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Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 03/07/2024

Oh how I love my first time brow gals!!

I promote that I give you back the brows you were born with. That’s because traditional shaping focuses on creating shape which removes parts of the brow that are so important.

And while removing those hairs doesn’t create bad brows, it does remove all the beautiful characteristics of virgin brows we love so much.

So when I get a first timer, I’m always so excited because I can keep all those hairs and set the tone for the rest of their brow life!!


I’m in Temecula Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I still have some openings! Come on in. I’m accepting new clients too!

Join my text message list if you want to stay in the loop of my monthly visits.

All links in bio or comment below and I can send the link directly.


This week I’m in Temecula and I still have some openings! Come on in. I’m accepting new clients too!

February schedule is also open.

Join my text message list if you want to stay in the loop of my monthly visits.

All links in bio or comment below and I can send the link directly.

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 01/05/2024

This is a 3 month before and after.

I knew exactly why I was going to do on her first day. I knew I needed the from of her brows to grow back. They were previously being trimmed. Doesn’t every artist trim that?? I don’t!

I want to LIFT the front of your brow. So I want that part to grow back. It’s the beginning of the brows natural fluff and the marker for how thick your brows should be.

Once that grows back the top of the brow will also grow back and follow the new line. Now we are left with a full brow with natural fluff…Monday brow lines. Just a light coat of tinted brow mascara for definition and we’re good to go for these beautiful brows!!

Taking new clients in Goodyear, AZ and Temecula, CA.

Online natural brow design course

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 12/23/2023


I can fix ANY brow by removing hair. But the magic happens when the parts I want to grow back start coming in.

Your best brows are a journey. But it doesn’t have to be a painful one. I will fix your brows in your first visit. I will incorporate the concepts of my design philosophy right away. But throughout the following months is when your brows will continue to change and flourish.

If you look closely you can see where I filled in a bit. Just above the front and just under the arch and tail. For now that is where we are focused.

But a nice change already, right?? What do you think??

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 12/22/2023

These brows have done so good over the past 6 months. We are growing and moving…lifting and lengthening.

If you scroll to the second picture you can see the gap we are working on. The after on the first and second picture shows the gap filled in.

But notice the before in the first picture. The brow is gappy and uneven. Then shape is more round and lacks balance. In the after you can see how the brow flows over the eye smoothly and evenly. The whole front of the brow has been lifted higher and the hairs easily flow in a lifted direction.

Just a bit longer and we won’t have to fill in the gap. Growing back the right parts of your brows can be a bit of a journey but it’s one that’s totally worth it!

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 12/16/2023

Who’s ready to make 2024 the year to bring your brows back to life?

How I approach your brows is very methodical. I have not only been doing brows for 30 years but I dedicated a year in self study literally analyzing every single Brow that I did. When I say I studied I’m not exaggerating. I did 1000’s of brows. I literally took notes. I wrote down concepts and ideas of things that I saw and things that I was doing. I noted common brow characteristics including all their quirks. I learned “the why” to why i removed certain hair and why I didn’t remove certain hair. I studied and analyzed my every move and created a system of brow design based on everything I learned. I learned that all brows can be broken down into brow growth patterns. And I learned how to use those brow growth patterns to design the brows you see me putting out there today.

You may think I don’t “map” brows because I don’t mark your face with lines. I do map brows. Just not like that. My problem with that form of mapping is that it only takes into consideration the brow you currently see. So it’s filling in gaps and holes and creating lines with the visible brow shape. I do “map”… but I’m using natures map. The brow growth patterns tell me everything I need to know. I know when whole sections of your brow are missing (not just holes). This allows me to not just grow your brows, but MOVE your brows. I will lift and lengthen your brow and grow back their natural fullness and fluffiness.

And the beauty about this method of brow design is that it is truly custom. I use the exact same technique for every single person that comes in. I’m using what nature has laid out. And because nature has laid it out differently on every single person, every single person has a different brow. Go ahead scroll my photos. You’ll see every brow looks different.

I create natural, full, and fluffy brows. And I do this naturally.

Let’s get tour the brows you deserve!

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 12/14/2023

True, your ideal brows will take some time…There’s always parts we need to grow back, but So much can still be accomplished at your first appointment.

I always like to set you up for good brows on Day 1. While they may be “good”, they will not be your best. And that’s ok. You’ll leave with a plan. You just return w wry 3-4 week and let me do my thing.

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 12/14/2023

This client had been going to a chain salon and just stopped being happy with them. She felt that kept getting thinner and sparse and noticed she always had to fill them in.

So she went on the hunt looking for a new person. She came across my site on Google, scrolled my Instagram, and said “That’s the girl that’s going to give me my brows back!”

So here we are. This is just her first visit. My goal is to fix the brows she has while still implementing my rules of brow design. I set her brows up to grow in the spaces I want…so now we wait. A little will grow back every month until eventually we will have reformed her brows completely. STAY TUNED!

Schedule online.

Check out my online design course to learn my design and mapping methods using your clients brow growth patterns.

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Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 12/02/2023

This client has been following me for a year joined out of the area. She moved closer to me so finally was able to come in. She still drove almost an hour but I think she thought it was worth it!!!

Such a difference! Fluffed and darkened brows with Medium Tinted Brow Mascara and Brow Setting Wax (linked in my bio).

Taking new clients in Goodyear, AZ and Temecula,CA. Schedule online.

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 12/01/2023

Can you believe how much these brows have changed in 4 short months!!

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 11/29/2023

This client has been coming in for just over a year.

Her brows were removed a lot from the top and trimmed.

I grew back in the top part of her brow and stopped trimming. I grow in the top so I can lift from the bottom.

This allows brows to be naturally fluffy (no trimming keeps the natural fluff) and allows the natural arch to remain.

I don’t make an arch so where I remove hair is completely different than what you normally see. I focus on maintaining (or growing back) your natural arch so I can lift and lengthen your brow from the bottom.

I want your brow to sit above and on your brow bone….not below. I create the perfect amount of space for your brow to sit evenly on your brow none to perfectly frame your eye and sit to showcase a more balanced brow.

What do you think?

Accepting new clients in Goodyear, AZ and Temecula, CA.

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 11/21/2023

Who loves a full fluffy brow?


Waxed and designed by me. Fluffed up with tinted brow mascara and set with brow setting wax.


Brow wax and design finished with brow setting wax.

Brow design doesn’t have to be complicated.

We are born with our perfect brow.

The problem is that so much hair is removed “creating” the perfect shape, that your naturally perfect shape is altered so much, it no longer has the characteristics of the natural brow that made them so perfect and beautiful in the first place.

I design your brows maintaining the natural characteristics of the brows of your youth.

Full. Fluff. Wispy.

Taking new clients in Goodyear, AZ and Temecula, CA.

PRO only online natural brow design course available.

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 11/11/2023

Natural brows are the best!

I’m always amazed how removing so little can really have the biggest impact.

I strive to keep the natural characteristics of your brows. I keep (or grow back) your hairs that allows you to have the beautiful brows you had as a child.

No one ever looks at an 8 year olds eyebrow and says “I can’t wait until I can shape and arch her brows.” What we do say is “I hope she never messes them up”.

It’s about the characteristics not the shape.

That’s what I do.

Appointments in Goodyear, AZ and Temecula, CA.

Online natural brow design course for beauty PROs.


No trimming.

No filing in.

No lamination.

Just a good old Regina Brows design.

Application of setting wax lifts the hairs for naturally lifted effect. Soft and flexible hold.

Best part….no damage!!

📌Online appointments in Goodyear, AZ and Temecula, CA.

📌Online design course.

📌Brow products.


I’ve been away from my Temecula business for 2 years. Now that I’ve been back for 3 months, I was surprised his many people said they just didn’t do their brows anymore. I assumed they would go somewhere else. I know it wouldn’t be the same, but figured it was better than nothing. But NOPE. It was me or no one. So thank you to my most loyal peeps. ❤️

So this cutie was super excited when her mom was able to get her in just in time for her senior pictures.

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 10/10/2023

Nothing like a good high school brow.

Finished with setting wax for a soft fluffed up look.

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 10/05/2023

This client has been coming for two years and I thought it would be a perfect time to take an updated photo.

Notice how full and fluffed her brows are. If you focus on the top line…you’ll see the before photo the line is gappy…her brows have been cut to fit the desired brow line. Also, the bulk of the natural arch has been removed.

You’ll also notice that if you look at the bottom line of her brow, hair was removed under the natural arch to create a lift and higher arch.

Note my words….natural arch was removed on top to create an artificial arch underneath.
I do not do this!!

When you do this, by default, the tail gets push off to the side and gets thinner than it needs to. Many people even think their tail doesn’t grow anymore. IT GROWS! Just not there!

I don’t trim brows. The length of your brow hairs helps me determine your best shape. I also use brow growth patterns and the curve of your natural brow bone to determine placement and thickness.

That’s how I give you full, fluffy, and wispy brows.

I use natures map. No generic measuring. I don’t use pieces of string or need to make a bunch of lines on your brows. That only perfects the existing shape. I look beyond what is visible. I love your brow. I grow in new lines. I move your tail. Your whole brow is rearranged to sit perfectly and grow perfectly.

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 10/05/2023

Such a great before and after.

And guess what?


I never cut brow to fit my desired shape. I always shape brows to fit the the existing hair length.

This will dictate how thick the brows should be and where they sit best on the brow bone.

Some people think I don’t “map” brows. I am mapping brows. I don’t use generic techniques you see on IG. I use natures map. Nature has laid out the perfect blueprint. I use brow growth patterns, the natural curve of the brow bone and the natural length of the brow hairs.

That’s how I can create brows like this.

Schedule online.

Online design course available so you can learn to use natures map to design your clients best brow.


I love a good high school brow.

I love when moms bring their daughters to me right out the gate. It truly sets the tone for the rest of their brow life.

Overdone pre/teen brows sets you up for a life of “not your best brows”.

No one ever looks at an 8 year olds brows and says “I can’t wait to thin out her brows and give her an arch”. In fact, we look at this brows and say “I hope she never messes them up”.

So I am totally against over shaping and arching. I want to maintain all those characteristics of your virgin brows we love so much.

That’s why I’m always growing parts of your brows in. For years they’ve been over trimmed, over arched, and over shaped. And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. And it doesn’t even mean your brows look bad either. It just means they lack the full, fluffy, and wispy brows you were born with. My plan is get you back to those 8 year old brows brows. The brows of your youth.

Nature knows best. So those are the brows best for you.



About a month ago tagged Amanda at with a photo of her toes. I needed a pedicure. So I checked out her page. Thankful to find someone who did quality work I made an appointment with her. Thanks for the recommendation Phuzzy Peach. 😊

Earlier this week I finally had my toes done. I tagged Amanda with a pic of my polished toes and her amazing work. She then shared it to her IG story tagging me back.

Today, this new client came in saying she follows Amanda and saw her tag me. She went to my page, liked my work, and scheduled an appointment. I also had a few clients come in commenting and asking about my pedicure because they saw my post.

This s**t works!

The power of social media is legit.

If you really want to help out your service providers, give them a shout out! It helps. People see it. People follow. People book appointments.


Many first time Clients are surprised how much their brows can change just in one visit.

Yes, it’s true, the changes that occur over a few months time are closer to the brow we ultimately want, but that first time appointment where I lay the foundation and create massive change getting us started, is a huge difference than what you came in with.

We get that Botox Effect going and create the first stages of “fluff” in your brows.

Ultimately, you will wind up with full, fluffy, and wispy brows. But even before that, great things happen on Day One.

Are you ready for your transformation?

Appointments in Goodyear, AZ and Temecula, CA.


Your brows…just better.


Happy Wednesday!

Have you made your appt for September/October yet? Schedule is open.

October week in Temecula is open too!


These brows have been coming in every month for months now. This was a good day because we were now able to keep and use all the beautiful new growth on top of her brow.

Created a shape and fluffed up with Rich Brow Brow Mascara.


The before brow is 4 weeks maintenance. Brows still look good even when grown out. But the after…oh so much better when they are fresh!

Fluffed up with Rich Brown Brow Mascara.


TEMECULA…I’m baaaaack!

Feels so good to be seeing my OG clients again! I couldn’t walk away from my 27 year old business!

I’ll be returning every month.

Accepting new clients!

September schedule is open! Still a couple spots open tomorrow.


These brows are ready for high school!

Brows set with setting wax.

Photos from Regina Brows-Natural Brow Expert's post 07/20/2023

What a difference!

Worked with the quirks while still maintaining her brows natural shape and fullness.

What do you think?

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About Us

Regina Felix is the woman behind Regina Brows. She is a Natural Brow Expert with a successful biz of 25 years based out of Temecula in Southern California's Wine Country. Regina always had a passion for hair, makeup, and anything that could make you look and feel beautiful. As a newly licensed esthetician in the early 90's, she was fortunate to have discovered her love of brows early in her career. Completely self-taught, the Regina Brows style began to emerge. When her clients started to refer to her as "the Anastasia of Temecula" she knew then that brows were her thing...they became her ultimate passion. She often says "I was doing brows before brows were cool!"

Fast forward 20 years...Social media hit the scene and brow artists across the globe began showcasing their work across the internet. The World of Brows began its boom! Thanks to the beauty of cell phone photography and social media, for the first time in 20 years of brow design, Regina was able to document her brow transformations and put them out there for all to see! But not only that, for the first time she was also able to solidfy the Regina Brows brand. She was transforming her client’s brows...not just in their initial visit, but documenting with photos months apart, she realized that she was bringing her client’s brows back to a more natural shape...they were evolving. Without even realizing it, she had been “rehabbing” her client’e eyebrows! While her established brow biz was already a local success this new and vast exposure led her business down a secondary path. Soon other artists started inquiring about training opportunities. Due to the demand, she started Love Your Natural Biz a Facebook group for beauty professionals dedicated to helping them grow their natural brow business. But they wanted more DESIGN. “Show us how”. What followed was a 1 year self study of her technique. Remember, she is completely self taught. Brow design came naturally and over 20 years through trial and error she had simply developed her own technique. So if she was going to teach “how to design brows” she had to discover the “why” she designed a certain way. Through her year of study what she found was that there were some very specific criteria she wanted the brows to have. She realized that this whole time she had been using basic brow anatomy to design her client’s brows! She then developed a design curriculum based on brow anatomy and brow growth patterns and developed her online brow design course Design Brows Naturally.

Design Brows Naturally is just that. It’s brows that are designed to stay natural while using the map nature so carefully laid out. The technique uses brow growth patterns and the brow bone to determine your ideal brow shape and brow placement...because after all, that’s what nature intended.

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