad, the anxiety, the happy tears and the sad, and pushes me to be a better person! So thankful to have you as my mother!! Love you!!
I have no idea what I would do without my mom! She always knows what to say. Love you mom!

My goal is to leave you feeling pampered & beautiful! I’ve been in the industry since 2010 & use Paul Mitchell Products. Call today to set up an appointment!

Behind the scenes... 📷

I don’t know about you but something I never thought I needed in life was a photographer.

*Insert Lauren Hixson and my life has FOREVER changed!

If I could book a photo shoot with her once a month I would in an instant.

She makes you feel so comfortable, she’s hilarious, she’s easy to work with, she’s hands down the best in the business! She’s my lady!

If you’re in need of someone to capture your engagement, wedding or lifestyle shoot don’t hesitate to reach out!

I promise I’ll share her 😉

I heard someone say today you have to spend money to make money.

Something I have invested in over the last couple years is a website.

My goal was to create a space that was clean, easy to use, and well branded.

I recently invested again!

I had a photoshoot with Lauren Hixson to replace my stock images with my own clients.

Here’s my finished product. 🖤

Something you will hear me say constantly is how I want to always be open and honest with y’all.

I strive to keep my social media photos strictly business... but sometimes life happens. And I want to be real with you today.

I had a photo with a caption ready to go for today like normal. But I couldn’t help but feel called to show you a glimpse of my life outside the Studio. Even if that means being open and raw.

So here it is the last picture taken this weekend with my BuggsyMalone, Ladybug, Sissy, SnappieQueen, sweet Lady.

We never truly know how much time we’ll have with our precious fur ones. And as much as my heart is aching I can say with certainty that even on her last day she was spoiled rotten with a visit to the puppy store and enjoying belly rubs on the couch.

My ask of you today is that you take time out of your busy routine to just sit and soak in the love your pet has for you.

“If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all”
-unknown 🖤


How amazing is this before and after.

We took off a couple inches and did a Hydraplex Treatment to help revive her parched hair.

Want to know more about this treatment?

It improves manageability by 82%. The cream formula penetrates the hair to hydrate, bind and seal every cuticle for a long-lasting silky-smooth feel.

Let’s chat at your next appointment to find out what’s the best treatment option for your hair!

Y’all! I have been holding in a little secret...


hk hair studio is now recognized as a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon!

Who knew 10 years after attending Paul Mitchell the School Houston I’d be the owner of 2 Focus Salons! I was blessed in Texas and God has done it again.

I’m so excited to have you along the way.🖤

the year 2020....

to say this year has been an emotional roller coaster for most would be an understatement.

something that has weighed heavy on my heart this year is SELF LOVE.


because it hurts my heart when I hear women talk badly about themselves, when they apologize for being themselves, when they get caught up on social media envying other women, when they don’t see their true beauty.

I get it. I’m guilty of all of these things.

BUT... something I’m learning is in order to be the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, auntie or friend you must first love yourself.

So let’s start this week off right!

In the comments below tell me one thing that you love about yourself!

I’ll go first....
my love for dogs! I absolutely go bananas when I see a dog. My dog is my child, she gets the best care and treatment I can possibly provide. And I think that’s something to be said.
Dogs love unconditionally, whether you have makeup on or not, whether you’ve gained 5 pounds or lost 10, whether you have curly or straight hair. Dogs don’t care! They just want to love you!

Let’s be more like dogs this week. 🐺🖤

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”
-Peggy O’ Mara
Listen up Ladies.
In a world that is teaching us to love one another, don’t forget one must love themselves first.
This photo shoot last week for my brand had me feeling all kinds of things. But one thing that stood out the most was I wish these women saw how beautiful they are inside and out.
It can be awkward having someone take photos up close and personal. I kept telling them I promise you’re going to LOVE every photo Lauren takes. You look amazing! Cheering them on as the fake laughed for us.
Now tell me why is it so hard for us to be our own cheerleader?
Why is it perceived as wrong for us to say “man I look good”?
I truly believe it all starts when we’re children.
So my goal is to be a part of the generation that teaches the next to love themselves, understand their emotions are normal, and instill self worth! 🖤

Most women spend all their time taking care of everyone else they forget to set aside time for themselves...

That’s where I come into play!

One of my favorite parts of your appointment is when you sit down at the shampoo bowl. You’ll notice I begin to speak in a whisper tone and then stop talking all together.


So that you can thoroughly enjoy your 5 minute scalp massage followed by a Young Living Essential Oil infused hot towel.

The oil may vary from day to day, but will always promote feelings of relaxation.

Take it from someone who has a hard time relaxing...IT IS WORTH IT! My time while getting my shampoo is sacred to me.

The amount of tension and stress one can hold in their scalp is something most never think of!

So at your next appointment, sit back, relax and enjoy your sacred time at the bowl. 🖤

hk hair studio's cover photo

“Until God opens the next door, praise Him in the hallway”-unknown.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle.

Some may seem as small as a grain of sand and some bigger than Mount Everest.

It’s not up to us to decide for others.

Be kind. Love hard. Forgive often.

My prayer for you today is that you feel safe in my Studio. Safe to sit in peace, safe to cry, safe to be angry, safe to talk until you can’t anymore, safe to be yourself, and safe enough to ask for prayer. 🖤

📷:LoHi Images

Real talk.

Sometimes we grow attached to the length of our hair! It can be for a various number of reasons; security, maintenance, manageability, the list could go on and on.

*Insert me during quarantine.... it was awesome being able to rock a high pony as my hair grew longer due to missing my haircut. But y’all my ends where “CRISPY” and Lord knows the longer mine gets the more “straggly” it begins to look.

Density plays such a huge role in the appearance of our hair. So the sang “less is more” is sometimes true.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you at your next visit about your hair length goals and what is best fitted for your hair density.

Let’s play a little game...

Tell me in the comments below how often you wash your hair.

And in my next post we’ll talk about what I recommend to keep your hair and scalp in tip top shape!

I bring this up because this blonde beauty enjoys pushing out her “hair wash” day as far as possible! Bring on the hats and braids 😉

Fresh ends and a sun-kissed glow.

Peep that palm in the corner that I kept alive over quarantine! 🙌🏼

Happy Tuesday!

I’m headed to get my hair cut tonight and I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to it.

I mean let’s be honest I just want my scalp massage! But I’m also wayyyy over due for a cut. For someone who typically gets it cut every 7 weeks or so these 5 months haven’t been good to my ends.

Tell me what are you most excited for at your first appointment back?

I’ll be real with you!

Sometimes you may hear me say it will take multiple sessions to achieve your dream hair.

Sometimes you’ll sit in my chair for longer than you expected.

Sometimes we have to go through that “brassy” stage before we can get to the desired look.

But I can promise you this.. I will do everything I possibly can to ensure we achieve your hair goals while keeping the integrity of your hair.

I’ll do that strand test, I’ll do that extra gloss, and you better believe the perfectionist in me won’t let any tiny imperfection go just because no one else will see it.

My goal in the Studio is to bring to life the vision you have for you hair. I want your hair to give you confidence you’ve never had!

Today I want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for trusting me with your hair. For giving me the opportunity to do what I love, and always believing in me. These past two weeks have been worth every bit of exhaustion. I LOVE Y’ALL! 🖤

Check out this post baby/post quarantine haircut! 🖤

Every hairstylist is an artist.

Some may hand paint, some may razor cut, some may foil, some use 8 inch shears. The list could go on and on.

The point is, in our industry their is no wrong way to achieve the desired results.

Everyone perceives art differently.

Find your artist and love them hard. 🖤

Cami McNeil congratulations! Can’t wait to drop off your basket of goodies!
Thank you to everyone who participate!

If y’all are in need of the following recommendations check out these local places:

Golf: Pine River Golf Course

Tree Services: Weiler Tree Services

Beer: Paw Paw Brewing Company

Anything Doggy Related including Husky Puppies: Burnsberg Kennels

First color and cut is in the books! Let me tell you I missed y’all and as chatty as I want to be I’m realizing it won’t be easy to chat all day with my mask on...thanks I’m advance for your understanding 🖤

It’s GIVEAWAY time!

This gift bag is full of goodies that I purchased from some of my favorite local small businesses across Michigan. It is geared towards those handsome men in your life and man’s best friend, and is just in time for Father’s Day!

What you’ll win:

•A six pack of IPA from Paw Paw Brewing company.
Pssst I know the Brewer and he’s the BEST!

•A $50 Stump removal from Weiler’s Tree Service.
Adam and his crew have done work for us both at our home and business and he’s wonderful to work with!

•A $20 gift card to Pine River Golf Club.
This beautiful course is ran by my sister in laws parents up in Standish!

•A gift basket full of goodies for “Man’s Best Friend” from BurnsBerg Kennels in Tawas.
This woman has a heart of gold! Not only did she provide us with Nymeria but has stayed in our lives after. I finally found someone who cares as deeply for dogs as I do! Already have a dog? Don’t worry she’s got a one stop shop and ships!

There are a couple ways to win! You’ll want to follow my Instagram page for addition entries!

How to Enter:

1)Tag 2 friends in the comments=1entry
2)Tag 2 friends on my Instagram post=1entry
3)Share this post on your Insta Stories=1entry

>>BONUS: for those of you that are current clients of mine I wanted to do something a little special. If you’d be so kind to leave a review on google you’ll receive an extra 10 entries! I’ll post the link in the comments below.

*Must be 21 to enter.
**Must be local to the area 20-30miles.
This is not in anyway affiliated with Facebook or Instagram.


Ps. If you’ve already left a review on Google in the past you’ll automatically get those 10 bonus entries!

This time next week I’ll have my first week back to work in three months under my belt.

Can I just be really honest with y’all and say I’m not sure what to feel? I’m going to miss being at home with Nymeria all day and spending my evenings at home with Shane.

Over the course of the last three months I’ve experienced every emotion known to man. And going back in a few days has me riding an emotional roller coaster yet again.

Things will be a little different at your next appointment but I’m going to do my best to embrace this new season and guidelines.

You will be receiving an email this weekend to go over what is to be expected before your appointment. Attached will be an image for guidelines.

All that said, I’m so EXCITED to see you and play with your hair!!! 🖤

Just a couple more days 🖤

Happy Monday!

A week from today I’ll be heading back into the Studio to do hair! How crazy is that?

With that said I’m doing my best this week to have everyone that both missed an appointment or wants to make one on the books. Please bare with me as I coordinate those who missed their appointments first.

A couple of questions I’m receiving now are:

•Are you taking new clients?
—YES! I’m always taking new clients. Just know that I have a list of clients I’m currently trying to get in but I PROMISE I’m doing my best to accommodate everyone!

•Can I bring my children, husband, best friend to my next appointment?
—Unfortunately the answer to that is no. At this time only the person receiving services can be in the Studio. Please plan accordingly for your appointment.

•Will I be required to wear a mask?
—Yes. If you do not have one available I will have one for you!

•I emailed you and haven’t heard back yet?
—Don’t worry! I see your messages and I’m doing my best to respond in a timely manner.

•I want a 5pm appointment is that feasible in the next week or so?
—Unfortunately I’m only one person and although I’m working my hardest to accommodate everyone please know that time is my most requested so it may take awhile.

•Are your prices increasing with the extra sanitation and time required for appointments?
—No*! However, please be aware that most clients new growth is now far more than the average appointment so you will be charged accordingly. We will sit down and discuss all avenues of what works best for your price point and hair goals before we begin our service. This will ensure there are no surprises at the end.(Trust me when I say I’ve been here before with my own hair and it’s something I never want y’all to experience.)
*I would like to point out that my Men’s Cut will be increasing by a few dollars. Some factors that play into that are demand for time as well as the amount of time needed between each guest to sanitize has dramatically increased.

•Will I be required to prebook my next appointment?
— No but it is highly suggested to book 1-2 appointments out.

•I’ve read that I won’t be able to get my hair blow dried from other salons and on the news. Is that correct?
—No. Some stylists nationwide are choosing to not offer blow drying or styling due to wearing a mask but that is not something I will be implementing.

•Where should I direct my questions to regarding my appointment?
[email protected]

•Will my appointment be like they were before?
— I’m going to do everything I can to ensure that you’re experience is the BEST you’ve ever had even with all our new guidelines in place. The Studio may look a little different upon arrival but please know I want your experience to still be amazing.

•Will I have to wait in my car for my appointment?
—Yes, the waiting area is now closed until further notice. You will receive a message once you’re able to come into the building. Also please note any extra items that you normally would bring into the Studio I ask you leave in your car.

•I want to make an appointment what information do you need?
—Please send me the services you’d like done in detail(highlights, lowlights, base color, cut, ect.) as well as times that work for you.

I hope this helps clarify a little of what’s going on in the Studio this week! I can’t wait to see you 🖤

I think it’s time.

Time to start my rough draft schedule of what it will look like when given the green light. I want to be as prepared as possible!

With that said I need your help. If you missed an appointment during this time you are on my list and I will be contacting you in the next few days.

If you’d like to make an appointment when we open back up please let me know immediately.

Email [email protected] with the services you would like done, times of days that work for you and any questions.

Please note due to new guidelines being in place it may take several weeks or more to accommodate everyone. Thank you for your patience and for support during this time. 🖤

📷:Lauren Hixson

Before and Afters....

One day this will be a person again..soon 🤞🏼

So unfortunately I have no updates on an opening date yet. However, if y’all are at the point of Googling how to cut your own hair, do yourself a favor and Google Therapy Dogs instead. You won’t be disappointed!

That’s my prayer for my sweet fur child one day. To be able to help small children have a better day. She ABSOLUTELY ADORES them.

In the meantime we’re off to her Laser Therapy treatment to help repair her knee and I figured y’all needed to see her in her goggles!

Let me see your doggies! Post of a picture in the comments below with their name 🖤

Happy Sunday Love 🖤

Rolling into the weekend like I have no idea what I’m doing in life anymore...

I remember when Lauren Hixson pulled this bike out of her car and said we’re gonna have you ride this for pictures. Let me be clear I know how to ride a bike. However, I’m 5’3” and this bike was clearly wayyy to tall for me.

But.. I did it anyways. And turns out the professional knew what she was talking about. Go figure! I put my trust in her completely that day. Standing in front of a camera is not something that comes naturally to me. All my insecurities go rushing through my head and I begin to question what I’m doing with my life.

Just like I put my trust in Lauren to provide me wonderful pictures. Right now I’m putting my trust in God during this time of uncertainty knowing that He WILL provide for my every need and bring the Studio back better than ever before. 🖤

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